by SabrinaTVBand

Tags: #cw:CGL #cw:noncon #forced_fem #multiple_partners #queerthemes #sub:male #symbiote #bondage #clothing #D/s #dom:female #dom:male #scifi #slime

Twinky’s genius roommate passes away, and in his will bestows upon him a sentient piece of clothing. Will this suit reveal Twinky’s latent desires? CW: This story uses some fetish-y words [futa, sissy] that may cause some people to feel discomfort

“Come on”, Twinky insisted, “every guy wishes they could dress up like a girl! Girl clothes are so much better!”. 

Chet and Biff scoffed; “Shut up Twinky, you sound like a fucking homo. Jesus Christ man”. Twinky thought it was so natural, wanting to wear things that were black and shiny. Or pink and slutty. Made of lace, things with lots of frills. He was getting hard just thinking about it. 

“What do you guys want to wear?”, Twinky asked. 

Chet made a dumb face; “Just want to wear a fucking pussy on my dick bro!”. 

Biff hi-fived Chet; “Yeah man! Fucking pussy dick! Haha, sweet bro! Fucking sick dude!”. 


Kevin passed away from a rare blood disease. He was Twinky’s roommate; it was an unlikely partnership. Kevin was a highly motivated chemistry student who was addicted to hentai and weird underground erotic comics, and Twinky was an undecided student who wanted to be cute. Twinky failed at this simple goal, because he was a nervous wreck seemingly incapable of wearing form fitting clothing or pants that weren’t sweats. 

Kevin’s professor brought a box into Twinky’s room. “Kevin wanted you to have this”. Twinky took the box from the professor; he was a little confused. He never knew Kevin had any kind of fondness for him; they barely ever spoke. Sometimes Kevin would tell Twinky to clean the dishes, but that was it. 

Twinky read a letter that came with the box; Hello Twinky. I think, if anyone could benefit from my masterpiece, it’s you. I am aware that you sometimes would wear panties underneath your clothes. I don’t think you’re pathetic or anything. Anyways, the contents of this box will change your life. Don’t be afraid. They won’t hurt you. Take off your clothes before you open the box.

Twinky cautiously opened the box; inside of a plastic container was a slimy substance. They were black and pink, and also quite shiny. They moved around in the box, pressing up against the edges of the container. Twinky didn’t think Kevin would try to kill him; he carefully opened the box. The black and pink slime began to move onto his flesh; they felt clammy and unnerving at first, but they quickly began to accommodate Twinky. Twinky felt afraid, but slowly the slime began to move around his waist, caressing his cock and balls, gently moving inbetween his buttcheeks. Twinky let out a weak moan as he felt his prostate get some attention.

Twinky began to lose his slime insecurities. They made Twinky feel comfortable. Twinky moved onto his bed, and let the slime form a veritable cocoon around him, in which he slept and was caressed for the next several hours.


Twinky left the cosmetics store; he’d spent enough money to have a free makeover done by one of the employees. Pink lip gloss and dark eye shadow rested on his face, matching his pink shirt and black latex pants. Twinky felt an odd sensation inside of his mouth. And a tightness in his throat. Before it could distract him, he noticed two girls looking at him, and talking to each other. He couldn’t tell if the attention was good or bad. 

Twinky eventually reached his dorm; someone was unpacking. “Are you the new roommate?”, Twinky asked, surprised by how his voice felt higher. The new roommate turned to face Twinky; he wore leather pants, a crop top with mesh underneath, and a collar. His heavily teased black hair reached down past his shoulders, and his snakebite piercings rested on his full lips, complimenting his androgynous face. 

“Yes, I am the new roommate. My name’s Malory”. 

Twinky approached Malory, and shook his hand; Malory was naturally like that. The way Twinky wanted to be. The slime gently caressed Twinky, and reassured him that he was special and feminine too. Twinky whined in front of Malory when the slime pinched his nipples. “Are you ok?”, Malory asked, noticing Twinky's half lidded eyes and him biting his lip. 

The slime stopped reassuring Twinky; “I’m fine!”, Twinky said, before moving to his bed. 


Twinky went to the bathroom later, after he had woken up from a nightmare. The shiny slime projected positive feelings into Twinky’s brain; Twinky swore he could hear them speak. I’ll protect you from bad dreams; it won’t happen again. The slime wasn’t bothering to look like an article of human clothing; their pink and black tendrils formed messy patterns over Twinky’s body, and black and pink spots slowly moved like orbs in a lava lamp. 

Twinky’s mouth still felt weird; he inspected it in the mirror. He was surprised to find that all of his teeth had grown sharp, and that he now had fangs. He whined; this wasn’t good. Don’t be afraid. You’re so beautiful. Twinky noticed the slime had made his lips and eyelids black, replacing the makeup he had cleaned off. He also noticed his eyes had turned purple. 

Twinky moved back into bed; he knew Kevin wouldn’t want to hurt him. He was going to be ok.


The slime was getting better at turning into new colors when Twinky wanted them to imitate clothes; they could replicate a silvery color, when assuming the form of a collar’s heavy ring. Twinky walked down the sidewalk “wearing” pink pleather pants and a black long sleeve shirt. With the aforementioned collar. His dark hair was longer, and it now had pink highlights. Black lipstick and eyeshadow contrasted the pink contouring of his cheeks. Twinky walked into a toy store.

Twinky looked at butt plugs. I can satisfy you, they said, filling Twinky as they said it. Twinky felt something else, a hand on his shoulder. He turned, and saw a woman in her early 30s. Long red hair, a confident smirk. Confident choice of clothing. 

She spoke in a husky voice; “You look nice. I wish you were on sale”. Twinky blushed, and nervously giggled. 

It wasn’t long before he was on her bed, filled with anxiety and butterflies. She sat next to him, and ran fingers through his hair. “I’m going to be nice and gentle for you. Let Mommy take care of you, ok?”. Twinky nodded; he wanted to trust her. It was his first time. She began to try undressing Twinky; the clothes began to turn rubbery and tacky.

Twinky's new Mommy was afraid at first. "It's ok", Twinky spoke, "they won't hurt you". The slime moved into their more natural state, no longer assuming the form of clothing. Twinky pouted, and looked at the Dominatrix. "You can hurt the both of us", they said. 

The Domme moved closer to Twinky, and put a hand under his chin. "Is this why your teeth are so sharp? And why you're face and hair are also covered in black and pink?". 

Twinky nodded; "Yes Mommy!". She put a hand on the slime; they weren't wet. They felt like pleather. 

The Domme noticed that the slime had receded slightly from Twinky's phallus, and that small tentacles were stroking his cock and letting it drip with precum. The Domme grinned; "I didn't say you could touch yourself", she said, before putting her flogger to good use. 

Twinky pulled out his phone, and entered her phone number. "What's your name?", he asked. 

The Domme was putting her clothes back on. "Miranda". There was a pause as Twinky added her contact. Miranda spoke; "You weren't actually a virgin". 

Twinky looked at her; "Yes I am, or was", he replied, confused. 

Miranda pointed at a tentacle, slowly caressing Twinky's cock. "That suit you're wearing took your virginity". Twinky thought about it, as a tentacle inserted itself into his mouth to accommodate his new oral fixation.


Malory put on a bra with two breast forms, and an assortment of black lace and black cotton garments. He left his dorm, and began cruising around campus. The student gay club would be a good start. Malory could see students look at him as he walked past with his platform shoes, male, female, and neither alike. He enjoyed being a flirt and a tease. But it was also fun to actually indulge. 

Malory sat in the LGBTQ+ Campus Alliance room. He was a little disappointed by the turnout; there weren’t a lot of people there, not enough to discreetly sit next to someone and flirt with them under everyone’s noses. The club speaker began to talk; “Today, we’re going to talk about why we should keep kink out of pride”. Malory rolled his eyes, and noticed a punky looking girl doing the same. He caught her eyes, and they both decided to leave the meeting early. 

A different variation on this story occurred every day. Malory brought a lot of people to his dorm, usually while Twinky was in classes. Malory could tell there was something about Twinky. Twinky had some kind of x-factor, and Malory was sure it was hiding in plain sight. 


Twinky began to feel more confident after his encounter with Miranda. He went into his bathroom, and prepared an outfit. He made his hair look as if it had been combed, and a pink barrette appeared on his shiny black coif. His lips and eyelids turned pink, and his shirt became tight and pink in turn. A collar with "sissy" printed in bedazzled letters grew on his neck, and black vinyl shorts appeared to cover his cock. Tendrils turned into fishnet leggings and sleeves, and black platform shoes grew out the bottoms of his feet.

Twinky walked out of the bathroom, and Malory noticed him. "Hey gorgeous", he said, moving off of his bed. "Where did you get that outfit?". 

Twinky batted his eyelashes and blushed; Twinky wasn't ready for Malory. "Um, I need to go". Malory let his hand brush against Twinky's thigh as he left the room. 

Twinky walked into a bookstore near campus. A gay bookstore; it seemed as good a place as any to meet people. Twinky walked to the back of the store, and looked at autobiographies. A muscular dyke leaned against a bookshelf. "Hey cutie. Looking for something to read?". 

Twinky giggled; "I'm sorry, I'm actually a boy".

The lesbian moved closer to Twinky. "You know, lesbian used to have a more flexible definition. It only started to exclusively mean 'women who love women' when bourgeois second wave feminists changed the definition in the 60s". 

Twinky put the book he was looking at back on the shelf, and nervously grabbed the bottoms of his shorts. "Wow, that's really interesting". 

The dyke moved her fingers near Twinky's hand. "How about we go to my place? I live close by". 

Twinky lowered his head and shyly looked up at her. "You look like you could carry me there. You're so strong". She moved closer to Twinky, and gently kissed him on the lips. 

"You should really be servicing my pussy right now", she whispered. 

"Ok", Twinky replied.


Twinky felt overwhelmed by his life. School work was getting out of hand, and he felt like he wasn't spending enough time with Miranda. Twinky also was having a hard time adjusting to his new sexual appetite. He felt the slime force him to move onto his bed. 

Twinky let the pleathery substance completely submerge him in their warm confines; he felt them move around his cock, creating amounts of pleasure never before felt by Twinky. A tentacle moved between his buttcheecks, and slowly squeezed into his asshole. It wasn’t long before the slime began to rub against Twinky’s prostate. Twinky shivered in pleasure, and moaned. Such a pathetic little sissy boy. The words reverberated through Twinky’s mind; "I'm a good sissy boy", he moaned, as precum began to drip from his cock, which the slime hungrily absorbed. Your body loves being a toy for me, they teased. Twinky mewled, trying to regain dignity in some way by moving, instead finding himself being overcome by stimulation.

Malory watched what was happening on Twinky's bed with some confusion. It wasn't long before the slime receded slightly, and Twinky tried to climb off his bed. Instead, he was barely able to keep his eyes open, and his unique friend helped ease him to sleep.


Dear Diary,


I am coming so close to my breakthrough! My creation of the first symbiotic life assistant is almost done. It's a shame that the degenerative blood disease I have is killing me increasingly fast. I would've loved to have worn this symbiotic entity myself, but sadly it's not meant to be.


I became a chemist, biologist, and all around renaissance man because I wanted to make a scientific innovation that would be more than a product of capital, an appliance of planned obsolescence. I wanted to create a lifestyle people could own! 


This symbiotic life form will be a lifestyle for those who wear it. I should actually say "them"; this being is sentient. Twinky will benefit from the life form; there's a hot futa inside of him, waiting to emerge. If only I could see that day myself.


Twinky awoke when he felt something wet around his neck; it was his tongue. It had grown a lot since the last time he’d noticed it. They gave an experimental squeeze, and Twinky had trouble breathing. He felt them massage his prostate and the head of his cock. It wasn’t long before Twinky came again, and they tried to put him back to sleep. Twinky resisted; he went into his bathroom, and studied his face. His fangs were a little longer; they now rested on his bottom lip. His tongue could extend to be over two feet long. The whites of his eyes were becoming a light shade of purple. 

Twinky began to sink his nails into the slime; he moved to his dresser, and began to tear them off, throwing them piece by piece into a drawer. The slime reconnected the pieces of itself as Twinky continued to throw them in, but they didn’t try to reattach themselves to Twinky. They could understand they weren’t wanted. 

Malory woke up as Twinky continued tearing off his clothes. “What are you doing?”, he asked. 

“I’m getting rid of this suit! It’s changing me!”. Twinky slammed the drawer. He needed a break. Twinky had difficulty sleeping that night, but he took solace in the fact his skin wasn’t tinted pink and black, that his eyes were white and brown again, that his hair was brown and his tongue was normal. He ran his tongue along his teeth, which had resumed assuming the shapes teeth normally assumed.

Twinky was normal again.


Twinky held onto his Mommy Dommy, and nuzzled his head against her breast. She gently ran fingers through his hair, and her other arm held him close. Twinky felt alone. Being with Mirianda helped alleviate the feeling, but without them, Twinky was truly alone on a fundamental level. “I miss the slime”, Twinky said. 

Miranda pet Twinky; “It must be hard, saying goodbye to your friend”. 

Twinky nodded. “I was starting to get scared”, Twinky said. “My body was changing so much. It wasn’t normal”. 

Miranda turned her head to look at Twinky’s eyes; “Normal is overrated. Normal is normative; what cishet people want us to think of as normal. Don’t be concerned with ‘normal’; it’s not something that should matter to you”. Twinky thought, before Miranda continued. “You shouldn’t let what isn’t ‘natural’ scare you. You should just do what makes you happy”. 


Twinky returned to his dorm room, and opened up his dresser. The slime wasn’t there. Twinky panicked; he opened all of the drawers, and eventually looked into the closet. Nothing. Before he could check the trash, he heard the door open. Malory walked into the room; he wore black thigh high latex stilettos, and a pink latex catsuit underneath. The open zipper on the front reached down below his belly button, and his new breasts were barely hidden. His face looked inorganic; his cheekbones and lips looked shiny and exaggerated. 

He sauntered to Twinky, and backed him into a corner of the room; “Hi Twinky”, he said, his voice now effeminate, mincing, and teasing. “What do you think of my new look?”. He batted his mascara covered eyelashes, his purple and heavy eyelids resting over his pink irises. 

Twinky stammered; “Y-you have the slime”. 

Malory delicately let his long fingernails move along Twinky’s face. “I thought you didn’t want it”. Twinky tried to look at the floor, and was instead confronted with Malory's erect penis going down a legging of his catsuit. 

“I-I want it back”, Twinky said, nervously spitting out the words. 

Malory smirked; “Loser’s weepers, finder’s keepers!”. A long tongue began to slide up the side of Twinky’s face. “Mmmm, sweet to eat!”, Malory moaned, before bursting into a giggling fit. 

Twinky flinched; “Please, someone gave that to me in their will!”. 

Malory kissed Twinky on the cheek; “It’s not about who wore it first, sweetheart, it’s about who wore it best”. 

Malory threw Twinky onto a bed, and a long whip began to emerge from the back of his hand. He struck Twinky; when Malory tried to pull the whip back, it wouldn’t leave Twinky’s body. The slime began to move along the length of the whip, and gradually it returned to Twinky.

“Wait, don’t go!”, Malory pouted, as he sunk down onto his knees. He began to cry; “I’m so sorry, please come back!”.

Twinky sat up on the bed, and he could tell the slime was happy to be with him again. Twinky also noticed something else; the slime was more viscous than before. A concentration of slime began to gather around his stomach, and it slowly fell off. This new slime was black and red; they slowly began to move towards Malory. Malory’s tears began to subside when the offspring started to spread across his lithe frame. 

“Thank you”, Malory said, beginning to fall asleep in the embrace of the offspring, which had been created due to the original slime having two seperate hosts. 


Miranda sauntered around her bedroom. “You’ve both been behaving so poorly”, she said, her head held in an aloof fashion. Twinky and Malory both struggled against their slimy restraints. Miranda struck Twinky, and then Malory. They both winced and moaned, and when they were moved onto their knees, they each took turns eagerly sucking Miranda’s cock. The suits had been taught to defer to Miranda in situations like this.

Twinky never wanted to be only human ever again. His long tongue extended from his mouth, and it began to tease Miranda’s foreskin. Malory’s tongue slowly moved along the bottom of her cock, and caressed her testicles. Miranda moaned and laid down on the bed, allowing the two slaves to move with her. They serviced every inch of her body. 

This feels so right, Twinky thought. 

This feels so right, they thought. Twinky was going to visit someone else for a hookup later in the day. Twinky felt his ass fill up with his other half. Twinky mewled and moaned and purred. Twinky knew he never wanted to be alone again.

Thank you for reading! If you would like to read more of my stuff, you can look at my profile, or check out my page. Until 2/15/21, I'm holding a sale on itch, where the erotica compilation this story was originally released in can be purchased for $1.02


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