12. Falling Off a Log

by Scalar7th

Tags: #discreet_public_play #dom:male #pov:bottom #realistic #shyness #sub:female #buried_trigger #chatlog #exhibitionism #f/m #first_date #hypno #hypnotic_amnesia #nonverbal_hypnotic_trigger #posthypnotic_suggestion #roleplay #solo

RosieCheeks has joined the channel
BlakMaaj has joined the channel
 <RosieCheeks> Hey you ok?
 <BlakMaaj> I'm fine Rosa.
 <BlakMaaj> Or I guess I'm not fine.
 <BlakMaaj> But I'm okay. I'm not leaving.
 <RosieCheeks> Thanks Darryl
 <RosieCheeks> I mean it
 <RosieCheeks> I'm ok too
 <RosieCheeks> Can I help?
 <BlakMaaj> I don't know, honestly.
 <BlakMaaj> I'm not even sure I know what the problem is.
 <BlakMaaj> But I'm gonna sit here on your comfy couch and try to figure it out, alright?
 <RosieCheeks> You could put a movie on if you like
 <RosieCheeks> but i dont pay for TV
 <BlakMaaj> Thanks, it's fine.
 <BlakMaaj> I like the quiet.
 <BlakMaaj> At least right now.
 <RosieCheeks> ok then
 <RosieCheeks> so um
 <RosieCheeks> i dunno how to ask anything
 <BlakMaaj> I don't know how to answer it even if you did.
 <RosieCheeks> did i do something wrong?
 <BlakMaaj> No.
 <BlakMaaj> Firm no. Hard no.
 <BlakMaaj> You were, you are brilliant.
 <BlakMaaj> This is all me, not you.
 <RosieCheeks> so what is it?
 <BlakMaaj> Phew. Um. Honestly...
 <BlakMaaj> A few things piling on,
 <BlakMaaj> And I got afraid, I guess.
 <RosieCheeks> ok...
 <BlakMaaj> I've only been here a little over a month,
 <BlakMaaj> and you've been wonderful,
 <RosieCheeks> Am I going too fast?
 <BlakMaaj> No.
 <BlakMaaj> Well.
 <BlakMaaj> Maybe, but I like it.
 <BlakMaaj> Sorry. Dumb answer.
 <BlakMaaj> You're not going too fast for what would be normal for me,
 <BlakMaaj> but this isn't a normal situation.
 <BlakMaaj> It's about me, Rosa,
 <BlakMaaj> and my transfer,
 <BlakMaaj> and how that fucked my life.
 <RosieCheeks> wanna talk?
 <BlakMaaj> I left friends and family and partners behind,
 <BlakMaaj> and things aren't going so hot at the office,
 <BlakMaaj> not me, just generally,
 <BlakMaaj> and I just...
 <BlakMaaj> I got inside my head
 <BlakMaaj> I started thinking...
 <BlakMaaj> Is this too big a commitment?
 <BlakMaaj> Am I going to get attached again,
 <BlakMaaj> am i going to fall for you
 <BlakMaaj> and then get transferred away?
 <RosieCheeks> Darryl... ❀️
 <BlakMaaj> And when you got on your knees,
 <BlakMaaj> all those thoughts came up,
 <BlakMaaj> and how you said plans always go weird when I'm around.
 <BlakMaaj> Guess I did it again, huh? πŸ™‚
 <RosieCheeks> Yeah, heh
 <RosieCheeks> I can see how that could mess you up a bit
 <RosieCheeks> Do you... wanna slow down?
 <BlakMaaj> No, Rosa
 <BlakMaaj> If anything I want to go faster
 <BlakMaaj> I've been holding back because you've been cautious,
 <BlakMaaj> which is totally fine btw!
 <BlakMaaj> I don't want to push you past your limits
 <RosieCheeks> Hehe I just got on my knees and had you in my mouth
 <RosieCheeks> you can fuck my mind with two words
 <RosieCheeks> we're cool on my limits ok?
 <BlakMaaj> That's one relief, anyway
 <BlakMaaj> Because I was worried, too
 <BlakMaaj> that I was pushing you because I wanted to make that connection
 <BlakMaaj> before the "inevitable" transfer away
 <RosieCheeks> *nods*
 <BlakMaaj> Subconsciously I mean.
 <RosieCheeks> You've been very respectful so far
 <RosieCheeks> and I so appreciate you taking things at my speed
 <BlakMaaj> But I mean... that's mostly it,
 <RosieCheeks> and listening so good to me
 <BlakMaaj> just me getting in my head about it all,
 <BlakMaaj> not able to shake those feelings,
 <BlakMaaj> and fucking it up, dropping the ball.
 <RosieCheeks> can I help?
 <BlakMaaj> If you have any idea how to salvage this night I'm happy to hear it.
 <RosieCheeks> A few maybe
 <RosieCheeks> would it help you to hypnotize me
 <RosieCheeks> just... put me under for a bit?
 <BlakMaaj> Hm. Tough on my phone.
 <BlakMaaj> Typing isn't the best.
 <RosieCheeks> if it helps its an option
 <RosieCheeks> or what if I did that for you?
 <BlakMaaj> Thanks for the offer Rosa
 <BlakMaaj> but I don't think that a trance will help me right now.
 <RosieCheeks> I could get out the spare laptop if you wanna use that instead
 <RosieCheeks> and trance me
 <BlakMaaj> You really want to get 'tized tonight, huh
 <RosieCheeks> ☺️ maaaybe... ❀️
 <BlakMaaj> Even after all that?
 <RosieCheeks> *nods*
 <RosieCheeks> Darryl I want you
 <RosieCheeks> bad
 <RosieCheeks> and for me I don't care about all that
 <RosieCheeks> except for how your hurting
 <RosieCheeks> I want you to feel better
 <RosieCheeks> but all that
 <RosieCheeks> you... i mean, i worried i did something
 <RosieCheeks> obvs
 <RosieCheeks> you pretty much rejected me ten seconds before you came
 <BlakMaaj> I wasn't that close...
 <RosieCheeks> 😰 whatever not my point πŸ˜›
 <RosieCheeks> but knowing that its not my fault
 <RosieCheeks> and really its not yours either
 <RosieCheeks> thats so much comfort
 <RosieCheeks> but your hurting
 <RosieCheeks> and you should know
 <RosieCheeks> im here either way
 <RosieCheeks> if you decide to come up here and fuck me silly
 <RosieCheeks> or if you decide to come up here and get your clothes
 <RosieCheeks> and head for home (but please stay)
 <RosieCheeks> im here
 <RosieCheeks> and im gonna be here tomorrow and Monday and all next week
 <RosieCheeks> for when you kick this problems ass and wanna do me
 <BlakMaaj> Okay
 <BlakMaaj> I can think about that, I think.
 <BlakMaaj> And I do want to do things with you.
 <RosieCheeks> Like whaaaat?
 <BlakMaaj> You know... things.
 <RosieCheeks> things like?
 <BlakMaaj> Hypnotize you.
 <RosieCheeks> And?
 <BlakMaaj> Fill your head with fun suggestions.
 <RosieCheeks> mmm and?
 <BlakMaaj> Fuck you till you're blue in the face.
 <RosieCheeks> hehe there we go πŸ™‚
 <RosieCheeks> Feels nice to say huh?
 <BlakMaaj> Sure does.
 <BlakMaaj> You want that too, don't you.
 <RosieCheeks> yeah clearly
 <RosieCheeks> but rly I just want you to be alright
 <BlakMaaj> I'll try.
 <RosieCheeks> for your rosiegirl
 <BlakMaaj> For my Rosiegirl. ❀️
 <RosieCheeks> That's right Sir
 <RosieCheeks> for your rosiegirl
 <RosieCheeks> who saw how you couldnt keep your eyes off her breasts earlier
 <RosieCheeks> or her blue pendant...
 <BlakMaaj> *grins* I can play along
 <BlakMaaj> but it takes more than that to put me under
 <RosieCheeks> oh it does, does it?
 <RosieCheeks> I think you were watching my chest pretty close
 <RosieCheeks> and you seemed to be pretty relaxed
 <BlakMaaj> Well I was.
 <BlakMaaj> I had good food and a great view.
 <RosieCheeks> ... of the smoke? πŸ˜€
 <BlakMaaj> Hah!
 <BlakMaaj> Yes, I guess so
 <RosieCheeks> feeling a little better?
 <RosieCheeks> is the teasing helping?
 <RosieCheeks> are you a little more
 <RosieCheeks> relaxed?
 <BlakMaaj> Nods*
 <RosieCheeks> Ooh, your typing is slipping a bit
 <RosieCheeks> starting to feel a bit hypnotized Sir? πŸ˜›
 <BlakMaaj> Reading a Lot into a missed asterisk
 <RosieCheeks> And a misplaced capital
 <RosieCheeks> not things you usually goof up
 <BlakMaaj> I'm not usually on a phone.
 <RosieCheeks> Ooh, trying harder now to be precise.
 <RosieCheeks> All that effort must be
 <RosieCheeks> soooo tiring... πŸ˜€
 <BlakMaaj> πŸ™„
 <RosieCheeks> too far?
 <BlakMaaj> heh, no...
 <BlakMaaj> It's cute, really, and I appreciate your effort to cheer me up.
 <BlakMaaj> It means a lot, Rosiegirl. ❀️
 <BlakMaaj> I'm not ready to come upstairs yet,
 <BlakMaaj> But I'm tired of trying to use this phone,
 <BlakMaaj> I'll take you up on your offer of the laptop?
 <RosieCheeks> Stay right there! I'll have it down to you in a sec!
BlakMaaj has disconnected
BlakMaaj has joined the channel
 <BlakMaaj> It's old tech, but it's good tech.
 <RosieCheeks> I used it for a long time
 <BlakMaaj> Yeah, I saw the cute anime-catboy wallpaper
 <RosieCheeks> eep!
 <BlakMaaj> And the folder labeled "No Looky." πŸ˜€
 <RosieCheeks> you didnt open it did you?
 <BlakMaaj> Of course not! It said not to.
 <BlakMaaj> What's in it?
 <RosieCheeks> ...
 <RosieCheeks> not telling
 <BlakMaaj> Rosiegirl? What's in it?
 <RosieCheeks> Nothing!
 <RosieCheeks> omg
 <BlakMaaj> What's in it, Rosa?
 <RosieCheeks> No
 <RosieCheeks> no no
 <RosieCheeks> nothing at all
 <RosieCheeks> 😳
 <BlakMaaj> What's in the folder?
 <RosieCheeks> omg
 <RosieCheeks> just
 <RosieCheeks> writing...
 <BlakMaaj> Your writing?
 <RosieCheeks> ...
 <RosieCheeks> yes
 <RosieCheeks> ...
 <BlakMaaj> Your writing about...?
 <RosieCheeks> omg
 <RosieCheeks> stoppit!
 <BlakMaaj> What did you write about?
 <RosieCheeks> Darryl!
 <BlakMaaj> What did you write about, Rosiegirl?
 <RosieCheeks> my...
 <RosieCheeks> fantasies... Sir...
 <BlakMaaj> Which fantasies?
 <RosieCheeks> omg
 <RosieCheeks> will you stop??
 <BlakMaaj> What fantasies were you writing about?
 <RosieCheeks> PRETTY MUCH THIS OK??
 <BlakMaaj> Oh? Meaning?
 <RosieCheeks> omg
 <RosieCheeks> I used to write
 <RosieCheeks> hypno porn
 <RosieCheeks> with myself as
 <RosieCheeks> the subject
 <RosieCheeks> IS THAT OK SIR?
 <BlakMaaj> Definitely.
 <BlakMaaj> More than okay. πŸ™‚
 <BlakMaaj> Thank you for telling me, Rosa.
 <RosieCheeks> *hides*
 <RosieCheeks> im never coming out again
 <RosieCheeks> never
 <RosieCheeks> i am a turtle
 <RosieCheeks> in my shell
 <RosieCheeks> you cant touch me
 <RosieCheeks> im turning my computer off
 <RosieCheeks> im locking my door
 <RosieCheeks> im going to bed
 <RosieCheeks> im staying there until the fucking apocalypse
 <BlakMaaj> All done? πŸ™‚
 <RosieCheeks> ...
 <BlakMaaj> I can hear your chair creaking.
 <BlakMaaj> You might consider oiling it.
 <BlakMaaj> Oh, such language, Rosiegirl!
 <BlakMaaj> I wasn't sure you knew those words.
 <BlakMaaj> Or that you could shout that loud.
 <RosieCheeks> ...
 <BlakMaaj> Hurt your throat?
 <RosieCheeks> ...
 <RosieCheeks> yes
 <BlakMaaj> Should I get you a glass of water?
 <RosieCheeks> in fine
 <RosieCheeks> im*
 <BlakMaaj> Now who's making typos?
 <RosieCheeks> how are you Sir?
 <BlakMaaj> Hm?
 <RosieCheeks> how are you feeling?
 <BlakMaaj> I'm...
 <BlakMaaj> I'm okay.
 <RosieCheeks> are you feeling better?
 <BlakMaaj> Yes.
 <BlakMaaj> I'm better than I was, for sure.
 <BlakMaaj> And, if you're okay
 <RosieCheeks> oh im glad πŸ₯° ❀️
 <BlakMaaj> I think I'd like to try
 <BlakMaaj> another text trance with you,
 <BlakMaaj> and maybe more.
 <RosieCheeks> *nods*
 <RosieCheeks> im ok with that Sir
 <RosieCheeks> that sounds very nice ❀️
 <BlakMaaj> Look at you trying to be calm,
 <BlakMaaj> when I can hear you squeeing and clapping upstairs.
 <RosieCheeks> 😳
 <RosieCheeks> need better soundproofing
 <RosieCheeks> fml
 <BlakMaaj> Well I couldn't help but notice that when you brought me the computer,
 <BlakMaaj> you still hadn't put on any clothes.
 <RosieCheeks> eep!
 <RosieCheeks> well it
 <RosieCheeks> um seemed fair right?
 <RosieCheeks> because your clothes are
 <RosieCheeks> all up here so...
 <BlakMaaj> This is not a complaint, Rosiegirl.
 <RosieCheeks> 😨
 <RosieCheeks> I mean, how else were you going to see
 <RosieCheeks> the pretty blue pendant I'm wearing
 <RosieCheeks> and the beautiful breasts
 <RosieCheeks> that it hung down between
 <RosieCheeks> that almost had you in a trance at supper
 <BlakMaaj> True, I wouldn't have seen it otherwise.
 <RosieCheeks> and imagining it must make you feel things
 <RosieCheeks> relaxed, calm, at ease
 <RosieCheeks> horny, excited, playful
 <RosieCheeks> you were practically eating out of my hand
 <RosieCheeks> so Sir...
 <RosieCheeks> check on hypnotizing you a little?
 <BlakMaaj> Heh. Green. πŸ™‚
 <RosieCheeks> thank you Sir
 <RosieCheeks> and if you're imagining my breasts
 <RosieCheeks> and the pendant hanging down between them
 <RosieCheeks> and I bet if you can hear the chair squeak
 <RosieCheeks> you can hear me shout
 <BlakMaaj> Yes, I hear you.
 <RosieCheeks> and if I were there
 <RosieCheeks> I would probably see your head nodding
 <RosieCheeks> and a big smile on your face
 <RosieCheeks> as you realize that your Rosiegirl
 <RosieCheeks> hypnotized her Sir
 <RosieCheeks> maybe just a little
 <RosieCheeks> maybe a lot
 <RosieCheeks> but you can let the last of your worries float away on the breeze
 <RosieCheeks> and when you wake
 <RosieCheeks> do the same to your helpless subject πŸ™‚
 <BlakMaaj> I'm here.
 <RosieCheeks> did it work?
 <BlakMaaj> Some. πŸ™‚ More the intent than anything.
 <BlakMaaj> I didn't go deep,
 <BlakMaaj> but it felt extremely good.
 <RosieCheeks> ❀️
 <RosieCheeks> that was the idea!
 <RosieCheeks> for you, Sir
 <BlakMaaj> Thank you. πŸ™‚
 <BlakMaaj> For future reference, though,
 <BlakMaaj> if someone's anxious or unhappy,
 <BlakMaaj> maybe not the best time to try a trance,
 <BlakMaaj> especially for your first effort. πŸ™‚
 <RosieCheeks> oh sorry did i do something wrong?
 <BlakMaaj> No, no, you read the room,
 <BlakMaaj> I was pretty much calm by that point,
 <BlakMaaj> and I knew what you were doing,
 <BlakMaaj> and you even checked in first.
 <BlakMaaj> Everything's good, Rosiegirl. πŸ™‚
 <RosieCheeks> oh good! 😌
 <RosieCheeks> thank you Sir...
 <RosieCheeks> now... my turn?
 <BlakMaaj> Your turn, Rosa.
 <BlakMaaj> Your turn to imagine my soft words in your ear,
 <BlakMaaj> your turn to imagine my hands on your shoulders,
 <BlakMaaj> to imagine yourself at my mercy again,
 <BlakMaaj> falling to your knees again,
 <BlakMaaj> under my spell again,
 <BlakMaaj> listening, listening so closely,
 <BlakMaaj> so intently,
 <BlakMaaj> as every word finds home
 <BlakMaaj> in your mind,
 <BlakMaaj> in your thoughts,
 <BlakMaaj> in your heart,
 <BlakMaaj> to imagine the soft breath,
 <BlakMaaj> to imagine to warm touch,
 <BlakMaaj> to fantasize about a magic spell
 <BlakMaaj> settling over you,
 <BlakMaaj> making you drop deep,
 <BlakMaaj> deeper, and deeper,
 <BlakMaaj> deeper still,
 <BlakMaaj> into a deep, deep trance,
 <BlakMaaj> and then deeper,
 <BlakMaaj> your eyes first fixed on the screen,
 <BlakMaaj> then getting heavier,
 <BlakMaaj> blinking getting slower
 <BlakMaaj> and slower,
 <BlakMaaj> until I tell you to
 <BlakMaaj> SLEEP
 <BlakMaaj> and your eyes slam shut, and
BlakMaaj has disconnected

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