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Tags: #amnesia #dom:nb #f/nb #sub:female #unaware #consensual_kink #hypnosis #masturbation #real_life_hypnosis #tease_and_denial #time_dilation

CJ and Sarah are definitely have a very normal conversion, even if Sarah is a little more distractible than usual.

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Originally published Nov. 2019--written in a morning while I was on a work trip to a conference, whoops! There's just something about hotel rooms that's so luxurious and sexy...!

“Sarah? Sarah!”

Sarah came back to herself with a start. “Oh, sorry, did I zone out? I’m just… what?”

CJ was sitting on the other end of the couch, gazing at her with their head tipped to one side. “CJ, you’re giving me a look. Why are you giving me a look?”

“Who, me?” asked CJ, all innocence. “I’m not giving you a look! We’re just having a normal conversation, right?”

“Right…” answered Sarah uncertainly. Usually when CJ asked a question like that, it was a pretty good clue that they were not, in fact, just having a normal conversation. (Her hands, lightly stroking her sides, moved further under her shirt to begin toying with her nipples. Sarah’s hips responded, stirring slightly.) “I uh, I think we’re having a normal conversation, but something about the way you say that makes me doubt that.”

CJ smiled that long, slow smile that sent shivers down Sarah’s spine. “Don’t worry about it,” they told her laughingly. “Now, you were telling me about your day?”

“Oh, right! Well, uh, today Audrey, you know, the new tech intern, she was asking Jason for h-help setting up her uh, her dev en-environment…” She didn’t seem to notice the places where her voice caught every time her fingers pinched her nipples. “And Jason was being classic Jason, t-trying to be, ah, to be helpful but couldn’t imagine that someone didn’t already know the…”—she moaned softly—”the uh, ins and outs of running a Kubernetes cluster… Hey, is it just me, or is it cold in here?”

CJ glanced at her discarded shirt and grinned even more widely. “Might be just you. Tell you what: finish your story and if you’re still cold, we can turn up the heat.”

Sarah’s hands were running up and down her torso now, stroking every inch of exposed skin, luxuriously rolling her nipples. Her cheeks were flushed as she continued, oblivious, “So Audrey left that conversation feeling terrible, and ah, oh, and of course sh-she came to m-me about it… fuuuck…”

“Were you saying something, babe?” CJ prompted, as Sarah’s hand slowly rubbed her clit.

“Wh-what? Oh, yeah, I—fuckkk—I was saying that uh—hnng—” She broke off and fixed CJ with a skeptical look. “Ceej, I feel like you’re—aaaahhh—doing something to me?”

CJ wasn’t very good at looking innocent, but they tried anyway. “What could I be doing to you?” they asked, moving closer on the couch. “You’re just a little distractible telling me about your day at work. Maybe you’re getting lost in my eyes, or something.”

Reflexively, Sarah stared. They did have gorgeous green eyes, the kind you could get lost in, the kind that Sarah had gotten lost in so many times… (The hand on her clit sped up, her other hand digging nails into sensitive flesh.)

“You were telling me about your day,” said CJ softly, not breaking the eye contact.

Sarah tried to marshal her thoughts, to look away, but she couldn’t. She was frozen, pinioned by those intense green eyes. “I… Audrey, uh…” Her thoughts seemed to scatter every second (with every stroke of her clit, naturally), she couldn’t hold onto them long enough to string a sentence together, what was…?

She looked at CJ questioningly, desperately, as enough reality trickled in to tell her only that she didn’t have a hold on her reality (her fingers sped up).

CJ smiled at her, in a way that thrilled her down to her very bones. “Aware now, Sarah,” they said softly.

And abruptly Sarah realized that she was nearly naked on the couch, two fingers deep in her pussy. She let out a low, guttural moan as all the pleasure she’d been holding at bay hit her body at once—minutes and minutes of stroking herself, of slow-burn idle touching, all condensed into a wave of pleasure that left her nearly senseless, and desperately fucking herself at the head-fuck of it all.

“How—how long…?” she gasped, unable now to form complete sentences.

“Oh, only about ten minutes or so. It was beautiful to watch.”

That made Sarah moan again, at the thought of being observed, objectified… “Please,” she gasped, “please, Mx, please, can I come?”

CJ seemed to consider it for a moment, though later Sarah was sure that they already knew their answer. “No,” they said silkily, and Sarah moaned with frustration. “No, you can’t come yet.” They looked at her in a way that made her pussy clench. “There is a lot more fun I want to have with you first.”


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