by Scalar7th

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"Heyyyy Pel!"

Tia was half an hour later than usual coming home from work. Not that that bothered me at all, I had no plans and was just sitting watching TV. I had already chopped up and seasoned some peppers and onions and all we had to do was throw the whole mix in a frying pan with some tomato paste whenever we wanted some pasta sauce.

"What is it, Tia?" I asked her, turning towards the door.

I blinked. I thought she moved a bit, but, no, she was still there in the doorway, in her grey skirt and blue top. "I went by a thrift store on the way home!"

A thrift store? Last time we had been in a thrift store and found anything of value... I clutched the Ouroboros charm in my left hand. "What'd you get? I assume you got something, or you wouldn't have bothered telling me about it."

She held up a square package, about the lenght of my forearm on the side, and she grinned. "You know how I wound up with my dad's old record player? Well, now I have something to play on it!"

"We also got your dad's old record collection, Tia, and we never actually listen to it."

"That's because it's not this. Can you start supper and I'll go get it set up?"

"What is it?"

She didn't answer, she just gave me the cutest pleading look.

"Tia?" I said, getting to my feet. "What... what's the record?"

She just grinned and got even cuter.

Well damn. You let a girl melt your heart... and your head... Without a word, I strolled into the kitchen, casually slipping the Ouroboros into the pocket of my denim overalls as I went.

Soon I had the townhouse smelling like frying peppers and onions. It was wonderful. I could hear, and patiently ignore, Tia banging around in the living room. At least I don't have to help with that, I thought to myself, putting the rotini in the boiling water.

It only took me twenty minutes to get supper ready and plated for us both, and most of that time was spent watching tomato paste bubble.

And then I heard it.

A slow, deep, scratching noise, with soft, low tones echoing through the kitchen.

It hit me hard, right between the legs. I nearly dropped the plates of pasta. I was overwhelmed. The vibrations of the instruments, whatever they were, seemed to be thrumming in perfect resonance with my pussy. Every note was like a fingertip, and the frequency of it determined where it landed, the lower ones on my thighs, the highest (which weren't very high) on my belly, and those between...

I put the plates down. I had to put the plates down. I slipped to my knees, listening to a particular pitch that was like Tia's perfect tongue landing right on my clit. I gripped the handle of the oven, unable to do anything but listen, and shiver.

Listen, and shiver, and feel.

Tia bounced into the kitchen to find me there, paralyzed with pure sensation, with love and energy and arousal and desire, and she giggled at me. "Good tunes, huh?"

"Uh... uhhuh... uhuhhhh" I think I manage to moan.

She grabbed a fork from the drawer, casually sauntered over to her plate, and started to eat. "Don't worry," she said around a mouthful of supper. "It's not very long."

"Nrrng," I tried to climb to my feet, but then that note played and I was driven back by the weight of the pleasure of it.

She took another bite. "Mm! 'S is real good, Pel," she said. "You should have some 'fore it gets cold."

I got as far as "Fffffff" before a scale sent me into paroxysms.

"Hope you don't mind," she continued, pausing to take another bite. "I just saw it there on sale, couldn't resist."

You couldn't resist?? I thought to myself, shivering and shaking, stuck there on my knees as the weird record track played me like I was the instrument. I took a gasping breath and tried again to get up only to be forced back down by an indescribably amazing chord.

"Mm, God, neither of us are great cooks but when you sure make something simple taste good, love. Oh, here comes the..." she took a bite. I waited.

I waited as the music continued to hold me down and fuck me thoroughly.

Tia swallowed. "Mm. The Grand Finale."

An overwhelming shock of sound came from the living room, seeming to press on all of me at once, and I sang along with it, my body rocking with pure joy. At some point I lost my grip on the oven door and wound up pushed to the floor either by my own movements or the power of the music or both, and it didn't matter. I came, and came hard, writhing on the floor, listening and feeling those bass notes pushing into me, through me, all around me...

Tia ducked out for a moment to stop the record as I calmed down, catching my breath slowly. I saw her legs in her grey skirt as she came back into the kitchen, noticed she didn't have anything on underneath. She grabbed my plate and sat down next to me.

"You're..." I gasped.

"Yep. I charmed you with our little toy, put the idea in your head, and got dressed real quick after. Didn't have time for underwear." She stabbed a chunk of pepper with her fork and put it to my mouth.

It was really, really good. I ate it with some enthusiasm, still lying on the kitchen tile.

She was lying, a little, she had all the time in the world to get dressed again while I was in trance. She just didn't want to put underwear back on. No objections from me.

"I just wanted an excuse to set up dad's old stereo, so I got this record of, uh..." she shrugs. "Some orchestra stuff or something. I muted the upper parts of the mix so all you got was the bass."

She fed me a few more forkfuls of supper as I lay there, just being with the woman I loved and breathing the oxygen I craved.

"Figured it'd be a fun way to... y'know. Do that." She giggled.

"It... It was," I said. I felt the Ouroboros charm in my pocket. I'd have to get naked to use that on her, and at that moment moving, let alone stripping, was almost unthinkable.

Tia kept feeding me. "Good," she said. "Figure we can listen to some of the old records sometimes, now. Besides, vinyl's a big deal these days, you know?"

I managed a nod. "I should," I breathed, "get up."

"Okay, sweetie, lemme help you," she said, hopping to her feet and putting the plate aside. "I think that was a little more effective than either of us expected."

I laughed, exhausted, as Tia hauled me up, then leaned heavily on the counter, took her fork, and kept eating. "Tell you what," I said. "You find something good. Once I'm done supper and got a little water in me, we're gonne have us a dance party."

Tia grinned. "You bet."

The moment she was gone I slipped the charm over my head. I was sure that I could find some reason to get undressed...


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