Poke The Sadist

by QuipsAndChains

Tags: #D/s #dom:male #f/f #f/m #microfiction #sub:female #bondage #bratty_sub #consensual_non-consent #exhibitionism #humiliation #hypnotic_orgasms #Master/slave_language #multiple_partners #orgasm_denial #sadomasochism

Two brats push their Owners too far and pay for it.

"Look, all I'm saying is you need to give them a bit of pain on occasion, then they get a reminder that they have no control."

Anders grinned down at Maia, kneeling at his feet: "Isn't that right, little one?"  Maia beamed back at her Master, letting out a gentle sigh as his hand stroked her long brown hair. "Yes Master." She said with an air of worship, before she looked across the coffee table at the other slave and her own Dominant sitting on the other side. "Master believes strongly in maintenance beatings." she elaborated, "They help me remember my place and reinforce that my body is no longer my own."

Tony nodded silently, his fingers laced together as he pondered the conversation. He could feel Kennedy still silent at his feet - her legs crossed, head resting on his thigh. He took a breath before responding, "They can do that, yes. But I find with this one..." His hand brushed through Kennedy's hair before his fingers wrapped her golden locks in his palm and he gave a sharp tug, making Kennedy gasp and lift her head to attention. Tony continued as if nothing had happened, "... Needs to act out sometimes. Needs to earn her pain. But she knows exactly where that line is, and she damn well knows the consequences if she crosses it. Don't you, slut?"

Kennedy blushed brightly, nodding meekly as her Owner tightened his grip on her hair. He released her before turning back to Anders as if his slave wasn't even there, "The real trick is turning it around on her. It's just a game. I'm trying to outwit her, and she wants me to do it. Managing to use her own logic against her is the best way to make her give up."

As the two Dominants continued their conversation, Kennedy gave Maia a look and crawled over to the far end of the table, gesturing for Maia to join her. Maia looked at her Master, and with his nod of approval joined her friend, who had a mischievous gleam in her eye; one that Maia was all too familiar with.

"I have an idea," Kennedy leaned forward to whisper conspiratorially in Maia's ear, "let's play Poke the Sadist."

Maia rolled her eyes. Kennedy wanted to play that every time she visited, and it never ended well for either of them. "Really?" She whispered back, "Don't you already have that punishment coming already for last night? Or this morning?"

Kennedy huffed as she felt her face turning red again. Maia was right, and she hated it. She had spanked Tony and tried to blame it on her stuffed animals, and again his morning when she had been giving him a blowjob and then tried to walk away right before he came. "This will be different!" she hissed, "The usual rules: You have to poke harder every turn, no getting softer, and last one to get caught wins."

With another dramatic eye roll in Kennedy's direction, Maia turned and returned to her place at her Master's side, while Kennedy curled up at Tony's feet with a smug grin. The two Dominants were still deep in conversation, and looked like they hadn't been paying attention to what was going on between the two girls. Stifling a giggle, Kennedy lightly prodded her Owner's ankle with a finger. When he didn't react, she flashed a grin at her friend, who looked nervously at Asher before poking him in the thigh, making it look like she was adjusting her hair.

Kennedy scowled and mouthed, "Cheater." before working up a bit more courage. She reached down to fiddle with her collar, knocking her elbow against her Owner's calf and shooting him an apologetic look when he glared a warning at her. Oops. A little too hard. How would she top that without it being too obvious?

With a smirk that said she knew that she'd already won, Maia slowly reached down, ready to prod Anders' foot, when his hand shot out and grabbed her by the wrist, making Maia yelp.

"What do you think you're up to, little dolly? There are better ways to get Master's attention you know."

Maia's eyes widened with fear, and she gestured at the slave on the other side of the table, "It was Kennedy's idea." she whimpered, "She's the one that wanted to play Poke the Sadist!"

"Yeah but she cheated!" Kennedy cried, pointing back at Maia, "And that means I won!" 

"Oh, you won, did you?" Tony's voice growled in her ear. Kennedy knew that tone. It was the kind of tone that promised serious punishment, and only came out when she was really in trouble. "What did you win, slut? Hmm? Did you win a spanking?" She tensed up as her Owner's hand glided along her ass, giving it a light squeeze through her leggings, "Did you win a beating?" Tony continued, his free hand wrapping in her hair and tugging hard enough to leave Kennedy breathless. "Or did you think the prize was going to be pleasure?" He released her ass to brush over her clit through the thin grey leggings, causing her to tremble and whimper. As Kennedy looked across the table at Maia, she could see her friend was getting the same kind of rough, teasing treatment as her.

Maia's eyes were already glazed over as Anders held her with one hand grabbing the back of her neck, the other reaching under her skirt to play with her pussy: coaxing her body to new heights of arousal as he whispered something in her ear. Another sharp tug on Kennedy’s hair reminded her that she had her own predicament to focus on.

“Brats, both of them.” Tony muttered to Anders, “What are going to do with these two?”

Anders looked from his property to Kennedy before hissing one last command in Maia’s ear; a single word that made the girl quiver and droop a little, looking unresponsive, as if she were lost in her own world. He beckoned Tony over, who gave Kennedy one last warning glare that made her think twice about daring to move. The two men talked for a few minutes, muttering to themselves quietly enough that Kennedy couldn’t pick up what they were saying. Then, with a nod of agreement, they grabbed their slaves and roughly led the girls down the stairs and into the basement dungeon.

Kennedy struggled, but both Dominants grabbed one of her arms each and quickly tightened a pair of thick leather cuffs around her wrists, which were tied to a St. Andrew’s cross with an expert, practiced fluidity. A matching set of cuffs went around Kennedy’s ankles and were bound as well, leaving her splayed with her arms and legs spread wide. Kennedy whimpered as she tested the leather cuffs, and found them too tight to escape. As Tony tested the knots, she noticed Anders whispering more things in Maia’s ear, and the girl was nodding - her eyes blank, looking completely zoned out as he spoke to her.

Before Kennedy could react, Maia dropped to her knees and crawled between Kennedy’s legs, looking up at her friend with the same glazed expression. “Master says we’ve both been naughty girls and need to be punished.” Maia said with a small smile, her voice sounding far away and unfocused, “So he wants us to play another game.” She reached up and gently stroked the inside of Kennedy’s thighs, making the girl squirm and strain against the restraints. Even through the leggings, it felt so good. As if she hadn’t noticed the reaction, Maia continued. “I’m super deep in trance right now, because Master wanted my hypnotized for this. He wants me to make you feel good, but I’m not allowed to let you cum.”

Kennedy looked at Tony, shocked, “S-Sir?” she managed to stutter. Tony grinned and nodded, “The rules are simple,” he explained, “Maia is going to do everything in her power to tease you. If she manages to make you beg, she wins.” He approached slowly, taking out a pair of safety shears and expertly sliced away Kennedy’s leggings; her panties soon followed, leaving the girl naked from the waist down, with Maia blankly kneeling between her legs.

“How… How will I win, though?” she asked, looking nervously at the Dominants. Anders chuckled and shook his head, “That’s easy, you don’t.” he said with a wicked grin, “Maia, begin.”

With a happy sigh, Maia leaned forward and began lapping gently between Kennedy’s legs, causing the girl to let out a moan as her friend’s tongue slid over her slit, rhythmically teasing up and down. Maia’s hands reached up again to stroke all over Kennedy - Lightly scratching her thighs before grabbing Kennedy’s ass so Maia could bury her face deeper into  the girl’s pussy. Before long, Kennedy was moaning and panting. All she needed was one little touch on her clit, and she knew she would be able to cum. Just one small touch…

“And stop.” Tony’s voice rang out, and Kennedy let out a cry of frustration as Maia pulled away. Anders knelt down to whisper in the girl’s ear, dropping her deeper with each word. It made Kennedy a little jealous, but her Owner’s hot breath on her ear brought her out of her stupor. “You know,” he murmured, “I think I like you more like this. Maybe we should keep you in denial permanently. See if that fixes your attitude problem.” Just as she was about to protest, Kennedy felt Maia’s tongue on her pussy again, and the words got jumbled as the pleasure overwhelmed her once again. It felt like everything was falling away, and Kennedy was riding a wave of pure bliss that seemed to stretch on forever. She could distantly feel her friend’s fingers pumping in and out of her, and she was vaguely aware of a mouth sucking gently on her clit. Then the pleasure once again ended, and the stimulation was removed. Kennedy wanted to scream.

On and on the torture continued. Maia would quickly bring Kennedy to the brink of orgasm, then stop whenever she got too close. Kennedy had long ago lost track of how long the sadistic “game” had been going on; all she knew was that she was constantly right on the brink of orgasm, and as soon as she felt a pair of lips or a hand on her body, she was right back at the edge. It was like her entire body was one, big erogenous zone. They had taken turns hitting her with a crop while Maia’s face was buried in her cunt, but it was all Kennedy could to to hold on. Every time she tried to beg for mercy, or for the game to end, her friend’s tongue had returned; Maia’s tongue moving in ways that had Kennedy bucking her hips as the words turned into animalistic groans instead of pleas for release. She gave in and let the pleasure envelop her.

As Kennedy visibly relaxed and stopped fighting against her restraints, Tony grabbed her chin and looked into her eyes, which had glazed over and lacked any awareness. “She’s pretty subspaced out,” He said to Anders, “Damn, maybe I should keep her like this more often. She’s so much more compliant. I mean, not like you and your… voodoo shit.” He finished with a flippant wave of his hand. Anders just chuckled,

“It’s not ‘voodoo shit.’ It’s hypnosis. We’ve been over this. And that’s something you could do to her, too. We’ll talk about it when she’s more lucid. As for you,” he said, turning to Maia, who still looked blank and completely peaceful, “you’ve been a very good girl. Do you think you deserve a reward?”

The girl looked at her Master in awe. It never failed to make Anders’ heart flutter, the way her eyes looked whenever she saw him. It made Anders feel like his property made him the center of her world. “Yes Master, if that would please you, Master.” Maia’s voice was barely above a whisper as she relaxed. Anders grinned and, with one swift motion, wrapped his hand in Maia’s hair, giving it a sharp tug as he growled in her ear, “Cum for me, dolly. Cum, my good little whore.”

Maia trembled and shivered, trying not to make too much noise or give away the orgasm, as she’d been trained to do. Her eyes fluttered as the only evidence of her climax was her soft panting while Maia tried to catch her breath. She knelt in place while her Master and Tony began undoing Kennedy’s restraints and carried her into the spare bedroom to sleep.

Even in her deep, sleepy, tranced-out brain, Maia wondered when they’d get to play Poke the Sadist again.


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