Rook's Hypno Verses

Dickstracting Discipline

by RookConrad

Tags: #cw:noncon #D/s #f/m #microfiction #pov:bottom #sub:female #sub:male #pov:top

A protest from a femme subject who's being punished for making too many dick-related puns. I'll admit, it doesn't hit a set structure till the fourth stanza, but I kind of like the implication that she also has to speak in verse when she gets turned on.

Dickstracting Discipline

I must protest, Sir, this penance
You feel that I seem to have earned.
While you’ll argue that it’s quite fair, no doubt,
I’ll argue it’s rather absurd.
The “no cumming” rule is all standard, of course.
But filling my mind with “peen” ‘stead of “pun”
When I see, or I hear, or I read anything
That tempts me towards the latter?
I do not think you understood, dear Sir,
The burden that this would impose.

Because, Sir, you know, as well as do I,
That I have the filthiest mind.
To punish me so, just for being a slut,
You must see as rather unkind.
And if you do not, then let me explain
How har-difficult my day has been.
I was working from home, as you know, my Sir,
Which normally would bring delight.
But at least in the office t’would not have been safe
To obey, so I’d not have to fight
The urge to spread wide and play ‘twixt my thighs
On a call with Mo Johnson,
And Rod Hardin,
And Rich Long,
Who’d we’d never call Dick to his face, I do swear,
But in private he’s Dick all day long.

And you see how I squirm? You see how I blush?
How “Dick all day long” makes me wet?
I’m never this bad when I’m normal, I swear,
And it’s making me rather upset.
I got hotter,
And wetter,
And dumber
Each time that I thought of a joke ‘bout their names
And then your command I obeyed.
My lunch then ran overlong, Sir, because
I was hungry, but not for a meal.
Instead I did take a toy from my drawer
And slipped it inside with a squeal.
Then I fucked,
And I fucked,
On and on,
Because having a cock in me just made it worse
So I edged till I finally dropped.
I came up in a state, as I’m sure you’d expect,
All floaty and needy and wet.
Productive no more, just a dumb horny whore,
But the day wasn’t over just yet.
Sir was mean,
Sir was cruel,
Not okay.
Because sweetly you asked, before I did come by,
If I’d stop by the grocery store.
But what did you require of your very good girl?
What did you send me there to find?
Cucumbers, sausages, carrots, penne, mushrooms!
You knew what they’d be to my mind!
They were cocks.
All of them.
Meaty cocks.
And my poor slutty brain was still half into trance,
From obeying you body and mind.
So I didn’t just think about cock when I saw
Those dick-shaped veggies out on the floor.
Felt your hands on my thighs grip my skirt and then rise,
Felt you use me and breed me, your whore.
Needed cum.
Felt you cum,
Filled me up.
But was fake! Not real cum, though I did feel it leak
All the way to your place from the store.
Do you know how bad it was, Sir, around then?
How little control I had left?
Nearly dropped to my knees and sucked of a door
Whose handle had good shape, curve, and heft.
Here I am,
Humbled, me,
Begging now,
Please just let your slut cum, or at least lift your curse
And I’ll be your good girl all the time.

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