Vampire Fantasy

by Qxvw198

Tags: #clothing #dom:male #f/m #pov:bottom #pov:top #sub:female #maid

Lisa has erotic fantasies of being ‘taken’ by a vampire. For Halloween, she is hypnotized to believe her husband Mark is a real vampire. Things get complicated when a stranger named Misty also falls under Mark’s hypnotic control.

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An important part of the story is Lisa’s and Misty’s ‘Alice in Wonderland’ costumes.  You can see the sort of costumes I have in mind here:

Vampire Fantasy


I watch Lisa’s eyes open slowly as Kevin finishes counting up to five. “Did it work?” she asks. “Will I really…” her voice fades out and she blushes.

“Oh, it will work.” Kevin replies. “You want it to work, so hypnotizing you to live out your fantasy wasn’t difficult at all.” Kevin glances at me. “I guess I should be going now so you two can get ready for the Halloween party.”

I shake his hand warmly and walk him to the door. “Thanks, my friend. You expertise is greatly appreciated.”

“You remember all of the triggers, right?”

“The whole hypnosis session was fascinating. I paid very close attention.”

“Good. Just in case, remember that her name is the key and everything wears off if she falls asleep. So don’t let her nap until you both have had all of the fun you can handle.”

After shutting the door, I turn back to Lisa. She still looks a little out of it. “Lisa, come get ready for the party. I can’t wait to show you the costume I got for you.”

“If you have waited until now to show it to me, it must be pretty racy.”

“Oh, I am sure you will like it.”


My body is calmly following my husband up the stairs, but my mind is swirling with both anticipation and fear. ‘Will tonight live up to my dreams and fantasies? Can I really go through with this?’ Then I realize, from the way my legs are marching me up the steps, that I couldn’t turn back now even if I tried.


Lisa is in the bathroom drying her long, golden-blond hair. That will keep her occupied for several more minutes. This gives me a chance to lay out her costume on the bed. For the final part of her costume, I get out one of her favorite necklaces. After sliding the cross pendant off and putting it away, I place just the empty chain next to the rest of her costume.

About the time I finish putting on my costume; Lisa comes out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel. She stops suddenly when she sees me.

“Wow, you really do look like a vampire.”

I give a slight bow of acknowledgment and then grin to show my fangs.

She continues to stare at me while absentmindedly putting on her costume. I just stand quietly and watch her with my best ominous gaze. She picks up the necklace chain last and finally smiles. “I’m glad I have this to protect me from evil vampires.” Her hand brushes through the air just below the chain. I know that she still sees and feels the cross hanging there. She fastens the chain around her neck and tucks the lower end into the top of her dress, between her breasts. Neither of us has put on a wedding ring. Tonight, we will be strangers.

I step up close to her and put my hands on her shoulders. “You look very tasty in that costume, my dear. Here, look.” I turn her towards the full length mirror. Her mouth drops open when she gets her first good look at her costume. She is a sexy ‘Alice in Wonderland’. Her light blue mini-dress has white ruffles under the hem and a small white apron in front. Each of her white stockings runs up to the middle of her thigh. There is a cute bow at the top of each stocking. I can see several inches of skin between the top of each stocking and the hem of her dress. Black, high-heeled Mary Janes and a light blue hair bow complete the outfit.

She gasps, “I can’t go out like…”

I cut her off by gently pinching her ear lobe. Her eyes flutter shut.

“Lisa, you like your sexy costume. You look forward to wearing it in public”

“I like my sexy costume.”

When I release her ear lobe, her eyes flutter back open and she looks in the mirror again. Her body shifts to a more confident pose. “Well, it is a nice costume. Plus, it won’t really be ‘me’ wearing it tonight anyway. So, I guess I do like my sexy costume.”

“Then, if you are ready, let’s head out to the club. I want to have as much time as possible to enjoy the party.”

She is somewhat hesitant walking in her new shoes. As we get close to the car, she stumbles and has to grab my arm. “Please don’t ask me to dance tonight. I’m not used to these shoes and I’ll feel stupid trying to dance.”

I put on my best evil smile. “Oh, I won’t ask you to dance.”

She opens her mouth to reply. Again, I cut her off by gently pinching her ear lobe.

“You are a wonderful dancer in this outfit. You will dance when I command you to.”

“I am a wonderful dancer. I dance at your command.”

After releasing her ear lobe, I open her car door and help her inside. Her short dress provides a quick view between her thighs. Her white panties have red hearts, so they go with the rest of her Alice in Wonderland costume.

The drive to the club is quiet with each of us imagining the night ahead. I pull up to the door and let her out. When she is almost out of the car I very clearly say, “Enjoy yourself Alice”. She freezes in place for a second, then steps forward and shuts the door behind her. I pause a moment to watch her. Her stride is now much more sexy and confident than it was back at home. After enjoying the view for a moment, I catch the bouncer’s eye and nod. After seeing him nod back, I head over to the parking lot.


I hurry out of the car and push the door shut behind me. I am eager to get into the club for the Halloween costume party. I start to look back over my shoulder to see if the car door shut all the way, but something locks my neck and I can’t turn it. This worries me for a second but then the lights and sound from the club distract me and I finish walking to the door. It is fairly early and there isn’t a line to get in. I have to stop and wait a moment while the bouncer decides if I look over 21. With a flash of panic I realize I don’t have any ID with me. In fact, I don’t have a purse or a coat or anything besides my costume. A second later, I am distracted by the bouncer looking over my shoulder at my ride pulling away. I still can’t turn my head that direction. He opens the door and gestures for me to enter. All of the worries vanish and my thoughts shift back to the Halloween party. I give him a curtsy (leaning forward a bit to improve his view) and then step through the door.

This outside air is chilly, so I hurry through the entryway to get into the club’s main room. Once inside, I pause to look around. Right away, I notice several people looking over to see who just came in. I clasp both hands behind my back with my arms straight and try to look both shy and sexy. This pose gets me some approving stares.

‘First stop is the dance floor.’ As I walk towards the dance floor, a flash of golden hair under a light catches my eye. It reminds me of my hair. I change direction slightly to see who the hair belongs to. As I move closer, I see a young woman in a light blue mini dress.

‘She is wearing another Alice in Wonderland costume. I want to see if hers is as sexy and cute as mine.’

I stop right in front of her and wait for her to notice me. She keeps dancing; apparently off in her own little world. I lean closer. “Hi, I like your costume.”

After a moment, “Huh...Oh thanks.” Her eyes finally focus on me. “Oh, wow.” She smiles. “I like your costume too.” We each study the other for a moment. Her shoes are pumps and her hair bow is arranged differently than mine. Otherwise, our costumes are identical.

When the silence starts to feel awkward, I hold out my hand. “My name is Alice.”

She hesitantly shakes my hand. “Is that really your name, or just for the costume?”

“My name has been Alice for as long as I can remember.” For a moment that sounds wrong, but then my attention shifts back to what she is saying.

“My name is Misty. Glad to meet you, Alice.”

We chat for a few moments on the dance floor and then go sit down together. Misty seems really eager, almost desperate, to talk with someone. Several times, guys try to get our attention. They are all politely deflected, however. While Misty is friendly and talkative with me, she is very reserved and hesitant with everyone else. Our matching costumes must have gotten around her defenses somehow. I don’t feel right about flirting with any of the guys. I’m single, so I’m not sure why. I keep getting distracted when I try to figure it out.

After talking for a while longer, we head back out to the dance floor. Misty and I stay together and continue to deflect any male advances. When I see another male figure approaching out of the corner of my eye, I turn towards him with a polite refusal ready. My voice catches in my throat when I see a vampire.

‘He looks so real. Can that really be just a costume?’

I can’t move or tear my eyes away from him. I can tell that Misty has stopped moving beside me. The vampire pauses and gives us a slightly puzzled look. Then he moves on through the crowded dance floor. Once he is out of sight, I realize that I have been holding my breath. When I turn towards Misty she has both hands clutching the front of her neck. If she was wearing a necklace, I’d think she was trying to grab it. She looks as scared as I feel, so I decide to confide her.

“Misty” She looks over at me. “I’ve always suspected that vampires are real. More and more often, I’ve been having these dreams. Over and over I dream of being taken by a vampire. The dreams are…intense.” What I really mean is intensely erotic, but that is too much information for someone I only met today. “The dreams seem so real. I am beginning to think that there must be something more behind them. I even started wearing this cross all of the time.” My hand traces down the chain of my necklace. I can feel the cross down inside the front of my dress. It’s very reassuring.

Misty looks at my necklace chain and then up to my face. “I know vampires are real.” She takes her hands away from her neck. I can see red marks from her fingers. She gestures to her neck. “I always wear a cross necklace too. Tonight I was stupid and left it in my coat up front. I was thinking how it didn’t go with my costume and then somehow forgot to put it back on.” She looks at my neck again and then smiles at me. “If you didn’t have yours on, I would be running over to get mine right now.”

Our dancing is now more subdued and watchful. We both jump a bit and whip around when a guy says, “Hey, Alice. You’re looking hot tonight.” He looks harmless, so I relax.

Misty and I both say “thanks” at the same time.

As the guy’s friends pull him away, I hear something like “…way out of your league”. The compliment makes me smile.

I turn to Misty, “So, you answer to ‘Alice’ now?”

“Well” she gestures to her costume “I guess I am ‘Alice’ tonight.”


Since my new friend Alice is still smirking about me answering to her name, I make a silly face and stick out my tongue. We both laugh. Her next comment is cut off by an announcer with a microphone up on the club’s small stage.

“Attention please, everyone. It is now time to start our costume contest. Since we don’t want to bore you with a bunch of lame entries, we have a very selective screening process. This process consists of charging a $50 contest entry fee. We have 10 entries that were either brave enough or rich enough to sign up. In addition to the $500 in entry fees, the always generous members of the club’s management have chipped in another $500. The winner of the contest, as decided by you in the audience, receives $500. Second place gets $300 and third place gets $200.”

The crowd is loud, so Alice has to touch my shoulder to get my attention. “We should have entered the costume contest. I bet ‘The Alice in Wonderland Twins’ would win a prize“

My smile fades. “I don’t have $50 to spend on the entry fee. I can’t really even afford $25 for just my half.”

Alice suddenly frowns. “I don’t have any money either. I don’t know why I…” She blinks twice, and then her smile is back.

“Come on, Misty. Let’s move up closer to the stage so we can see better.” She grabs my hand and drags me through the crowd towards the stage. She finally stops when there are only a few people between us and the stage.

The announcer introduces each entry and lets them parade around on stage for a few moments. The costumes are impressive and elaborate. Three of the entries are couples in coordinating costumes.

“And finally, ladies and gentlemen, we have out last contestant. He is apparently known only as The Count.” There is a dramatic pause before the curtain behind the announcer is swept aside.

It’s the vampire that we saw earlier! Alice gasps and covers her mouth with both hands. I grab her right arm and duck behind her. After a moment, I work up enough nerve to straighten up and look over her shoulder. He bows to the crowd and then smiles, showing his fangs. They look really sharp.

“Count, shouldn’t a vampire have a lovely woman to bite?”

“Well, yes. I AM a bit thirsty.”

With his right hand out, he starts to slowly scan the crowd. Now I wish we had stayed way in the back. He turns suddenly and points right towards us!

“Alice, come here. You cannot resist my power.”

‘Is he pointing at me? Does he mean me?’ My own voice echoes inside my head, “I am ‘Alice’ tonight.”

My friend Alice starts to move forward. I am still gripping her right arm and I try to pull her back. She doesn’t seem to notice. Her face looks like she is sleepwalking through a nightmare. I jerk her arm harder. “Alice, your necklace. Pull out your necklace.” She shakes her head slightly and blinks. Then she looks at me, confused for a few seconds. Finally, her left hand reaches up, grabs her necklace chain and pulls it out of her dress.

It’s empty! There is nothing on her necklace chain! My stomach sinks. I suddenly feel cold, like death.

‘The Vampire must have done this. I always wear my necklace. He must have made me leave it in my coat. He must have made me decide to rely on Alice’s necklace after we saw him the first time.’

‘Oh God, that means he’s already been controlling me and I didn’t even realize it!’

His voice jerks my attention back to the stage. “Alice, it is useless to resist. You must come here to me.”

My eyes look up before I can stop them. They meet his eyes. His eyes burn into my mind. I can feel his power. I can’t tear my eyes away. I am falling in to his eyes. Alice starts moving forward again and I am pulled un-resistingly along with her.


‘Who is the woman with my wife? They were acting like friends when I saw them earlier, but I am sure I have never seen her before. It must have something to do with their matching costumes.’

Lisa is supposed to pull out her empty necklace chain later, when I start removing her dress back at home. It shouldn’t really matter; the script was designed to be pretty flexible.

This other woman is coming all the way up on the stage with Lisa.

‘She must be playing along. How far she will go? She’d better not do something stupid and ruin Lisa’s fantasy.’

Getting back into character, “Good, my thralls. Come to your master.”

Lisa arrives in front of me and stands at attention. When I glance at the other woman, she lets go of Lisa’s arm and pulls herself up to attention beside Lisa.

‘She is a good actress. She looks about as hypnotized as Lisa actually is. I guess she is following Lisa’s lead.’

I put a hand on each of Lisa’s shoulders and turn her around so she is standing in front of me, facing the crowd. Everyone will be looking at her right now, not me. This gives me a chance to duck my head behind hers and squirt some fake blood from a packet into my mouth. I move sideways one step and turn the other woman around to face the crowd. She moves just as compliantly as Lisa did. They do make a stunning matched set.

‘If we win, we’ll have to give her some of the prize money.’

Turning back to Lisa, I tug her hair to pull her head back. Everyone has an excellent view of her neck. I slowly lean over and bite. I want the bite to hurt, but not break her skin. The fake blood trickles down her neck. She gasps and then lets out a very erotic moan. I run my free hand slowly up the front of her dress, caressing her. Lingering on her chest for a moment produces another moan. I pull my mouth away from her neck and turn her head to face me.

“Now that I have tasted your blood, you are my slave forever.”

“Yes Master. I am yours.” She turns her body around to face me and then sinks to her knees with her back to the crowd. Her face is blank and her eyes stare past me into nothing.


The vampire’s hypnotic control is so strong. I can barely turn my eyes enough to see what is happening to Alice.

There’s blood on her neck. It is too late for her.

I know I should try to break away and run while he is focused on Alice. When the crowd cheers louder, I realize that they think this is all part of the show. If I scream for help or try to run, they will just laugh.

‘No one will help me. I guess there is no point in trying to resist.’

He grabs my hair and put his mouth next to my ear. “You’re next, my dear.” As he pulls my head back, I close my eyes and hope it doesn’t hurt much. I flinch when his fangs first touch my skin.

The bite doesn’t hurt. It doesn’t hurt at all. It feels wonderful, REALLY wonderful! It’s just like all the stories I’ve read. Pure pleasure rushes in through the bite and floods through me. It’s better than anything I’ve ever felt. The pleasure is washing my mind away, but I don’t care. I can’t care. I hardly notice Master’s hand on my chest.

I feel a stab of disappointment when Master’s fangs release my neck. His fingers touch the bite marks and he whispers, “My power has instantly healed your wounds. I don’t want to waste any of your lovely blood.”


‘Wow, she let me bite her. She even let me fondle her chest. I know I shouldn’t have done that, but this is such a power trip.’

‘I hope she buys my spur of the moment explanation for no bite marks.’

Just like Lisa, this woman turns towards me and kneels. Then she bends all the way forward, until her forehead is on the floor by me left shoe. Lisa immediately copies her by putting her forehead onto the floor by my right shoe. As I gawk at my two slaves, I realize that the audience is suddenly cheering a whole lot more loudly. It takes me a moment to figure out why. Both women are on a raised stage, kneeling, bent forward, while facing away from the audience. That must be providing quite a view up their short dresses.

“Stand up, slaves. Follow me.” I lead them backstage so the announcer can get on with the contest. I take them off to the side, away from the other contestants. While the announcer starts telling the audience about how they will select the winners, I turn and face both women.

I cup Lisa’s chin with my right hand and tilt her head up so I can look right into her eyes. Her pupils are very dilated. She looks like someone on a drug trip. In her case, however, it is all just her mind and imagination.

“What is your name, slave?”

“Alice, Master.”

I cup the other woman’s chin with my left and tilt her face up for a look. She doesn’t look as spaced out as Lisa. I figure she’ll break character now.

“What is your name, slave?”

“Misty, Master.”

‘OK, she is still playing along. Maybe she is waiting for Lisa to stop acting first. I’ll push her some more.’

I move closer and whisper quietly, just to Misty, “Look into my eyes and feel yourself falling deeper and deeper into them. You can’t resist. Your mind is floating farther and farther away while your body becomes more and more my puppet.”

Her pupils start to dilate like Lisa’s. After staring into my eyes for a few more seconds, she lets out a breath I didn’t realize she was holding. Then her whole body relaxes. My hand under her chin seems to be the only thing holding her up.

I don’t know why she would continue acting now that we are off stage. The only other option I can think of is that she’s really easy to hypnotize.

‘OK, so now I have 2 hypnotized slaves. Life could be worse.’

Louder, to both women, “You pay attention just to me. You listen just to me. You obey me without question.”

Both respond “Yes Master” at the same time. This is becoming a huge power trip.

The announce sticks his head back and calls all of the contestants back out onstage for the awards.

“Alice, Misty; both of you follow me. Stay side by side, and about 1 step behind me. Act like you are awake and enjoying yourselves.” That last command brings some expression back to their faces.

With my matching pair of vampire victims, I am not surprised that we receive 5 crisp $100 bills. Flashing their panties to the crowd probably helped a lot.

After all of the awards and applause are finished, I lead my slaves back down to the dance floor. I want to see how well Alice’s subconscious remembers the extra commands I gave Lisa earlier.

“Alice, you have a very nice costume. Are you happy with it?”

“I like my sexy costume.”

“Misty, you also have a very nice costume.”

“Thank you, Master.”

“Alice, can you dance? I want you to dance for me.”

“I am a wonderful dancer. I dance at your command.”

“Misty, you will also dance for me now.”

She shivers for a moment, then “Yes, Master.”


I feel like I am floating along with no control over my body. I am so aroused, like in my vampire dreams. When Alice starts to move sensuously with the music, I feel my body start to mirror hers. I still can’t look away from Master’s eyes. My mind keeps floating farther and farther away.

‘Will I even know when Master drinks the rest of my blood?’


Misty is really getting into this. She must have erotic vampire fantasies like Lisa’s. They both look very sexy dancing. Alice has none of Lisa’s inhibitions and shyness. She also has no problem dancing in those shoes.

I am impressed that Misty can mirror Lisa’s moves so well. They look like they have practiced together. As they dance for me, I politely decline several offers to borrow or rent them.

Eventually, their dancing threatens to become too provocative for a non-strip club. “Come, slaves. We are leaving.” They both stop dancing and come to attention. Misty is a half second behind, still copying Lisa. When I head for the door, they follow me side by side. They are even in step with each other. The air outside is cold and I can feel the wind bite through my vampire cloak. Neither of the women seems affected, however.

The cold air clears my head. I shouldn’t keep messing with poor Misty’s mind. She probably wasn’t planning to go home with strangers. She doesn’t even know our names.

‘Can I just tell her that I am not a real vampire? She might think that I am trying to trick her somehow. I don’t want to turn Alice back into Lisa right now just to help convince Misty.’

‘I bet I can scare her out of her trance. Then I’ll let her escape from the evil vampire.’

When we arrive at the car, I stop Misty by the passenger side rear door. “Stand here and don’t move.”

“Yes, Master.”

I grab Lisa’s necklace chain and use it to lead her over to the driver’s side rear door. “Alice, when I open the door you will get into the car. You will be mine forever.”

“Of course, Master.” A trace of enthusiasm leaks through her hypnotized monotone. I open the door and she quickly slides into the car.

I shut the door and walk back around to Misty. She is still standing at attention, expressionless, staring at nothing. “Misty, when I open the door you will also get into the car.” I continue in my best ominous voice, “After you get into the car, you will not be mine forever. I plan to turn Alice into another vampire. She will serve me forever. I don’t need a second servant, however, just cattle for food. When I become hungry again, I will drink all of your blood.” I pull open the car door. She continues to stare straight ahead without expression, but I see a tear collect in the corner of her eye and her body trembles slightly. I wait for her to break out of the trance and start running.

After 5 long seconds, she very quickly slides down into the car. She is already sitting up straight, staring at the front seat headrest when I hear her say, “Of course, Master”. The tear has started to run down her cheek.

‘Damn!’ I barely stop my fist before it pounds the roof of the car.

‘She is really hooked on this vampire thing. Now I need to think of some believable way to release her. That’s going to be tough since I just told her I am going to kill her after we get home. I need to slow down and give this a lot more thought. I also need to pick her brain and see what is going on in there.’


‘I can think again. Hearing about my doom must have pulled my mind back. I still can’t control my body. Master is so cruel to leave my mind awake while my body is his puppet. I am sorry Alice got caught up in this. She seemed so nice before Master bit her.’

‘I should have known a vampire would find me again. I have avoided them for so long. I should have been more alert, more wary. Stupid, Stupid me.’


After getting into the driver’s seat, I turn around and cup Lisa’s chin. “When I touch your forehead, you will drop into a deep trance. You will hear my voice if I talk to you, but you will be aware of nothing else except your own heart beat. With each beat, you will sink deeper and deeper into my power.” She stares blankly into my eyes until I touch her forehead. She collapses like a rag doll and ends up lying across the middle of the back seat.

I don’t actually need to put Lisa into a deeper trance. However, I now have Misty to deal with. I want to be sure I can control her. I don’t want her to wake up unexpectedly and try to drive a wooden stake through my heart. That could ruin my evening. Since Misty has always followed Lisa’s lead, she should follow Lisa into a deeper trance.

I turn to Misty and cup her chin while staring into her eyes. “You will also drop into a deep trace when I touch your forehead. With every beat of your heart, you will sink deeper and deeper into my power.” I watch her eyes glaze over for a few seconds and then I touch her forehead. She flops sideways, partially across Lisa. I give each of them a painful poke in the ribs, but neither reacts. I rearrange their arms and heads into more comfortable positions, then drive home.

Once home, I pull into the garage and shut the door before ordering them to come inside. I’m not sure I want Misty to know where we live.

Once everyone is in the living room, I pause to think. The original plan was for Lisa to spend the rest of the night as my vampire snack and mesmerized sex slave. Now, that will have to be on hold while I figure out what to do with Misty. Still, this is supposed to be Lisa’s special fantasy night. She deserves to have something exciting to do for her vampire master.

“Alice, go upstairs and change into the maid uniform. Then return and serve me.”

“Right away, Master.”

“No, take your time and make yourself look desirable. I want a very sexy servant.” I also want more time to question Misty. Lisa nods and glides upstairs with a dreamy expression on her face. I know she’ll find the outfit I want. This is Lisa’s home, even if Alice is here for the first time.

Lisa likes the idea of being my sexy maid, but she always gets embarrassed when she wears the costume I got for her. She also tends to get the giggles when trying to act the part. Alice is Lisa, just without inhibitions or embarrassment. So, commanding Alice to be my perfect maid should really push Lisa’s buttons.

I sit down on the sofa and point to the floor between my knees. “Misty, kneel.” She obeys silently while looking at the floor the whole time.

“Tell me what you know about vampires.”

“Yes, Master. Vampires are powerful, soulless creatures of the night that feed on human blood. They can control the minds of the weak-willed and” her voice catches,”the unwary.”

“What happens to a person bitten by a vampire?”

“If the vampire drinks all of her blood, she dies and her soul is consumed by the vampire. If the vampire drinks some of her blood, she is his slave forever.”

I think she is talking about herself now, rather than about vampires in general. “How does a person become a vampire?”

“The vampire forces her to drink some of his blood.”

“Have you encountered vampires before?”

“Yes, Master.”

“Tell me what happened.”

“The summer after I finished high school, I figured out that our neighbor was a vampire. I noticed unusual things about him and I started having dreams about being sexually enslaved by a vampire. When I tried spying on him, he caught me. He made me his sex toy.”

“How did he control you?”

“He hypnotized me over and over. He used his voice and a crystal to hypnotize me, not just his eyes like you Master. I was even able to resist him for a little while. You must be more powerful.”

‘Quite a devious, but evil bastard she had for a neighbor.’

“Did he bite you? Did he drink your blood?”

“No Master. He said drinking some of my blood would make me too weak to serve him. He said he would drink all of my blood when I stopped pleasing him.”

‘So, he convinces her that he is a vampire, but won’t bite her? That’s rather lame. I suppose it did make a good threat. I’m sure she kept trying very hard to please him.’

“Why are you no longer his?”

“He always locked me in a bathroom while he slept. He usually left me in a trance all day, lying on the cold floor.

One day, someone hit a baseball through the bathroom window. That woke me from my trance. I used the baseball to smash out the rest of the glass. Then I climbed out the window and ran home. It was the middle of the day and none of my family was there. While looking around the house, I found out that I had been his for over 3 months. I also found out that my family thought I had run away.”

She starts to sound more agitated. “I knew he would come after me. He said he would if I ran away. He said no one would believe what he really was. He said no one could stop him from recapturing me. He said he would destroy anyone who got in his way. The only way for me to protect my family was to really run away.

I have been hiding from him ever since. I know he is still hunting for me. I can feel it. Every time I start to get the dreams again, I know he is getting close. Then I have to drop everything and run somewhere else.”

I think he gave her a lot of post-hypnotic suggestions about how bad running away would be. It didn’t keep her from escaping, but it sure has haunted her since then.

“How old were you when you escaped?”

“Eighteen, Master.”

“How old are you now?”

“Twenty-three, Master.”

“How many times have you run away and started over?”


“When was the most recent time?”

Her voice wavers like she is starting to cry. “The dreams started again 2 days ago, Master. Yesterday I quit my job and closed my bank account. I would have left this morning, but I wanted to go to the costume party tonight.” She sobs for a moment. “I am so lonely. I thought I would be safe in such a large crowd.”

I want to hold her and comfort her, but that isn’t was a “soulless creature of the night” would do.

She falls silent for a moment. Then she lifts her head to look at my face. “It was you, wasn’t it Master.” She looks down slightly, avoiding my eyes. “I know it was. My dreams were about you this time. You made me stay for the party. You made me and Alice dress alike. You made us leave our crosses behind. I thought they were all my own ideas, but it was really you controlling me.” She drops her gaze to the floor again. “Once I realized that, I knew I could never resist you. I didn’t even try.”

I think this explains how she ended up as my slave. She was hypnotized over and over by someone she though was a vampire. That would make her easier and easier to hypnotize, particularly by another vampire. She is so lonely that she latches onto my wife just because they happened to wear the same costume. Next, she sees her only friend fall under a vampire’s control quickly and easily. Finally, Lisa’s protective necklace was a dud. No wonder she got sucked in.

It still doesn’t give me an idea for how to let her go.

At this point Lisa, well Alice the Maid, comes back down the steps. She is wearing a black mini-dress with white ruffles pushing out the hemline. A tiny white apron hangs on the front of the dress. The hemline is higher and the neckline is lower than her previous costume. She also has on a hair band, choker, and wrist bands. They are all made of matching black and white lace. The choker is narrow and won’t obstruct any upcoming vampire bites. Finally, thigh-high fishnet stockings and high heel pumps complete the outfit. I don’t anticipate finding a bra or panties under the dress.

The heels make her hips sway as she comes down the steps. After taking 2 steps into the room, she stops and stands up very straight with her hands held together behind the small of her back. “How may I serve you, Master?”

“Come stand in front of me with your feet shoulder width apart and your hands behind your head. I want to inspect my property and see how well you followed my orders.” She quickly complies. Her face is still mostly expressionless, but she appears to be aroused and enjoying herself. She is more flushed and breathing harder than just walking down the steps would explain.

Now I get a closer look at her. She has removed the light makeup she wore with her Alice in Wonderland costume and has gone for a darker, more Gothic look. The dark red lipstick and black eye liner contrast sharply with her pale skin. The hair band pulls her hair back away from her face. This lets her blond hair falls loosely about half way down her back. The necklace chain is gone. It has already served its purpose.

First, I look her over like a drill instructor with a new recruit. “Good, I am pleased so far.” I put both hands lightly around her neck. Then, my hands caress and squeeze their way from her choker, down her dress and stockings, to her feet.

‘The packaging looks good but I still need to check the contents.’

I slide my hands back up her legs and then under her dress. The fabric is stretchy, so I can easily slide my hands as far up her body as I want. This part of the inspection confirms her lack of underwear. Plus, now I am sure she is very aroused and enjoying herself.

“Very good, slave. You followed my orders well.” She shudders and closes her eyes for a moment. I move behind Lisa and pull her back against me. After a few enjoyable moments of playing with her hard nipples, I slide my hands down to her waist.

“Alice, take Misty upstairs and make her look like a sexy dancing girl. She will dance for me while you perform more personal services.” This last sentence is punctuated by me pulling her hips back against my erection.

I continue to grind Lisa against me for another moment and then look over at Misty. She is still kneeling where I left her, by the sofa.

“Misty”. She looks up into my eyes. I just stare. After a moment her semi-alertness fades back into a slack, dazed look.

“Go with L…uh…Alice and follow her instructions.” ‘Damn, I almost said Lisa’s name out loud. Now would not be a good time for her to change back to her normal personality.’

“Misty, do not speak until I give you permission.” I don’t want Misty asking Alice how she knows where everything is.

I let go of Lisa and she immediately heads for the stairs. Misty nods to me and then follows.

I have the beginnings of an idea, but I need to work through it without my two sexy distractions around. It is time to get an expert opinion. I pull out my cell phone and hit one of the speed dial buttons.

“Hello, Keith? I am glad I caught you.”

“No, no problems with Alice. However, I am having problems with my other hypnotized sex slave.”

“I thought that would get your attention. Let me run through this quickly. I have them out of the room for the moment, but I don’t think I have a lot of time.”


‘I am still alive! Master must think I’ll make a good sex slave if he wants to have Alice dress me up. I guess this will be like last time. The longer I please Master, the longer he will let me live.’


After quickly picking Keith’s brains, I have a moment to think before the women return.

I’ve decided that Misty is just too tempting. I’m going to play with both women tonight. I just have to avoid going too far with Misty. Lisa is going to remember every detail of Alice’s adventures.

About the time I get settled on the sofa, Lisa and Misty come back downstairs. Lisa is still in the maid costume. Misty is barefoot and has on a makeshift harem dancer outfit. She is wearing one of Lisa’s belts very low on her hips. The belt is made from metal disks strung together. They look like large coins. Some silk scarves have been tucked into the front and back of the belt, sort of like a loincloth. This makes a short skirt with slits all the way up to the belt on each side. Misty’s top is from one of Lisa’s bikinis. Her long blond hair is pulled up into an ‘I Dream of Jeanne’ ponytail with another scarf wrapped into her hair and across her face to make a veil. Above the veil, her eyes have a dramatic amount of sparkling eye shadow. Her neck and wrists are decorated with several necklaces and bracelets. It looks like pretty much all of Lisa’s jewelry.

Lisa stops in the same spot she did last time. She also stands the same way, with her hands together behind her back.

Misty stops a few feet to the side of Lisa and poses for me. Her right arm is curved up, with that hand above her head. Her left arm is curved down, with that hand by her left hip. All of her weight is on her right leg. Her left knee is bent forward with just the toes of her left foot touching the floor. After a moment, I realize she is subtly swaying her hips.

“Both of you stay there.” It is time for another inspection. I walk slowly around them once, just looking. Lisa stands perfectly still and keeps her eyes straight ahead. Misty turns her head to follow me until she sees Lisa. Then she jerks her head straight forward and freezes. Lisa has no expression on her face, but Misty looks worried.

‘She probably thinks she is in trouble for moving her head.’

I stop in front of Lisa and start running my hands lightly over her dress. This quickly progresses to running my hands under her dress and caressing her more insistently. Her face and neck flush with blood and her breathing turns to panting. Trying to stay perfectly still through all of this is making everything more intense for her. When she looks close to exploding, I pull my hands back. I wait until she has cooled down slightly. Then I move my hands up to caress her chest. After a few moments of enjoying this, I move my hands away and take a half step closer to her. We are now close enough for her panting to rub her nipples up and down my chest. I slide my left hand into her a hair, along the back of her scalp. I tug her hair enough to tip her head back. Her breath catches and she trembles briefly. Next, I grab the front of her neck, just below her jaw, with my right hand. Pushing up with my right thumb tilts her head to my right.

I whisper, “You are mine.” and bite her neck. I hear the squeak of a suppressed scream and feel the shudder of an orgasm rush through her. The she gasps and her knees start to buckle. I leave my left hand holding the back of her head and whip my right hand around to her low back. I have to crush her against me to keep her from dropping to the floor. I manage to keep biting her neck through all of this. When her orgasm finally subsides, I release her neck.

‘She’ll need to wear a scarf over that mark for at least a week.’

After holding her another moment, I realize her legs are still limp. Apparently, she needs more time to recover.

“Kneel, slave.” I loosen my grip and she slides down into a puddle on the floor. She shifts a bit and ends up kneeling with her chest bent forward onto her thighs.

I squat down in front of her and caress the side of her face. “You have served me very well, my lovely slave. That was your reward.” I ease her over until she is lying comfortably on her side. “You will rest now, but you must stay alert for the next time I summon you.” I don’t want her to fall asleep. That would end our fun for the night.

She looks up and gives a small nod. After swallowing to find her voice, she whispers “Yes, Master.”

I stand up and move in front of Misty. She must be getting very tired from holding that pose so rigidly. “Stand up straight.” She quickly complies, putting both feet flat on the floor and her arms at her sides. “You have permission to speak again.”

“Thank You, Master.”

I move around behind her, leaving just a tiny bit of space between us. I reach around her with both arms and begin gently stroking her belly and hips. “You haven’t served me well enough yet to receive a reward.” After a dramatic pause, “But you are learning quickly, so I have decided not to punish you.” She starts to reply, but it comes out as a strangled gasp when I pinch her nipples.

I step to her left side. My left hand goes back to stroking her belly. My right hand grabs the back of her neck. “Don’t move your feet.” I pull her head down and backwards. She starts to curve into a back-bend. I stop when she is looking straight up at the ceiling. Her hands are still at her sides, so she would fall without my right hand holding her. I want her to feel helplessly under my control.

“Look into my eyes.” Her eyes jerk to the side and meet mine.

“You are my dancing girl.”

Slight nod, then “I’m your dancing girl.”

“You love to dance for me.”

“I love dancing for Master.”

My left hand moves up to her chest. “You feel sexy and aroused when dancing for me.”

She takes a deep breath and flushes. “Yes Master. Sexy and aroused.”

After pulling Misty back upright, my hands resume caressing and fondling her. She is wearing a thong under her make-shift skirt. Exploring her body is a very nice way to occupy my time while I wait for Lisa to recover.

When Lisa pushes herself up onto one elbow, I leave Misty and walk towards the sofa. “Alice and Misty, come over here with me.” Misty helps Lisa up and then brings her over to me.

Pointing at the coffee table, “Slaves, move the table out of the way.” Lisa is still unsteady so Misty does most of the work. Once the coffee table is out of the way, there is a fairly large space between the sofa and the television.

It takes me a few moments to pick out some music for my dancing girl. Once the music is playing, I point to a spot in front of the television. “Misty, begin dancing for me.” I’m interested to see what sort of dance Misty thinks will please me.

Eagerly, she replies “Yes Master” and hurries to the indicated spot.

Once I am comfortably seated on the sofa, I call Lisa over to kneel beside my left foot. She is still a bit wobbly getting down onto her knees. Once settled, she sits back on her heels and looks up at me with a dreamy expression.

Misty starts performing an amateurish, but enthusiastic belly dance. The two scarves at her waist shift around nicely and give frequent glimpses of her thighs and hips. I watch her dance through 2 songs.

As the third song starts, I turn my attention back to Lisa. She is patiently waiting for her next command. “Alice, remove my cape, shoes, socks and pants.” I keep my shirt because I’d feel awkward being the only one wearing nothing. Since she is the maid, I tell her to fold everything neatly over one arm of the sofa. “Come kneel between my legs.” My anticipation builds as she settles into position. “Slide the boxers down out of your way. It is time to see how well you can please me with your mouth.” I take her head and guide her mouth onto my erection. “Begin, slave.”

Lisa has never enjoyed giving blow jobs. She’ll do it, but only because she knows I like it. She has never had much enthusiasm.

Right away, I can tell that this time will be much different. Tonight, slave Alice has been commanded to please her Vampire Master. Her almost desperate enthusiasm is a huge turn on for me.

I watch Lisa’s movements for a few minutes before I remember to look over her head at Misty. Her dancing has become much more erotic. The two scarves that were tucked into the belt are gone. She is quite a sight in the jewelry, veil, bikini top, belt, and a red thong. Her hands are sliding all over her body, caressing herself.

The combination of Lisa’s sucking and Misty’s dancing brings me to a climax almost disappointingly fast. Lisa continues sucking and swallowing until I tell her to stop.

After getting my mind back to the present, I pull Lisa into my lap. She ends up sitting on my left thigh, facing across my lap. Once I have her situated, I look past her towards Misty.

As I turn my attention back to Misty, she whips off the bikini top and tosses it aside. She must have already unfastened it and been holding it in place with her hand. Her timing is excellent. After staring for a moment or two, I realize that she has been moving gradually closer. I could almost reach out and touch her now.

Lisa starts to wiggle in my lap. After some effort, I manage to pull my eyes away from Misty. The neckline of Lisa’s maid costume easily pulls down below her tits. Now I can kiss and caress them without obstruction. All of this stimulation starts to produce a new erection. I pull Lisa’s right hand down between my thighs so that she can provide additional encouragement.

After a fairly short time, I am ready to go again. I stand up, sliding Lisa off of my lap. The boxers fall the rest of the way to the floor. Picking Lisa up, I wrap her legs around my waist. Now I can sit back down while lining her up with my erection. She ends up sitting on my lap, facing me. I end up sliding inside of her. After holding her hips still for a moment to savoring that feeling, I let her begin moving. Her tits are still out of her dress and they move nicely against my chest. I enjoy kissing and nibbling her face and neck as my arms help move her up and down on my lap.

Eventually, I remember to look over Lisa’s shoulder at poor Misty. My command to become aroused while dancing has apparently worked very well. She is close enough now that her knees touch mine on and off. She is mostly standing in one place, writhing to the music. She is still running her hands all over her body, but they seem to be spending more and more time down at the front of her thong.

Nipping Lisa’s neck starts to drive her over the edge into an orgasm. This sets me off as well. A moment later, I remember to bite her neck again. This bite draws a bit of real blood. Lisa throws her head back in a silent scream while the rest of her body goes rigid. After several long moments of quivering, she suddenly goes limp in my arms. I hold her until her breathing slows down to normal. “Don’t sleep. I will call for you again soon.” After she nods, I slide her sideways until she is lying down on the sofa.

Now it’s Misty’s turn. When I stand, Misty is close enough to press her breasts against my chest. I grab her shoulders. “Stop dancing. Look at me.” She has to tilt her head far back to comply.

“You have danced well and now you will be rewarded.” Her eyes go wide and she nods rapidly. I slide my hands down her arms to her wrists. When I press her hands to the front of her thong, she takes the hint and begins stroking herself. I put my left arm around her and pull her tight against me. She is a delectable armful, plus I don’t want her to hit the floor like Lisa almost did earlier. My right hand flips the veil off of her face and up onto her head. She tips her head to the side, exposing her neck for me. Her eyes stay locked on mine.

I slowly lean towards her neck, pausing when my mouth is almost touching her. “You are mine.” My right thumb under her chin suddenly pushes her head even farther to the side. I bite. Misty thrashes and screams through her massive orgasm. She has been building up to this for a long time and her orgasm seems to last forever. When she finally calms down, I lower her to the floor and then touch her neck to ‘heal’ it. “Rest here.”

After retrieving my boxers, I check on Lisa. She looks up expectantly when I touch her. “Alice, fix you uniform, then make a quick snack for you and Misty.”

She answers, “Yes Master. Of course Master.” while sitting up and tucking herself back into her dress. While she heads into the kitchen, I go down the hall to make up the guest room. I have to go upstairs to find sheets for the bed. By the time I get back to the living room, Lisa is standing like a statue, just inside the kitchen. She has a plate with 2 half sandwiches held in front of her.

“Misty, go into the kitchen with Alice and both of you eat your snacks.” While they are eating, I put my clothes back on, minus the cape. After turning off the music, I look back into the kitchen. They are finishing up the sandwiches, along with glasses of water.

“Alice clean up the kitchen. Misty come with me.”

Misty follows me to the guest room. I have her removed the ponytail, jewelry and belt before getting into the bed.

I stare into her eyes and watch her relax more and more. After about 30 seconds, she is limp and glassy eyed. “You will sleep until I awaken you.” I touch her forehead. “Sleep now.”

Once back in the kitchen, I see the snack remains are cleaned up. Lisa is getting out the floor cleaner and a scrub brush. “That is enough, Alice. Put that stuff away and come here.”

Once she is standing stiffly in front of me, I caress her cheek and say, “I have had a wonderful evening Lisa.” I didn’t get to see her transformation last time, so I study her face closely now. She looks startled for a second, then her eyes roll up for another second. As her eyes roll back down, her rigid posture relaxes to normal. She blinks at me a few times and then suddenly grabs me into a tight hug.

“Thank you. Thank you. That was fantastic. Better than I’d even hoped for.” After a minute or so of silently holding on to me, she continues. “The photographic memory suggestions worked. I can remember everything so clearly. It’s like watching a movie, but I am in it.” After a few more seconds, she pulls back enough to look at my face. “When did you and Keith add this Misty character to the script? She seemed so real.”

“Uh…yeah. About Misty. You should come look in the guest room.”

Twenty minutes later.

“Mark, it’s horrible. She’s been living in fear, hiding from vampires every day for 5 years. No home. No family. No friends. We have to help her.”

“I know. I have a plan. I went over it with Keith and he liked it. It involves you being a newly created vampire. Please go clean up and change into your long silk kimono. Make yourself look pale and vampire-like. Also, please find some warm clothes for Misty to wear home. Give her something she can keep. Remember not to smile or show her your teeth since we don’t have another set of fangs for you. Meanwhile, I’m going to grab some real food. Pretending to suck you blood is fun, but not very filling.”


I hear Master’s voice calling me awake. I sit up and blink. Then I blink again in surprise. I am really awake. I haven’t been really awake since the start of the costume contest.

‘It must be time. Master must be hungry.’

I’m afraid to look at Master, so I look around the rest of the room. I see Alice. She looks different so I study her face. “Oh, you changed her. I can see she isn't human anymore.”

“Yes, she is forever my vampire slave. I didn’t like her old name. I have named her Lisa. Do not use her old name, ever.”

“Yes Master, I will remember Mistress Lisa’s name.”

I look away from her face and down at my lap. I want to be awake for as long as I can before the end, so I have to avoid looking at his eyes.

“Misty, I won’t be drinking the rest of your blood today.”

Surprise jerks my head up, but I manage to keep my eyes from going higher than his chin. I drop my head back down.

‘Crush that flare of hope. He only said not today.’

“I don’t understand, Master.”

“My hunting isn’t always as easy as it was tonight. I have decided to save you and your blood for later. There may come a time when I am urgently hungry but can’t easily hunt. Then I will summon you for your blood. Until then, I want you to go about living a normal life. You must remain in this city so you can return to me quickly. Start looking for a stable, long term job. I want you to keep yourself fit and healthy. When I want your blood, you will feel an irresistible pull in your mind.”

I’m stunned. This is so different from what I was expecting. I can’t process it for several moments. I finally look up to his mouth, but no higher. “You’re saving me for when you don’t have anything better to eat? I’m like your frozen microwave dinner?”

He smiles “Yes, just like that. You have served me well and now you have amused me. I may call you back at some point just to play with you some more.”

He cups my chin and pulls my face up. I know he wants me to look in his eyes. I am not afraid to now. I am going to leave here alive! I gaze straight into Master’s eyes and feel everything fall away. The world fades until there is nothing but his eyes and voice.

“You are mine forever. To everyone else, you will seem like a normal woman. We both know, however, that you are really my puppet.”

“I’m your puppet, Master.”

“No human or other vampire can mesmerize you. A puppet can’t be hypnotized. It is silly to even try.” An image of someone swinging a pocket watch in front of a wooden puppet appears briefly in my mind. “A puppet can only be controlled by the one who holds her strings. Who will always hold your strings, Misty?”

“You, Master.”

I feel Master’s hand brush along my neck where he bit me last night. My body shudders with a combination of desire and fear. Mostly desire. Part of me wants to feel the mind blowing pleasure of his bit again, right now, even if it would kill me.

“You can’t see it, but you are marked. Every vampire will know that you are already mine. None of them can steal you away from me.”

Master moves back and Alice/Lisa moves into view. “Put these clothes on.” She helps me into an unfamiliar sweat shirt and sweat pants, then the shoes I wore with my costume.

Master moves back into view. “You are going to go into a deep trance now.” His finger touches my forehead. Darkness.

The next instant, I am unlocking the door of my apartment. My left hand is tightly gripping a crumpled piece of paper. Even before I finish unfolding it, I know that it contains an email address. That is how I will keep Master updated on how to contact me.

There is money folded inside the paper! Five brand new $100 bills! ‘This must be from the costume contest.’ I have to touch each bill to convince myself that they are real. Finally, I look past my hand and notice my clothes. I am wearing just my shoes and panties, along with the borrowed sweat suit.

‘I guess Master kept the costume.’

I feel a cold rush of fear. ‘My coat, with my necklace! I have to go to the club right now and get my cross necklace!’

Then, a stunning though crashes through my fear. I don’t need vampire protection any more. I am Master’s slave, but I am also more free than I have been in years. I push open the door and step into a new life.

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