Hypnovember Crossover

6. Accidental

by Scalar7th

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Lucian selected the 'wake' function on the computer, then looked to see how his patient was doing.

"That's perfect, Peter, just take a few deep breaths, let things start to come back into focus," he said softly, patting Peter's hand. He turned to Scarlett. "You can handle him from here?"

His tall assistant nodded. "Yeah, this part I think I'm good at."

"I can tell you for certain that you are." He patted her shoulder in friendly fashion. "All yours, Miss Davis."

"Thank you, Mister Trevin."

Other than in the office in front of patients, the tall assistant and the short Alterist were on a first-name basis, and there was no reason they couldn't be in professional spheres, but the moment he'd called her 'Miss Davis,' that honourific was solidified. Lucian smiled to himself about it as he moved to the front of his practice. It was evening, the doors were locked, and Peter was pretty well done, his payment was processed, Scarlett would be ten minutes giving him a gentle awakening. With everything in order, Lucian put his feet up, leaning back in the office chair and closing his eyes.

He had been expecting Scarlett to let Peter out the exit path, and to come to the front. Instead, Lucian opened his eyes and saw that an hour and a half had passed.

The Alterist put his feet on the ground and stood up. There was a soft noise coming from one of the studios.

And then a moan.

Lucian first took a look in the room where he'd left Peter. The room was empty, so at least it wasn't a customer, which meant...

He followed the sound to one of the other two studios. Scarlett was sitting in the Alteration chair, her hands up under her shirt. The magnetic systems weren't active, so the system wasn't on, but the monitor was, which was curious.

"Scarlett?" Lucian asked.

Her eyes were open and angled at the monitor, but they were unfocused. She managed another moan. He wasn't entirely sure she knew he was there, which made him feel like a bit of an invader. Still, he had to know...

"What's going on?"

She blinked a few times, pulled her hands down, breathing deeply. She didn't look away from the monitor. "I... was just... reviewing..." she gasped a bit.

Lucian's eyes widened. "Reviewing what, exactly?"

A hint of a smile crossed Scarlett's face. "I think... wrong file..."

"What were you trying to review, then?"

Her eyes were still on the monitor, but her voice was clearing. "Yesterday's sex addiction treatment."

Ironic. "And what are you reviewing?" Lucian walked over to the console. He looked at the filename.

A video he should not have left on the computer system, obviously. Scarlett had made a simple typo; instead of Mar8, yesterday's date, she'd put in Mari, Lucian's partner's name. What he now knew Scarlett was watching was a hypnotic video that Lucian had created for Mari. One with some rather explicit suggestions.

The former college athlete was next to him, still breathing heavily. "Marianna's very lucky, Lucian."

"So am I," he said, swallowing.

Scarlett nodded, flushed, and tentatively put a hand on his shoulder. "Power up the system?"

Lucian didn't hesitate in turning everything on. "You're sure?"

Scarlett grinned. "I'm sure." She slipped out of her shirt and her pants and walked over to the chair again. "I think Mari and Chere will forgive us. And if they don't..." She sat down and adjusted the equipment to suit her. "Just give them each a free session."

Lucian laughed as he activated the magnets. "I think I'll just leave that video on..."

Scarlett's only response was to moan as her hand slipped between her legs.

Lucian is the Alterist who was aiming for professional credit in Lucian's Certification

Scarlett is one of the women in Laser Tag Party, not (yet) on ROM

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