Gaame Dev

by SabrinaTVBand

Tags: #cw:CGL #cw:noncon #comedy #dom:female #forced_fem #transgender_characters #urban_fantasy #videogames #succubus

A programmer is sent to a mysterious game development company.

        Taylor sat across from his manager at Ultracorp. The manager sighed, his head resting in one of his hands. 

        "The people down at Gaames are giving me a lot of trouble. The deadline for their next release is in two weeks, and it seems they've barely done anything. I don't even really know what the game they're working on is."

        Taylor shifted in his seat. "How did they get this project approved?"

        The manager made a hopeless gesture. "They signed a three game contract with us. We've been marketing this mystery game, and it's starting to look like we're going to lose a lot of money on it. I need you to go over there, and make sure the project is completed before it's supposed to launch."

        Taylor adjusted his glasses. "I'm not a project manager, I'm just a programmer . . ."

        The manager shrugged. "So? I'm telling you to do something. Now do it."



        Taylor continued his lengthy drive on the freeway. He'd been given money to pay for accommodations in the city Gaame Development was located in, which came out of his yearly bonus, but he couldn't complain. Because if he did, he'd get fired.

        A 2003 sedan driving next to him tried to change lanes, and ended up scraping against his vehicle. Taylor cursed, irritated, and they pulled over off the side of the freeway. The programmer walked towards the other car, and its driver, a trans girl wearing cat ears and an oversized 100 Gecs hoodie opened the window.


        Taylor spoke loudly, to be heard above the sound of nightcore and traffic. "You hit my car. We need to trade insurance."

        The trans girl made a face of realization. "Oh, yeah. Sure."



        Taylor was terrified when he eventually pulled into the same parking lot as the car he'd hit only moments before. Surely this person didn't work in the same office?

        Taylor grabbed his laptop case, and walked into the office building. He checked the address of the development office again; B2? A basement office? The underpaid programmer reluctantly walked into the elevator, and the person he had collided with moments before moved in before the doors could close.

        Once they arrived at the basement, Taylor studied the two doors. One was a maintenance room, and the other had a small sign. Gaame Development. The trans girl opened the door, and casually entered. Taylor cautiously followed, and found himself in the office.

        It was unlike any other office he'd seen. All of the fluorescent lights were turned off, and the office was instead lit by pink holiday lights, lava lamps, and monitors. A pile of empty pizza boxes laid next to the door, and the office seemed to be nearly vacant. Taylor saw the person who'd hit his car walking into a conference room, and he followed.

        A large CRT monitor sat on a coffee table, with an old stereo rigged to provide enhanced sound. Several other trans feminine people sat on bean bags and a large couch, watching two people play a game of Soul Calibur II. Both competitors were playing as Link.

        The person who Taylor had exchanged insurance with stood next to the door. "Didn't I already give you your insurance? Why are you following me?"

        The programmer sighed. "I was sent by Ultragames to help you finish the game you're all supposed to be working on."


        Taylor angrily sighed. "Your publisher?!"

        "Oh, right. We're all still working on the game, but it's important we do it right."

        The cishet programmer ran his hand through his hair. "We can just patch the game after launch. Who's in charge around here?"

        "Oh, the boss is named L. She's in her office probably, at the other side of the office."



        Taylor walked through the office. The desks were covered in trades of various comics and manga starring scantily clad women. Copies of Nevada, Fucking Trans Women, and other similar books rested in piles throughout the room. Stuffies were strewn all over the blanket covered floors, and an artist who wasn't watching the tournament sat at their desk, drawing furry porn on one monitor, and occasionally reading hentai on their other monitor. Dildos and vibrators rested on filing cabinets, and a large lube dispenser was located next to the water cooler.

        Eventually, Taylor made it to a room. The door simply read "L". The programmer knocked.

        "Come in."

        Taylor opened the door, and found himself in a room lit by candles and red gel lights. A tall woman sat at a desk, black hair resting down her shoulders. She was almost a silhouette, due to the large red pentagram glowing behind her.

        "You must be Taylor, the programmer sent from the publisher."

        Taylor studied the woman a little harder. He couldn't tell if her skin was grey, or if the unusual lighting was just playing tricks on his eyes. "Yes, I am Taylor. It's nice to meet you, miss?"

        "L. You can call me L, until you're ready to hear my real name."

        " . . . ok. So, what kind of office is this?"

        L smiled, exposing her fangs. "Gaame Development is the greatest game dev house in the world. We have the best artists, best programmers, and best musicians, all under a single roof."

        Taylor shook his head, pinching the bridge of his nose. "No, I mean, what's wrong with this place? Why is nobody working? Why is this place so terribly lit? Why is everyone a tranny?"

        L smugly grinned. "Taylor, don't you know? Trans people practically invented computers! And synthesizer music! If I were to assemble a team of the greatest talent, it only makes sense they would all be trans."

        The programmer sighed. "The deadline for this game, which I don't even know what it is, is less than two weeks away. How close is the game to being finished?"

        L leaned back in her seat. "About forty percent done." L continued, as Taylor nearly had an aneurysm. "We're making the greatest game ever made, which will completely change the world. It's only natural development would take some time."

        Taylor stood up. "Where will I be working from? And how long is everyone in here going to be slacking off?"

        L exposed her fangs in a grin again. "I'll have Pixie show you to your new desk. And the tournament should be ending soon."



        Pixie, an androgynous and scantily clad figure wearing a variety of leather harnesses, led Taylor to his desk, which was located next to two other desks. One of those desks was completely covered in synthesizers, and the other was almost completely devoid of clutter, save for a computer and a journal. 

        "Here's your new desk. Let me know if you need anything, ok?"

        Taylor nodded. "Ok, thanks." He sat down, and pulled out his laptop. He connected to the office server, and the github project being used by the developers, and studied what was inside. Taylor found himself growing increasingly irritated; it was just loads and loads of assets, and over half of them looked like porn. There were gigabytes of music files, and loads and loads of planned features. The most confusing thing was, the assets looked like they were being made for about five different games. 

        A girl dressed up in gothic attire sat down at the desk covered in synthesizers next to Taylor, and opened her laptop. The confused and irritated programmer turned to her. “Hey, what is this game you all are working on?”

        The goth girl began to turn on her various pieces of equipment. “It’s called Teachings of Lilith. It’s going to be really fucking good when it’s done.”

        “Ok, but when is it going to be done?”

        The synthesist ran her lace covered fingers through her black hair. “It’ll be finished soon. Probably in about two years. There are a lot of things that need to happen.”

        Taylor sat back in his seat. “Like what?”

        “Well, the programmers are trying to create some new compression algorithms, so that we can fit all of the music into about two gigabytes without a noticeable loss in quality. The 2D artists are constantly creating new assets, which are always being integrated. The 3D team is learning how to make cool cel-shaded shit. The game designers are trying to make the connections between the RPG, fighting, and puzzle sections of the game seamless and un-contrived. And the actresses shooting the porn FMVs are -”

        Taylor slammed a fist on his desk. “Porn FMVs? You realize the game cannot be released without an adults only rating if there’s actual porn in it!”

        The synthesist pouted. “Yes, we all know. But word of mouth means that the game can be a slow burn on the market.”

        Taylor began to feel tears welling up. He never cried, but everything was beginning to feel so helpless. The goth girl moved her chair closer to Taylor, and put a hand on his shoulder. 

        “Hey, it’s ok. I was sad when I first joined this project too. I was so irritated and scared, but I’m the happiest I’ve ever been.”

        Taylor looked up, and saw that she was pulling a framed picture out of her desk. “This is what I looked like, about a month before I was hired to work here. I was so sad then . . .”

        The programmer looked at the picture; he saw someone who didn’t look much different than the way he did now. Someone who identified as male. He began to feel a force behind him.

        “It’s ok Jadzia, you don’t need to console our new friend.”

        Taylor looked behind him, and saw L again, but she looked different now. Demonic. 

        “You’re going to be such a good girl for me. You’re going to help me spread my influence across the world.”

        The programmer got up from his seat, and began to run for the exit. Lilith didn’t attempt to stop him. He reached the place he had used to enter the office, and found that the door was no longer there; it was just a wall.

        Taylor began to cry hysterically. “WHY? Why is the door not here? I just saw someone come in here a few hours ago!”

        Lilith walked behind Taylor. “That person was able to come and go because she wanted to come back. It seems you’ll have to stay here until you don’t want to be away from me forever.”

        The programmer began to curl up into a ball, and Lilith picked him up. “It’s ok. You’re just going to have to adjust. You’re going to learn how to be such a special little princess. Can you call me Mommy?”


        “I’m going to need to take you to my special office.”



        Lilith removed all of Taylor’s clothes, and placed him on his back. The succubus gently placed straps around his arms and torso, and moved a fucking machine near his virgin hole. “You’re going to learn how to be a good girl, whether you like it or not. But it’s ok, I know you’ll learn to enjoy being a special little princess for your dark Mistress.”

        Tears streamed down Taylor’s face. “You don’t have to do this. Just let me go! Please! I’ll leave my job and never tell anyone about this!” 

        Lilith ignored Taylor, as she lubricated his tight hole, and she placed an accordingly sized dildo on the machine. Then, the machine whirred to life, and began to gently stroke the new toy’s prostate at a slow pace.

        Taylor couldn’t help but breathe choppily, as moans exited his body. 

        “Good girl.” Lilith began to use her magic; all of the hair on Taylor’s body began to disappear, and small breasts began to form on his torso. His thin lips grew fuller, and his hair extended until it could cover his nipples. His cock lost some length, and in turn became slightly girthier. It wasn’t long before he had turned into a girlier version of his former self. 

        Fingers began to gently wrap around his girldick, and stroke. Other fingers entered Taylor's mouth. It was only a few seconds before Taylor shot a few bursts of warm cum onto himself, and only a few seconds more before he fell asleep.



        Taylor gently kissed Zelda, as the other girl stroked Taylor's hardened girl cock through her silk panties. The programmer enjoyed sleeping at the office; during the day, there wasn’t a lot of time for tender moments like this. 

        Lilith materialized behind Taylor, and kissed her slave on her head. “You were a good girl yesterday, finishing that compression algorithm for Mommy. Such a special little girl for Mommy.”

        Taylor let out a whimper; she had never felt this good before. Never felt so much love, so much liberation from shame. So much purpose and meaning. She hoped the game would be finished soon; the entire world needed to feel the way she felt.

Thanks for reading my story! If you enjoyed it, you can find more of my work on! As of this publication, I have some of my stuff on sale! Check it out!


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