Random Access Memories

by RubyRoberts

Tags: #D/s #dom:female #f/f #humiliation #memory_play #robots #androids #exhibitionism #multiple_partners #orgasm_denial #pov:bottom #pov:top #scifi #sensory_deprivation #sub:female #transplanted_memories

Workerbot Lucy isn’t built for sex. Fortunately, her pleasurebot friends are. Each week, they swap memories with her (literally) so she can experience it vicariously!

Lucy impatiently fiddled with the casing on her wrist as the elevator slowly climbed the apartment building. The second it opened, she rushed down the hall to the familiar door, a plaque stating ‘M4 Residence’ bolted to it, and entered. She immediately found herself face-to-screen with Maddie. “You’re late.” She stood with a wine glass of oil in one hand, her other resting on her hip, with a particularly unimpressed expression on her display. “Fourth week in a row. You should get your internal clock checked next time you go for maintenance. I think it’s broken.”

Lucy rolled her eyes. “Believe it or not, that’s why I’m late. The engineer said it’s been off by twenty minutes for the last month now. It happens. You don’t have to be such a hardass about it.”

Maddie’s assertive posturing did little to intimidate her anymore. She knew she wasn’t really mad, but a dommebot could no more break out of her programming than any other machine. “Oh, I was right, was I? What a convenient excuse. I like how it happens to explain all the other times too. Believe it or not? I don’t think I will.” She did, at least, do her best to moderate it down to sarcasm.

“Well, I do. So I guess we’re at an impasse and we can move on, can’t we, Maddie?” Mia chirped up from the couch. The dommebot shrugged, her screen going blank, the closest thing to conceding defeat her programming would allow. She sat down in her armchair, opened a small panel by her shoulder, and poured a little oil in.

Lucy sat next to Mia, as she always did, placing down the cartridge she had prepared for Maddie on the coffee table, and scooping up a handful of scrapped computer chips to snack on. “I see Macy’s already started,” she said, popping a chip into her mouth and nodding to the fourth bot in the chair opposite them.

A bot with M4-C stamped proudly across her chassis sat with a blank expression on her face. Of the three Maplestone v.3 Pleasurebots who lived in the cramped apartment, Macy’s original purpose was most visibly obvious. Maddie’s facescreen singled her out as distinctly robotic, but it made her adaptable enough that she could blend in in most situations. Mia, a basic model built for the ‘girlfriend experience’, didn’t look that different from any standard worker android like Lucy – In fact, she could pass for human, so long as she wore clothes that covered up the most obvious of her panels and joints.

With Macy, however, it was unmistakable. Her excessive, painted-on makeup, impossibly proportioned figure, and oversized, pouting lips made it obvious to any who saw her – She wasn’t just a pleasurebot, she was a fuckbot. What made her look particularly blank in this instance, was the flickering light in her pupils, as she sat there silently. Artificial drool, made to lubricate, dribbled from her mouth.

“We tried to get her to wait but she wouldn’t stop pestering me. She’s finally getting her repairs done next week. She’ll probably be less desperate by then.” Mia scooped up a napkin from the table and walked over to Macy. She gently shook her shoulder as she straddled her lap. “Come on, Macy. Lucy is here.” She lifted Macy’s chin, wiping it free of lube and giving her a quick kiss. Her hand reached around to the nape of Macy’s neck and yanked out a cartridge. Her mind back in the room, the sexbot gave a dazed murmur. She reached up behind her head and felt the cartridge slot empty slot.

“Nooooo… Pleaseeeee… I was closeeee…” She groaned, her hand shamelessly slipping under her skirt and starting to desperately finger herself. She whimpered. It was no use.

“Try it as much as you like, you know that’s not going to do anything until you get those new pleasure circuits installed, you dumb bimbot,” Maddie muttered with a smirk. She made no attempt to hide the enjoyment she was getting from Macy’s desperation. “Besides, at least you’ve got pleasure holes in the first place. Poor Lucy here needs this more than you.”

She reached over and snatched the cartridge from Mia, tossing it to Lucy. “Here. That one’s mine. You’ll never guess who’s on it.” Lucy shrugged, not recognising the face Maddie had flashed onto her screen and was pointing at with obvious glee. The face gave a frustrated sigh. “Just put it in. You’ll remember.”

Lucy pulled the casing covering the slot on the back of her neck open and pushed the cartridge in.


The sound of heels echoed through the room as Lucy entered, finding her client for the afternoon ready, kneeling naked. She stopped in her tracks, taking a moment to process the unexpected guest. “Well, well, well. I never thought I’d see you in my dungeon, Councilwoman Baker. Not after the fight you put up against it. Were you worried you’d be too tempted to come here yourself if it were approved?” She fought the temptation to display a grin so wide it took up her entire screen. Sometimes, the outline of their reflection in her blank screen was more effective at emphasising a client’s place than any face she could use. “Or did having Mistress Madeline argue with you at every meeting over it awaken something in you?”

“I… It’s not that, I…” Lucy hushed her with a finger.

“No need to justify yourself, my dear little fleshling. There’s nothing wrong with being a desperate little bot socket. I won’t tell your husband.” The councilwoman was clearly flustered. Lucy ran her hand through her hair and grabbed a fistful with inhuman strength. She dragged the councillor to her crotch, a panel unfolding only for a large, thick artificial cock to emerge. “Is this what you wanted, human? Is your little vibrator not good enough so you came to me for the real thing?”

The councilwoman nodded, her eyes flicking upwards as if to ask for permission. Lucy grabbed her by the jaw, looking deep into her eyes. “Use your words, human. Tell me what you need.”

“I need…” She squirmed, embarrassed to admit it. Lucy’s grip tightened as if to emphasise how easily she could crush her if she wanted. “I need you to show me just how much better a machine is…” She gave a little gasp as the cock started dribbling lubricant, sweetened and potently scented with addictive chemicals that always kept clients crawling back for more. She hesitated, before leaning forward and giving the cock a single, long lick. Looking up, her cheeks turned bright red as she saw footage from Lucy’s perspective.

Lucy finally let herself grin, a proud smile superimposing itself over the video. She dragged her cock over Baker’s face, smearing her lips with the artificial precum. She placed her other hand on her client’s head, and thrust forward, pushing all the way in with a single thrust. “There’s a good human. Service your robot mistress.” She started to vigorously fuck her throat. As professional as she liked to think herself, she could tell she was being rougher than usual for the councilwoman who had caused her so much trouble. All the same, Baker seemed to love it, barely coming up for air. “There’s a good human. You could pass for a fuckbot yourself, with a throat like that…”

Eventually, Lucy started to slow down. She pulled out, plenty of spit, drool and lubricant dribbling down the councilwoman’s chin. Taking herself in her hand, she started stroking herself and before long, she was shooting thick ropes of artificial jizz all over her. She rubbed her cock over, smearing it all over the place. Looking down, her face flashed and she made a click in imitation of a camera, showing Baker the picture her screen had taken. “Look at you. How embarrassing.”

Baker looked down, clearly unable to maintain eye contact, or whatever passed for it in this case, when it involved staring at the pathetic display Lucy had made of her. Instead, she simply cleared her throat. “I-I paid for two ho-…”

Lucy dragged her to her feet. “I know, meatbag. Maybe your pathetic little human husband is tired after one round, but girls like me have a lot more stamina.” She shoved her onto a metal table, surrounded by various inactive mechanical arms. Opening a panel and pulling a cable from her stomach, Lucy plugged herself into the table, and the arms sprung into life, each under her control. Pinning Baker down with some, and spreading her legs with others, Lucy chuckled. “Just look at what else a girl like me can do…” Pushing her hips forward, she-


Lucy gasped as she felt the cartridge being yanked out of her neck, slipping out of the memory.

“Hey! It was getting to the good bit!” She whined, just as Macy had.

“Oops. Sorry. Must have mistimed it. It looked like you’d already got there, considering…” Mia nodded downwards, and Lucy noticed despite her smooth, featureless crotch, she had pulled down her jeans and was furiously attempting to stroke her non-existent cock.

Her cheeks began to glow ever so slightly, awkwardly sitting up straight and grabbing another chip to nibble on, if only to keep her hands preoccupied. “I… Ahem… Sorry…” Mia waved her hand to dismiss the apology. “I got to cum once, at least, so...” Glancing over, she saw Maddie was sprawled out in her chair, her face set to the default Maplestone Robotics Model M4-D screen. “Is she watching mine?”

“Yup.” Mia lifted Maddie’s head up, tilting it slightly. Catching the light, Lucy could just about see the faint outline of her own memory playing behind the default screen. “She usually takes memories from just about anyone who isn’t programmed to act all mean, but she’s been pickier lately. She’s been trying to become friends with that bot who works for that robot repair charity down the road, see if she’ll let her watch hers. Her personality isn’t helping, though. Still,” Mia chuckled as she waltzed around behind Maddie. She yanked the cartridge from the dommebot’s neck. “She just loves the feeling of being a nice little goody-two-shoes. Isn’t that right, Queen Bitch?”

“Fuck yo-,” was all Maddie could muster before the cartridge was jammed back in and her screen returned to its default once more.

Mia scooped up another cartridge from the table. “Ready for another?” Lucy nodded. Mia walked around and wrapped her arms around from behind. Leaning in, she whispered, “This one’s mine. Alison’s wanted to try this out for a long time! Enjoy!”

She gently blew on the cartridge slot before sending Lucy into her memory.


Lucy blinked, but it made no difference. She couldn’t see anything. Her visual sensors had been disabled, leaving her floating in an empty blank void. “How does it feel?” A voice whispered in her ear, as fingers trailed along her body.

She let out a little whimper, the lightest brush against her synthetic skin sending a tingling across her whole body. She reached out, searching, and found Alison’s hand. She grabbed it to steady herself, only to loudly moan. Even the mere grip left her quivering with helpless lust. “Oops… Maybe too much… Let me just… There…” She heard a keyboard clacking nearby, and Alison once more reached out and ran the tip of her finger along Lucy’s curves. It was no longer utterly overwhelming, but it still left her mind in a haze and her body gently quivering.

“Now…” Alison pulled herself in close, her voice becoming a whisper, directly in Lucy’s ear. “Ready?” Lucy nodded eagerly, squirming with excitement. Alison had been planning to try this with her for a while, but it had taken some organisation. It was finally time. Her girlfriend leaned in and kissed her deeply, with Lucy moaning finding out that her lips had been made just as sensitive as the rest of her body.

“Good. I’ll bring them in now. If you can tell me how many people, I’ll give you a special treat!” Lucy heard some typing once more, and the world suddenly went as silent as it was dark. She was utterly deprived of her senses – two of them, at least. The feeling of a hand reaching out and taking hold of her arm once more reminded her of just how strong her sense of touch remained. Another hand gripped her jaw, pulling her in for a rough kiss. Distinctly not Alison. This was someone different – stronger fingers, plumper lips. Perhaps they didn’t belong to the same person at all – one grabbing, turning her to kiss another. All the same, as more and more hands took her into their grasp, she felt it becoming more and more difficult to consider such possibilities.

Someone spread her legs and pushed themselves into her with no hesitation. She arched her back, giving a gasp she couldn’t hear. She could feel her holes start to vibrate, just as they were built to, the sensation only serving to pleasure herself too. Fingers slipped into her mouth, which she gladly suckled on as they roughly probed her. Other hands were content to simply tease, tugging at her nipples, caressing her soft, artificial flesh.

The vast medley of sensations made it difficult to distinguish where she ended and the strangers began. She took hold of the nearest arm, leg, whatever it was, as she steadied herself. She felt the void of her mind flood with warmth, the overwhelming pleasure tipping her over into climax. She could only imagine how loud she was, but the strangers evidently paid it no mind, continuing to use her as their plaything.

She felt another cock slide into her hole, this one distinctly artificial – A strapon, perhaps? Or maybe another bot? It didn’t matter. By the time it started furiously pistoning in and out of her, any ability to think about it had long since melted away. She felt her head being pushed down onto the table, and found herself smothered between a pair of thighs. Her pleasurebot instincts took over, and she began to lick the woman’s folds, her tongue and lips gently vibrating like the sex toy she was designed to be.

Lucy felt herself riding waves of pleasure over and over, for how long, it was impossible to say. A countless number of strangers had their way with her before they finally stopped. She lay there, panting gently. Little spasms occasionally twitched through her motors as her body sought to recoordinate itself. She winced as her visual and audio sensors came back on again, sitting up to see Alison sitting at the end of the table in the otherwise empty robotics lab. She had a bright warm smile across her face, taking Lucy by the hand and pulling her in close. “So, did you keep count? How many were the-“


“Come on, you’ve been in there an hour! My turn!” Macy grabbed the cartridge from Lucy’s neck with obvious excitement. Lucy found herself panting her body left as hot and bothered as it was in Mia’s memory.

Lucy sat up straight and snatched the cartridge back. “I was right at the end! Can I just get to the end of one of these for once? It’s your own fault for frying your pleasure circuits. This is the only way I ever get to cum!” Macy gave a sad, pleading look. Lucy could only imagine just how desperate a fuckbot like Macy must be without release. She sighed and relented, handing the cartridge back. “Can you at least tell me how many people it was when you’re finished?”

Maddie looked up from the magazine she was reading. The face on her display showed her peering over a pair of reading glasses. “It was zero. Alison programmed all the sensations herself. There was never anyone else. Pretty impressive stuff, if you ask me.”

Macy whined in an exasperated voice. “Maddie, what the fuck? You always spoil them for me!” The dommebot shrugged with disinterest as she grabbed a chip from the near-empty bowl. She crushed it up in her fist and sprinkled the powder into a little chute that popped out of her neck before closing it and returning to her magazine.

Macy sat down in a huff, but by the time she had put the cartridge in, her frustration was forgotten. She was once more a blank slate, gladly drooling at the pleasures Mia had lived. At least it gave her a chance to get off until she got her repairs.

“Gonna do Macy’s?” Maddie asked, nodding to the last cartridge left on the table as she reached over to pick up her glass of oil. “Be careful, it’s probably got some corruption. She tried to layer enough memories on top of each other that it added up to enough sensation that she could actually cum. Innovative, I’ll give her that. Although she throws in some primitive measures at the end.”

“Did it work?”

“Well, not at the time. She fucked about fifty people, but obviously, she was only experiencing one at a time. Honestly, it was like a whorehouse in here. Whether it works when you play it back? Well, you tell me!” She motioned to the cartridge once more.

Lucy got up and picked it up, sitting down next to Mia, who looked as if she were sleeping peacefully while her systems remembered her housemate’s memory. Just as she was about to put it into the port on the back of her neck, a hand grabbed her by the wrist. “And… Uh… Next week, could you bring something longer, maybe, so I don’t spend half the night reading? Just… Something like… Going around a shop and saying hi to strangers. Petting a kitten. Helping a old lady across the street. Stuff like that.”

“Sure thing, you kindness addict.” She pushed the cartridge in before Maddie could react.


Lucy found herself lying on her bed, surrounded by heart-shaped pillows, scattered all over the place. She frowned. Their edges were fuzzy, and she struggled to bring them into focus. There was significantly more here than she owned. Most were transparent, like ghostly afterimages of something no longer there.

“All good?” Several voices spoke down to her at once. As she looked up, she found herself lying under a series of figures, each in the same position, overlapping and blurring together in her memory. Lucy found herself nodding, each shape reaching down and pulling her in for a kiss at the same time.

Trying to think back to how she found herself in this situation, it took a moment to bring her memories into focus. “How many times did I record over this cartridge?” Her question was muffled as the figure pressed its lips to her own, oversized, plump pair. She gave a muffled moan, her body aching with need but only feeling the slightest sensation, dampened by her faulty hardware.

Around half the voices in the amalgam hushed her and said something to the effect of “Don’t go off-script, we’ll end up out of synch,”, while the rest continued to make out with her. Lucy could feel the dulled sensation of at least some of them slipping their tongue in, tasting her aphrodisiac-laced lubricating drool.

Lucy struggled to think through the thick haze inside her mind. “Is this a memory right now? Why would I record…?” she began to say, but the next interruption reminded her of her plan. In each layer of memory, every one of her partners slid a dildo into her mouth. With each memory recorded over the last in perfect synch with those that came before, it finally produced enough of a sensation to bypass the limited feeling Lucy’s broken pleasure circuits had the capacity for. She moaned out as her programming made her instinctually start sucking.

Lucy could just about make out a smile from the figure as slid the toy in and out. Lucy gripped their arm and gave a grateful squeeze, whimpering as spit was forced out with each thrust. The timing wasn’t as perfect as she would have liked, at least from the memories of her human lovers – As much as they tried, they could never be as precise as a robot. Even still, the thrusts occasionally happened to fall in synch, giving a burst of pleasure intense enough to relieve her constant, aching lust. She nodded to the figure, indicating for them to continue to the next step.

They stood up, pulling Lucy to the edge of the bed and spreading her legs. She looked down and saw an overlapping blur of cocks of various shapes and sizes – some flesh, some strapons, some robotic. She only now realised that she should have made sure they would all be the same size… But hopefully, it would be enough. She wrapped her legs around the figure, pulling them closer with one firm motion. Some of the memories pushed into her fast, others slow. She murmured onto the dildo, the feeling of being entered nowhere near as intense as a pleasurebot like her was used to.

Lucy desperately wanted to push them onto the bed and take control of the situation, but she knew deviating from her plan would just leave her even more out of sync with previous recordings. Instead, she thrust her hips towards them, trying to impose some sort of rhythm. It seemed to work, with most beginning to fuck her in time, forcing a grateful whimper from her. The dull sensation gradually bloomed inside her, making her squirm and grip the sheets with one hand, while she took the dildo in her mouth in the other and started to slide it in and out with the other.

She felt one or two thrusts where all her lovers were in perfect time, forcing another moan from her. But such moments were few and far between as long as they kept going, she found climax elusive, desperately grinding her hips harder and faster. While the memories of her robotic fuckbuddies were able to keep up, the human figures soon found themselves exhausted, slowing down and falling more and more out-of-synch. Lucy whimpered, looking up at the memories that continued to plow her and giving a nod for Plan B.

As the human figures dispersed around the room, becoming faint as they stepped out of the same spot as all the others, the remaining echoes of robotic lovers pulled the dildo from Lucy’s mouth, replacing it with their fingers. She felt a tingle building as they reached around for a panel on the roof of her mouth, clicking it open and sliding their fingers inside. She let out a yelp as they began wriggling around, poking and prodding the tips of their fingers along the circuits inside her head.

As they toyed with the circuits in her head, the faintest figures in the room began to disappear one by one as layers of memory came to an end. While the feeling of her circuits being probed helped, it wasn’t enough to relieve the constant lust. Soon, the figure that stood over her dissipated, leaving her with just the memory of the sensations. The sounds of her own needy moans began to drone out into white noise as the rest of the memory became more and more corrupted until nothing was left but static, ending with a sudden jolt through her body.


Lucy was just about able to reach up and tug the cartridge out of her neck. Her cheeks were flushed once more, and her mind took a moment as it reacquainted itself with linear memory. Macy was sitting, patiently waiting. “So, how was it?”

Lucy rubbed her head, blinking. Her worker bot body never grew horny by itself, but she could feel an unbearable need inside her. “What happened? Did I… You… Even cum at the end there?”

Mia walked into the room, picking up the chip bowl and empty oil cans. “Of course, she didn’t. She went to all that effort, and it didn’t work. Why else do you think she just got her pals to jam their fingers into the circuits in her head instead? She may as well have just stuck a magnet in there. No wonder she’s always needing repairs…” She muttered to herself as she returned to the kitchen.

Macy frowned. “It felt close enough to me!” She called after Mia, to little effect. “Well. And then I kinda just… intentionally corrupted the file a bit at the end. Just a little. But it was close enough, right?”

Lucy rubbed her thighs together, knowing she lacked the hardware to do anything about the lust she had been left with. “Not… not really.” She groaned. She should have known better than to watch her memory with her in this state. Without the memory of a climax, all the lust built up in her had been left unresolved. “Now I just feel…”

“All pent up with no outlet at all?” Maddie stepped behind Lucy and wrapped her arms around her, slipping a hand down her jeans and between her thighs to feel the smooth surface. “What a shame, you poor thing… I guess you’ll have to wait until next week to get some relief, won’t you? Now, I’m afraid it’s time for you to go. We all need to charge, and, well… If we hadn’t started twenty minutes late…”

Lucy whimpered as Maddie led her to the door. “You told me to watch Macy’s memory on purpose, didn’t you?”

Maddie’s face feigned shock. An easy task when she could wear whatever face she wanted. “Absolutely not. I warned you, what she did at the end was primitive. And yet you went ahead and watched it on of own volition. But…” She leaned in and whispered. “If I told you that I’d ensure you plenty of relief next week, if you turn up with some extremely kind memories, well… I’m sure it’d act as a good motivator!”

Lucy turned to Maddie as she stepped out the door. “You realise all my memories next week are going to be tainted by this feeling, don’t you?” She watched as Maddie blinked and her smile disappeared. “See you next week,” she smirked as she closed the door behind her. Her smile only lasted so long, however, and she found herself pressing her thighs together on the elevator ride down, dreading a week of Macy’s borrowed unrelievable lust.


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