Mad but not Angry

by Qxvw198

Tags: #brainwashing #dom:male #f/m #slave #spiral #sub:female

Melanie plans to brainwash Gerald. He has other plans.

Part 2 of this story may seem disjointed. I am trying to portray Gerald’s thoughts while he is trapped in front of a hypno-spiral machine. Over and over, his mind starts to be ‘pulled in’ by the spiral and then ‘jumps away’ to a new train of thought.

Mad, but not Angry

Part 1

Gerald reaches around slave number 79’s waist and begins rubbing slave number 81’s clit. Gerald is seated in a large comfortable chair. Slave 79 is nude and sitting astride Gerald’s lap. She is doing the splits with her thighs on the arms of the chair. Her hands grip the chair’s arms right behind her thighs. Her arms lift her body up and down on Gerald’s erection. She keeps pace with a precision that only a mindless drone can maintain. The former gymnast’s strength, flexibility and mindless devotion make slave 79 an impressive sex doll. Gerald expects to sell her for an unusually large price.

Slave 81 is bending forward past slave 79’s shoulder to kiss Gerald. Each time Gerald strokes her clit, slave 81 shudders and tries even harder to swallow his tongue.

A third slave stands like a statue just inside the doorway to Gerald’s right. Her expression is as blank as her mind. She is holding a platter with some drinks and snacks. The door bell rings. Gerald glances at the motionless slave.

“Number 78 activate.” She turns her head enough to look at Gerald with her empty eyes. “Go answer the door.”

Slave number 78 pivots robotically, deposits the platter onto an end table and then walks stiffly out into the hallway.

Gerald returns to kissing and stroking slave 81. Slave 79 never pauses. After a few moments, Gerald hears footsteps coming back into the room. He is still focused on the nibbling slave 81’s neck, so his voice sounds distracted. “Number 78, who was at the door?”

An unfamiliar voice answers, “I was.”

Gerald tries to swing his left wrist around and aim his watch at the intruder. Before he can push slave 79 out of the way, however, the intruder fires her Taser. Gerald’s vision explodes into bright flashes for a moment and then goes dark.

Part 2

Gerald can tell that things are all wrong even before he finishes waking up. He tries to look around and finds himself tied to a chair. Specifically his ankles, waist, wrists, and neck all have leather straps belting them to the chair.

He looks at the ceiling in exasperation and thinks, ‘Not again! I have to remember: only allow slaves that still have at least half of a brain answer the door. You’d think I’d have it down by now.’ Sigh. ‘I guess that would be easier to do if I made a point of leaving some of the women I brainwash with half of a brain.’

Gerald closes his eyes and tips his head back down. ‘Some days I wonder if being a Mad Scientist is worth all of the hassles. Well, no one said that chasing my dream would be easy.’ Sigh. ‘If someone is going to waste my day by trying to kidnap and brainwash me, I hope they at least make it a challenge. I may as well get started.’

As his eyes open, he gets his first good look at the room around him.

‘Ooooo, someone made a hypno-spiral. It’s not bad, but not great either. I’ll grade it as a “B” or “B-“. It is definitely not professional grade work. Still, it does look swirly and relaxing and spins like...

Like a clock. I wonder what time it is. Damn, my watch is gone. The decorative spiral on my watch has the same sort of color pattern as this hypno-spiral. The spiral is nice, and colorful, and calming just like my...

My watch. Except my watch has a clear, reflective crystal over the lovely, relaxing spiral, like a...

A window. Is there a window in this room? That would give me a clue about the time. Some of the light hitting the spiral seems like natural light. It really brings out those spirally, relaxing colors...

Ha! Those colors aren’t as carefully matched as my watch’s colors. The strap holding my left wrist is exactly where my watch should be. Hmmm...Is the strap on my left wrist a bit looser than my right? I think I can wiggle my left wrist a bit more. Not really enough to do any good, however. They must have put the strap on first and then taken off my watch. Not rechecking the strap before starting the spiral was sloppy. The spiral’s colors are a bit sloppy; it is still rather nice looking with the uniform, natural lighting...

Natural light. The natural light is coming from over there. I can't turn my head far enough with this neck strap, but there must be a window back there. The sunlight really does make the spiral look like...

My watch’s spiral was a real hassle to get custom made. I’ll have to get it back first thing after I escape. Whoever did this had better not have damaged my special watch.

Watching. Whoever is doing this must not be watching me. Some music just started but I'm not in a deep enough trance for stage 2. I can’t quite understand the words, but I can tell there are subliminal messages in the music. Of course, by definition, that means they are not subliminal.

The music must be on an automatic timer. That is so unprofessional. I always say, if you are going to brainwash someone, there is nothing like a 'hands on' approach.

Hee hee, yeah, hee hee; 'hands on' is my favorite way of working with a new slave girl. I wonder which slave this hypno-spiral is 'pay back' for? I think the spiral's colors have changed. If I try really hard I should be able to...

To wiggle my left ankle. Is the strap on my left ankle a bit looser as well? Yes, it definitely is looser than the right. I suppose that could mean that the left side of my body is smaller sized than the right side. No, I would have noticed that by now. It must be crappy bindings on a crappy chair. The crappy chair isn’t even straight. It is at least 5 degrees off. It should be pointing straight at the nice soothing...

Soothing music?! They call this abomination music? How am I supposed to be soothed by this... (fake gagging sounds)...although the beat does fit right in with the spiral’s spinning...

Spinning slave girls, dancing for me, are even more interesting...slave girls like Angela or Sarah. This is probably someone’s idea of revenge for me enslaving one of them. It can't be about any of the newest slaves. This place must have taken a while to set up. You can't just go on eBay and find such a nice, soothing, swirly, well lighted...

The lighting has shifted. That means that the sun has moved. It must be late afternoon. That means I missed breakfast, and lunch, and my...

My lovely slaves. This must be about Sarah or Angela. Are those still their names? Those special orders pay well, but completely re-writing a personality is a lot of extra work. Still, I can always rely on my top quality hypno-spiral to do the job. This hypno-spiral isn't top quality, but it is kind of soothing and relaxing...

Relaxing my left hand completely lets me move it back and forth at least 2.7 centimeters. That isn't quite enough to pull free, but I might be able to use it somehow.

Somehow, this new song is worse than the last one. I didn't think that was possible. Whoever composed this deserves a complete brain wipe. I wonder if that is the alleged plan for me. A brain wipe that starts with me staring at this colorful, spinning...

Spinning. How is that spiral’s movement driven? I heard a faint 60 cycle hum before that revolting excuse for music started. The lights aren't florescent, so the spiral must be running on an electric motor plugged into a wall socket. It must be plugged in through a low budget transformer to make that much humming noise. I wonder what happens if the power goes out? I can't see whoever built this mess being smart enough to get a back-up generator. One squirrel on the correct power lines and BOOM; that spiral would shut down. If I concentrate, I think I can figure out what that nice, calm spiral would look like stopped...

Stop. It is about time for this stage to stop. The next automatic timer or whatever should be going off about now. Whoever this is will have to come in here in person for stage 3. I hope she is cute. I know it is a woman. A man would never bother with such an elaborate and time consuming form of payback. For a man, one simple car bomb and your revenge is accomplished. She must be really proud of herself for putting all of this together from scratch. Only someone who has studied a lot of physics could pull even this much off. Well, she is either the best friend of or the sister of a woman who was beautiful enough to catch my eye. So, odds are good she is worth seeing as well. Seeing the spiral. Watching...

Watch. I hope she is wearing my watch. Then I could ask her the time and get her looking at the spiral on my watch. My watch is better than this spiral, and it is only a little watch. Like many areas of life, size does matter but not as much as what you can do with the size you have. The colors on this spiral are changing again, I think...

I think that I hear footsteps! She must be right outside the door. Let’s see, I could ‘pay dead’; and act like the spiral worked. Nah, I have a better idea. Her pride shall be her downfall. Besides, I love manipulating and insulting people.’

The hypno-spiral is located between Gerald and the door. He focuses his attention on the space beside the spiral while listening to someone enter through the door. When she steps into view beside the spiral, Gerald isn’t surprised to see the woman who got past Number 78 and Tasered him. His professional assessment of her slave worthiness is positive. She is about average height, so a bit shorter than the fashion models he usually collects. Her medium brown hair almost touches her shoulders. Her skin color is very light, so she apparently doesn’t get much sun. She has generous curves that would work well for a lingerie model. Her blue eyes sparkle with determination.

He clears his throat. “Hey beautiful; have you ever considered doing any modeling. I happen to run a modeling agency.”

Melanie gasps and steps back, partially behind the spiral. “You’re not supposed to be still awake. You should be ready for...”

“For stage 3. Yes, I know. I do this for a living. You don’t have to be insulting.”

“But..but..How did you?”

“How did I avoid being mesmerized? I’m pretty sure it is because you built a crappy hypno-spiral. It is too boring to hold my attention. I kept getting distracted. And don’t get me started on that awful excuse for subliminal music. A light jazz instrumental version of Ozzy Osborne is SO wrong on SO many levels that I can’t even begin to...”

“Shut up!” Melanie takes an angry step out from behind the spiral. “My hypno-spiral works perfectly. I know it does. Everyone I tested it on always got pulled into...”

“BORING! It is too boring. I was right. Even with better lighting, you still have the face and body of a lingerie model. Honestly, the only way you could keep my attention is if you ditched your top, got some pasties with tassels, and jiggled those nice tits so that each tassel spun in a different direction.”

“You PIG! You ANIMAL! I...I...”

“If you’d paid attention in your science classes then you would know that pigs are animals. It is redundant to call me both.”

She is too angry to speak for several seconds. “Argh! Never mind. My spiral’s design is perfect. I went over it and over it. I tested it and tested it. It can’t be my design. It can’t...”

“Well, I suppose it could be malfunctioning somehow.”

“Yes! That must be it. That must be why it isn’t working right.”

“Well, sweetie, now that I actually look at it; your hypno-spiral looks like it is working fine. I really think you’ll have to go with the ‘faulty design’ explanation for why it is not working on me.”

“No, you can’t be right. There must be something wrong with the mechanism. Let me look...” She rummages around the back side of the hypno-spiral while he hums badly off key with the music.

‘Even if I try, I can’t make this music sound worse. You know, that could indicate the composer has some real talent; in a twisted sort of way. Still deserves a brain wipe, but some talent none the less.’

Melanie steps back out from behind the spiral. “Nothing. Nothing is wrong with it. I can’t find anything that would make it...”

“See, I told you. It is a defective design. You really should have listened to my advice and gone with the topless tit-tassel twirling.”

“No, No! It can’t be my design. There must be something wrong with the front side.”

“The front side looks fine to me, sweet tits, just boring. Of course, I don’t know what it is supposed to look like. You are the only one who knows what it is supposed to look like.” <snicker> “Well, you could safely check your hypno-spiral by standing way off to the side of it. However, I think you should come around here by me for a better look. Of course, then you’d space out faster than you do at physics lectures.”

Melanie looks indignant. “I never space out in physics lectures. Plus, I can see right through your weak attempt to get me trapped by my own spiral. I’ll just stand way off to the side of my hypno-spiral. Then I can check it safely.”

Melanie moves forward enough to barely see the front of the hypno-spiral. She studies it for a few moments. “Hmm, I can’t see anything wrong from here either.”

“See, I was right. Bad design due to blond-headed stupidity.”

“My hair is not blond!”

“That’s because you dye it.”

Gasp! “How did you know?”

“I am a professional assessor of future sex slaves. How did you think I knew?” ‘I was just guessing, but I’m not going to tell her that.’

“So, Sugar Buns, you can’t see anything wrong with it. That means you have to admit that I was right about the crappy design don’t you?”

“No! Never! I just can’t see the problem from here, but I can’t come around...”

“You mean you don’t want to come around here by me. If you come over here, then you still won’t find anything wrong with your crappy hypno-spiral. Then you would have to admit that I am right. I can see that you would rather hide over there and make up lame excuses for your incompetence. I mean, come on! If your hypno-spiral really isn’t working correctly, then you could come right around here by me without any worries. I’m doing just fine sitting over here in front of this stupid thing and I still don’t see anything wrong with it. You are just afraid to admit that I am right.”

Gerald notices that Melanie takes longer to respond than usual. She quietly says, “But...but...I”. He smiles when she doesn’t take her eyes off of the spiral while answering.

Gerald drops the taunting tone of voice. He speaks more slowly and deliberately. “You must either admit that I am right or you must come here and show me this malfunction you claim is happening.”

After several seconds, she finally pulls her eyes away from the spiral and looks at Gerald. “All right, I have had it with you, you bastard. I am going to find that malfunction. Then I am going to fix it and melt your brains for what you did to Sarah.” She stalks around to stand right beside the chair, glaring at him the whole way over. Then she turns to look at the spiral.

“Ohhhh...Oh No...I shouldn’t be...”

“You should keep looking for a malfunction or you will have to tell me that I am right. Do you want to tell me that I am right?”


“Then you must keep looking for that malfunction. Keep looking at the spiral for the malfunction. You must keep looking at the spiral. You must keep looking.”

“I must keep looking...”

“You don’t see a malfunction yet, but you know it has to be there. You need a better view of the spiral to help find the malfunction.”

“I need a better view.”

“You need to have your head right in front of the spiral, right where mine is. You need me to move my head.”

“Right in front...”

“You need me to move my head but I can’t as long as this band is around my neck. You need to unfasten the band around my neck so I can move.”

“Wait...I shouldn’t...”

“It’s OK. My arms and legs and waist are still bound, so you can unfasten my neck safely.”

“It’s OK. I can unfasten you neck safely.” She slowly unfastens the neck strap without taking her eyes off of the spiral. She leans her head down next to his face.

Gerald takes a quiet sniff. ‘She smells nice, but who wears perfume to a brainwashing?’

“I still can’t get out of your way enough. You need to loosen my left wrist. Don’t unfasten it. That would not be safe. Just loosening it is safe.”

“Loosening it is safe.” She slowly reaches down and loosens the left wrist strap by one notch. Her eyes are still fixed on the spiral, so she doesn’t see Gerald relax his left hand and slip it free of the strap.

“There, now I’m leaning out of the way and you can get a better look at the spiral to see the malfunction.” She leans her head closer while he uses his left hand to unfasten his right hand, the waist strap and both feet. “You still can’t see the malfunction, but you know it must be there. You need an even better view of the spiral.”

“I need an even better view.”

“The person sitting in the chair has the best view of all. So, you need to sit in the chair to find the malfunction.”

“Sit in the chair?”

“You have to sit in the chair to find the malfunction or you have to tell me that I am right. You don’t want to tell me that I am right, so you must sit in the chair now.”

“I must sit in the chair now.”

He slips out of the chair and squats to one side of it, careful not to block her view. She slides into the chair, still staring fixedly at her own hypno-spiral. He starts fastening the straps around her ankles and waist. He leaves them loose enough to barely touch her. She doesn’t notice any of this.

Gerald whispers into her ear. “The malfunction must be in the center of the spiral. Keep staring at the center of the spiral until you see a malfunction.” He gently fastens the straps around her wrists. They are loose enough to hardly touch her. They are also loose enough that she could pull free if she slid her hands backwards along the arms of the chair. Her first instinctive reaction, however, will be to jerk her hands up. The straps will block that type of movement.

“You will see the problem in just a moment, so keep watching the spiral so you don’t miss it.”

He quickly slaps the neck band into place and pulls it tight. She gasps and looks at him. Her mind is sluggish, so she just stares at him for a moment. This gives him time to pull the wrist straps tight. Finally, her brain kicks into gear. “NO NO NO! Let me go!” She starts to struggle but Gerald is easily able to tighten the waist and ankle straps.

She continues to struggle as Gerald re-checks each strap for any slack. ‘Hmm, she isn’t wearing my watch, or any watch for that matter. I wonder what sort of timer she was using.’

Melanie is getting more and more panicked. “No. Please, no.” She starts screaming. “Help me someone! Help me!”

Gerald pokes her stomach, hard. This makes her pause to catch her breath.

“Slapping hysterical women is such a cliché. Besides, I don’t want any marks on your pretty face. Now, quit screaming. Surely even you were smart enough to make this room sound-proof.”

Melanie’s eyes start to tear up as her hopes of escape drain away. “You can’t do this. No. Please don’t do this. I just want Sarah. Please, please, just let me have Sarah. I don’t have anyone else. She is my only real friend. Please, please...” Her voice fades out to a whisper and her head drops to her chest in heart-wrenching despair.

Gerald steps right in front of her, blocking her view of the hypno-spiral. “Look at me.” He has to grab her chin and lift her head up to look at him. “That was such a moving plea.” He looks at her sympathetically for a moment. Then he leans in close to her face and shouts “Amateur!”

He releases her chin and stands back up straight. She stares at him with wide, fearful eyes. “In a moment, I am going to step to the side.” Melanie turns her head to the away, trying to get her eyes as far away from the hypno-spiral as she can.

Gerald continues, “Then you will have an unobstructed view of the hypno-spiral. You know that won’t be able to avoid glancing at it. You know that it will trap your eyes. You know that you will fall into a trance and become my slave.”

She stops trying to turn away and gives a sigh of complete resignation. She looks up at him with huge, sad eyes. “I just want Sarah back.”

“Aren’t you going to start offering me everything you own in exchange for Sarah?”

“Why bother? You’ll have everything of mine anyway after you enslave me.”

“Hmmm, maybe your brain isn’t a complete waste of nerve cells.” He switches to a quiet, almost sympathetic voice. “Sarah is mine. I have done a professional job on her, like I do with all of the women I take. Even if you had her in this chair, you couldn’t break my control.”

Her head slumps down in defeat. “Why didn’t my hypno-spiral work on you?”

“This spiral always worked for you?”

“Yes, every time I tested it.”

"And you tested it on as many normal adults as you could find, including yourself, right?"

"Yes, of course."

His voice gets suddenly louder. "Then that is your problem.” He pauses until he is sure he has her full attention. “You don't call someone a mad scientist because he is angry all of the time. You call someone a mad scientist because he is mentally DISTURBED."

Her eyes widen in fear and she leans as far back in the chair as she can. “You really are crazy.” She struggles harder than ever for a moment, but quickly gives up.

Gerald puts as much contempt as he can into, "Duh!"

"But, I never suspected..."

"Oh come on; even my business cards say 'Gerald Jones; Mad Scientist'.” He pats her cheek affectionately. “Sweetie, you didn’t need a hypno-spiral that works on normal people. You needed a hypno-spiral that works on abnormal people. Now, if you had bothered to pick up my medications when you kidnapped me, you might have had better results. I am even less normal when I don't take all 5 of my psychiatric medications.”

He mimics a female voice. “Oh wonderful future Master, how does that help you avoid the spiral’s effects?”

He shifts back to his normal voice. “I’m glad you asked, beautiful future slave girl. One of my official diagnoses is severe Attention Deficit Disorder. Without my medications, my mind zips around from topic to topic so fast it would make you head spin. Not literally, of course. That would break your neck. I can’t focus on one thing, like your hypno-spiral, for more than few seconds at a time. About the only thing I can focus on without my medication is sexy women. So, I was being truthful when I said that the topless tit-tassel twirling would have worked.”

"How can you be so evil? You kidnap women. You brainwash them and force them to become sex slaves. How can you live with yourself?”

“What! I'm not evil. Actually, you are the evil one. I am doing the world a favor by getting someone like you off of the streets."

Melanie sputters a moment. "How can you say I'm the evil one?"

"Well, you did kidnapped me. You did try to brainwash me against my will..."

"But, that is exactly what you did to Sarah!"

"I did not! How can you spread such horrible lies about me? Sarah walked into my modeling agency all by herself. One of my recruiting slaves had ‘chatted her up’ and given her one of my business cards. The recruiting slaves tell people that the ‘mad scientist’ part refers to the high tech photography and photo editing equipment I have invented. Anyway, Sarah walking in and signed a contract agreeing to become a brainwashed sex slave. I assure you that she signed it of her own free will."

"She would never have done that."

"Well, the sex slave part is on page 6 of the 8 page contract she signed when she joined my modeling agency. I guess it's possible she didn't read that part. Still, she did sign it."

"But, no one actually reads contracts. They never make any sense."

"I always read contracts. They make perfect sense to me. Actually, that is probably one of the strongest indicators that I am mentally disturbed. Anyway, a few women do read that part of the contract and, for some reason, get very upset. I tell them that it was a test to see who actually reads the contract. I tell them that the women who don't notice that part don't get modeling jobs. Every bit of that is perfectly true. Then I give those more observant women a normal contract. They really do get modeling jobs. I have to run a legitimate modeling agency to keep the supply of new recruits coming in."

“But, if Sarah didn’t read the whole contract, how can you say it was her own free will?”

Gerald stands with his arms folded across his chest, looking very smug. “If you sign a contract with, say, your landlord without reading it; are still required to follow through with the contract’s provisions?” He stares at her until she nods slightly. “My arrangement is all neat and legal. You are the one who has committed several felonies.”

Melanie just stares at him, looking stunned.

Gerald relaxes his pose and pats her head. "Normally, this sort of situation calls for me to rain horrible vengeance down upon you. I would brainwash you to obey me, like I do with all of my slaves. I would, however, skip the part that makes you enjoy obeying me. Then I would command you to do all sorts of humiliating and painful things until I have completely crushed your spirit. Finally, I would sell the soulless shell you have become to some loser for twelve dollars and fifty-seven cents. That includes sales tax."

Her stunned look gives way to horror. "No, please. I'm so sorry. All I want is to see Sarah again. I won’t commit any more crimes, ever. I’ll be so good. I really will. Just please don’t melt my brain."

"Well, lucky for you, I have decided to be magnanimous. Given all that you did to me, that probably means I need my medications changed. You know, it is really hard to find a good psychiatrist who accepts payment in the form of brainwashed sex slaves. They have all of those annoying ethics and such. Anyway, I have decided to keep you and Sarah as my matching pair of adoring sex slaves. So, you won’t just get to see Sarah again. You will always be together. That is even better than what you said you wanted, isn’t it?"

"Umm, yes. That is way better than my other choices. Thank you...uh...thank you, Master."

“Maybe you do have half a brain.” He pats her on the head and then steps to one side. “I know! I’m going to put you in charge of answering the door.”

Melanie is afraid to ask why that makes him laugh so hard, so she just locks her eyes on the center of the hypno-spiral.

Part 3

Gerald wakes up from napping in his favorite chair and sees that no one else is in the room. He is horny so he summons Sarah and Melanie. They arrive together in coordinating outfits.

Melanie’s hair color is now blond. She is wearing a black and white French Maid outfit. The dress is very short. If she sits or bends, then anyone can tell that she is a natural blond.

Sarah has a darker complexion and black hair indicating a strong Native American background. She is taller and slimmer than Melanie, but still has a pleasing amount of curves. Sarah is wearing a red and white French Maid outfit that is also indecently short.

Melanie begins kissing Gerald while he pulls her dress down enough to access her tits. Sarah knees and begins a blow job. Things have hardly gotten started when the door bell rings. Melanie groans in frustration and pulls away from Gerald. He pulls Sarah onto his lap. She wraps her legs around his waist and slowly slides down until his erection is completely inside her. Gerald begins kissing her as he pulls down the front of her dress. She kisses back while rocking her hips and squeezing her internal muscles around him.

Melanie quickly makes her dress as decent as possible then heads out of the room. She scoops up a small purse that matches her dress from a chair by the door. She slips her hand into the purse and flips a switch to begin charging her Taser as she heads down the hall towards the front door.

Sarah rapidly gets more excited as she bounces up and down on Gerald’s cock. She throws her head back and begins moaning and begging incoherently as she and Gerald rapidly approach a simultaneous climax. Sarah’s moans become a single drawn-out cry of pleasure as her body shudders rhythmically while Gerald spurts inside her. By the time her pleasure finally ends, she is barely conscious. She collapses limply against Gerald’s chest.

Gerald starts to run his hands up under Sarah's dress but is distracted by a noise in the hallway. Melanie stops in the doorway. She is dragging an unconscious woman by the collar of her jacket.

“So, Melanie, is she anyone we know?”

“Master, she is my sister Jill.” She twists the jacket so that Gerald can see the unconscious woman’s face.

“Yes, she does look a lot like you.”

“She has apparently been searching for me. Would you like me to take her on to the programming room and begin her enslavement?”

“Yes, go get her started. I will be there shortly. Also, get one of your French Maid dresses ready for her. I think that I will be keeping her right along with you and Sarah. You and Jill can take turns answering the door.”


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