8. Forwards and Backwards

by Scalar7th

Tags: #discreet_public_play #dom:male #pov:bottom #realistic #shyness #sub:female #buried_trigger #chatlog #exhibitionism #f/m #first_date #hypno #hypnotic_amnesia #nonverbal_hypnotic_trigger #posthypnotic_suggestion #roleplay #solo

RosieCheeks has joined the channel
 <RosieCheeks> Good morning Sir
 <RosieCheeks> I know you're not gonna get this until later
 <RosieCheeks> but I wanted you to know
 <RosieCheeks> I had a great time
 <RosieCheeks> I want more
 <RosieCheeks> after you went home I
 <RosieCheeks> um
 <RosieCheeks> you know ๐Ÿ˜ณ
 <RosieCheeks> ... twice
 <RosieCheeks> so Im gonna start up for work but...
 <RosieCheeks> yeah wanted you to know! ๐Ÿ™‚
RosieCheeks has disconnected
BlakMaaj has joined the channel
RosieCheeks has joined the channel
 <RosieCheeks> omg the way you just dommed that guy!
 <BlakMaaj> You like that?
 <RosieCheeks> hehe yeah! dont think I seen you do a public scene before
 <BlakMaaj> Been a while I admit
 <BlakMaaj> With the work transfer
 <BlakMaaj> and other stuff going on
 <RosieCheeks> ๐Ÿ˜Š I... um... I wish I had seen it before
 <BlakMaaj> Might have avoided me, then? ๐Ÿ˜€
 <RosieCheeks> No sir! might have jumped you sooner ๐Ÿ˜›
 <BlakMaaj> Oh really?
 <RosieCheeks> ๐Ÿ˜ณ
 <RosieCheeks> uh did you have a good day?
 <RosieCheeks> Sir?
 <BlakMaaj> Hah! Yeah I did.
 <BlakMaaj> I was kind of expecting to lurk and maybe chat with you
 <BlakMaaj> But I just got wrapped up in the moment
 <BlakMaaj> I was supposed to unpack stuff
 <RosieCheeks> Aww...
 <RosieCheeks> I could...
 <RosieCheeks> always...
 <RosieCheeks> um...
 <BlakMaaj> ๐Ÿคจ yes?
 <RosieCheeks> ๐Ÿ˜ณ eep
 <RosieCheeks> I just
 <RosieCheeks> thought
 <RosieCheeks> iunno
 <RosieCheeks> i could
 <RosieCheeks> help
 <BlakMaaj> Help with...
 <BlakMaaj> Rosiegirl?
 <RosieCheeks> yessir?
 <BlakMaaj> Truth
 <RosieCheeks> eep
 <RosieCheeks> i thought maybe i could help you unpack?
 <RosieCheeks> *runs away*
RosieCheeks has disconnected
RosieCheeks has joined the channel
 <RosieCheeks> sorry Sir
 <RosieCheeks> i know its a bad idea
 <BlakMaaj> Are you kidding? I love it
 <BlakMaaj> If you're okay with it... Wednesday?
 <BlakMaaj> I'm busy tomorrow
 <RosieCheeks> omg yessir
 <RosieCheeks> uhh
 <RosieCheeks> but
 <RosieCheeks> um
 <RosieCheeks> i mean
 <RosieCheeks> you might get distracted
 <RosieCheeks> ๐Ÿ˜‰
 <BlakMaaj> You think I might get distracted, Rosa?
 <BlakMaaj> You don't think you might find yourself unable to think,
 <BlakMaaj> Just staring at the wall,
 <BlakMaaj> or at my fingers,
 <BlakMaaj> or at my eyes,
 <BlakMaaj> feeling so relaxed
 <BlakMaaj> so entranced
 <RosieCheeks> ssir...
 <BlakMaaj> What, did you think that a little session like that
 <BlakMaaj> would be enough to sate my mood
 <BlakMaaj> especially with such an inviting target right here?
 <RosieCheeks> no sir
 <BlakMaaj> He was just an appetizer,
 <BlakMaaj> a snack before the main course,
 <BlakMaaj> and now you're here.
 <RosieCheeks> m-me?
 <RosieCheeks> Sir
 <BlakMaaj> You, Rosiegirl.
 <BlakMaaj> You watched as I hypnotized Vaplov
 <BlakMaaj> all the while thinking,
 <BlakMaaj> 'what if it was me,'
 <BlakMaaj> right, Rosa?
 <RosieCheeks> ... uh...
 <RosieCheeks> hehe
 <BlakMaaj> Truth.
 <RosieCheeks> yessir
 <RosieCheeks> i was sir
 <BlakMaaj> And were you imagining what I did to you yesterday,
 <BlakMaaj> how I manipulated the energy in and around you,
 <BlakMaaj> how I controlled you,
 <BlakMaaj> how I made you feel?
 <RosieCheeks> yes sir
 <BlakMaaj> Were you picturing last night's dinner,
 <BlakMaaj> and the blindness that followed,
 <BlakMaaj> as you watched me make Vaplov slip down?
 <BlakMaaj> When I made him strip off his shirt,
 <RosieCheeks> ysir
 <BlakMaaj> were your hands working under your own shirt?
 <BlakMaaj> Or like yesterday, are you topless,
 <BlakMaaj> and running your hands over yourself,
 <BlakMaaj> imagining the kisses we shared,
 <BlakMaaj> and what might happen Wednesday?
 <RosieCheeks> naked sir
 <BlakMaaj> Now isn't that interesting.
 <BlakMaaj> If you're naked, Rosiegirl,
 <BlakMaaj> either you logged in naked,
 <BlakMaaj> or you stripped while I was messing with Vaplov,
 <BlakMaaj> which is it?
 <RosieCheeks> never dressed sir
 <BlakMaaj> Oh?
 <RosieCheeks> went to bed naked
 <RosieCheeks> just didnt dress
 <BlakMaaj> But you had work today?
 <RosieCheeks> i work from home
 <RosieCheeks> dont need camera
 <BlakMaaj> Very naughty, Rosiegirl,
 <BlakMaaj> I love it. ๐Ÿ˜‰
 <BlakMaaj> Now,
 <RosieCheeks> ty sir
 <BlakMaaj> I think it's time to feel that pull on your energy again,
 <BlakMaaj> just like yesterday afternoon,
 <BlakMaaj> that energy I can pull on, can manipulate,
 <BlakMaaj> energy in your body,
 <BlakMaaj> in your mind,
 <RosieCheeks> yessir
 <BlakMaaj> and are your hands already playing on your belly
 <BlakMaaj> thinkking of how my words affecting Vaplov,
 <BlakMaaj> affected you too,
 <BlakMaaj> how you imagined they were targeting you,
 <BlakMaaj> what you might have done,
 <BlakMaaj> might be doing,
 <BlakMaaj> are doing right now?
 <RosieCheeks> yes
 <BlakMaaj> Or have things progressed,
 <BlakMaaj> the magic, the energy,
 <BlakMaaj> pulling your hands up,
 <BlakMaaj> closer, closer,
 <BlakMaaj> and onto your breasts,
 <BlakMaaj> manipulating, teasing,
 <BlakMaaj> touching,
 <BlakMaaj> And as I pull on the energy in your mind,
 <BlakMaaj> you
 <BlakMaaj> go
 <BlakMaaj> BLANK
 <BlakMaaj> Instantly deep.
 <BlakMaaj> Your hands still working at your chest,
 <BlakMaaj> and with every motion, every grope,
 <BlakMaaj> you go deeper,
 <BlakMaaj> deeper and deeper,
 <BlakMaaj> every touch intensifying the trance,
 <BlakMaaj> the trance intensifying every touch.
 <BlakMaaj> One hand comes free,
 <BlakMaaj> moves to the keyboard,
 <BlakMaaj> and tells me if all I've said
 <BlakMaaj> has come to pass as I've said it.
 <RosieCheeks> y ssir
 <BlakMaaj> Check on going further?
 <RosieCheeks> ll greens ir
 <BlakMaaj> Then let that energy concentrate itself
 <BlakMaaj> between your legs,
 <BlakMaaj> your one hand still at your breast,
 <BlakMaaj> the other floating from the keyboard
 <BlakMaaj> and down to your knee,
 <BlakMaaj> and with just your fingertips,
 <BlakMaaj> sliding up the inside of your thigh,
 <BlakMaaj> lightly, halfway,
 <BlakMaaj> and then back towards your knee,
 <BlakMaaj> back up,
 <BlakMaaj> and back down,
 <BlakMaaj> just like the energy in your mind,
 <BlakMaaj> back up, as your fingers travel towards your hips,
 <BlakMaaj> back down, as your fingers move towards your knee,
 <BlakMaaj> and deeper and deeper as your other hand
 <BlakMaaj> continues to stimulate your breast.
 <BlakMaaj> Each time your hand moves up and down your leg,
 <BlakMaaj> it moves a little further,
 <BlakMaaj> a little closer,
 <BlakMaaj> to that place where sexual energy is concentrated,
 <BlakMaaj> to where you're just waiting,
 <BlakMaaj> to where you can just...
 <BlakMaaj> brush...
 <BlakMaaj> before your fingers are drawn back,
 <BlakMaaj> and as the shivers recede,
 <BlakMaaj> you drop deeper,
 <BlakMaaj> now focused solely on my wirds,
 <BlakMaaj> words,
 <BlakMaaj> and on the touch of your fingers,
 <BlakMaaj> and the way they interact,
 <BlakMaaj> to make you feel
 <BlakMaaj> needy
 <BlakMaaj> entranced
 <BlakMaaj> sexy
 <BlakMaaj> hypnotized
 <BlakMaaj> beautiful
 <BlakMaaj> and close, so close, ever so close,
 <BlakMaaj> until your fingers find themselves working between your legs,
 <BlakMaaj> attached as if by magic to your clit
 <BlakMaaj> sinking deeper into sexuality and hypnosis and magic and obedience,
 <BlakMaaj> until you finally,
 <BlakMaaj> finally,
 <BlakMaaj> come for me.
 <BlakMaaj> Rosie?
 <BlakMaaj> Rosiegirl?
 <RosieCheeks> so gooooood
 <BlakMaaj> Good! ๐Ÿ™‚
 <BlakMaaj> Need a wake up?
 <RosieCheeks> noo
 <RosieCheeks> no sir
 <RosieCheeks> im
 <RosieCheeks> good
 <RosieCheeks> half up
 <RosieCheeks> floaty
 <RosieCheeks> and omg
 <RosieCheeks> so goood
 <RosieCheeks> so so so good
 <RosieCheeks> have to clean up
 <RosieCheeks> can i go Sir?
 <BlakMaaj> Of course, Rosa,
 <BlakMaaj> I'll be here.
RosieCheeks has disconnected
RosieCheeks has joined the channel
 <BlakMaaj> Welcome back.
 <RosieCheeks> sorry Sir
 <RosieCheeks> i got cleaned up
 <RosieCheeks> but when i got up to go
 <RosieCheeks> i accidentally kicked my power cable ๐Ÿ˜ซ
 <BlakMaaj> No worries,
 <BlakMaaj> how are you doing?
 <RosieCheeks> im great Sir
 <RosieCheeks> what about you?
 <BlakMaaj> A little worked up honestly
 <RosieCheeks> hehe i bet ๐Ÿ˜‰
 <RosieCheeks> anything I can do to help?
 <BlakMaaj> Up for a little more trancing?
 <RosieCheeks> ๐Ÿ˜Š um
 <RosieCheeks> i would love to Sir
 <RosieCheeks> just let me get comfy
 <BlakMaaj> Let me know if this is ok
 <BlakMaaj> I'm going to ask you to relive what just happened
 <BlakMaaj> and describe it in as much detail as you can
 <RosieCheeks> Im ready
 <RosieCheeks> eep ๐Ÿ˜ณ
 <BlakMaaj> and I'm just going to sit back, relax...
 <RosieCheeks> and enjoy Sir?
 <BlakMaaj> And enjoy, yes.
 <RosieCheeks> ๐Ÿ˜ณ
 <BlakMaaj> Check.
 <RosieCheeks> green sir
 <BlakMaaj> Then focus, Rosiegirl
 <RosieCheeks> yessir
 <RosieCheeks> focusing now ๐Ÿ™‚
 <BlakMaaj> Breathe, nice and easy,
 <BlakMaaj> thinking about why my typing
 <BlakMaaj> might be slower than usual
 <RosieCheeks> hehe
 <BlakMaaj> and a nice, deep blink,
 <BlakMaaj> cast your mind back to
 <BlakMaaj> when you told me that you
 <BlakMaaj> were completely naked
 <BlakMaaj> and sink a little further
 <BlakMaaj> down and down
 <BlakMaaj> letting go
 <BlakMaaj> of the inhibitions
 <BlakMaaj> letting all worries float away
 <BlakMaaj> ntil you are comfortble
 <BlakMaaj> to tell me
 <BlakMaaj> breathe deep
 <BlakMaaj> comfortable tot ell me
 <BlakMaaj> just how you felt
 <BlakMaaj> just what you did
 <BlakMaaj> breathe deep
 <BlakMaaj> comfortable to tell m
 <BlakMaaj> everything while i
 <BlakMaaj> sit back and enjoy
 <BlakMaaj> go now Rosa
 <RosieCheeks> ohhh yes Sir
 <RosieCheeks> mmm
 <RosieCheeks> that was a hot little trance Sir
 <RosieCheeks> but not as hot
 <RosieCheeks> as being naked
 <RosieCheeks> when you pulled on the energy
 <RosieCheeks> and made me into a puppet
 <RosieCheeks> i was already hot
 <RosieCheeks> after watching you do a public scene
 <RosieCheeks> and then
 <RosieCheeks> you appeared here
 <RosieCheeks> and you started talkign sexy
 <RosieCheeks> and hypnotic
 <RosieCheeks> and you started fucking my mind
 <RosieCheeks> so beautifully
 <RosieCheeks> so erotically
 <RosieCheeks> you pulled my hands along with your will
 <RosieCheeks> and when I touched my breasts
 <RosieCheeks> i imagined it was you
 <RosieCheeks> and then...
 <RosieCheeks> i was gone
 <RosieCheeks> so gone
 <RosieCheeks> there wasnt anything except
 <RosieCheeks> your words
 <RosieCheeks> and touches
 <RosieCheeks> and energy
 <RosieCheeks> and then there was touch on my leg
 <RosieCheeks> closer and clsoer
 <RosieCheeks> and i couldnt move faster
 <RosieCheeks> even though i really wanted to
 <RosieCheeks> i was stuck in your words
 <RosieCheeks> and then i touched...
 <RosieCheeks> there
 <RosieCheeks> and everything
 <RosieCheeks> exploded
 <RosieCheeks> and everything was so good
 <RosieCheeks> and i rode the wave of
 <RosieCheeks> sexual energy
 <RosieCheeks> to being awake
 <RosieCheeks> or kinda awake anyway hehe
 <RosieCheeks> floaty and sexy and beautiful
 <RosieCheeks> i loved it โค๏ธ
 <RosieCheeks> mm thank you for letting me revisit it Sir
 <BlakMaaj> Thank you for revisiting it for me, Rosiegirl.
 <RosieCheeks> did you...?
 <BlakMaaj> Yes. Very.
 <BlakMaaj> My turn to need a few minutes. ๐Ÿ˜„
 <RosieCheeks> hehe
 <RosieCheeks> I'll just sit here and enjoy the trance glow
 <RosieCheeks> until you get back
 <BlakMaaj> brb then
 <RosieCheeks> hehe see you
 <RosieCheeks> so... here i am i guess
 <RosieCheeks> alone and naked
 <RosieCheeks> what am i gonna do... hehe
 <BlakMaaj> Rosiegirl, OBEY
 <BlakMaaj> you're gonna keep narrating your thoughts and actions
 <RosieCheeks> yessir
 <BlakMaaj> you're going to forget that I'm here
 <BlakMaaj> and you're not going to notice that I interrupted
 <RosieCheeks> yes
 <BlakMaaj> WAKE
 <RosieCheeks> maybe while I wait for you
 <RosieCheeks> i just think about that trance
 <RosieCheeks> maybe play with myself a little
 <RosieCheeks> hehe
 <RosieCheeks> mmm Sir id really like another
 <RosieCheeks> buuut i probably dont have the energy tonight
 <RosieCheeks> and we both work in the morning
 <RosieCheeks> but it still feels nice to just touch
 <BlakMaaj> No noticing that I'm talking to you.
 <RosieCheeks> and fantasize hehe
 <RosieCheeks> mmm thinking about cuddles
 <RosieCheeks> maybe even naked cuddles
 <RosieCheeks> ๐Ÿ˜Š and how nice it would be to hug you
 <RosieCheeks> and hold you without all the clothes in the way
 <BlakMaaj> Imagine it stronger.
 <RosieCheeks> feeling your arms wrapped around me
 <RosieCheeks> your warm embrace
 <BlakMaaj> Feel it. Warmth of body, Skin on skin.
 <RosieCheeks> hehe I can feel it
 <RosieCheeks> if I close my eyes
 <RosieCheeks> how close you are
 <RosieCheeks> mmm I can almost touch you
 <RosieCheeks> *snuggles the fantasy Darryl*
 <RosieCheeks> almost better than sex
 <RosieCheeks> almost hehe
 <RosieCheeks> probably not ready for the real thing yet
 <RosieCheeks> but just the idea of naked snuggles with you
 <RosieCheeks> mmmmmmm
 <RosieCheeks> hope everythings ok your taking a while
 <BlakMaaj> You can know I've been here for a bit now.
 <RosieCheeks> oh fck
 <RosieCheeks> Sir you are MEEEAN!!
 <RosieCheeks> ๐Ÿ˜ญ
 <RosieCheeks> *hides*
 <BlakMaaj> Haha! its ok Rosiegirl
 <BlakMaaj> Snuggling with you sounds like a dream.
 <BlakMaaj> Maybe we'll give it a try on Wednesday.
 <RosieCheeks> ๐Ÿ˜ณ
 <RosieCheeks> maybe...
 <RosieCheeks> we... we will see
 <BlakMaaj> I'll worry about supper. You just bring yourself.
 <RosieCheeks> ๐Ÿ‘ kk yeah um
 <RosieCheeks> just text me info?
 <BlakMaaj> Of course!
 <RosieCheeks> and... um...
 <RosieCheeks> i mean...
 <RosieCheeks> can i get some more snuggles before
 <RosieCheeks> uh well we could talk longer but
 <BlakMaaj> But you're tired, I'm tired, and we both work tomorrow.
 <RosieCheeks> right
 <RosieCheeks> that
 <RosieCheeks> ๐Ÿ™‚
 <BlakMaaj> So I'm going to sign off soon,
 <BlakMaaj> and so are you,
 <BlakMaaj> and when we do
 <BlakMaaj> you're going to take a deep breath
 <BlakMaaj> and sit in your chair
 <BlakMaaj> as long as you like,
 <BlakMaaj> and feel my warm arms wrapped around you,
 <BlakMaaj> feel my comforting touch,
 <BlakMaaj> holding you tight, holding you close,
 <BlakMaaj> until you decide it's time to get up
 <BlakMaaj> and go to bed.
 <BlakMaaj> Understand me, Rosiegirl?
 <RosieCheeks> mmm yes
 <RosieCheeks> yes sir
 <BlakMaaj> Good, then I'm going to wish you a good night.
 <RosieCheeks> hold on a sec sir
 <RosieCheeks> please
 <BlakMaaj> What is it, Rosa?
 <RosieCheeks> um
 <RosieCheeks> Sir
 <RosieCheeks> can you take a deep breath for me?
 <BlakMaaj> Sure. ๐Ÿ™‚
 <RosieCheeks> yeah a nice deep breath
 <RosieCheeks> just like that
 <RosieCheeks> and feel that warm
 <RosieCheeks> the warm you gave me
 <RosieCheeks> all the way down to your toes
 <RosieCheeks> and in your mind
 <RosieCheeks> and have sweet dreams about me ok?
 <BlakMaaj> Of course, Rosa. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you.
 <RosieCheeks> ty Sir
 <RosieCheeks> good night Sir
 <BlakMaaj> Good night, Rosiegirl.
RosieCheeks has disconnected
Blakmaaj has disconnected

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