by QuipsAndChains

Tags: #bondage #dom:male #f/m #microfiction #pov:bottom #sub:female #wicca

Dolly and her Master celebrate the Summer Solstice - And she’s this year’s ritual offering!

It was still dark when Dolly was rocked awake, Master’s grip firm on her shoulder.

   “Wake now, little one,” His voice whispered, the words a breath of warm air against her ear, “It’s time to start.” With a sigh, Dolly rolled over, blindly reaching for her glasses. No sooner had she stood up than Master had grabbed her from behind, planting a kiss against her lips and attaching the leash to her collar. He grinned as he gave it a little tug, “Blessed Solstice, pet.”

   Still rubbing the sleep from her eyes, Dolly allowed herself to be led out of the house and across the yard, right into the nearby field. Her body shivered slightly in the crisp morning air and she briefly considered complaining about the dewed grass sticking to her bare feet, but Dolly began finding it harder and harder to form thoughts as Master led her into a small clearing and the shape of the altar became clearer in the dark.

   Master pulled the leash to a halt in front of the table and gave it a short tug downwards; a silent command for dolly to kneel. She did so, silently grateful for the cushion he’d placed down for her.The altar, normally bare, had been covered with a cloth which dolly knew was coloured yellow, because Master had spent the past few weeks searching for the exact right shade of mustard. On top of the table rested two candles - One white, the other a rich gold.

   Master pulled a lighter from a pocket of his robes, lighting the two candles. “Focus on the candles, my little one,” He said, and Dolly’s eyes were instantly drawn to the twin flames, flickering back and forth.

“That’s a good girl,” Master’s voice began to resonate deeper inside her head as everything else faded into the background, “You’re sinking deeper. My little pet, my little witch.”

   Dolly nodded in silent agreement, still feeling all of her focus and attention drawn towards the candles, bringing her deeper and deeper into the glowing center with each breath.

“Now just sit there, focus, and meditate on the upcoming seasons like a good familiar.” The command made Dolly melt, and she visibly relaxed, letting her thoughts drift as the entire world faded out.

Dolly wasn’t sure how long she had been lost in prayer and meditation, but she awoke with a gentle warmth, surprisingly nonplussed at the rope keeping her arms and legs taught; each limb tied to a stake driven into the ground, pulling her spread-eagle. Master stood over her, the first rays of sunlight breaking the horizon and making his face practically glow. As the sun rose and the light began to slowly light Dolly’s body, his face broke into a feral grin that told dolly exactly what her role this Solstice was.

A sacrifice.

  Master’s voice began, “Mother Goddess, Lord Sun, I celebrate with you. I ask for your blessings, your energy.” He spoke slowly, deliberately; touching and groping Dolly as he did so. “I ask you for strength and stability.” Master continued, his cock teasing at her wet entrance. It teased along her folds and grazed over her clit. Dolly shivered and tried not to rock her hips as she responded with her own addition to the prayer, her voice practically vibrating with energy and arousal.

   “I ask that as the dark begins, the light of the sun will still shine bright among me. So mote it be.”

“So mote it be.” Master responded in kind before hilting himself in Dolly. She let out a cry as he thrust all the way in. Opening her eyes, Dolly gaped at the sight of her Owner; her Master and partner and love, bathed in the dawn light. Truly a sun god in every way. She thought. Then his cock slammed into her once again and she saw stars. The rhythm of Master fucking her deeply and slowly, as if there was nothing more to do in the world, made Dolly need to pray. The urge to revel in the Solstice sun and worship the deity fucking her senseless was overwhelming. 

   The sunlight streamed across her body and Dolly felt the energy building. With a shrill cry of pleasure, she enthusiastically gave herself to the feeling. The orgasm tore through her and Dolly tugged at the bonds, her cunt squeezing down on Master as he continued to rhythmically thrust. Dolly let herself fall into the ritual - the magic, the sensation of being one with her God, with the world around her, made Dolly break into a smile, then laughing and moaning and trying to find the right words to express the primal need roiling in her gut.

   With a roar, Master came, flooding Dolly with cum. He pulled out, letting his fluids mix with hers and leaving them to dribble down her thighs. He made no move to unbind Dolly, either. Instead, Master laid down beside dolly, one hand in her hair as the sun began to finally crest over the trees.

   “Blessed Litha, my little witch.” He whispered into her ear, as if afraid to break the silence.

“Blessed Litha, Master.” Dolly responded with a contented sigh, happy to lay there and worship all day.


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