by QuipsAndChains

Tags: #f/nb #microfiction #orgasm_denial #sub:female #tech_control #D/s #edging #trigger

Dolly’s virtual assistant device turns against her.

Dolly awoke with a blink as the alarm pinged on the bedside table. 

"Okay Prism, good morning." She managed to mumble the command, silencing the blaring as she rolled back over, planning on getting just a little bit more shut-eye.

"Good morning, slut." the speaker beside her chirped in an artificial, stilted voice. Dolly jolted slightly and turned to look at it. She hadn't told it to call her that, had she? "What did you just-" "It is now 6 AM," the assistant continued without missing a beat, "The weather today is twenty-four degrees and mostly sunny. It's currently nine degrees and clear. Drop for me, Dolly."

Before she could even react, or have a chance to resist the trigger, dolly's thoughts emptied out, leaving her floating in a sea of confusion and peaceful arousal. As if on autopilot, her body sat up and knelt down on the floor in front of the small grey speaker. Dolly could barely work up the will to resist as she heard herself speaking through the haze of pleasure that was leading her into unconsciousness,

"Okay Prism, please brainwash me." Dolly's lips moved on their own as her mind struggled to remain awake, every thought taking conscious effort to hold on to. "Okay, slut," the speaker continued, its rhythm never changing from the monotone staccato, "drop for me, Dolly. You have one reminder set for today; obey Master and edge. Here's some music to help you start your day."

The speaker began to play the sound of a metronome ticking back and forth. With a gentle moan, Dolly felt her hand complying - dropping between her legs to slowly tease her clit. Expertly, she reached the edge and continued stroking; rhythmic, light brushes that held her just on the edge of climax. Each touch in sync with the sound of the metronome, leading Dolly deeper into trance as her mind shattered and sank.

Dolly wasn't sure how long she was edging, but her next conscious memory was the sound of Master's car pulling into the driveway and hearing Him enter the bedroom. But she couldn't look away from the speaker, she had to keep edging.

"Okay Prism, stop." Master's voice commanded, silencing the tick-tick-ticking of the metronome and freezing Dolly's hand in place. She let out a pathetic whimper as Master ran a hand through her long hair, "Did you like that, my little whore?" He asked, "I had to step out for some groceries, but figured you could use a nice surprise to wake up."

His hand grabbed Dolly's chin, forcing her to look into His eyes as He stared deep into her glazed, blank expression. "Cum for me, slut." He ordered at last. With a primal sound somewhere between a moan and a scream, Dolly felt the pleasure she had been building up release all at once. Her body squirmed and writhed and her hips bucked wildly, but she remained looking into Master's eyes, unable to tear herself away.

"I didn't say you could stop!" Master growled, wrapping His free hand around Dolly's throat and squeezing gently. "Keep. Cumming."

And so Dolly did. Her body thrashed and trembled, inhuman wails and moans erupting from her throat until she was positive that she would never be able to orgasm again. With a smirk, Master released her, unzipping His jeans. "Now it's my turn." He chuckled to no one in particular, seeing as Dolly was too dazed and tranced out to notice what was going on around her. "Okay Prism, play."

And as the gentle rhythm of the metronome began again, Dolly's mind sank back down into peaceful, happy, empty bliss.


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