6. Downhill

by Scalar7th

Tags: #discreet_public_play #dom:male #pov:bottom #realistic #shyness #sub:female #buried_trigger #chatlog #exhibitionism #f/m #first_date #hypno #hypnotic_amnesia #nonverbal_hypnotic_trigger #posthypnotic_suggestion #roleplay #solo

RosieCheeks has joined the channel
 <RosieCheeks> Hey um
 <RosieCheeks> Darryl?
 <RosieCheeks> Did I screw up?
 <RosieCheeks> I know you're probably in bed already
 <RosieCheeks> but I couldn't sleep
 <RosieCheeks> should I have kissed you?
 <RosieCheeks> sorry im just...
 <RosieCheeks> or are you busy?
 <RosieCheeks> I just
 <RosieCheeks> sorry im gonna go to bed
 <RosieCheeks> um
 <RosieCheeks> thank you for a nice evening
 <RosieCheeks> kk bye
RosieCheeks has disconnected
RosieCheeks has joined the channel
 <RosieCheeks> good morning
 <RosieCheeks> Darryl
RosieCheeks has disconnected
RosieCheeks has joined the channel
 <RosieCheeks> Hey its lunch
 <RosieCheeks> have a few minutes to talk
 <RosieCheeks> if you want...
RosieCheeks has disconnected
RosieCheeks has joined the channel
RosieCheeks has disconnected
RosieCheeks has joined the channel
RosieCheeks has disconnected
BlakMaaj has joined the channel
RosieCheeks has joined the channel
 <BlakMaaj> Hey Rosiegirl
 <RosieCheeks> omg Darryl how are things?
BlakMaaj has disconnected
 <RosieCheeks> Darryl?
 <RosieCheeks> ...
BlakMaaj has joined the channel
 <RosieCheeks> Darryl!
 <BlakMaaj> fkn internets been cutting out on me all day
BlakMaaj has disconnected
 <RosieCheeks> 🙁
 <RosieCheeks> I gotta go get supper
 <RosieCheeks> hope errythings ok
RosieCheeks has disconnected
BlakMaaj has joined the channel
 <BlakMaaj> ok things look stable finally
 <BlakMaaj> gonna read back now
 <BlakMaaj> oh jeez Rosie
 <BlakMaaj> *hugs*
 <BlakMaaj> Rosie its all good! I promise!
 <BlakMaaj> I want to kiss you but if your not ready
 <BlakMaaj> or not feeling good about it
 <BlakMaaj> then you have every right
 <BlakMaaj> and I don't want to put any pressure
BlakMaaj has disconnected
RosieCheeks has joined the channel
 <RosieCheeks> Darryl?
 <RosieCheeks> oh
 <RosieCheeks> um...
 <RosieCheeks> im going out for a bit
 <RosieCheeks> sry i missed you
RosieCheeks has disconnected
BlakMaaj has joined the channel
 <BlakMaaj> ...
 <BlakMaaj> fkn cable company
 <BlakMaaj> I should be comforting Rosiegirl!
 <BlakMaaj> dont you guys know that?? *sighs*
 <BlakMaaj> anyway Rosie I promise you
 <BlakMaaj> I promise promise you
 <BlakMaaj> I wasnt hurt by you saying no
 <BlakMaaj> I was happier you would tell me know
 <BlakMaaj> *no
 <BlakMaaj> than if you said yes
 <BlakMaaj> when you didnt mean it
 <BlakMaaj> and that made you uncomfortable
 <BlakMaaj> So I am actually happy
BlakMaaj has disconnected
BlakMaaj has joined the channel
 <BlakMaaj> I am gonna start ripping out cords and calling another internet company
 <BlakMaaj> I am happy that you were honest with me
 <BlakMaaj> and I'm looking forward to the next time
 <BlakMaaj> and now after a day of screwing around with this stupid internet
 <BlakMaaj> and chores and other stuff
 <BlakMaaj> I am going to bed
 <BlakMaaj> and I will see you tomorrow RosieCheeks
 <BlakMaaj> everything is good between us I promise
 <BlakMaaj> *great big huuuugs*
BlakMaaj has disconnected
RosieCheeks has joined the channel
 <RosieCheeks> *sighs*
 <RosieCheeks> I hope your really ok
 <RosieCheeks> Not that I think your lying to me!
 <RosieCheeks> but dont protect me from things if i messed up
 <RosieCheeks> I wanna know ok?
 <RosieCheeks> *sighs again*
 <RosieCheeks> Its late and Im gonna go to bed
 <RosieCheeks> *sends hugs*
RosieCheeks has disconnected
RosieCheeks has joined the channel
 <RosieCheeks> dont know why youd be on at 2 am
 <RosieCheeks> but thought id check
 <RosieCheeks> ...
 <RosieCheeks> remembering when you helped me sleep
 <RosieCheeks> it didnt work remember? hehe
 <RosieCheeks> i dunno why im posting
 <RosieCheeks> your not here
RosieCheeks has disconnected
RosieCheeks has joined the channel
RosieCheeks has disconnected
BlakMaaj has joined the channel
 <BlakMaaj> Tired of talking past you,
 <BlakMaaj> just got up and I'm just gonna wait right here until you get here
 <BlakMaaj> Yep. Just waiting.
 <BlakMaaj> Still here.
 <BlakMaaj> I never did ask if your busy on a Sunday morning
 <BlakMaaj> like do you go to church?
RosieCheeks has joined the channel
 <RosieCheeks> omg your here
 <RosieCheeks> Darryl?
 <RosieCheeks> please dont not be here
 <RosieCheeks> I know its a double negative but i dont care
 <BlakMaaj> Hey there Rosa
 <RosieCheeks> I will disembowel your ISP if they screwed up again
 <RosieCheeks> Darryl!
 <BlakMaaj> 🙂
 <BlakMaaj> I stepped away for lunch and didn't hear the notifications
 <RosieCheeks> no I dont but I slept in
 <BlakMaaj> what?
 <RosieCheeks> I dont go to church, but I was up until like five so I slept forever
 <BlakMaaj> Oh alright now I get it
 <RosieCheeks> Its like time for lunch for me too
 <RosieCheeks> and I didnt have breakfast
 <BlakMaaj> You should maybe eat
 <RosieCheeks> yes Sir 😛
 <BlakMaaj> Hey I had a sandwich you can get something
 <RosieCheeks> but weve been trying to talk for like two days
 <BlakMaaj> and I can wait a little longer
 <RosieCheeks> Okay so like for one day but still
 <BlakMaaj> Aren't you hungry, Rosiegirl?
 <RosieCheeks> well yeah but
 <BlakMaaj> But...?
 <RosieCheeks> ...
 <RosieCheeks> ...
 <RosieCheeks> fine ill brb
 <BlakMaaj> Good girl.
 <RosieCheeks> gzrbs
 <BlakMaaj> Just go 😀 I'll be here when you get back
 <RosieCheeks> unless your ISP screws things up
 <BlakMaaj> I told then you have a knife
 <RosieCheeks> ok so we're all good then 😀
 <RosieCheeks> Toast!
 <RosieCheeks> ... is what I have to eat
 <RosieCheeks> so I can eat it here
 <BlakMaaj> With peanut butter?
 <RosieCheeks> With peanu... yes
 <BlakMaaj> heh 🙂
 <RosieCheeks> ok so... should we talk about it?
 <BlakMaaj> Probably, if it's bugging you
 <BlakMaaj> uh but... if it was bugging you... why didn't you call me?
 <RosieCheeks> okay well...
 <RosieCheeks> ...
 <RosieCheeks> holy fck
 <RosieCheeks> I have your number
 <BlakMaaj> My bad... so used to this site at this point
 <BlakMaaj> I didn't even think about it
 <RosieCheeks> *hmph* so dont blame me for it
 <BlakMaaj> I guess we can do that next time
 <BlakMaaj> and not be silly about it
 <RosieCheeks> I dont know about thaaat...
 <RosieCheeks> hehe
 <BlakMaaj> You seem to be doing a little better
 <RosieCheeks> your here 🙂
 <RosieCheeks> and your telling me that things are ok
 <BlakMaaj> Because they are.
 <BlakMaaj> You did the right thing
 <BlakMaaj> not just for you but for me, too. 🙂
 <RosieCheeks> yay!
 <RosieCheeks> I was worried
 <RosieCheeks> I mean obvs
 <BlakMaaj> It's ok, Rosiegirl.
 <BlakMaaj> You are doing great.
 <BlakMaaj> I think we are doing great, really.
 <BlakMaaj> The book fair was just perfect.
 <BlakMaaj> And the sandwich place is great.
 <BlakMaaj> I spent yesterday reading my new finds
 <RosieCheeks> i was busy and when i wasnt busy i was stressed
 <RosieCheeks> and checking chat
 <BlakMaaj> It's ok now, I promise.
 <RosieCheeks> good 🙂 Im sorry im such a problem
 <BlakMaaj> You're the kind of problem I like 😉
 <BlakMaaj> Should we get together again?
 <RosieCheeks> yes! Please! Tonight?
 <BlakMaaj> Haha well...
 <RosieCheeks> I mean dont have to if your busy
 <BlakMaaj> That's just it, I'm not
 <RosieCheeks> Dinner?
 <BlakMaaj> I'll come down to the sandwich place again
 <RosieCheeks> No good they close sundays
 <RosieCheeks> mall food court?
 <BlakMaaj> Mall food court sounds great
 <BlakMaaj> six?
 <RosieCheeks> 6 is perfect!!
 <RosieCheeks> just gotta figure out what to do til then
 <BlakMaaj> Hmm, more than four hours...
 <BlakMaaj> I think my Rosiegirl might want to focus...
 <RosieCheeks> maaaaybe... hehe
 <BlakMaaj> Maybe?
 <RosieCheeks> maybe?
 <BlakMaaj> If I were to tell you to
 <BlakMaaj> Focus, Rosiegirl
 <BlakMaaj> what would you do?
 <RosieCheeks> i might focus Sir
 <BlakMaaj> That's good.
 <RosieCheeks> can i...
 <BlakMaaj> Yes?
 <RosieCheeks> can i say something Sir?
 <BlakMaaj> Of course Rosiegirl.
 <RosieCheeks> it um
 <RosieCheeks> after all of yesterday
 <RosieCheeks> and i was so worried
 <RosieCheeks> i...
 <RosieCheeks> i think it would feel good
 <RosieCheeks> make me feel better
 <RosieCheeks> if you were to
 <RosieCheeks> hypnotize me
 <RosieCheeks> like really hypnotize me
 <RosieCheeks> take me deep
 <RosieCheeks> and play with me
 <RosieCheeks> like when we were rping
 <BlakMaaj> Are you sure?
 <BlakMaaj> Rosa?
 <RosieCheeks> yeah just
 <RosieCheeks> sorry was just making sure I meant it 🙂
 <BlakMaaj> You know what you're asking me,
 <BlakMaaj> I know what you're asking me, too,
 <BlakMaaj> and like with the kiss the other night
 <BlakMaaj> if you're feeling uncomfortable,
 <BlakMaaj> just say 'no,' or 'stop,' or 'red,'
 <BlakMaaj> just as you always do
 <BlakMaaj> understand me, Rosiegirl?
 <RosieCheeks> yes sir
 <BlakMaaj> Oh, you're already feeling it, aren't you.
 <BlakMaaj> You're already focused in,
 <RosieCheeks> yes sir
 <BlakMaaj> you're already breathing easy,
 <BlakMaaj> you're already starting to sink
 <BlakMaaj> just at the idea of being hypnotized,
 <BlakMaaj> but if you want to go deep,
 <RosieCheeks> i am sir
 <BlakMaaj> if you want to be
 <BlakMaaj> a pretty,
 <BlakMaaj> blank,
 <BlakMaaj> sleepy girl,
 <BlakMaaj> we're going to just remember what it's like
 <BlakMaaj> to take a perfect deep breath, 1, 2, 3.
 <RosieCheeks> yessir 1 2 3
 <BlakMaaj> Breathing with me,
 <BlakMaaj> in and out,
 <BlakMaaj> simple and straightforward,
 <BlakMaaj> relaxing into your chair,
 <BlakMaaj> deeper and deeper, 1, 2, 3
 <RosieCheeks> 1 2 3
 <BlakMaaj> and you're already sinking down,
 <BlakMaaj> down and down and down,
 <BlakMaaj> and with a deep breath,
 <BlakMaaj> in,
 <BlakMaaj> and out,
 <BlakMaaj> you're going deeper now,
 <BlakMaaj> and deeper still,
 <BlakMaaj> 1 2 3
 <BlakMaaj> and now in a trance,
 <RosieCheeks> 1 32
 <BlakMaaj> we're going to get deeper,
 <BlakMaaj> and deeper still,
 <BlakMaaj> with every since breath,
 <BlakMaaj> slow breath,
 <BlakMaaj> slow, slow thought,
 <BlakMaaj> slipping so easily into a deep,
 <BlakMaaj> deep,
 <BlakMaaj> deep,
 <BlakMaaj> DLEEP
 <BlakMaaj> heavy blinks, Rosiegirl
 <BlakMaaj> heavy body
 <BlakMaaj> heavy thoughts
 <BlakMaaj> blank, mindless,
 <BlakMaaj> all your energy under my control,
 <BlakMaaj> and I'm turning that energy down,
 <BlakMaaj> away from thinking,
 <BlakMaaj> away from awareness,
 <BlakMaaj> and only into focus,
 <BlakMaaj> attached to my words,
 <BlakMaaj> and taking that sleep
 <BlakMaaj> deeper,
 <BlakMaaj> and deeper,
 <BlakMaaj> and deeper.
 <BlakMaaj> Nice and entranced, yes, Rosiegirl?
 <RosieCheeks> yesr
 <BlakMaaj> And wanting my control over all that energy?
 <BlakMaaj> Even when you're awake and aware?
 <RosieCheeks> essir
 <BlakMaaj> You want to let me direct your energy,
 <BlakMaaj> your body and mind, actions and thoughts,
 <BlakMaaj> control what you do, what you think?
 <RosieCheeks> gren sirr
 <BlakMaaj> Wonderful, Rosiegirl,
 <BlakMaaj> then it's time to let my words,
 <BlakMaaj> my actions,
 <BlakMaaj> fill you with energy,
 <BlakMaaj> bring you awareness,
 <BlakMaaj> wakefulness,
 <BlakMaaj> new consciousness,
 <BlakMaaj> tap your toes for me, Rosiegirl,
 <BlakMaaj> bounce your knees,
 <BlakMaaj> stretch out your fingers,
 <BlakMaaj> blink, breathe, smile,
 <BlakMaaj> wake for me, Rosa.
 <RosieCheeks> if you insist sir 😀
 <RosieCheeks> im back
 <BlakMaaj> How are you feeling?
 <RosieCheeks> really really good Sir
 <RosieCheeks> was pretty deep that time huh
 <RosieCheeks> hehe
 <RosieCheeks> guess there's a lot that you can do
 <BlakMaaj> There is. 🙂
 <BlakMaaj> Feel me pulling on that thread of energy, Rosa,
 <BlakMaaj> lifting you forward,
 <BlakMaaj> sitting you up straight.
 <BlakMaaj> Feel it?
 <RosieCheeks> omg yes Sir
 <RosieCheeks> im not leaning at all
 <RosieCheeks> just back straight
 <BlakMaaj> Let me pull that energy tight,
 <BlakMaaj> so you can't move
 <BlakMaaj> at all.
 <BlakMaaj> Bound by the energy I control.
 <BlakMaaj> And release, Rosa.
 <RosieCheeks> omg
 <RosieCheeks> omg
 <RosieCheeks> that was neat
 <RosieCheeks> that was fun
 <BlakMaaj> More, Rosa?
 <RosieCheeks> very green Sir
 <BlakMaaj> Your hands obey
 <BlakMaaj> and shoot up over your head now.
 <BlakMaaj> Heh. Helpless now.
 <BlakMaaj> Hands, say, 'yes sir.'
 <RosieCheeks> yes sir
 <BlakMaaj> Hands, still green?
 <RosieCheeks> green sir
 <BlakMaaj> Hands, is removing Rosa's shirt green?
 <RosieCheeks> no sir
 <BlakMaaj> That took you a while, Rosie
 <BlakMaaj> Releasing your hands
 <BlakMaaj> is everything okay?
 <RosieCheeks> oh Sir its all great
 <RosieCheeks> so great
 <RosieCheeks> i um
 <BlakMaaj> but the shirt?
 <RosieCheeks> heh
 <RosieCheeks> well...
 <BlakMaaj> I get it 🙂
 <BlakMaaj> No nudity today, that's fine.
 <RosieCheeks> um well thats not...
 <RosieCheeks> i mean i want but...
 <BlakMaaj> Check on truth?
 <RosieCheeks> green
 <BlakMaaj> Truth, Rosie.
 <RosieCheeks> no shirt
 <BlakMaaj> Not a problem! I'll just start elsewhere... 😈
 <RosieCheeks> no no no wait
 <RosieCheeks> s-sir
 <RosieCheeks> i um
 <BlakMaaj> What's wrong?
 <RosieCheeks> nothing!
 <RosieCheeks> nothing wrong!
 <RosieCheeks> i um just dont have
 <RosieCheeks> a shirt
 <RosieCheeks> on
 <RosieCheeks> at all
 <BlakMaaj> Oh!
 <BlakMaaj> Now I see...
 <RosieCheeks> eep
 <BlakMaaj> Hands are mine again! 😈
 <BlakMaaj> Hands, tell me you obey!
 <RosieCheeks> we obey sir
 <BlakMaaj> Give Rosie a nice, slow, comfortable, sexy,
 <BlakMaaj> breast massage.
 <BlakMaaj> In the way that she would touch herself
 <BlakMaaj> when imagining what the King Beyond Time
 <BlakMaaj> does to his concubines.
 <BlakMaaj> And a release now Rosa,
 <BlakMaaj> your hands are yours.
 <RosieCheeks> omg
 <RosieCheeks> 😳
 <RosieCheeks> thats
 <RosieCheeks> a thing
 <BlakMaaj> A thing you like?
 <RosieCheeks> ...
 <BlakMaaj> Rosa?
 <BlakMaaj> A thing you like?
 <RosieCheeks> ... maaaybe...
 <BlakMaaj> Was it a thing you like?
 <RosieCheeks> ...yes Sir
 <BlakMaaj> A thing you'd like more of?
 <RosieCheeks> please
 <BlakMaaj> Imagine a hand motion that captures your attenion instantly
 <BlakMaaj> pulling on the energy in your mind and captivating you,
 <BlakMaaj> snapping you right into a trance.
 <BlakMaaj> Perfect, Rosiegirl.
 <BlakMaaj> Your hands now on your belly,
 <BlakMaaj> your eyes here on the screen,
 <BlakMaaj> your fingertips stroking in small circles
 <BlakMaaj> and slowly, very slowly,
 <BlakMaaj> drifting upward,
 <BlakMaaj> still lighting massaging,
 <BlakMaaj> out to your ribs,
 <BlakMaaj> up to your sternum,
 <BlakMaaj> underneath your breasts,
 <BlakMaaj> but not over them, not yet,
 <BlakMaaj> until I pull them up,
 <BlakMaaj> gradually,
 <BlakMaaj> drawing them over your breasts,
 <BlakMaaj> playing with your nipples,
 <BlakMaaj> manipulating them, in the most fun,
 <BlakMaaj> exciting, stimulating
 <BlakMaaj> way that you can imagine.
 <BlakMaaj> Enjoy it for a moment,
 <BlakMaaj> another moment,
 <BlakMaaj> and wake, hands released,
 <BlakMaaj> mind your own,
 <BlakMaaj> but energy still under my control.
 <RosieCheeks> *whimpers*
 <BlakMaaj> Good, Rosiegirl?
 <RosieCheeks> omg yes
 <RosieCheeks> yes so much yes
 <RosieCheeks> I need a break
 <RosieCheeks> i need to stop for now
 <RosieCheeks> sorry Sir
 <RosieCheeks> that was great
 <BlakMaaj> No, don't apologize. 🙂
 <BlakMaaj> That's a lot.
 <BlakMaaj> Feel me releasing the energy
 <BlakMaaj> so you're free from the suggestion,
 <BlakMaaj> and wide awake now.
 <RosieCheeks> Thank you Darryl 🙂
 <RosieCheeks> omg im looking forward to dinner
 <RosieCheeks> text with plans? or call?
 <BlakMaaj> I'll text you in a while. 🙂
 <BlakMaaj> I think I need a break for the same reason you do.
 <RosieCheeks> Darryl a little hard?
 <BlakMaaj> 😳 uh for a bunch of reasons, yeah.
 <RosieCheeks> *giggles*
 <BlakMaaj> So I'm gonna go.
 <RosieCheeks> Me toooooo 😉
 <BlakMaaj> And I'm going to picture controlling that energy,
 <BlakMaaj> and pulling you down to your knees,
 <RosieCheeks> *ulp*
 <BlakMaaj> warping your thoughts...
 <RosieCheeks> bye Sir!
 <BlakMaaj> having you slide my shorts down...
RosieCheeks has disconnected
 <BlakMaaj> heh, talk to you soon, Rosiegirl. 😉
BlakMaaj has disconnected

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