Breaking Dolly

by QuipsAndChains

Tags: #cw:noncon #bondage #D/s #dom:male #drugs #m/f #sub:female #sensory_deprivation #twist_ending #vr

Dolly gets a new experience!

“And waking up in 3… 2… 1… Wide awake.”

Dolly blinked, slowly coming back to the surface. Coming out of trance always disappointed her slightly, for some reason. It felt much better to be deep and obedient 24/7. On the other hand, she decided as she felt a familiar wetness between her legs, it was much more exciting to wake up and not know where she was, what had been changed while she was under, or even how long it had been since she had last come up. Another shudder of arousal washed over Dolly, and she looked up at her Master’s face staring over her. What had He changed this time, she wondered. All she remembered was Master saying that He had a surprise for her, then whispering a few words in her ear, and then….. Nothing. She couldn’t even remember what He had said to her.
“Stand and follow, girl.”
Dolly complied without a second thought, as she’d been trained to do; her body rising from its kneeling position on its own, seemingly on autopilot. It was a bit unsteady - Clearly she had been kneeling there for quite a while. Her Master, deciding that He was in a less-than-patient mood, wrapped His hand in her long, brown hair and began dragging her down the hall. She let out tiny whimpers and moans with each tug, having no choice but to follow along. Master paused at the door to the “dungeon,” as He called it, fumbling with the key before opening the door wide.

The room that He had set aside as their dungeon had been changed dramatically, Dolly noted. No longer were the spanking bench and pads that she was used to; gone were the whips and crops and knives that found their home lining the red walls. Instead, the walls and floor had been completely cleared. In their place was a single long chair with stirrups - Much like one would expect to see in a gynecologist’s office - as well as a small shelved cart on wheels. She could make out various bulges and shapes underneath the sheet covering the cart, but it was impossible to figure out what it held.

Her Master turned back to her, His eyes filled with a familiar lust. “Strip, little dolly.” He said simply. His voice carried a certain tone that felt utterly dehumanizing. Before she could even register the command, Dolly’s arms were already lifting the sheer top up and over her head before dropping her skirt with an extra shimmy of her hips. Without a spare moment to wonder where she had learned to do that, her bra and panties joined the rest of her clothing on the floor, leaving Dolly naked in the comfortably cool room.With a curt nod, her Master wordlessly pointed at the chair, silently ordering her to sit. Dolly did so without a hint of resistance, placing her legs in the stirrups and getting her hands comfortable on the armrest. It was a little confusing, she had to admit. Where had He even managed to get something like this?
Without another word, her Master began to work - Quickly, and with an expert efficiency, He brought out the rope He had been hiding behind His back and looped it tight around the armrest, tightly securing Dolly’s wrists. He then repeated the knots on her other arm, effectively restraining her. Next came the ropes binding her legs in the stirrups. A flash of panic went through her mind before being squashed down. Every time she began to get scared, the fear was overpowered by a wave of arousal; exactly the way she had been conditioned to react. Before long, Dolly was completely restrained. Her limbs bound, legs spread lewdly, wriggling as much as she could in her arousal. Her Master let out a chuckle as He wheeled over the cart and lifted the cover, making sure to keep it hidden from her eyes. He withdrew a sleek VR headset and settled it on Dolly’s head. Her vision was reduced to nothingness.

All she heard next was a bit of shuffling, more wheels moving, and then something brushed against her hand and she jumped. The brush against her hand returned and Dolly realized with a sniff that it was an alcohol wipe. She began to search for her voice to protest, to say this wasn’t what she wanted, but couldn’t find the words. Suddenly, she felt a sharp prick in her hand before the needle was taped down. Dolly could hear Master fiddling with the IV bag for a moment before retreating to somewhere in the room beyond her perception. Torn between her burning arousal and her fear, she began to tire. Within a few minutes, the struggling stopped and she began to relax. Everything began to feel fuzzy and clouded. She couldn't even begin to work up the energy to move a muscle. It felt like her mind was too sleepy to think, and the few thoughts she did manage to have were dim and formless, like trying to grab a shadow. She felt almost…. What was the word? Drugged flashed through her mind for a moment, before sliding away.

Her Master returned, however, and Dolly felt His hand stroking her stomach, making her moan. Every inch of her skin felt so sensitive. His hand moved up to gently caress her breast before roughly pinching the nipple, making her yelp in pain and arousal. She could practically feel His chuckle as He moved down between her legs. His thumb found her clit, and her cries of pleasure grew louder as he toyed with it. She knew that she had been conditioned to be unable to climax until her Master said otherwise, which meant that He could keep this torture going for as long as He wanted. Dolly let out a groan of disappointment as the hand was removed, then a finger pressed against her sphincter. Her hips bucked as He rubbed the cold lube around, pressing inside her ass to make everything as slick as possible. Then a large toy pressed against her, stretching her as wide as she could take without screaming. The pressure abated as the rest of the plug slid in and tapered off, leaving only the flared base pressed against her rosebud. The process was repeated with her cunt - A gentle lubed finger, then a large toy stretching her out.

Finally, the last piece of the plan fell into place. She felt a pair of earbuds slide into her ears, cutting off Dolly’s hearing. The faint hiss of static began to grow in volume, and tiny dots sparkled in her vision, drawing her attention. They had no predictable pattern, but her eyes followed them nonetheless. As the lights danced and waved before her, she could barely make out a voice hidden in the white noise - A quiet murmuring, too quiet to make out. If she listened carefully, she could hear the faintest snatches of words.

Slave…. Obey your…. -thing else exists but my…. -ust a thing to be us-.... Not a person. Just an it.

As Dolly’s drug-addled mind scrambled to pick up the voice, two things happened at once. First, the vibrators stretching her out sprung to life, making her shriek as they pushed her arousal past the plateau of climax and onto a new path where it continued to build, constantly growing past the point where she was sure she couldn’t take the onslaught of pleasure any more. The second startling sensation was the screen in her helmet flashing. It was just like the words in her ears - Barely there, almost imperceptible, but the images and text flickered past her vision before she could even register most of them. Overloaded by so much sensation, her sleepy, foggy brain gave up and sank down, absorbing everything it was shown.

Her Master chuckled as he watched his property’s mind shattering under the assault. It had been simple enough to get the VR helmet and chair, but it was quite effective for the fantasy. He knew that she was aware, deep down, that the “drug” he had given her was nothing more than saline, but conditioning her to believe that it was a drug was a moment of pure genius on her part. And then making Dolly forget that she had asked for this in the first place? It was perfect. With another grin, he turned the lights off, leaving her to sit for a few hours. he had no idea how long He would keep her there - Maybe the rest of the day, maybe a week, if he could figure out how to do meals and bathroom breaks without waking her up.
Pondering his newest issue, he shut the door, leaving his fleshlight alone in the dark. Not that she would have recognized anything - Her mind was too far gone to recognize anything any more.


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