4. Simple as Breathing

by Scalar7th

Tags: #discreet_public_play #dom:male #pov:bottom #realistic #shyness #sub:female #buried_trigger #chatlog #exhibitionism #f/m #first_date #hypno #hypnotic_amnesia #nonverbal_hypnotic_trigger #posthypnotic_suggestion #roleplay #solo

BlakMaaj has joined the channel
 <RosieCheeks> Well well
 <BlakMaaj> Been on long?
 <RosieCheeks> Yeah actually well half an hour I guess?
 <BlakMaaj> That's not too long.
 <RosieCheeks> I had to check the time
 <RosieCheeks> whenever I read the chatlog from yesterday I get...
 <RosieCheeks> I dunno, floaty I guess? lightheaded
 <BlakMaaj> 😁
 <RosieCheeks> Alright, spill, what'd you do
 <RosieCheeks> ?
 <BlakMaaj> Okay at lunch today
 <BlakMaaj> we talked a bit,
 <BlakMaaj> I had a long lunch so I offered a little more trance exploring,
 <BlakMaaj> and we talked about four simple suggestions,
 <BlakMaaj> first that you would forget the trance which you mostly did,
 <BlakMaaj> second that you would feel comfortable and warm around me when we met,
 <BlakMaaj> third that you would escalate to a level of physical touching you felt comfortable with,
 <BlakMaaj> and not let me go further than that,
 <BlakMaaj> finally that if you felt comfortable you would use titles.
 <BlakMaaj> Pretty sure that's it.
 <BlakMaaj> What do you think?
 <BlakMaaj> Rosiegirl?
 <BlakMaaj> You still there?
 <RosieCheeks> Yes sir Im here
 <BlakMaaj> Everything ok?
 <RosieCheeks> Yes sir just...
 <RosieCheeks> I dunno how I feel
 <RosieCheeks> but trust me its good!
 <BlakMaaj> Ok great 🙂
 <RosieCheeks> dont want you to think im here suffering or mad or something
 <RosieCheeks> just processing
 <RosieCheeks> cuz its good i promise!
 <BlakMaaj> Want to talk it out?
 <RosieCheeks> Yeah but...
 <RosieCheeks> I mean this is embarrassing
 <RosieCheeks> but could you um
 <RosieCheeks> leave the channel? So I can think about it alone for five minutes?
 <RosieCheeks> and then come back?
 <RosieCheeks> I wanna talk to you about it
 <RosieCheeks> with you about it
 <RosieCheeks> but I wanna get my thoughts down without thinking about you reading them til Im done ok?
 <BlakMaaj> That's perfect Rosa.
 <BlakMaaj> I'll geta little bit ready for tomorrow then,
 <BlakMaaj> and see you in five minutes.
 <RosieCheeks> thx 😊
 <BlakMaaj> yw, brb!
BlakMaaj has disconnected
 <RosieCheeks> ok so
 <RosieCheeks> lets see
 <RosieCheeks> whoa still cant really read it but
 <RosieCheeks> uh point one
 <RosieCheeks> amnesia is really super great
 <RosieCheeks> and im happy i green you enough to let go of a whole session
 <RosieCheeks> and i want more like that
 <RosieCheeks> if its ok
 <RosieCheeks> 2
 <RosieCheeks> yea that worked 😊
 <RosieCheeks> once i got over my nerves anyway
 <RosieCheeks> or maybe it helped me get over my nerves
 <RosieCheeks> threeeeeee
 <RosieCheeks> i nearly hugged you
 <RosieCheeks> when we were at the bench
 <RosieCheeks> but i didnt
 <RosieCheeks> because i didnt want to
 <RosieCheeks> and that was
 <RosieCheeks> so nice
 <RosieCheeks> and i didnt feel pressure to
 <RosieCheeks> even um at the end
 <RosieCheeks> it wasnt like i had to
 <RosieCheeks> even when you asked i knew if i said no
 <RosieCheeks> it would be ok
BlakMaaj has joined the channel
 <RosieCheeks> and you would be fine with
 <BlakMaaj> Wow you wrote a lot.
 <RosieCheeks> eep! two more minutes pls!
 <BlakMaaj> Alright!
BlakMaaj has disconnected
 <RosieCheeks> phew
 <RosieCheeks> you would be fine with things
 <RosieCheeks> even if i didnt hug you
 <RosieCheeks> uh and 4
 <RosieCheeks> im cool with the suggestion but
 <RosieCheeks> uh i dont think i wanna do it again
 <RosieCheeks> in public call you Sir
 <RosieCheeks> i mean i didnt mind
 <RosieCheeks> cuz you know if i did I wouldnt have
 <RosieCheeks> uh but anyway
 <RosieCheeks> public hugs good public sir red from now k?
 <RosieCheeks> um i think thats it
 <RosieCheeks> i mean, bigger picture things
 <RosieCheeks> i like that you just spend that time with me 🙂
 <RosieCheeks> and that you would take a little time
 <RosieCheeks> and just mess with me in the middle of the day
 <RosieCheeks> and that I cant just look back in the log
BlakMaaj has joined the channel
 <RosieCheeks> and know what you did
 <RosieCheeks> hello Sir 🙂
 <BlakMaaj> All good Rosiegirl?
 <RosieCheeks> 100%
 <BlakMaaj> *reads*
 <RosieCheeks> *sits nervous*
 <BlakMaaj> Heh, shush Rosiegirl and let me read. 😀
 <RosieCheeks> Oh is my talking pulling the focus down of the window?
 <RosieCheeks> hehe I should stop bugging you then
 <RosieCheeks> cuz I bet every new message
 <RosieCheeks> is
 <RosieCheeks> really
 <RosieCheeks> dis
 <RosieCheeks> trac
 <BlakMaaj> FREEZE
 <BlakMaaj> Don't. Move. A. Muscle.
 <BlakMaaj> Barely breathing. Hardly blinking.
 <BlakMaaj> Brat. 😛
 <BlakMaaj> Okay Rosiegirl, you can move again
 <RosieCheeks> ting
 <RosieCheeks> omg since when have you been able to do that?
 <BlakMaaj> Honestly? Didn't know I could, had no idea it would work.
 <RosieCheeks> *shivers* thats so awesome
 <RosieCheeks> do it again?
 <BlakMaaj> It probably only worked bc you had been thinking about the trance earlier.
 <BlakMaaj> Again?
 <RosieCheeks> yesplssir
 <BlakMaaj> Probably you're in a bit of a trance now,
 <BlakMaaj> just thinking about how I messed with your mind earlier,
 <BlakMaaj> so it's easy to think about how my words can
 <BlakMaaj> affect you,
 <BlakMaaj> direct you,
 <BlakMaaj> control you,
 <BlakMaaj> even holding you in place so you can't move at all,
 <BlakMaaj> and FREEZE!
 <BlakMaaj> Holding still,
 <BlakMaaj> calm and quiet,
 <BlakMaaj> your body in perfect suspension.
 <BlakMaaj> Every thought focused on how still,
 <BlakMaaj> how motionless,
 <BlakMaaj> how stuck you are.
 <BlakMaaj> Good, Rosiegirl,
 <BlakMaaj> now just gently,
 <BlakMaaj> slowly,
 <BlakMaaj> like breaking the hold when it's just on your arm,
 <BlakMaaj> tap your toes,
 <BlakMaaj> tap your feet, that's right,
 <BlakMaaj> and feel that movement, that energy
 <BlakMaaj> traveling up your legs,
 <BlakMaaj> to your hips,
 <BlakMaaj> your arms,
 <BlakMaaj> your chest, back, neck,
 <BlakMaaj> your head,
 <BlakMaaj> breathe, blink, smile,
 <BlakMaaj> move. 🙂
 <RosieCheeks> thankyou sir
 <RosieCheeks> im back
 <BlakMaaj> That's fun.
 <RosieCheeks> yeah it is 🙂
 <BlakMaaj> Want to talk about it?
 <RosieCheeks> Sure do and about all that stuff up there
 <RosieCheeks> but I need a stretch and some water
 <BlakMaaj> You go do that and I'll get a head start on you alright?
 <RosieCheeks> Sure fair is fair
 <RosieCheeks> you can start writing and I'll catch up
 <RosieCheeks> brb
 <BlakMaaj> Well I'm glad that you enjoyed it,
 <BlakMaaj> and public hugs will definitely be a thing going forward,
 <BlakMaaj> you give great hugs 🙂
 <BlakMaaj> and thank you for your honesty about public honourifics.
 <BlakMaaj> I wasn't too sure about it either
 <BlakMaaj> I enjoyed it but yeah if there were other people around,
 <BlakMaaj> even with the driver nearby it was a bit much for me too 🙂
 <RosieCheeks> Phew good
 <RosieCheeks> ya a fun experiment but just once is good for me!
 <BlakMaaj> More sessions like this afternoon,
 <BlakMaaj> short little things with full blank amnesia?
 <RosieCheeks> Oh pls yessir so much
 <BlakMaaj> Pushes a button?
 <RosieCheeks> all the buttons 😀
 <BlakMaaj> Hmm #2 was...
 <BlakMaaj> right warm and comfortable
 <RosieCheeks> warm and comf... yep! 😊
 <BlakMaaj> Elaborate, Rosiegirl?
 <RosieCheeks> Oh! uh, when I... um ok well... whole story
 <RosieCheeks> I got there early and um saw you and wasnt expecting you and
 <RosieCheeks> had a little panic attack and then you were leaving
 <RosieCheeks> so I thought you were mad or i screwed up or something
 <RosieCheeks> until i got your message 🙂
 <RosieCheeks> so its ok!
 <BlakMaaj> You were there? I didn't even see you! I'm sorry you had to go through that
 <RosieCheeks> once I got your message it was all cool
 <RosieCheeks> no its ok
 <RosieCheeks> it was just me being silly
 <RosieCheeks> anyway i sat down right where you were
 <BlakMaaj> It's not silly, Rosa
 <RosieCheeks> wha?
 <BlakMaaj> You're shy and anxious and maybe you overreacted but it's not silly
 <BlakMaaj> Okay? You're not silly
 <RosieCheeks> o..ok...?
 <BlakMaaj> Rosiegirl? Rosa? You're not silly
 <RosieCheeks> 😳 I'm... you want me to say it?
 <BlakMaaj> I want you to say it
 <RosieCheeks> Right now?
 <BlakMaaj> Do I have to get out my tist voice? 🙂
 <RosieCheeks> 😳n-no sir
 <RosieCheeks> im not silly
 <BlakMaaj> You're not silly.
 <RosieCheeks> im not silly
 <RosieCheeks> im not silly!
 <BlakMaaj> Heh not for that, anyway 🙂
 <RosieCheeks> thankyou Sir
 <BlakMaaj> You okay Rosa?
 <RosieCheeks> im good
 <BlakMaaj> Who am I, then?
 <RosieCheeks> huh?
 <BlakMaaj> Who am I, Rosa?
 <RosieCheeks> your Darryl, why?
 <BlakMaaj> *nods* all good 🙂
 <BlakMaaj> So uh, back to #2 there,
 <BlakMaaj> you sat down on the bench?
 <RosieCheeks> Oh! yeah and dissolved into happy thoughts and smiles
 <RosieCheeks> um one of my previous tists gave me a warm hug trigger
 <RosieCheeks> and I remembered that and just got happy there
 <RosieCheeks> just thinking of you... ❤️
 <BlakMaaj> I'm glad you could use that to be smiley and happy
 <RosieCheeks> Yep! me too! 🙂
 <RosieCheeks> so even if your suggestion didnt play exactly how you meant it to...
 <BlakMaaj> I don't care about the means, just the ends. 😈
 <RosieCheeks> ooohhh noooo big scary hypnotist! 😛
 <BlakMaaj> Hold that thought, Rosa 😀
 <BlakMaaj> What about #3?
 <RosieCheeks> 😊
 <RosieCheeks> It was safe
 <RosieCheeks> So very safe and I like it
 <BlakMaaj> *nods*
 <RosieCheeks> So um... more of that pls
 <RosieCheeks> letting me be limited but not
 <RosieCheeks> if that makes sense
 <BlakMaaj> You know you can always refuse me, Rosiegirl.
 <RosieCheeks> ulp... *nods* yep
 <RosieCheeks> I can refuse
 <BlakMaaj> If you want to.
 <RosieCheeks> if i want to
 <BlakMaaj> Refusing my suggestions is as simple as...
 <RosieCheeks> 1 2 3 sir
 <BlakMaaj> That's right Rosiegirl,
 <BlakMaaj> if you don't want to sink down into a trance,
 <BlakMaaj> all you have to do is say 'no,'
 <BlakMaaj> and if you want to sink, well that's as easy as...
 <RosieCheeks> 1 2 3
 <BlakMaaj> And knowing that you can resist at any time,
 <BlakMaaj> that just makes it easier to take those deep breaths
 <BlakMaaj> and relax back into your chair
 <BlakMaaj> and blink slow and heavy
 <BlakMaaj> and blink slow and heavy,
 <BlakMaaj> and blink, slow, and heavy,
 <BlakMaaj> and, blink,
 <BlakMaaj> slow,
 <BlakMaaj> and heavy,
 <BlakMaaj> and drop,
 <BlakMaaj> slow, and heavy,
 <BlakMaaj> down, and down, and down,
 <BlakMaaj> until every breath is...
 <RosieCheeks> 11 3
 <BlakMaaj> Good job, Rosiegirl,
 <BlakMaaj> Nice and deep now,
 <BlakMaaj> and when you look back over yesterday's session,
 <BlakMaaj> you can remember it clearly,
 <BlakMaaj> and read it easily,
 <BlakMaaj> no fog, no blur,
 <BlakMaaj> no confusion,
 <BlakMaaj> just as easy as you read this,
 <BlakMaaj> just as easy as...
 <RosieCheeks> 1 2 3
 <BlakMaaj> just as easy as coming back up,
 <BlakMaaj> one breath at a time,
 <BlakMaaj> until you're happy,
 <BlakMaaj> and smiling,
 <BlakMaaj> and wide awake,
 <BlakMaaj> until you're back,
 <BlakMaaj> ready to chat,
 <BlakMaaj> ready to participate again,
 <BlakMaaj> ready to be Rosa,
 <RosieCheeks> I'm back ❤️
 <BlakMaaj> ready to continue the conversation.
 <BlakMaaj> Hey cutiegirl 🙂
 <RosieCheeks> jeez that's fun
 <RosieCheeks> Mind if I go read yesterday's talk?
 <BlakMaaj> Take your time 🙂
 <BlakMaaj> Phone is ringing brb
 <RosieCheeks> its ok
 <BlakMaaj> Hate to do this cutiegirl but I have to go
 <BlakMaaj> So sorry after all that
 <RosieCheeks> No no its fine! uh talk to you tomorrow?
 <BlakMaaj> Yeah I'll try! Hopefully, and then we can plan something for soon!
 <RosieCheeks> Oh yespls Sir 😉
 <BlakMaaj> Have a good read!
 <RosieCheeks> 👋 nini
BlakMaaj has disconnected
RosieCheeks has disconnected

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