Missing Memories of Subordination

Chapter 2

by SapphicSounds

Tags: #dom:female #mind_control #sub:female #f/f #mindless
See spoiler tags : #mistresstoslave #pov:bottom

This story was written as a commission! I hope you enjoy it, if you'd like to commission a work from me I do both written and audio commissions, feel free to email me at sapphicsounds@gmail.com. If you like what you're about to read, consider supporting me on patreon https://www.patreon.com/sapphicsounds, where you can read the rest of the story right now, along with a whole bunch of other exclusive and early access content. (You'll also get pictures of my cat, Ziggy) 

Ever since she’d awoken, Andrea had been in this odd funk. No matter what she did to distract herself, her mind couldn’t help but wander to the intense, vivid dream she had awoken from—Andi stood in a line, with all the other slaves, a happy, blank smile plastered across her face as she gazed ahead at her owner. One by one, Mistress walked up to each of her belongings and assigned them a task for the day. She waited patiently for her turn, each time Mistress drew closer, a burning, submissive desire welled up inside of Andi, leaving her squirming in place and rubbing her silky smooth thighs together. When she reached Andi, Mistress flashed a big, gloating smile, and gave out her orders. Andi hadn’t the presence of mind to consciously process her orders, nevertheless her body had moved on its own. Dutifully, she’d marched to the master bedroom and begun a thorough cleaning and tidying up. With each passing moment, her arousal had built as the pleasure of obedience ticked ever upward from her loins. And when she had finally finished cleaning—Gritting her teeth, Andrea shook her head violently, forcing the memory and the feelings it heralded out of her head.

She stomped her foot and growled, then lurched from her chair, pacing the room, trying to somehow smother her arousal with raw anger. Where had those desires come from? Andrea didn’t have a submissive bone in her body. She was a Mistress, an owner, a domme through and through. She had a gift, the ability to bend the weak minded to her will. She’d been born to live at the top, and now what? Some lousy dream had her fantasizing about life at the bottom? “Ridiculous,” she growled disdainfully to nobody in particular. 

“What’s wrong, Mistress?” The sweet, innocent voice of her most treasured pet pulled Andrea from her fury. She turned on her heel to see Rose, lounging on the master bed, looking at her Mistress with complete adoration. 

“Don’t you worry about it, sweet one, just distracted. I have a lot on my mind right now.” Andrea returned her pet’s smile, and sat heavily on the edge of the bed. It was fine, just a dream. She had nothing to worry about. “It’s time I get on with my day anyway.”

“Of course Mistress,” Rose purred. “Aren’t you running late for your meeting with your accountant, by the way?” 

“Meeting? I…” She grew silent, taking a moment to remind herself of the day’s schedule, which was hard, she’d felt so spacey and out of touch lately. 

“Don’t be silly, Mistress,” Rose giggled. “You’ve had that meeting on your calendar for weeks, remember?” 

“I have?” Andrea looked to her pet for confirmation, and Rose simply nodded. “I guess I have,” she admitted. “Well, thank you, little one. Honestly I don’t know what I’d do without such a good, devoted little pet to remind me when I’m forgetting things.” Hurrying along, Andrea got herself ready as quickly as possible, spending the entire time thinking just how lucky she was to have such a darling, loyal pet. Honestly, letting Rose keep most of her mind intact had been the best idea she’d ever had. She’d become an assistant as much as she was a pet. As Andrea strode out the door of her bedroom, a realization struck her, she turned to look over her shoulder. “By the way, Rosey dear, can you remind me what the meeting was about again?” 

Giggling, Rose just gave Andrea a big smile. “Dunno Mistress. Just do what comes naturally.” Of course, Andrea thought. That made perfect sense. She left the room and hummed as she strolled down the hall, and allowed her mind to wander—With the master bedroom completely cleaned, new instructions automatically formed in Andi’s head. She smiled, so happy to know that no matter where her Mistress was, she would always know exactly what to do. Having someone else do her thinking for her made Andi happier than anything at all. She crawled onto the bed, and bent over, pushing her ass into the air, then waited. As she waited, her awareness plummeted, simply by staying put and looking pretty like a good, ready to use decoration, Andi was obeying. She loved obeying. Nothing ever filled her with such a profound sense of fulfillment. Hours later, Mistress returned from her day’s activities. Wordlessly, crossed the room, each thump of her footsteps taking Andi’s happiness to new heights—.

“I must say, Miss Combs, no matter how many times we discuss this I can’t get over just how shocked I am by your decision. You’re sure about this?” Andrea’s accountant sat across from her, an attractive looking woman in her mid thirties dressed in a sharp blazer and pencil skirt. Andrea couldn’t help but wonder how she tasted, picturing herself with her head up the woman’s skirt, face buried between her legs, eagerly licking. A tingling, damp feeling built between her legs and Andrea forced herself to think of other things, not daring to wonder where such a thought had come from. “Are you even paying attention?” Her accountant asked. What had been her name again? Andrea couldn’t remember.

“I, yes. It’s fine, just do it.” She answered hurriedly. 

With an odd look, and a huff, her accountant stood. “Very well, Miss Combs. I strongly advise that you reconsider, but I will go fetch the proper paperwork and return shortly.” Without another word, she strode from the room, heels clicking along the hard floor reminding Andrea of the sound her Mistress’ heels made in her dream. And god, Andrea was so horny, she leered at the woman as she left the room, wondering how she’d look clad all in leather. The feeling between her legs continued to build and Andrea couldn’t help herself. Desperately, she plunged her hand under her waistband and into her panties, thrusting her fingers between her sopping lips and bucking her hips against her hand as she fingerfucked herself desperately, her mind drifting off—Andi was on her hands and knees, ass in the air as Mistress circled the bed. Lightly, Mistress gave her rear an experimental slap, and Andi moaned in bliss. She was being used by her owner, that was her purpose. 

Behind her, she heard the springs of the bed creak as Mistress climbed atop it and, a moment later, Andi felt something hard press against her. Suddenly, she became aware of how achingly empty she felt. She needed something inside her, filling her, fucking her until the last of her mind dripped out onto the bedsheets. A low chuckle rose from behind her, and Mistress grasped her by the hips. “Are you ready, plaything?” Mistress asked, leaning in close to whisper directly into plaything’s ear.

“Yes, Mistress,” plaything answered automatically. She remained perfectly still, but was ready to burst with anticipation at the feeling of Mistress’ strap pressing against her. Gently, Mistress probed at her center, aligning herself with plaything. The mere feeling of the tip of Mistress’ toy nudging her aching slit was enough to leave plaything weak and trembling, but she held firm, because she was a good girl. Just as her thoughts were the ones Mistress put in her head, her body moved only as Mistress desired it to, no matter how much plaything ached with molten anticipation. Fortunately, she wouldn’t have to wait long—though she would have, plaything would happily wait as long as her Mistress desired—with one last stroke of plaything’s cheek, Mistress gripped plaything’s hips firmly, and began to thrust. 

Immediately, plaything was filled with the indescribably perfect feeling of being used by her owner. There was no better feeling than to be reduced to one singular purpose. Plaything was a vessel for her Mistress’ enjoyment, and she was being such a good girl. As though to confirm what passed for her thoughts, Mistress cooed sweet, domineering, possessive praise in plaything’s ear. “That’s it, that’s my good girl. Take your owner’s strap like a good little plaything,” she spoke, seeming to be half gloating as she railed her prized possession from behind. With boundless eagerness and energy, plaything rutted herself against Mistress’ strap, reveling in the feeling of having her pussy so satisfyingly full, and her head so beautifully empty of all thought save the ones Mistress put there for her. Her pleasure rose to greater and greater heights with each passing moment, and then, just as plaything’s body, arms and legs began to shake, her muscles completely giving out, she—

“What the fuck are you doing?” Andi opened her eyes. Standing in the doorway, with a look of shock and disgust, stood her accountant. The entire room absolutely reeked of Andi’s arousal, her hand still buried between her legs, Andi sat in her chair, her mouth hanging open, drool dripping down her chin as she stared ahead blankly. Suddenly, a simple truth of her universe dawned on her: Andi could touch herself all day, she’d never cum. Doing so would only make plaything hornier and hornier, edging herself to greater heights of desperation. No, if she were to cum, she would need to earn it through submission and obedience. Her eyes focused like a laser on the woman standing in the doorway. 

“Fuck me.” Andi begged.

“Are you ki—”

“Please! Please anything, touch me, let me lick your pussy I’ll do anything,” Hungry desperation in her eyes, Andi slid off the chair and onto her knees as she crawled across the floor toward the shocked and bewildered woman before her. She reached the accountant, stopping before her and nuzzling her thigh desperately, looking up at her with pleading need. “Please, own me.” Andi begged. 

“Get the fuck away from me,” she shouted in disgust, pushing Andi away and scurrying out of the room. 

“Please,” Andi moaned. “Need to cum.” She whined. With nobody left around, and without the strength to stand, Andi slumped against the wall. She stared blankly ahead, her hand slipping between her legs to fingerfuck herself. Andi had no awareness of time passing, the only thoughts left in her head were the thoughts of being fucked, of submitting. She drooled heavily from both sets of lips, mindlessly fingering herself. And then, like a gift from god, no, like a goddess herself, Mistress stepped through the door. She stared imperiously down at her plaything, and smiled. “Dear oh dear,” she crooned. “It seems you’re further along than I had thought. Let’s get you to bed so I can put that aching little slit to work, hmm?” 

“Yess, Mistress,” plaything slurred, eyes glassy and full of worshipful adoration. 

Some time later, Andrea awoke in bed once again. Her whole body felt sore, her legs were jelly, but she felt amazing, though her head was a little fuzzy. Blinking heavily to clear the sleep away, she tried to piece together her day. There had been the meeting, she couldn’t really remember what that was about, but she was fairly certain she’d gotten what she came for. Then things got murky. She remembered a lot of pleasure, so she must have had sex, but with whom? One of her pets, obviously. She got the vague sense whoever had been involved had been utterly full of desperation and submission and mindlessness, but that hardly narrowed it down, all of her pets got like that around their Mistress. Sitting up, Andrea breathed a heavy sigh. Had she been stagnating too much? As wonderful as it was, her life as the wealthy, pampered owner of a harem of well trained pets wasn’t the most intellectually stimulating. Had she grown lazy and stagnant, had her mind dulled from the constant relaxation, lazy days and drunken sexapades? That would explain her general lack of mental clarity lately. But at the same time it all seemed quite extreme. There must have been another explanation for it all.

“Mmhh, good morning, Mistress.” Rose purred from her place next to Andrea in their shared bed. Andrea smiled, relaxing immediately. Her worries were less important when her special little girl was around. 

“Good morning, sweet pet,” Andi lovingly stroked Rose’s hair. 

“Did you have a good meeting?” Rose asked.

“I... think so?” Andi replied, scratching her head.

“Miss Laureen didn’t give you too much trouble did she? She was here earlier, Lisa pet mentioned her looking around for you while I was still sleeping in.” 

“She was? If that’s the case she must have given up and stormed off, because we never spoke.” Andrea scratched her head, leaving without getting to speak with the person she’d come to see was unlike Laureen, not that Andrea was particularly upset to have gone without seeing her fellow owner.

A wide grin spread across Rose’s face. “That’s good, Mistress. You shouldn’t pay her any mind anyway, she’s none of your concern.”

This story was written as a commission! I hope you enjoyed it, if you'd like to commission a work from me I do both written and audio commissions, feel free to email me at sapphicsounds@gmail.com. If you liked what you just read, consider supporting me on patreon https://www.patreon.com/sapphicsounds, where you can read the rest of the story right now, along with a whole bunch of other exclusive and early access content. (You'll also get pictures of my cat, Ziggy)

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