by SabrinaTVBand

Tags: #cw:ageplay #cw:noncon #femboy #forced_fem #dom:female #sub:male

He turns into a dumb bimboy under the full moon, and if his dominant girlfriend makes him cum while he’s transformed, he’ll be stuck that way forever!

It all began when I was about 19. A new pawn shop or something had opened up near my home. The owner was this strange and effeminate guy. He let me have this drink for free; at the time, I felt so lucky, getting a seemingly alcoholic beverage before turning 21. As soon as I got back into my room, I downed it. The drink was sweet, and it didn’t have a harsh or dry taste. What was that drink? Still I wonder about it. But my life changed forever after that day. 
Years later I had moved out of state for college. Like any guy away from home for the first time, I used this newfound freedom to let girls spend the night in my dorm room. I hooked up a lot in those days, until I met my girlfriend, Zelda. She was, or is, amazing. She’s a nice trans girl who is kind of butch. Not butch as in she doesn’t pass, but butch as in she would’ve been butch if she was a cis woman. She had a long sidecut, and muscular arms. She usually would wear tank tops to show them off.
        We quickly became inseparable. She said that I wasn’t exactly her type, that I was a little more manly than she usually liked her boys. But she still liked me regardless. There wasn’t a ton of sex, maybe once a week we would sleep together. We were both switch/verse, so we were pretty compatible that way. But for a few nights a month, I would tell her I was really busy.
        For the first two months we were dating, she just assumed I actually was busy. But I think she began to notice a pattern around the fourth month. She eventually insisted that we meet up during one of those periods. She even strategically said that she was busy before those dates, so that I wouldn’t be able to say that I needed some space as an excuse. That was when she discovered my horrible secret. 
She knocked on the door of my dorm room; I thankfully had managed to get a private room. She knew I was inside, and if I didn’t let her in, it would cause problems. I hesitantly approached the door, and let her in.
        “Hi!”, she said, as she gave me a hug. “How are you?”
        I was afraid. She had to be out of my room before sundown; she could not stay the night, as much as I wanted her to. “I’m doing ok”, I said, returning the hug. She could feel my discomfort, and this only strengthened her resolve. 
        We did the kinds of things we usually did; we played some Mario Kart and talked about movies. Eventually, it was about 7 PM. This was in the winter, which meant that it was already getting dark outside. 
        “You really ought to be going”, I said. Zelda smiled at me. 
        “Why don’t you want me to stay? Don’t you want to have some fun tonight?” 
        I tried to think of some kind of justification, but then I felt that sinking feeling in my stomach. The hour of change had arrived. I covered my face with my hands; “Please go!”, I cried, desperate. 
        It was already too late. My frame began to change as the full moon began to rise; my body shrank from over six feet, to a measly five and a half feet. My short black hair grew longer, silkier, and assumed an appearance as if it had been teased mercilessly. My cheekbones moved to a higher position on my face, which was growing more delicate and slim. I was practically drowning in my clothes; my penis was beginning to shrink in its foreskin, before that shrank as well.
        Zelda moved closer to me as all my body hair disappeared. Enchanted makeup began to appear on my face, giving me glossy lips and eye shadow. I lowered my hands; it was no use. She could see me, what a limp wristed dandy I was under the light of a full moon. She watched with great interest as my clothes began to change as well, morphing into leather pants and a tight pink shirt. A collar materialized around my neck, and piercings appeared in my ears. 
        Zelda moved two hands onto me, and pinned me down against my bed. “What happened?”, she asked, a ravenous look in her eyes.
        I spoke in the higher voice the moon gave me; “I turn into something else underneath a full moon! This isn’t who I really am!”.
        Zelda began to lower herself, and closed her eyes. “Maybe it should be.”
        She began to kiss me, with great passion. She also started to grind against me, in a way she never had before. I always had known that Zelda was strong, but she had always been smaller than me. I was realizing for the first time that I was physically at her mercy in my glamourized form. “Wait, don’t hurt me!”, I begged. Zelda moved up, and smirked. 
        “What makes you think I’m going to hurt you?”, she asked. 
        I tried to move out from underneath her, but it was no use. She had me completely pinned down. “Please leave”, I begged. 
        Zelda moved a hand down, and touched my hard cock. “You seem to really enjoy being taken advantage of like this”, she purred. She began to pull my pants off, exposing my hardened and shrunken phallus. 
        “This is adorable”, Zelda said, as she wrapped her fingers around my tiny cock. She began to pull off my top. “I want to fuck you so bad! You’re going to be my sexy boy toy!”
        “Wait! Don’t!”, I protested. “If I have an orgasm when I’m like this, I’ll never return to my normal form again!”
        It took me a moment to realize that I had told Zelda the worst thing I could’ve told her. She didn’t want me to return to my normal form. 
        It was around this time the mental changes began to set in. I started to pout; “Please Zelda! Fuck me!”
        Zelda arched an eyebrow; “This sounds like a more agreeable tone”, she said.
        I stammered; “Please! Mommy! Make my ass raw!”. Zelda pouted to me in turn; 
        “Aaaw, does my little boy need to get fucked?”
        I tried to fight against the mental changes; “Please! Don’t listen to me!”, I struggled. “I’m becoming dumber from the magic! You can’t listen to me!”
        Zelda leaned down, and kissed me. Never before had I been fucked in my glamorous form; my body was so sensitive, everything felt so electric and pleasurable. She stopped kissing so she could speak; “You’re turning into my beautiful twinky bimboy”. She seemed so happy about this; she moved a finger along my cock, collecting a sizable amount of precum, and she brought it to my mouth. I sucked on her finger, shamefully eager. The taste of cum only weakened my resolve. 
        “Good boy”, she cooed as I panted. She grabbed a pillow, and moved it under my hips. 
        “Mommy?”, I asked, confused. She began to take her pants off. 
        “It’s ok little boy, you may feel uncomfortable at first, but you’ll get used to it”. She poured some lube onto her fingers, and made her cock nice and slick. Then, she moved over me. “You’re going to be such a cutie after we’re done”, she said, before kissing my cheek. 
        She began to gently insert into me, as she kissed my face. She surrounded me and sheltered me as she gently fucked me. I had never felt so safe and warm inside before; my mind began to dull. I was only meant to be a cocksleeve. Only meant to be a good boy. 
        “Ma . . . Ma . . . . “, I listlessly moaned. Zelda continued to slowly thrust; “Why are you calling me Mommy now?”, she said, clearly amused by my transformation. I tried to respond, but the pleasure I was feeling made me unable to properly communicate. Zelda grabbed my hand, and led it to my shrunken dick. I gently began to stroke, as she leant down to kiss me.
        “Such a pretty little twink for Mommy”, she said. I moaned, and cathartic tears began to fall from my eyes. No more pain. No more struggling. I was just a good boy now, a boy toy for Zelda. Opening my eyes, I could see the light reflecting off the moon. It was coming through my window with an intensity I had never seen before. 
        A sensation began to emerge from within me. I could feel myself approaching orgasm. The last of my resolve struggled; “Wait, no!”, I cried. Zelda began to thrust harder, faster. Removing my hand from my cock, I sank my blackened nails into the blanket. Tried to hold on, delay the inevitable. “You can’t make me a twink!”
        “Yes I can.”
        Ropes of cum shot onto her chest, onto my chest. Several bursts came out of me, each one more pleasurable than the last. My mind began to fade away; I became just a bimboy. Zelda reached for a rag, and began to clean the cum off of us. I listlessly made confused and pleased sounds, before Zelda began to spoon me.
        “It’s ok baby”, she whispered into my ear. “You’re my beautiful little faggirl now. I’ll help you drop out of school, and see about keeping you in my dorm. Would you like that?” I made an affirmative sound, and began to suck on two of her fingers when she moved them into my mouth. 
It wasn’t long before she was tying me up from head to toe and placing a ball gag in my mouth every other night. She would use me as a body pillow, and tenderly whisper into my ears, telling me that I was a good boy. She sometimes would tease me with a vibrator, when I was completely helpless, and watch me moan and whine. 
        You may be wondering how I’m able to tell you all of this; I now return to my old form whenever a full moon is in the sky. An inversion of the way things were. Zelda usually makes me sleep on her couch those nights; she seems disinterested in my old form. But thankfully, the full moon is almost gone! And Mommy~ will be able to take care of me! ♡ I can’t wait! I’m going to be such a good boy! ♡ I want her to give me kisses and fuck me until I can barely move! And make me drip and drop with cum! ♡ I want to be a good boy! Her beautiful bimboy! My hair is so pretty ♡ She’s going to invite her friends over again! I can’t wait to be covered in cum! I think I can hear her approaching me now! ♡ She can hear me changing! She loves me so much ♡

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