10. Child's Play

by Scalar7th

Tags: #discreet_public_play #dom:male #pov:bottom #realistic #shyness #sub:female #buried_trigger #chatlog #exhibitionism #f/m #first_date #hypno #hypnotic_amnesia #nonverbal_hypnotic_trigger #posthypnotic_suggestion #roleplay #solo

RosieCheeks has joined the channel
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 <RosieCheeks> Hi Darryl! 👋
 <BlakMaaj> Heya Rosiegirl
 <RosieCheeks> how are you doin?
 <BlakMaaj> Would have been nicer to wake up next to you this morning... 🙂
 <RosieCheeks> aww! sorry but I um...
 <RosieCheeks> kind of freaked out a bit
 <RosieCheeks> and just had to go
 <BlakMaaj> I understand.
 <RosieCheeks> but i had a great time
 <RosieCheeks> want more
 <RosieCheeks> want again
 <RosieCheeks> you?
 <RosieCheeks> Darryl?
 <BlakMaaj> YEs! aboslutely.
 <BlakMaaj> Sorry Rosiegirl, I'm kind of busy with another thing while we chat
 <BlakMaaj> hope that's okay?
 <RosieCheeks> For sure!
 <RosieCheeks> guess I dont get to trance out the 😛
 <RosieCheeks> then*
 <BlakMaaj> Haha! not tonight, at least not with me
 <BlakMaaj> Saturday though...
 <RosieCheeks> eep! 😳
 <RosieCheeks> Gonna play with my energy again?
 <BlakMaaj> Might.
 <RosieCheeks> Ooh, like Pharras with Dene Liarria?
 <RosieCheeks> only, like, sexy 😀
 <BlakMaaj> Mwah hah hah...
 <BlakMaaj> I do make a pretty good villain.
 <RosieCheeks> Eep no! *runs*
 <BlakMaaj> Heh heh. *pulls your energy to a halt*
 <RosieCheeks> *freezes like a statue with one foot in front of the other trying to run*
 <BlakMaaj> Well well well Dene Rosa,
 <BlakMaaj> it seems you underestimated my powers.
 <BlakMaaj> *walks down from the throne*
 <RosieCheeks> *struggles against the magic*
 <RosieCheeks> Please...
 <BlakMaaj> *puts a hand right on your ass*
 <BlakMaaj> There is no escape now...
 <RosieCheeks> (your fkn hot you know that?)
 <RosieCheeks> *takes a step forward pulling agains the spell*
BlakMaaj is now known as HedonPharras
 <RosieCheeks> Your a monster! Let me go!
 <HedonPharras> *Gently runs hands down your arms, putting your hands beside your hips*
RosieCheeks is now known as Dene_Rosa
 <Dene_Rosa> W-what are you doing?
 <Dene_Rosa> *tries lifting my arms but can't*
 <HedonPharras> *pulls you back into standing up straight*
 <Dene_Rosa> *stands at attention*
 <Dene_Rosa> How come... I cant...
 <HedonPharras> *pulls your hair back lightly and whispers in your ear*
 <HedonPharras> Because I can control you like a marionette.
 <Dene_Rosa> (*shivers*... mmm Darryllll...)
 <Dene_Rosa> No... no! Please don't...
 <HedonPharras> *magically draws your hands to your bodice*
 <HedonPharras> Don't? Don't what? Don't stop?
 <Dene_Rosa> What are you planning?
 <Dene_Rosa> What sort of horrible monster are you?
 <Dene_Rosa> Pharras!
 <HedonPharras> The sort that would see you defenseless before me, Dene Rosa
 <HedonPharras> *your hands unlace your bodice*
 <Dene_Rosa> You're terrible!
 <Dene_Rosa> Let me go! *struggles against the spell*
 <Dene_Rosa> *pulls my bodice down to my waist*
 <HedonPharras> (sorry for such a long break)
 <HedonPharras> *My hands run over your shoulders and bare back*
 <Dene_Rosa> (its fine! your busy)
 <HedonPharras> *I leave my hands on your sides, just above your hips*
 <HedonPharras> By the time the evening ends, you will be helplessly, completely mine.
 <Dene_Rosa> Never! I'll never give in! Release me!
 <Dene_Rosa> (gonna grab dinner brb)
 <HedonPharras> Oh, you will, Dene Rosa.
 <HedonPharras> *the magic pulls you back, backwards, step by step, towards the throne*
 <Dene_Rosa> (back!)
 <Dene_Rosa> *walks carefully backwards, trying not to stumble*
 <HedonPharras> *I stand aside and let you pass, admiring you from in front of you as you back up towards the throne.*
 <Dene_Rosa> *self-consciously covers my breasts with my arms*
 <HedonPharras> *A simple move of my hand brings your arms down to your side*
 <Dene_Rosa> Stop it!
 <Dene_Rosa> Rrgh!
 <Dene_Rosa> What's next you pervert, taking my dress off entirely?
 <HedonPharras> Well since you were so kind to suggest it...
 <Dene_Rosa> What?!
 <HedonPharras> *I pull you forward a step with my control of your energy*
 <Dene_Rosa> Stop this, Pharras!
 <HedonPharras> *I put my hand on your chin and look into your eyes."
 <Dene_Rosa> Get your hand off me!
 <HedonPharras> *My eyes glow and hold your gaze.*
 <Dene_Rosa> What... Pharras... what is ... going...
 <HedonPharras> Strip for me.
 <Dene_Rosa> H-huh? Wh-what a-are you...
 <Dene_Rosa> *unties the dress*
 <Dene_Rosa> *lets the dress fall*
 <Dene_Rosa> s*lowly unties the loincloth*
 <Dene_Rosa> *bends down and unties the lace of her boots*
 <Dene_Rosa> *slowly removes her boots*
 <Dene_Rosa> *falls to her knees, naked and mesmerized*
 <Dene_Rosa> ... yes Pharras...
 <Dene_Rosa> *bows her head and waits for direction
 <Dene_Rosa> *
 <Dene_Rosa> (getting ready for bed)
 <HedonPharras> *I run my hand through your dark hair*
 <HedonPharras> *I take a handful and pull your head back so you're looking up at me*
 <HedonPharras> Never forget, Dene Rosa,
 <HedonPharras> never forget who rules here.
 <HedonPharras> Never forget who can control,
 <HedonPharras> who can manipulate,
 <HedonPharras> who can unmake you,
 <HedonPharras> and remake you into whatever I choose.
 <HedonPharras> If there is one thing you will always know,
 <HedonPharras> it is this: I am ruler in Drathrys,
 <HedonPharras> and you will always serve me.
 <Dene_Rosa> *whispers* I will always serve you
 <HedonPharras> Again.
 <Dene_Rosa> I will always serve you
 <HedonPharras> *I hold your hair tighter, forcing you to lean back a bit*
 <HedonPharras> Again.
 <Dene_Rosa> I will always serve you
 <HedonPharras> Who are you?
 <Dene_Rosa> Dene Rosa of the Parrilar
 <HedonPharras> *I wave my hand before your eyes*
 <HedonPharras> You represent no one.
 <HedonPharras> You have no title,
 <HedonPharras> no people.
Dene_Rosa is now known as Rosa
 <HedonPharras> Who are you?
 <Rosa> Rosa
 <HedonPharras> *I use your manipulated energy to hold you in place, and release your hair*
 <HedonPharras> YOu will always serve me
 <Rosa> i will alwas serve you
 <Rosa> i will always werve you
 <Rosa> iwll always serve you
 <Rosa> i will alwys serve you
 <Rosa> i will alwyas serve you
 <Rosa> i willl always serve youu
 <Rosa> i wl alwayss serve you
 <Rosa> i will always serve you
 <Rosa> will allways serve yu
 <Rosa> iwillalways s rve iu
 <Rosa> i will alwad aaravaeu
 <Rosa> i willll aways werve you
 <Rosa> i wiillll always serve you
 <HedonPharras> Silence.
 <Rosa> i will alway...
 <HedonPharras> Rise.
 <Rosa> *gets to her feet and stands up tall*
 <HedonPharras> *I place a hand on your breast and grope slowly and sensuously*
 <HedonPharras> *I stand beside you as I do this and speak softly in your ear*
 <HedonPharras> In a moment I will release you from my enchantment,
 <HedonPharras> but you will know,
 <HedonPharras> you will always know,
 <HedonPharras> what happened here today
 <HedonPharras> and you will never challenge me again,
 <HedonPharras> do you understand?
 <Rosa> *blank eyes*
 <Rosa> i understand
 <HedonPharras> *I give you a spank, breaking the spell*
 <HedonPharras> Go.
 <Rosa> *suddenly jumps and gasps*
 <Rosa> *looks around, shocked*
 <HedonPharras> And leave your clothes behind.
 <Rosa> *hesitates, flushed to the chest, then leaves the room quickly*
HedonPharras is now known as BlakMaaj
 <BlakMaaj> And with that, I should start to get to bed.
 <BlakMaaj> How are you Rosa?
 <Rosa> mmmmmmmmmmm
 <Rosa> s ogood sir
 <Rosa> mmm
 <Rosa> started to go under a bit
 <BlakMaaj> Repeating that you will always serve me? 🙂
 <Rosa> esssssss
 <BlakMaaj> Heh... I, um, had to step away, I wasn't expecting to see that
 <Rosa> its ok sir
 <BlakMaaj> You're probably all ready for bed,
 <BlakMaaj> and feeling dazed and trancey,
 <BlakMaaj> and it wouldn't be too hard for those words to just
 <Rosa> yessr
 <BlakMaaj> bubble back up.
 <BlakMaaj> Right, Rosiegirl?
 <Rosa> i will always serve you
 <BlakMaaj> Good, Rosa.
 <BlakMaaj> And if we weren't both tired,
 <BlakMaaj> and it weren't very late,
 <BlakMaaj> you know that I would absolutely take advantage of your state.
 <Rosa> yessir
 <BlakMaaj> But as it is Rosiegirl,
 <BlakMaaj> the moment I leave this chat room,
 <BlakMaaj> you're going to get up from your chair,
 <BlakMaaj> log out,
 <BlakMaaj> strip naked,
 <BlakMaaj> and take yourself to bed,
 <BlakMaaj> and fall asleep,
 <BlakMaaj> with no memory of anything after our little roleplay ended.
 <BlakMaaj> Understand me Rosa?
 <Rosa> ye sir
 <BlakMaaj> Good girl.
 <BlakMaaj> Take a nice deep breath,
 <BlakMaaj> and wish me a good night,
 <BlakMaaj> and forget.
 <Rosa> goodnight sir
 <BlakMaaj> Good night, Rosiegirl
BlakMaaj has disconnected
Rosa has disconnected
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RosieCheeks has joined the channel
 <RosieCheeks> Good morning Sir
 <BlakMaaj> Hi Rosie!
 <BlakMaaj> Wasn't expecting you to be on so early.
 <RosieCheeks> Well for some reason I got cold
 <RosieCheeks> about half an hour ago
 <RosieCheeks> and found out
 <RosieCheeks> THAT IM NAKED
 <BlakMaaj> 🤣
 <BlakMaaj> Don't usually sleep naked, Rosiegirl?
 <RosieCheeks> No Darryl I do not
 <RosieCheeks> Why are you on so early?
 <BlakMaaj> Thought I should be here just in case.
 <BlakMaaj> Turns out it was a good idea.
 <RosieCheeks> Incase what? incase I showed up mad and naked?
 <BlakMaaj> Something like that. 🙂
 <BlakMaaj> You okay?
 <RosieCheeks> AM I OK???
 <RosieCheeks> Darryl I haven't slept better in weeks
 <RosieCheeks> and I woke up feeling so good
 <RosieCheeks> and i had such a good time last night
 <BlakMaaj> Me too
 <RosieCheeks> even if i dont remember stripping out of my jammies
 <RosieCheeks> and going to sleep naked
 <RosieCheeks> and I bet if I read up in chat im gonna find out why that is
 <BlakMaaj> But you're not going to
 <RosieCheeks> huh?
 <BlakMaaj> Rosiegirl, you're not going to read the log
 <RosieCheeks> im not?
 <BlakMaaj> Because we both know that you're going to save it for later,
 <BlakMaaj> when you don't have to get ready for work,
 <BlakMaaj> and you can really enjoy it,
 <BlakMaaj> really savour the record,
 <BlakMaaj> read it without any time pressure,
 <BlakMaaj> or any worries about what comes after.
 <BlakMaaj> Isn't that right, Rosiegirl?
 <RosieCheeks> yessir
 <BlakMaaj> After work you can come back here,
 <BlakMaaj> get naked, and read the record then,
 <BlakMaaj> and tell me just how much you enjoyed yourself.
 <RosieCheeks> ok
 <BlakMaaj> And tonight,
 <BlakMaaj> after dinner,
 <BlakMaaj> I'll be here,
 <BlakMaaj> and we'll talk about getting together tomorrow.
 <BlakMaaj> Would you like that, Rosiegirl?
 <RosieCheeks> yessir
 <RosieCheeks> very very much sir
 <BlakMaaj> If you're hypnotized, Rosa,
 <BlakMaaj> you can take a breath and wake up,
 <BlakMaaj> so you can get ready for your day.
 <RosieCheeks> I wasn't 😛
 <RosieCheeks> or um... not a lot?
 <RosieCheeks> but thank you ❤️
 <RosieCheeks> *hugs*
 <BlakMaaj> Hm, morning naked hugs from a cute subject
 <BlakMaaj> best way to start the day!
 <RosieCheeks> What?!
 <RosieCheeks> I never said I was naked NOW!!
 <BlakMaaj> But you are.
 <RosieCheeks> I .. uh...
 <BlakMaaj> But you are, Rosa.
 <RosieCheeks> ... maybe...
 <BlakMaaj> But you're naked, Rosa, aren't you.
 <RosieCheeks> ...
 <RosieCheeks> ...yes
 <BlakMaaj> Good girl, thank you.
 <BlakMaaj> I have to get ready for work.
 <RosieCheeks> me too
 <BlakMaaj> Talk to you later tonight. 🙂
 <RosieCheeks> yessir 🥰
RosieCheeks has disconnected
BlakMaaj has disconnected
RosieCheeks has joined the channel
 <RosieCheeks> ok reading back now
 <RosieCheeks> omg
 <RosieCheeks> 😳
 <RosieCheeks> you really can control me sir
 <RosieCheeks> i enjoyed that very much
 <RosieCheeks> aaaand just realized that im naked again
 <RosieCheeks> mmm
 <RosieCheeks> i just wanna
 <RosieCheeks> ok ok
 <RosieCheeks> after dinner
 <RosieCheeks> 🥰 ❤️
RosieCheeks has disconnected
RosieCheeks has joined the channel
 <RosieCheeks> Alright I had food
 <RosieCheeks> and I have some clothes on
 <RosieCheeks> aaand I just wanna read over that run little rp again...
BlakMaaj has joined the channel
 <RosieCheeks> Hello Sir!
 <BlakMaaj> Hi, Rosiegirl!
 <BlakMaaj> Having fun?
 <RosieCheeks> *blushes* well...
 <BlakMaaj> I'll take that as a yes.
 <RosieCheeks> maybe I took my shirt off 😀
 <BlakMaaj> Maybe?
 <RosieCheeks> ... im not gonna get away without confirming that am I
 <BlakMaaj> Maybe, Rosie?
 <RosieCheeks> ... maaaaybe...
 <BlakMaaj> Maybe?
 <RosieCheeks> im... just... here... in my panties...
 <BlakMaaj> And if you focus here,
 <BlakMaaj> you'll just blink,
 <BlakMaaj> and stop thinking,
 <BlakMaaj> and slip off your panties,
 <BlakMaaj> and not even notice that you're completely naked
 <BlakMaaj> until I call attention to it,
 <BlakMaaj> and you can even forget that I hypnotized you like this,
 <BlakMaaj> and wake up now.
 <BlakMaaj> Just there in your panties, Rosiegirl?
 <BlakMaaj> You mean you had dinner, then stripped down to your underwear to read?
 <RosieCheeks> ulp!
 <RosieCheeks> yes Sir
 <RosieCheeks> that's um
 <RosieCheeks> pretty much right
 <BlakMaaj> Isn't that interesting. 😉
 <BlakMaaj> Maybe we should talk about tomorrow, before we get too distracted.
 <RosieCheeks> p-probably
 <BlakMaaj> So. Tomorrow.
 <BlakMaaj> I kind of blew the pizza plan.
 <BlakMaaj> I don't really want pizza a second time this week. Or third.
 <RosieCheeks> ok
 <RosieCheeks> ok
 <RosieCheeks> Sir
 <RosieCheeks> um
 <RosieCheeks> what about
 <RosieCheeks> cooking?
 <RosieCheeks> do you cook?
 <RosieCheeks> i like to cook
 <RosieCheeks> but im no good at it
 <RosieCheeks> but we could cook something
 <RosieCheeks> eep
 <RosieCheeks> *hides*
 <BlakMaaj> Hm, that could be interesting.
 <BlakMaaj> I mean, you've been here before,
 <BlakMaaj> I do have a kitchen,
 <RosieCheeks> here Sir
 <BlakMaaj> Hm?
 <RosieCheeks> come here Sir
 <RosieCheeks> come to my house
 <BlakMaaj> We could do that.
 <RosieCheeks> please Sir
 <RosieCheeks> i want you to come here
 <RosieCheeks> a-and stay the night
 <RosieCheeks> *hides harder*
 <BlakMaaj> I would really like that, Rosa.
 <RosieCheeks> m-me too Sir...
 <BlakMaaj> Alright. Tell you what.
 <BlakMaaj> I'll go to the grocery store and get things for salad and dessert,
 <BlakMaaj> you worry about the main course,
 <BlakMaaj> sound good?
 <RosieCheeks> ok
 <RosieCheeks> ok
 <RosieCheeks> ok ok
 <RosieCheeks> yes
 <RosieCheeks> yep
 <RosieCheeks> that's
 <RosieCheeks> what we'll do
 <RosieCheeks> definitely
 <RosieCheeks> of course
 <RosieCheeks> I'll worry
 <RosieCheeks> about a main course
 <RosieCheeks> really worry
 <RosieCheeks> very much worry
 <BlakMaaj> Rosiegirl?
 <RosieCheeks> so very worry
 <RosieCheeks> yes Darryl?
 <BlakMaaj> You're naked. 🙂
 <RosieCheeks> im...
 <RosieCheeks> ...wwtf
 <BlakMaaj> Don't worry about that. Or dinner.
 <RosieCheeks> o-ok
 <RosieCheeks> i can do that
 <BlakMaaj> I'll be there for four,
 <BlakMaaj> we'll cook together,
 <BlakMaaj> and have a lovely meal.
 <BlakMaaj> Sound good?
 <RosieCheeks> *gulps*
 <RosieCheeks> sounds like a dream
 <RosieCheeks> see you at four tomorrow?
 <BlakMaaj> I'll see you at four tomorrow.
 <BlakMaaj> I'd love to play more,
 <BlakMaaj> but I've had a hellish day,
 <BlakMaaj> and I just want to go lie down in my den and read for a while.
 <RosieCheeks> that's just fine Sir!
 <RosieCheeks> thank you for spending time with me
 <RosieCheeks> and for your fun suggestions 🙂
 <BlakMaaj> And Rosie?
 <RosieCheeks> yeah?
 <BlakMaaj> Since you're already naked,
 <BlakMaaj> why not have another nice read of the roleplay from yesterday, and
 <BlakMaaj> let it help you get to bed
 <BlakMaaj> and enjoy yourself when you're there
 <RosieCheeks> mmm thank you Sir
 <RosieCheeks> b-but um
 <BlakMaaj> Everything ok?
 <RosieCheeks> i kinda...
 <RosieCheeks> w-with your permission
 <RosieCheeks> i wanna go back into the main chat
 <RosieCheeks> a-and maybe play a little?
 <RosieCheeks> if you dont mind me
 <RosieCheeks> um
 <RosieCheeks> doing
 <RosieCheeks> that
 <BlakMaaj> Of course!
 <BlakMaaj> You go have fun, Rosiegirl,
 <BlakMaaj> and when you're done,
 <BlakMaaj> if you want,
 <BlakMaaj> then you can come back,
 <BlakMaaj> and read over yesterday's rp,
 <BlakMaaj> and enjoy yourself then. 😉
 <RosieCheeks> I might do that Sir!
 <BlakMaaj> Meanwhile my head is aching looking at a screen,
 <BlakMaaj> and I just need to read.
 <RosieCheeks> please take care of yourself Sir 😘
 <RosieCheeks> I'll go back to the main room
 <RosieCheeks> ❤️
 <RosieCheeks> have a good night
 <BlakMaaj> Have a good night, Rosiegirl.
 <BlakMaaj> *hugs you tight*
 <RosieCheeks> *hugs*
BlakMaaj has disconnected
RosieCheeks has disconnected
RosieCheeks has joined the channel
RosieCheeks has disconnected

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