Black Lipstick

by SabrinaTVBand

Tags: #cw:ageplay #cw:noncon #cw:sexual_assault #forced_fem #goth #humiliation #latex #multiple_partners #music #clothing #dom:female #dom:male #exhibitionism #hypnosis #sub:male

An androgynous and vain goth gets hypnotized, and his secret desires come out into the open. Will he be able to keep things under control, or will he fall prey to his fetishes?

Disclaimer: The following story is not meant to depict healthy relationships, or proper consensual kink practice. It is a fantasy.

In real life, it is imperative that every sexual interaction you have is built on a foundation of consent and trust. Talking to the people you’re about to have sex with about what makes them feel comfortable, what could potentially trigger them, and what they enjoy is something you should always be doing.

This story uses the words “Mommy” and “Daddy” in sexual contexts; they are not meant to signify incest. “Good boy” and “good girl” are also used, and always describe characters over the age of 18.

I would like to give a special thanks to my friend DigiLuna, who brainstormed the premise of this story with me. I hope you enjoy my story!

This story was originally published elsewhere on July, 18, 2020

The intrepid zine-artiste sat across from Morgan. "So, how do you like the local scene here?". 

Morgan thought for a moment; "It's a good scene. There are a lot of goth bands in Chicago; we have a bigger scene than most cities. I wouldn't want to be anywhere else". 

The interviewer smirked a little; "What do you think of Death Sister Kult?". 

Morgan sighed dramatically, somewhat angrily. "That's a fake goth band. A bunch of idiot metalcore scene poseurs who have deluded themselves into thinking they're goth. They aren't a part of the Chicago goth scene". 


Morgan worked his way through the last part of the set; he was the guitarist of the most famous band in the Chicago goth scene, Latex Heart. Which was just ahead of Death Sister Kult in popularity. He studied the crowd; there were a lot of cute boys and girls tonight. But he was going to spend some quality time with the drummer. 

That didn't mean he didn't want to impress. He sauntered towards the front of the stage, and made a show of dramatically adjusting his hair during a quiet part of the song. Stage lights glistened off of his latex tank top, and his leather pants. His black hair shined, and framed his angular face, which featured sleepy eyelids and a pout to kill for. Morgan wasn't happy if people weren't telling him how hot and talented he was.

Morgan had fond memories of Joanne's apartment, because when he was inside of it he was either at band practice or being treated like a good boy. He raised his hips so that his penis wouldn't get too hard against the bed; he had been handcuffed with his stomach facing down. Joanne flogged him, and then stroked his long black mane. 

"You're such a good boy for Mommy", she said. 

Morgan moaned, in his low, sonorous voice; "Thanks Mommy!".


Morgan looked at his DMs; he had a message from Gavin, the guitarist and singer of Death Sister Kult. 

Hey Morgan! I saw ur show the other night! You were soo good! :0

I really would love to meet you sometime! I kno you don't really like my band but I feel like we should be pals!

Morgan was confused. Did Gavin want Morgan to think he was cool? He certainly wasn't doing a good job by being so forthcoming. Morgan messaged Gavin back. They quickly agreed to meet at Gavin's apartment, which was only about 15 minutes away on foot.


Posters for bands Morgan hated covered the walls of Gavin's apartment. In a corner of the studio was a large pedalboard, some outboard effects, a small mixer, and two guitars. Morgan sat on Gavin's bed, while he sat in his office chair. Both were basking in a somewhat unpleasant silence.

"You have a lot of guitar pedals", Morgan said. 

Gavin looked lovingly at his pedal board; "Yeah! I don't use most of these with Death Sister Kult". Gavin had classic emo bangs, black hair, and a lip ring. Morgan couldn't see the piercing in his tongue. Or the pink panties he was wearing underneath his black cutoff jeans, but considering he was also wearing a fishnet bodysuit and a black crop top Morgan probably wouldn’t have been surprised.

Gavin boldly moved across the room and sat next to Morgan on the bed. "You're a really great guitar player", Gavin said. 

Morgan smiled; "Yeah I know". 

Gavin moved a hand onto Morgan's thigh; "No really, you have such a great tone. It's like glass. Do you use an overdrive? A Klon clone?". 

Morgan shook his head; "I plug directly into an overdriven amplifier". 

Gavin began to move the hand up Morgan’s thigh; "You're so talented! It’s amazing all that tone is in your fingers", he said. 

It wasn't long before they were both naked, smearing black lipstick all over each other. Morgan was too unclean to bottom, and also too eager to wait [and also surprised that Gavin topped]. They grinded and kissed and sucked and gave handjobs to each other until they both came. 

Afterwards, they laid together on the bed. Gavin picked up his phone, and took a picture of the two of them laying next to each other, covered in lipstick. 

"What are you doing?", Morgan asked. 

Gavin smiled; "What are you worried about?". 

Morgan sat up; "You can't share that picture!". 

Gavin nodded; "If you don't consent to it being shared, I won't send it". 

Morgan looked at the floor; "Can you delete it?".


Morgan took pictures of himself in front of Joanne’s mirror. He didn’t have a body length mirror in his apartment; he regularly went to Joanne’s place with a backpack full of clothes to take selfies. She also helped him with his makeup. 

“You’re so vain”, Joanne said. 

Morgan gave her a coy smile; “I love being adored”, he said. 

He took a picture; “Self adoration counts too. But not as much as praise from others”.

Joanne moved behind Morgan, and let her cock rub against his ass. “You have a praise kink, and you have it really bad”. 

Morgan turned around, and held the cock in his free hand. “I wish I had a painting, like Dorian Gray”. He began to stroke; “I could sin all I wanted, and it would never tarnish or ravage my perfect visage”. 

Joanne smirked; “You’re like a cartoon character”. 

Morgan kissed her; “I had an idea recently; if I learned how to sing and play guitar at the same time, I could be the frontman of the band, and we could fire Leon. Then, we would only have to split the money four ways”. 

Joanne laughed; “Jesus Morgan. I don’t know what’s worse; your singing or your ambition”. 

Morgan poorly sang the refrain of I Wanna Be Adored; Joanne moved him onto her bed. “Take your clothes off. Let me beat some sense into you”. 


Morgan was in Gavin's apartment again. Gavin was in the kitchen preparing a meal. As Morgan paced in the awkward hallway between the bedroom and kitchen, he looked into the closet door. On the wall of the closet hung floggers, various restraints, ball gags, and a variety of other fun toys. "Kind of unusual for a sub to own their own equipment", Morgan said. 

Gavin spoke from the stove; "What do you mean?". 

Morgan walked closer. "I mean, you're a sub and you own all the toys for your Mistress to use on you. Usually they just bring their own toys.” 

Gavin looked at Morgan; "Who said I was a sub?". 

Morgan was starting to feel a little eager; "This time you should dominate me!". 

Gavin smiled; "Ok. Do you like hypnosis?".

After they finished lunch, Morgan laid back on Gavin's bed. Gavin sat on his chair, and moved near his pedals and guitars. "What are you doing?", Morgan asked. 

"I'm going to run some loops with my guitar, to create music conducive to trancing. I'll put down some layers, and then use these effect sends and randomized delays to create an unpredictable environment for the sound, but with some attack pedals in place to avoid sudden and unwanted noise. Do you mind if I record this?"

"No, I don't mind", Morgan said. Gavin started to play some simple tones, with a slow phaser sweep effect. 

"What do you want me to do?" 

Morgan closed his eyes; "Make me empty headed and eager. And you can also degrade me a bunch". 

Gavin began to work on his first overdub; "Ok, that sounds good". 

Gavin slowly created an increasingly hypnotic soundscape, and eventually began to introduce recordings of rain into the soundscape. He gently put his guitar down, and let the generative noise machine he had created do its magic. Gavin moved next to Morgan, and began to put him into a hypnotic state, open to suggestion. 


Morgan exited his trance, and saw Gavin standing above him. He was wearing a faux leather catsuit. “Hi Morgan”, Gavin said, in a patronizing tone. “Do you want to play?” 

Morgan got onto the floor; “Yes! Can I call you Daddy?”. 

Gavin patted Morgan on the head; “You can call me Master or Daddy”. Gavin sat on the bed, and motioned for Morgan to sit at his feet. “Tell me Morgan, what do you want me to do?”

Morgan hugged one of Gavin’s legs with his arms; “I want to be fucked by you! Please use me as a cock sleeve Daddy!”.
        Gavin shook his head; “No no no, I know you want that! I want to know what you really want. Because I have a feeling that you didn’t tell me what you really wanted before I hypnotized you”. 

Morgan pouted; “I’m afraid to tell you my true desires! I’m scared!”. 

Gavin began to lower the zipper on his catsuit, and began to remove it, exposing his black panties. Morgan lifted himself, and reached out an arm to take them off. Gavin slapped it away. 

“You only get to taste what’s inside if you tell me what you want.” 

Morgan moved his head closer; “I want to be a brainless sissy! I want to be a dumb slut that people use as a fucktoy! And I want to be good and obedient, and I sometimes want to be like a kitty! And I also don’t want to be degraded!”. 

Gavin lowered his panties, revealing his erect cock, dripping with precum. “Good boy. You can give it a taste.” Morgan put the cock in his mouth, and began to suck. After a few seconds, Gavin moved his cock away, causing Morgan to whine. 

“I said just a taste!” Morgan looked up at Gavin with puppy dog eyes. 

“You’ll get to taste more if you tell me more.” Morgan rubbed the side of their face against Gavin’s smooth thigh. 

“I want to be led around outside with the collar you have in your closet! And I want you to degrade me in front of people! I want to be a slave! And I want to be humiliated and stuff so badly!”

Gavin ran his fingers through Morgan’s hair. “Good boy. Such a good boy for your Master. You say that you really want to be a sissy?”

Morgan nodded; “I want my asshole to be raw from getting fucked, and I want to be a bimbo! And I want everyone to think I’m really hot”.  

Gavin let Morgan suck again; “Such a good boy! You’re such a good boy!”. 

Morgan stopped sucking; “I want to be your sissy boy!”. 

Gavin put a hand underneath Morgan’s chin; “You’ll get to be a sissy boy when you act like a sissy, and dress like a sissy”. 


Morgan woke up in his bed the next day; he could barely remember anything that had happened while he was in trance. He just remembered being sent home with a raw asshole after Gavin pulled him out of hypnosis. Morgan felt a strange compulsion; he was sleeping in the nude, but he really wanted to feel his cock in cute pink panties. Morgan realized a fresh pack of panties was on his bedside table. Morgan knew Gavin had done something, but that could wait. Morgan removed the lingerie from the plastic, and moved it up his shaved legs. He felt a wave of euphoria hit him; having panties on made him feel so pretty and cute. He went back to sleep with a pink heart. 


Morgan found that it was hard to focus throughout the day. He had been planning on recording some overdubs, as he had been sent some files by another bandmate, but he couldn’t manage to think of any parts. 

Morgan called Gavin; “Hey, I know you did something weird to me last night”. 

Morgan could tell Gavin was amused; “Yeah, I did what you told me you wanted to do”.

Morgan sat down; “Are you telling me that you asked me about my secret fantasies while I was hypnotized?”. 

Gavin spoke with a vaguely cutesy voice; “Come on Morgan, I know you just want to be a good sissy for me”. 

Morgan felt himself getting hard; “Yes Daddy”, he said, without thinking. He then caught himself; “Wait! No! You need to change me back!”. 

Gavin sighed; “You’re just struggling with shame right now. Just give it some time, and we can talk again”.

Morgan found himself on a sidewalk; where am I? He turned to his side, and noticed he was leashed to Gavin. He tried to speak, but there was a ball gag in his mouth. 

He began to recall faint memories; he had been watching TV, and he had received a phone call. Gavin must’ve used some kind of trigger, because Morgan couldn’t imagine willingly getting into this situation with a clear head. 

A straight couple in their 30s, dressed in exercise garb, looked at Morgan with disgust as they passed him. Morgan looked down; he was wearing perhaps the tiniest pink cheerleading uniform ever made. He began to feel himself getting hard. 

Gavin snapped his fingers in front of Morgan’s face; “Hey Morgan, what’s going on?”. Gavin yanked on Morgan’s leash, and began to lead him to a park. The weather was nice; there were a lot of people outside. 

More than a handful of people voiced their disgust. Those who didn’t tell Morgan that he made them sick instead showed it in their faces. A handful of young punks looked at Morgan approvingly, and a goth girl recognized Morgan as the guitarist from Latex Heart. 

He would’ve asked her out if he didn’t have a gag in his mouth. She took a picture of him. 

Gavin ruffled some of Morgan’s hair; “You’re being such a good sissy for Master! You aren’t even pulling on your leash!”. Morgan made a sound, somewhere between a moan and a whine. He hated how much he was enjoying this. 


Joanne opened the door for Morgan; the call had seemed urgent. 

“Hi Joanne”, he said, moving to her bed. He was visibly panicked. 

“What’s going on?”, she asked. 

Morgan took a deep breath, trying to compose himself; “I hooked up with the guitarist of Death Sister Kult, and he hypnotized me and has messed me up”. 

Joanne sat next to Morgan; she knew that he really hated that band. “What do you want me to do?” 

Morgan looked at Joanne; “I’m trying to resist going back to Gavin. I need a release”. 

Joanne waited expectantly. Morgan began to take off his clothes, revealing he was wearing pink panties. “I need to be a good sissy”, he said, ashamed. 

She gave Morgan a kiss on the forehead; “Are you struggling with being a good little sissy boy?”. Morgan nodded. 

Joanne pulled a collar and leash out of her bedside table; “I’ll help you with your sissy wants and needs, it’s ok”. 

The sissy almost cried tears of relief when the collar tightened around his neck. 

Joanne continued; “I know a hypnotist who can maybe remove some of the conditioning. You’ll be as good as new in no time, ok?”. 

Morgan began to kiss her feet, smearing black lipstick onto them. 


Morgan had made a ‘full recovery’ after about two weeks. Joanne’s hypno kink friend told her that Gavin had done a really good job; it took more than one session to remove the conditioning. 

Morgan walked on the sidewalk; he passed a lingerie store, and stopped himself from going in. It was Latex Heart, the namesake of his band. Morgan and Joanne had often gone in there for gender fucking antics. Namely, dressing Morgan up in feminine lingerie. They would buy clothes and toys, and then Joanne would do photoshoots of Morgan dressed like a goth slut. A female goth slut, to be more specific, because Morgan was always a goth slut. He would’ve entered Latex Heart for fun, but he needed to take a break. Too soon.

Morgan continued his stroll, and out of the corner of his eye saw someone dressed in black latex and fishnets on the other side of the street. Morgan turned; it was a random goth girl. Not Gavin. 

Morgan looked at himself in a store window; he was devastatingly attractive, as usual. He could approach her and ask for her number. Morgan felt a hand on his back; he turned around, and was confronted with the sight of Gavin. 

“Don’t be a stranger”, Gavin said, with a haughty expression. “Why haven’t you called me?”

Morgan pushed Gavin; “I don’t want you to be so invasive with your hypnosis again! You violated me!”. 

Gavin pouted; “I was just helping your inner sissy. She was having a lot of fun”. 

Morgan felt a weird tingling feeling inside; he began to walk away. Gavin followed. 

“You know you want to be a nice cocksleeve!”. Morgan told himself he could have any cock he wanted. Gavin continued; “You know you want to be prettier”. Morgan stopped in his tracks. 

Gavin was now close to Morgan. “Does sissy want her Master?”

Morgan’s mind went back to its post-hypnosis state; all the alterations returned. Morgan turned to Gavin, and pouted; “Daddy! You can’t do this!”.

Gavin poked Morgan’s nose with a finger; “You’re so adorable”. Morgan began to walk back to Latex Heart, unconsciously. 

Gavin spoke to Morgan; “Later tonight, I’ll give you a word that will allow you to remove the conditioning yourself if you want to. But I first want you to indulge your inner sissy, ok? Give her a chance to win you over”. Morgan nodded, as he walked into Latex Heart. 


Morgan laid on his bed, wearing stockings, garters, pink panties, a black teddy, and a collar. He was laying on his stomach, his legs aimlessly waving through the air, while his head rested in his hands. Morgan lamented that his panties had been completely saturated with precum. And ejaculate.

Morgan moved onto his back, and moved the vibrator to his penis again. He imagined himself being led around on a leash by Gavin; it wasn’t long before he came once more. 

Morgan’s phone rang; it was Joanne. Morgan carefully answered the phone. “Hello?”

Joanne was alert; “Morgan, why do you sound like that?”. 

His voice was in a higher register than usual; “Sound like what?”

Joanne sighed; “Morgan, you’re talking like a sissy”.

Morgan hung his head; “I saw Gavin again today. He activated something in my head”.

Morgan could hear Joanne getting up on the other end of the line; “I’m coming over right now, don’t worry”. 

Joanne hung up the phone. Morgan placed his phone on his bedside table, and began to put on black lip gloss. His phone rang again; Morgan sighed like a pissed off teenager, and answered the phone again. “What?”

Gavin spoke; “Hello Morgan, I’m going to come over, and give you the option to free yourself. See you soon”.


Joanne entered Morgan’s apartment; the door wasn’t locked. Morgan’s body was cuffed to his bed posts, and Gavin stood next to him. 

“Hi”, he said, with a smug grin. “Morgan told me you would be here soon. I’m giving him an ultimatum.”

Joanne stood in silence. 

Gavin whispered something into Morgan’s ear, and he exited his suggested state. Gavin returned to his upright position; “Now, Morgan, I’m going to give you the option to choose what happens to you. You can either be lucid again, or I can let you be my pretty sissy boy. What do you want to do?”.

Joanne moved closer to the bed; “Don’t do it Morgan!”. 

Morgan nodded; “I know, I don’t think I want to be a sissy boy forever”. Joanne could see Morgan was incredibly erect; he was clearly very turned on by his predicament. 

Gavin waited, and eventually Joanne turned to him. “Morgan has made his choice. Leave him alone”. 

Gavin lowered himself, and moved a hand through Morgan’s hair. “You’re so pretty”, Gavin said, before giving Morgan a kiss on the forehead. 

Morgan looked at Joanne; mascara began to run down his face. “I’m sorry”


The floor of the restaurant was kind of sticky and gross, Morgan observed. She hoped that her tail plug, the base of which was hidden underneath an extremely short skirt, wouldn’t get too much residue on it. 

Gavin pulled on her collar, making her lean closer to the booth. “You’re such a pretty girl”, he cooed. Gavin slowly moved a fork towards Morgan’s mouth; she gently took the food off of the fork, and chewed. He patted her on the head. 

Morgan could feel people staring at her; she didn’t know why. It was normal to eat on your knees, right? She couldn’t understand why she was the only person ever doing it. The humiliation she was feeling, despite not understanding it, was making her incredibly horny. 

Her cock poked out from underneath her skirt; Gavin adjusted it for her. Morgan began to whine; “Take my tail out and fuck me Daddy!”. 

Gavin yanked on the leash; “Not in public. Wait until we get home, you stupid skank”.

Morgan came in her pants; “Nevermind!”, she giggled.

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