It Is Not

by Scalar7th

Tags: #cw:noncon #dialogue #dom:male #nudity #sub:female

Nadine doesn’t believe in mad science. Mad science doesn’t care if she believes in it or not.

What's that?

Hypno ray.

Pfft. It is not.

If it isn't, then why don't I just pull the trigger?

That's just not a thing, Gary. Seriously. A hypno ray? What the fuck?

I promise you, it works. Or at least it did when I tested it.

... You tested it.

Of course.


I pointed it at a subject and pulled the trigger.

At a subject.


Just... at a random p—

Never said she was random.

Oh yeah? Wait, "she"?

Of course, "she."

Right, Gary. Of course.

Because I like—

The idea of controlling women. I get it.


So who was the lucky victim?




Who was... oh, wait, you don't—

I did.


Uh huh.

Well now we know for sure it doesn't work.

About that.

It's not like I'm hypnotized.

Okay, it doesn't work by making you a sleepwalking zombie.

Oh, alright, moving the—

No, really. Don't roll your eyes. I just pull the trigger and give a suggestion.

And I just obediently obey, then?

Well, no, it's a little more com—

Then what is it?

I guess it's less a hypno ray than a suggestion gun?

It is not.

It is.

That's not a thing!

It is!

It is not!

I have one right here in my hands.

So you zap, and then you can give someone a suggestion, and—

—and they just take it on like it's their own thoughts. There's no gap in continuity. There's no—There's nothing, honestly. I just pulled the trigger, and gave you a suggestion, and you did it, and didn't even notice it. Didn't notice, didn't remember.

Well, isn't that just the most convenient thing for you.

I mean, no, because I can't prove that—

You can't prove a damn thing because that, there, is not a hypno ray, because that's not a real thing.

Then tell me why you're sitting there in your underwear.

Huh? Because it's warm out, Gary.

You're sitting there in your underwear, in my kitchen.

Because it's warm out.

That's the justification your mind has decided on. I have air conditioning. It's nice in h—

We've been friends for, what, a decade? I was hot, Gary.

You certainly are.


Nothing. I could turn up the AC?

No need, I'm feeling fine now.

Seriously, though, Nadine.

What? Seriously what?

You're practically...

... Practically what?

Practically naked, Nadine.

Gary. You're not a prude.

No, but—

Look, I have a bra on. I have my panties on. What are you so worried about?


Hm? You're thinking about something.

Well, if you think this isn't real...

It is not. I know it isn't, Gary.

Then if I pull the trigger like this and tell you that you'd be more comfortable naked...



Didn't catch that.

Doesn't matter.

If you say so. Why don't you put that stupid little thing away and get me another cup of coffee?

Heh. I guess I could do that.

Mind if I take off my bra while you do that? I'd be more comfortable.

Doesn't bother me at all.


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