by Scalar7th

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Pel finds the ouroboros, but... Tia didn't use it this morning... did she?

I stepped out of the shower, feeling beautiful. Tia had got up at six in the morning instead of her usual half-past-seven, and the moment she shook me awake... She has an amazing way of touching me that makes me feel so important, even though I'm the dependent artist and she's the one with the real job.

I looked at myself in the mirror. A fluffy white towel around my neck, keeping my hair from dripping too much on the floor, but otherwise, naked. I'm pink with the heat of the shower ("It's cute, you're like a lobster," Tia giggled when she first saw me), my thin dark hair is plastered to my head, my brown eyes half-lidded with relaxation, my fine-boned face smiling, my soft breasts... my hands ran over them, enjoying the feel of the warm flesh and my already—or still?—hard nipples.

I picked up the ouroboros charm from the counter where it was lying. How did that get there? If I had it, and I wasn't wearing it, and it wasn't in the little bedside box where I kept it when I wasn't using it, that must mean that Tia had worn at some point recently and used it on me.

But that morning? I didn't remember anything from when I woke up, other than a little bundle of energy smothering me with kisses and convincing me to get up and play using her hand between my legs. I held the pendant up with one hand, looking at it in the mirror, trying to remember the circumstances of how I woke up in the morning.

My memory slipped back to the ball of energy, and what her hands did to me, and my own free hand brushed my pussy lips in imitation of the memory. I tried to picture the pendant hanging down between Tia's beautiful perky breasts, what she might have done with it, what she might have used it for. I closed my eyes, slipping the pendant over my head, digging a little deeper with my fingers, and rolling a nipple between my fingers, picturing Tia hovering over me with the ouroboros before my eyes. My knees got weak. I let go of myself and grabbed hold of the counter, gasping.

I opened my eyes and looked in the mirror. Warm pink skin had been replaced by dark chocolate. Brown eyes were deeper, nearing black. Long wet hair was now short and tightly curled. And in the middle of those beautiful, small, round breasts was that ouroboros charm staring me right back in the face.

I see you've found my little surprise, my own voice said, but I heard it as Tia's, echoing around the bathroom tile. And then I was in bed, and Tia was kneeling beside me, fingers of one hand on my chest, of the other dancing on my clit, leaning in occasionally to kiss me again, and again, and again...

I bucked my hips into my own fingers, feeling Tia's touch, hearing her words, tasting her lips, sensing her warmth beside me. I couldn't stop myself, and didn't want to. Every time I closed my eyes I could see her—rather, I could see her breasts, and the ouroboros swinging out and back, bouncing off her sternum as she rocked back and forth.

My own memory entranced me, mesmerized me, and now it fed me her words in my ear.

"Come for me, sweetie."

And I did. How I did. Right there in my bed, by myself, the memory of my love beside me, hurling myself towards the sky and feeling like I'd never fall back to hit the sheets, floating eternally on a cloud of magic and hypnosis and sex and love and fantasy and forever chasing my own tail higher and higher to kiss the face of beautiful woman who was my support in a thousand beautiful ways.

When I did finally come down, still damp from the shower, still rosy pink and sweating, I lay there on the bed, breathing deep, trying to regain my bearings.

My phone, still plugged in on the edge of the bed, made a beep at me. There was some sort of notification. I rolled over and lifted it up, trying to focus. It was a text message from Tia, from just after I climbed into the shower, long after she'd left for work.

Tia <3: So since you used the charm to trigger a suggestion, does that count as one for you or one for me? :D

I laughed. I couldn't help myself. Not for the first time that day. I tapped out a quick reply. I even went so far as to put two winking faces at the end of it. One was enough of a rarity for me.

Pel: Guess you find out later today, huh. ;) ;)

I rolled back into bed, looked up at the ceiling. I could have been planning my revenge, but I just felt so good.

My phone vibrated in my hand and made the cute little Hey Hello! sound it does when Tia sends me something. I opened my eyes and tapped on the photo.

There was the ouroboros, shining and silver, between her beautiful dark breasts. I stared.

I was drifting away into memory again, (There were rules) the same beautiful memory I had just relived (normally this wouldn't affect me, but...) and once more her hands and mouth (she must have planted a suggestion) were on me and touching me and holding me (otherwise there's no way) and I was floating away on the clouds again (not like I would refuse it if...) and for the third time that morning (but we agreed) at the words of my beautiful love (because this could be unsafe...) I found myself gasping for air, my body humming (if we weren't careful) my whole being exploding with pleasure simply because that's what she wanted (what we wanted).

Again, I lay in the bed, trying to catch my breath. One memory started to come back.

"And if you want to see the picture of me that I just took, and you want it to bring you those memories and pleasures again, just send me a text that ends with two winks."

I laughed into my pillow. There were rules, and rules for how to break the rules, and I had known what I was doing even if I didn't know what I was doing.

There was the expected beep from my phone. I looked at Tia's message.

Tia <3: Definitely one for me. :D

I snickered again. Another message came in.

Tia <3: Hey sweetie you ok?

I wasn't going to leave her in suspense.

Pel: Doing fine, you goof. :)

Pel: Can't do that too much or I'm never gonna be able to look at your picture again...

I swore I could hear her laughing in the echoes of my own voice.

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