A Mixup at the Pet Shop

by SapphicSounds

Tags: #f/f #gentle_femdom #petplay #pov:bottom #unaware #D/s #dom:female #mind_control #sub:female
See spoiler tags : #consensual_kink

Kaylee’s girlfriend wants her to pick up supplies for her pet. Strangely, Kaylee can’t seem to remember any details at all about her girlfriend’s pet. Lucky her, the pet shop’s chashier has a few helpful ideas.

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The sound of a little toy squeaking in her hand pulled Kaylee back into the moment. Just how long had she been letting her mind wander like that? Had she just been standing there, staring blankly at the shelves? She shook her head vigorously, blinking hard and rubbing her eyes in an attempt to recapture her departed focus. Taking a deep breath, Kaylee centered herself, and casually tossed the squeaky toy into her basket, along with… everything else she’d picked up. Her eyes darted down into the basket, did she have everything she needed? There was the collar and leash, a few more toys, the…. candies? Was it normal for pet stores to sell candy? Whatever, they were her favorite when it came to cheap little novelty candies, so she wasn’t going to look a gift horse in the mouth. Everything else in her basket checked out, too. She shrugged, it must have just been one of those days. Kaylee certainly was one to get spacey, from time to time, it wasn’t a big deal. 

Quietly humming to herself, Kaylee casually left the toy aisle, and approached the cashier, an relaxed looking, casually dressed young woman with a bit of a goth vibe to her. As Kaylee approached, she perked up; the poor girl must have been bored out of her mind, this place was tiny and there were no other customers. Giving her a friendly smile, Kaylee slid up to the counter, and deposited her basket gently. “Hey there!” She said with a chipper smile.

“Hiya!” The cashier greeted, grinning. Glancing down at the cashier’s shirt, Kaylee took note of her nametag. She considered it the polite thing to do, at least, when dealing with retail workers. 

“How was your day, Phee? Pretty name, by the way.” That was, admittedly a little forward, but everything from Phee’s dark green highlights, to her platform boots, to her short trimmed nails screamed ‘I fuck women,’ and what was a bit of innocent flirting to brighten up a cute girls day? Besides, Lenore had been encouraging Kaylee to be less of a useless lesbian when it came to pretty girls she met while out and about. 

“Aww, thanks! You’re a sweetheart, find everything you want okay?” She asked. Phee’s smile was a bit odd, it seemed almost gloating, knowing. But what could she possibly be ‘in the know about’ at Kaylee’s expense that would warrant such a look? Kaylee dismissed the thought, it was probably just her mind playing tricks on her. Today had been a bit of a foggy day in her head, afterall. 

That only grew worse, when she actually took a moment to think about Phee’s question. Had Kaylee found everything she wanted? Wracking her brain, Kaylee tried to come up with any kind of cohesive list as to what she’d even been shopping for, but all she could find was ‘pet stuff.’ Hoping to job her memory, Kaylee glanced down at the basket. It was certainly full of things. Things that Lenore had asked her to go out and buy for… for her pet. And this was definitely the sort of thing people bought for pets. So, she must have found what she was looking for, right? “I, um, think so?” 

Phee breathed a musical little giggle, rising up and down rhythmically. It was such a cute sound, captivating, really. “I’m glad to hear that, sweetheart.” She leaned forward, pulling the basket to herself. “Okay, let’s see what we’ve got here.” She said, reaching into the basket. “Whoa, hey, nice croc.” 

“What?” Kaylee asked.

“This toy crocodile!”  Phee pulled the little squeaky toy Kaylee had only just grabbed out from her basket and brandished it. “He’s cute, I hadn’t seen it on the shelves before.” Oh, right, had Kaylee really been paying that little attention to her own purchases? Whatever, it’s not like pet shopping was the most engaging thing in the world. Still, Kaylee couldn’t help but feel like there was something off about all this, something missing. Phee scanned the item, and placed it gingerly into a little baggy. “So, what kind of pet do you have back home?” She asked casually. And, realistically, that was a very normal question to ask when being rung up at a pet supply store. There was just one problem, though, Kaylee couldn’t remember for the life of her what kind of pet she had.

“I, uh. It’s a… cat?” She offered unconvincingly, the reality was Kaylee didn’t have the slightest idea what kind of pet she was supposed to be shopping for, but she had no desire to look like an utter fool in public. 

“You don’t sound too certain,” Phee giggled.

“Well, I mean. It’s not my pet. It’s my girlfriend’s,” she added quickly. At least she didn’t have to lie about that part; Lenore had sent her down to this shop to get supplies for her pet… something. But why the hell couldn’t Kaylee remember what kind of pet Lenore owned?

“You don’t know what kind of pet your girlfriend has? Is this like a brand new relationship?” The question was innocent enough, but it fucking cut to the core of Kaylee, because she and Lenore had been together for a whole six months. They had plans to move in together. And Kaylee was certain Lenore had a pet, but what kind? The whole thing was starting to eat at her, freak her out a little. She began to tremble, breathing heavily. This wasn’t normal, could something be seriously wrong with her? Was she out of her goddamn—a wave of calm overcame her. Everything was alright. This was normal, this was safe, she was just being a little spacy, that’s all. She was safe and okay. Some voice in the back of her head kept telling her things like that, and Kaylee felt inclined to listen. She smiled passively.

“Yeah, I guess I’m just having one of those days,” she let out a ditzy giggle, then touched her hair, because everything was fine. She was in a safe place, and Phee wasn’t going to judge her, Phee was so friendly, and also pretty. Kaylee liked Phee. 

A look of mild concern had crossed Phee’s face, but now, it was gone. Her expression relaxed along with Kaylees, though it didn’t have the same dity quality to it. She leaned in a little. “Well,” Phee murmured quietly, grinning wolfishly, “maybe there are some clues in here we can use to solve this little mystery.” Flashing a grin, she pulled out the next item, a sturdy looking leather collar, but otherwise perfectly normal. In fact, it was the exact kind of thing that Kaylee would expect Lenore’s pet to wear. “Hmm, well, you said your girlfriend had a cat, but, this is an awful big collar for a cat, don’t you think?” 

Her gaze lingered on the collar, piecing together what Phee had just said. After what was probably noticeably too long for a reasonable person to think about such a question, Kaylee came to the conclusion that, yes, indeed, that collar was way too big for any housecat. So, what then? “Oh, so, maybe it’s a dog after all?” Kaylee offered. Turning the collar over in her hands a few times, Phee examined it closely, then casually hopped over the counter with a thoughtful look on her face. 

Eyes fixed on Kaylee with strange and stirring intensity, she paced small circles around her, regarding her up and down like she were examining a thing. “Hmm,” she mused, speaking with a slow, deliberate, almost rhythmic meter to her voice, “I suppose it could be a dog. But, don’t you think you would remember your girlfriend having a dog big enough to fit into a collar like this one? Surely you would, right?” Casually, she slid behind Kaylee, tracing a finger up and down her side, making the girl shiver in place, inexplicably frozen by the pretty shopkeep’s piercing gaze. “I mean, look, this thing is so big it could even easily fit around your neck.” In one smooth, fluid motion, Phee clasped it around Kaylee’s neck. In that moment, such intense feelings surged within her. She gasped, her knees buckling and heart racing as a soft little moan escaped Kaylee’s lips. Everywhere the collar touched her neck felt so electric, so enticing. And why did that feel so familiar? Again, Kaylee shook her head vigorously, hoping it would clear her thoughts; instead, as the collar lightly danced along the sensitive flesh of her neck its effects only intisfied, leaving Kaylee panting and leaning heavily against the counter.

“Wh-what are you doing?” Kaylee demanded, reaching for anger and finding only flustered abashedness barely masking arousal. She’d barely even been able to force the words out.

Phee giggled chidingly, “don’t worry about it, just having a little bit of fun.” Winking, she tugged at the collar lightly, causing Kaylee to practically fall forward as the contact from the collar acted like some sort of erotic cattle-prod, urging her along. Somewhere above her Kaylee heard Phee elicit a low chuckle. “Let’s get back to the matter at hand, shall we?” She sat herself up onto the counter, and crossed one leg over the other, fishing the next item out of the basket as though this were all totally normal. What kind of kinky, fucked up girl was this? Kaylee gritted her teeth and clenched her fist. How could anyone do that to a complete stranger and think this was all fine, why, she had half a mind to—everything is fine. The voice in her head insisted. You’re safe. You wanted this. Let it happen. You can trust Phee. Her fist and jaw unclenched, and Kaylee’s wide, dull eyes rose to meet Phee’s.

Just like before, a look of worry—no, genuine concern, had crossed Phee’s face, but it quickly faded, grasping something from Kaylee’s basket, she fished out the next item she needed to scan. “Oh. candy! I love these!” Grinning, Phee ripped the bag open and popped a brightly colored gummy into her mouth. Wait a minute, she couldn’t do that!

“Hey! Those are mine!” Kaylee protested. 

An amused smirk crossed the goth woman’s face as she made a show of savoring, then swallowing the candy. Leaning in, she cocked an eyebrow playfully, “Oh? Have you paid for them yet?”  She delicately plucked another from the candy bag and slipped it into her mouth, savouring every little bit. 

“Well, no,” Kaylee looked away. Defeat and humiliation were beating through her veins, making her flushed from her cheeks all the way down to that warm place pooling in her belly. Why the hell was this turning her on?

“Would you like some, Kaylee?” Phee’s husky voice cut in, and Kaylee found herself hanging off every word. She really, really wanted some. It was her favorite candy, afterall. But there was something more. Kaylee was hungry for more than just sugar and artificial flavoring, she wanted the approval, the reward for being good. 

“I, um, yes?” She squeaked out meekly. 

Casually, Phee leaned back, tossing another candy in the air and catching it in her own mouth as she crossed one leg over another. She chewed, swallowed, and fixed an intense gaze upon Kaylee. “Beg.” She demanded.


“Beg, Kaylee.” Her voice had grown low and dulcet, bursting with promise and possibilities. Part of Kaylee wanted to shout Phee down, demand she stop with these games and fucking ring her up. But most of her desperately wanted to listen, to obey. Fuck, why did that sound so good, so hot? 

“Please,” she choked. “Please let me have some.” 

“Ah-ah, that’s not enough, on your knees, Kaylee.” Phee whispered, regarding Kaylee through half-lidded eyes. Part of her wanted to baulk at the unreasonable command, but most of her wanted to do as she was told. Part of her wondered where all these feelings were coming from, but most of her just wanted more of them. She sank to her knees, staring up at Phee, still seated on the counter, staring down at her with smug satisfaction. Once more, Kaylee spoke.

Please,” she whined, breathing heavily as she gazed up at the gorgeous goth woman. 

“Please what?” She asked. A blush grew across Kaylee’s cheek.

“Please, give me some of the candy,” she replied, voice barely above a whisper. 

“That’s better, but still not quite right, Kaylee. What are these, really? Candies, yes, but what would I really be giving you? Think, sweetheart, I know that soft little head of yours isn’t great at it, but try? For me?” She slowly leaned down and lasciviously ran her fingers through Kaylee’s hair, causing the girl to shudder needily. And she knew what Phee wanted.

“Please, can I have a treat?” 

Making a big show of thinking it over, Phee uncrossed and recrossed her legs, tapping her chin thoughtfully and cocking her head to the side. “Hmm, have you been a good girl?”

“Yes!” Kaylee urged. “Please!” 


“Mistress!” Where that had come from, Kaylee didn’t know, but it felt so good, so right. It was getting so hard to think, something in the air seemed to be just flowing into her, weighing down all her thoughts. And Kaylee didn’t want to resist, not one bit.

With a low giggle, Phee hopped off the counter and bent low, petting Kaylee’s hair once more. Plunging her free hand beneath her waistband, Phee gently thrust against her own fingers, before withdrawing them, soaking wet. She then dipped her cum-soaked fingers into the bag and fished out a gummy-candy. Smiling gleefully, she thrust her fingers, candy and all, into Kaylee’s mouth. Kaylee greedily devoured the candy and suckled the clerks fingers eagerly. It tasted so good. She tasted so good. 

Leaning against the counter, Phee casually drew the basket toward herself once more, all while scratching Kaylee behind the ears, causing her to gratefully nuzzle the woman’s legs. “Let’s see what else we’ve got here,” Phee mused. From the basket, she withdrew a little metal bowl. “Oh, look at this, how nice. Here, little one, have a few more treats. She placed the bowl on the ground before Kaylee, then deposited a few more candies. Kaylee looked up into Phee’s eyes searchingly, somehow she knew she needed to wait for permission. “Aww, what a good girl you are, go ahead, then.” Eagerly, Kaylee reached out with her hand, only for it to be gently pushed away. “Ah-ah-ah. No eating with your hands. You know what to do.” Blushing fiercely, Kaylee lowered her lips to the bowl and began to eat the tasty little candies just like that. Just like a… there was a word for it, wasn’t there? She wracked her brain trying to find it, but Kaylee’s thoughts were coming so slow now and she—. “Good girl.” Phee cooed, resuming her light stroking of Kaylee’s hair. 

“Thank you, Mistress.” Kaylee mumbled, staring into her bowl—wait, her bowl? Was that right? She didn’t have time to think about it, assuming she even could, for Mistress had moved on to the next item in her basket. 

“Oh dear; just what, exactly, is this?” She asked, brandishing a remote-controlled vibrator. Kaylee stared in shock for several moments, even in her impaired state this seemed absolutely ridiculous. What kind of pet store stocked sex toys, unless this was some kind of— “oh, sweetheart, I’ve upset you haven’t I? Well, don’t you worry your pretty little head over it. If you don’t even remember picking this out how can you expect yourself to make any sense of it being here to begin with?” Mistress’ voice had taken on this absolutely shit-eating, sing-song quality to it. “Now, what do you say we take it for a little spin, shall we?” She asked. 

Silently, Kayle nodded, eyes glued to the floor as Mistress gingerly unbuttoned Kaylee’s pants and placed the toy against her dripping slit. Kaylee gasped at the mere touch of the toy against her, then, without activating it, Mistress zipped Kaylee’s pants back up and leaned against the counter, staring expectantly.  “Tell me something, Kaylee? Do you still not remember what kind of pet your girlfriend has?” Something about the way Mistress asked that question left Kaylee breathing heavily, eyes glazed, biting her lip and thrusting against the still not-active toy in her underwear. 

“I… I.” She was trying to answer, really trying; though, Kaylee still wasn’t entirely certain what that answer was supposed to be. It felt like this should be obvious, but all she could think about was feeling that toy come to life, or getting praised, or getting her next treat. 

“Having trouble? Maybe this will help.” Dipping her hand into the basket, a light musical ringing noise could be heard coming from what sounded like a bell. A moment later, Mistress produced a little heart-shaped metal nameplate with a bell affixed to its ring. She crouched low, and beckoned Kaylee forward, who crawled closer to get a better look. On the nameplate was one word: Kaylee. She stared at it for what felt like minutes, trying to wrap her head around what she saw. Then Mistress was petting her, and she didn’t care. She was a pet. Mistress affixed the little nameplate to Kayleepet’s collar, and she breathed a loud, animalistic moan of delight. She was owned, she belonged to someone and it felt so amazing. 

How could she have forgotten who and what she was? Just a sweet little pet. “Now, little one, I’ve got to make a phone-call, alright? But just so your silly little brain doesn’t get too distracted, here, let me keep you occupied.” Mistress’ words were getting harder and harder to follow as more and more all Kaylee could do was focus on how good and empty it felt to just be someone’s pet. Then Mistress did something, and the buzzy-thingy in Kaylee’s panties came to life, causing all that slowly building pleasure to erupt as she collapsed forward, moaning and thrusting as a heat within her built higher and higher. She’d needed this so bad. Then Mistress stood, and Kaylee tried to beg for more attention, but she couldn’t seem to remember how to say words. All she could manage was a needy little simpering whine. Mistress affectionately rolled her eyes, then sat back down on the floor, letting Kaylee nuzzle her head into her Mistress’ lap as she rutted herself against the vibrator firmly pressed into her crotch, all while Mistress gently stroked her behind the ears.

Above her, Mistress started to speak, but Kaylee couldn’t really understand the words anymore, her head was too empty, yet simultaneously too full; full of obedience and pleasure and the bliss of belonging to someone else. “Hey, Lenore?” She said casually. “Yep! Got her right here, you should see her, just adorable. Mhm, took really well to all the triggers and code phrases you set up, she didn’t even recognize me! Nope, didn’t safeword, looked like she was going to a couple times, but she stuck with it, such a good girl.” She cooed, seeming to be addressing Kaylee more with that last bit. Kaylee still didn’t really understand, but she knew it was good to be a good girl. It meant Mistress was happy with her. “Am I done? yeah, mostly. We can be over in maybe twenty minutes? I think I’ll let her cum first, though, she’s earned it. Sounds good, see ya!” With that, she clicked off her phone. “Alright, sweetheart, let’s finish you off then we can go see your Mommy, okay?” Mistress said, smiling lovingly. Kaylee didn’t know much, but she did know this was only going to be the first of many climaxes she felt this evening.

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