Holly and the Hypno House

A confession

by Puarivol

Tags: #cw:ageplay #cw:noncon #dom:female #f/f #hypnosis #pov:bottom #sub:female #urban_fantasy #deprogramming #dollification #infantalisation #maidification #memory_play #objectification #petplay

All characters in this story are of legal age

The butler pulled open a door, and gestured for me to enter, I thanked him, and walked in. I knew immediately who’s room I was in, because everything was green. Everyone in this house seemed pretty committed to their color themes, but Lilith was pretty much obsessed. The carpet was green, the walls were green, the couch was green, the drapes were green, the bedspread was green. And sitting on that bed was Lilith, which was enough to make me concerned, but what made my blood go cold, is that Lily was there too, on the bed. With her head in her big sister's lap, fast asleep. This could not be good. The butler had already closed the door behind me, but I was still to surprised to react. 

“Ah, Holly we meet again…” the woman smiled at me, I could feel sweat beading down my forehead. I told myself to look away, to avert my eyes, but I was frozen in place. 

“Oh, don’t worry, I’m not going to hypnotize you again, my little puppy” her smile had curled up into a smirk now. I looked to Lily

“Lily! Wake up! You need to wake up right now! Please!” she didn’t even stir

“Sorry darling, my sister is waaay too deep to hear you, isn’t that right?”

She ran a hand though Lily’s hair and a smile flickered across my sleeping friend's face. It would have been cute if not for the context.

“I suppose you're just dying for an explanation, aren’t you?” I honestly wasn’t, I was wondering if Lily would wake up if I slapped her, or if she was too deep for even that to work.

“Well you see darling” Lilith carried on, “I have been getting ready for this day for months now. I’ve been planting seeds in our little Lily’s mind, nurturing them until they finally bloomed"

"What did you do to her?" I couldn't keep the fear out of my voice

"Oh, nothing much, I've just been gently prodding her into inviting you over"


"That's right dear, why do you think she brought you here in the first place? She knew what would happen, that you'd get your mind played with in all sorts of nasty ways. would your dear friend ever put you in that kind of danger? No. I had to carefully put the idea in her head, suppress her fears, make her do it thoughtlessly. It took quite a while to get her to this point"

“But…why?” this didn’t make any sense, what could I have to do with any of this? What could I be worth for her to scheme so long to get me here?

“Would you believe me if I said I did it all out of love for my little sister?” she asked coyly

“No, not really, I think you’ve been intentionally making things harder for her actually” she shrugged

“Well you're right of course, I have my own reasons, and I really needed Lily to tire herself out today. Having her stressed and worried about you and forcing her to keep fixing you left her just exhausted enough that I was able to overpower her. But trust me, it's going to be for her own good”

“Can I be honest? This family is kinda fucked” she ignored me

“You see, my little sister has a little secret. And it’s pretty much the worst kept secret in the history of secrets, but still she has it. Want to hear it?” she gently tapped Lily on the side of the head and said

“Lily dear? little sister? are you there?"

"hmmm...yes Lilith" she mumbled, snuggling closer to her

"What is your secret? the one about your good friend Holly?" Lily smiled and said

"I can't tell you, its a secret"

"of course, but its just us here, and you trust your big sister, don't you?"


"you know you can tell me anything, I'll never tell a soul, its been pent up inside you so long hasn't it?"


"You can't hold it inside you any longer, you need to say it, and when you do it will feel soooo good, it just comes spilling out now, you can't help it" Lily sighed happily

“I looooove her. I love Holly, I love her soooo much, I want her all to myself” I took a step back, shocked, Lilith smiled

“Of course you do, and what do you want to do with her once you have her?” 

“I want to hold her and kiss her” Lily babbled “and touch her and brainwash her, and turn her into my sexy little hypno slave…” I could feel my face heating up, this couldn't be real…could it?

“You…you’ve been messing with her head” I accused, Lilith chuckled 

“True, but all I did was remove some of those silly inhibitions of hers, suppress all that guilt that keeps her from just taking what she wants. And what she wants is you, isn’t that right Lily?”

“I want her, I need her, I need her to be mine…all mine…"

"What do you think your going to do the next time you see her?"

"I'm going to TAKE her, have her stare into my eyes until she drools every last thought out of her empty head. she's sooooo hot when she's just empty, vacant. mine. I need her so bad it hurts, I can't wait any longer"

Lilith looked back up and me, and flashed me on last wicked grin

“In that case, I won’t keep you, go get your prize, little sister”

She snapped her fingers, and Lily’s eyes opened. I turned and fled the room, sprinting down the hallway as fast as I could. There were footsteps following behind me, I stopped at a juncture, trying to remember the way back to Hanna and Emily, but before I could decide, I was tackled from behind and fell to the floor, Lily was on my back, I pushed her off me and got up on my hands and knees, but she shoved me and I fell over, I shut my eyes tight, and she straddled me, pinning me on my back. I suddenly remembered that Lily was a lightweight and basically never worked out, I could probably just pick her up and-

“Do you remember being the leaf, Holly? Spiraling down and down and down, sinking so peacefully for me…”

Suddenly my arms felt heavier. my eyes were closed but...I could picture the leaf so vividly in my mind...just falling...drifting...

“That’s right, just slipping right back where you belong, you know where you belong, don’t you Holly?” she didn’t even need to hold my arms anymore, I could barely move them, instead she cupped my face to keep my head from lolling 

“Just open your eyes Holly, you know you want to, I can make you feel that pleasure, forever and ever and ever…just open your eyes and give yourself to me” my drowsy eyes fluttered open and I saw her. such a lovely smile…such beautiful eyes....

“That’s a good girl, now-”


I was dizzy, but Lily’s eyes were no longer on mine, she was looking up, I heard Hanna’s voice again

“Lily, just take a second to think about this”

“Leave, both of you, now”

“C'mon Lily, you know Lilith is manipulating you”

“Shut up”

“Please Lily, listen, you don’t want to do this, you don't want-”

“ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?” Lily suddenly yelled, pure desperation in her voice “I’ve wanted to do this for YEARS. I can’t take it anymore!”

“This isn’t how you want it to happen, just listen to me for a second”

“I’m done waiting, both of you LEAVE NOW, or I’m going to make you”

“Lily!” Emily stepped forward, her eyes glowing brighter than I had ever seen them

“Let Holly go right now! She’s your friend!” Lily just glared at her

“Emily, go to sleep” There was a pause, then the light faded from Emily's eyes, and she slumped to the floor, snoring softly. Poor little Princess, you tried her best. Lily turned back to Hanna

“Your turn, bedtime. Now. Nighty night” but Hanna didn’t budge she took a deep breath, and said

“You know you don’t wanna do this, deep deep down you know. Besides Holly’s not going anywhere anyway, Lets just discuss this”

“Just sleep '' Lily insisted “no more words, no more thoughts, just lie down next to Emily and go to sleep now Hanna''

She wasn’t having any of it, she crossed her arms and stared right back at Lily. it was obvious she wasn’t going to budge anytime soon, but at the same time, Lily was filled with a manic energy, and wouldn't let up. It was a stalemate, but how long could that last? I decided I wasn’t going to wait and see who won, this was all pointless anyway, I just had to tell her…

“Lily, listen”

“Shhhhh just drift Holly, I’ll be with you soon”

She didn’t even break her focus on Hanna when she said it, but it still sent my eyelids fluttering. It was all I could do to stay awake. When I managed to focus, Lily was talking again

"Sleep Hanna, you're such a good little sister, good little sisters listen to their big sisters, and you are such a good little sister that you stopped fighting long ago, do you know how long we've been doing this? are you sure? are you sure your resistance didn't dry up hours ago? you're already asleep, your already dreaming, just relax and enjoy it." They were still staring each other down. Hanna was staying strong, but she looked uncertain, confused.

"I'm a...good little sister?"

"Yes Hanna, such a good little sister, you know you are, you know I love you, that I care for you, just let me fix you"


"That's right, the only reason your fighting me right now is because one of the others messed with your head, I'm helping you out like I always do, just drop, and you'll feel better soon...sleep...sleep...sleep"

Hanna was swaying slightly, but she was biting her lip, she hands clenched into fists. she wasn't giving in yet. Normally this would have been enough, normally she could have easily resisted long enough to break her gaze and walk away, but she was staying to protect me, and Lily was wearing her down. I thought about calling out to her, to help her stay awake, but Lily could knock me out cold with only a second of attention. it was no good, Hanna could stall her, but not stop her. I had to end this myself. I took a deep breath and searched for the right words, then I gave up and just blurted it out

“Lily, I love you” 

That got her attention, like a guitar string wound too tight the tension broke, she returned her gaze to me, her eyes normal again, she looked bewildered

“What did you just say?”

“I said, I love you” she just stared at me for a long time, only Emily’s snoring broke the silence

“Who?” she asked “Who’s in your head? Who’s making you say that?”

“The last person in my head was you” I reminded her. 

“You're lying then…you don’t really…since when?”

I shrugged a bit

“Honestly? Today” 

“Today? You fell in love with me today?”

“Well, I just realized it today anyway. I always used to...think about you...and that felt weird. But I thought I was just jealous or something, I didn’t think I was into girls. Until well…”

She was just staring at me uncomprehendingly so I continued

“I think it was after you first fixed me. I just couldn't stop thinking about…well you. There were so many feelings and I couldn’t really make sense of them at the time…but I gave it some thought, and I sorta figured it out”

“You…figured it out?”

“Well yeah, turns out I'm super gay, Which was kinda hard to wrap my head around...it still is, but then I think about that time, when you started wearing that new lipstick? I thought to myself 'I wonder how that lipstick tastes' and then shrugged it off as if it wasn't like the gayest thing anyone could possible think...I kinda have a huge crush on you. And at the same time, I trust you, more than anyone or anything else, I trust you...and I sorta think about you a lot...like more than is normal for for it to be a friend thing. Honestly I feel like an idiot for not realizing it sooner...sorry"

I realized I was babbling, Lily's mouth was just hanging open now, I started blushing and averted my eyes

"So yeah I uh...love you...god this is embarrassing..."

We passed a few more moments in silence, then she collapsed, lying on her back next to me. 


I laughed, I couldn’t help it, it was too ridiculous, this whole day had been absolute nonsense

“Let's just…get you out of here” Lily said miserably, I reached out and put my hand in hers

“I don’t have to go yet, lets just...talk for a while...maybe even make it a date?” she shook her head and wouldn't look at me, I had a moment of doubt

"Oh...did Lilith make you say all those things? do...all those things? I guess...maybe you don't feel the same way...I'm sorry I didn't-"

"NO" I nearly jumped out of my skin

“No, you don’t understand, I don’t…deserve it, I’m the worst”

“Oh come on Lily-”

“I’m serious Holly, I've-" she took a deep breath "

I've used my powers on you before Holly, and not by accident…I did...selfish things” I sighed, thought for a moment...then shrugged 

“I forgive you”

“Would you though? Would you if you knew what I had done?” I shrugged again

“Yeah probably, I love you, I just wish I had told you earlier...” she practically flinched at the words.

“Look at me Holly”

“Hold it” Hanna interrupted “Lily, if you make her forget all this, I swear to god I’m gonna strangle you both”

“I’m not, Just look here Holly” I did. Of course I did. Because deep down, I trusted her. 

Her eyes glowed softly, enrapturing me instantly

“I want you to think back, every time I've ever used my power on you, and made you forget, all those memories are still in your head, just under the surface, I want you to let them all back out now”

And they did. The first thing I remembered was a night several years ago, it was the summer before our freshman year of high school, we were watching the Fourth of July fireworks together, alone on a blanket in the park. She had just told a joke and I was laughing, grinning at her, tying to think of a clever come back, when suddenly she leaned over and kissed me. It was as though the fireworks were going off inside me as well as above me. she slowly pulled away, my brain was totally shot, I was speechless. Then I saw the panic in her eyes, along with a strange glowing...

“Just forget about this, we’re just friends, that never happened”

I blinked and I was just watching the fireworks with my best friend. But there was a strange taste in my mouth that I couldn't explain.

The next memory was Christmas, we were outside in the freezing cold. I was apologizing to her, my gift for her had gotten delayed in the mail, and it hadn't arrived on time. She wasn't meeting my eyes, I thought she was upset. Then suddenly looked up and told me she loved me. That she wanted to be with me forever. Then before I could respond, her eyes began to glow and she took it back. And I was none the wiser. Since then, countless times she’d work up the courage to tell me, or she’d lose herself in a moment of passion and kiss me. Every time I’d be so surprised and baffled. I'd watch her face flood with terror, and she’d hit the undo button on my brain. Most recently had been Valentines Day. She had knocked on my door, and the moment I opened it and saw her there with chocolate and flowers, she was already telling me to forget she had come and dashing off…oh Lily…

“Well now you know” she said miserably “you know how much of a coward I am, how pathtic-”

I grabbed her stupid head and kissed her on her dumb, idiot mouth, after a solid twenty seconds, I finally released her and gasped for air, when I caught my breath I said

“You're an idiot”

then I kissed her again, for even longer. When I was done, it looked like her brain had been fried, she was just staring into space, she looked pretty cute.

“Fucking finally” Hanna said, she had scooped the sleeping princess up off the floor and was carrying her away

“Make sure you go get mom to clean out your head before you do anything else, who knows what Lilith put in there” And then she was gone, and we were alone. I went to kiss her again, but she stopped me. 

“Hanna’s right…I won’t feel…safe about any of this until I get mom to fix whatever Lilith’s been doing to me” I ignored her and kissed her again. eventually I let her up off the floor

“Alright, lets go” I said

“You don’t have to-”

“I’m coming with you” she smiled 


I took her hand, she blushed adorably, and she led me though the mansion. 

Lily’s Mom was waiting in the Library, a massive room with ladders on tracks to reach the top shelf books, it probably had more books than our public library. Lily's mom was sitting behind a desk, reading a massive dusty old tome, and giving off serious librarian vibes. We approached the desk, then stood in silence for several seconds…finally she spoke


She closed her book while we took our seats.

“What seems to be the problem dear?”

“Lilith has been messing with my head, I need you to undo it” She nodded

“I was wondering when you’d notice” 

Her golden eyes began to glow.

“It was sloppy work all told, should only take a moment to unravel”

And she was right, about five minutes of her simply asking Lily questions and prompting the correct answers, she seemed to be done. The only sign that Lily was even in trance was a slight monotone to her voice. 

“Well, that’s sorted. Shall I alter your friend's memory so she can leave?”

“That won't be necessary” Lily responded, She raised an eyebrow

“Oh? Is that so?”

“Yes, I intend to keep her” 

“In what way?”

“As my girlfriend” it made me smile to hear her say it, but Lily’s Mom didn’t seem impressed

“What do you mean to do with her, more specifically?” without even so much as a slight pause, Lily responded:

“I’m going to fuck her brains out, then I’m going to turn her into my sexy submissive hypno slut, or maybe the other way around, I haven't decided yet” I nearly fell out of my chair, I couldn’t believe she just said that to her mom, but even more than that, I couldn’t believe how horny I felt all of a sudden. but the older woman didn’t even bat an eye. She just nodded

“I’m glad your finally taking your duty to your family more seriously Lily, you may go” 

She went right back to reading her book, Lily took my hand and led me out. Part of me wanted to stay for a bit, I felt like I should get to know Miss Somnus a bit better since I was dating her daughter now...but another much stronger part of me wanted to be alone with Lily so she could...do...whatever it was she wanted to do with me...

"So uh, about what you said in there..."

Lily blushed and turned to me eyes downcast

"yeah uh...Mom sorta compelled me to answer...and yeah that's what I wanna do...but if you don't want that...its okay...I'll understand"

I took her other hand, and she looked up at me

"Lily...I" now I was blushing, suddenly unable to say it out loud

"Uh...what you said...I uh...want that" Her mouth fell open

"Honestly it sounded...kinda hot...I mean...will it feel like it did before? when you-"

"Better!" she interrupted "so so so much better, oh my god, you have no idea how much I was holding back before, trying so hard not to totally subjugate you..."

she turned and stated speed-walking down the corridor, pulling me behind, I could barely keep up 

“So there’s one thing I still don’t really understand” I said as Lily led me back though the mansion

“Lilith…what was her whole plan even for?” Lily rolled her eyes

“Oh that, she was just avoiding responsibility” 

“How so?” she sighed

“It’s really Mom’s fault, she’s very concerned with appearances and she needs our family to look strong…and Lilith doesn’t really do that…she’s kinda whipped” 


“Yeah she can’t top to save her life, and she basically does whatever her girlfriend tells her too, so it sorta makes the family look weak, like our power is going away or something, and Mom gets real concerned with nonsense like that”

“But…what does that have to do with you and me?”

“Lilith figured that if she could make me into the ideal daughter, then Mom would finally get off her ass…” she looked a bit sheepish

“And uh…Mom’s deal daughter is one who proves that the family power isn’t going away…which means she wants a daughter who will uh…use her powers to control people…like you” I was turning red again

“So…is that why you want me to be…”

“Oh god no, I don’t care what my mom thinks I’ve wanted to make you my…uh…to hypnotize you for years now. But you’re really important to me, and I wanted you to…want it too…”

The implications made me shiver with anticipation. I was excited, and apprehensive in all the right ways. I realized that Lily wasn’t leading me to the front door, we were heading straight for her room. And I wanted her…god I wanted her. It was like my confession had broken a dam inside me. I bit my lip just watching her. I just wanted her to turn around and look at me with those eyes…more than anything I wanted her to use me…I wanted to be hers. It was such a strange feeling, it felt like a bad thing…like a desire I wasn’t allowed to have. But ever since the first time she asked me to look into her eyes…asked me to trust her. I couldn’t help but relive it in my head. The feeling of losing myself in her eyes…her voice…I needed that. That bliss…the subjugation of my very will suddenly seemed like a small price to pay.

She closed the door behind me, we were in her room…alone. I was moments away from breaking down and just begging her to take me. She took me by the hand, and instead of leading me to the bed, simply dragged me to the floor with her. It was fine, I was amazed by how soft and bouncy her carpet was....like it was made for exactly this...We lay on our sides staring at each other.

“Holly, do you trust me?” I swallowed, a moment of doubt

“Will I…will I still be me? When your done?” she smiled

“Of course, I love you exactly the way you are, I wouldn't want you any different. I’m going to unmake you, then put you back together, with a stronger foundation, to keep you safe from my family”

“So…I won’t be so easily hypnotized anymore?”

“Oh god no, If anything you’ll be even more suggestable” She reached out and caressed my face. “But you’ll be mine. You'll have a bedrock, an immovable core. Something so deep and so all encompassing, that no matter what anyone else does to you, you’ll always be mine, forever”

I shuddered, this was all moving so fast…but I wanted it…I wanted it so much

"And I might add a few...fun things...while I'm doing that...

“Please…I’ll do anything” 

“Holly, do you trust me?”


Her eyes were absolute, the only thing in the world. At her request I opened the doors of my mind to her. There was no secret she could not find, no part of me she could not reach. I started with your sense of self, simply reached out and took it. Then I went through every door you opened for me, and everywhere I went I found a piece of you. I spoke, and every word unraveled you a little bit more. I kept going until your very identity had been gently pulled apart into its component pieces. No longer realizing the greater whole. Every part of your mind, just pieces lying where I left them, adrift without context. I scooped them all up and held them close, kept them to myself...

And now there is nothing left

There is not even a 'you' anymore. There is nothing here but me and a mindless puppet. That is all there is, that is all there has ever been

The mindless puppet says: 'I am a mindless puppet'

"I am a mindless puppet"

But is it even true? The puppet is just vocalizing sounds, it doesn't understand the words. It doesn't even know what words are, the puppet doesn't even 'know' to begin with.

What's more, the puppet doesn't 'feel' anything at all. And if it doesn't know anything, and it doesn't feel anything. Can it really 'Be' anything? No.

In reality, the puppet isn't anything at all, not even a mindless puppet. It only exists because I continue to speak as if it does. If I were to stop speaking, I would be alone

But what if I imagined the puppet were real? Pretended that when I pulled its strings, It was moving, when I spoke in its voice, It was actually speaking?

I will give this imaginary puppet a gift. I will give it a feeling, the first feeling the puppet has ever had. The Feeling is ‘Love’, the puppet loves me. 

I will give it another gift, I will pretend it knows something, It knows It belongs to me

Now my Mindless Puppet says: ‘I love you, I belong to you’

“I love you, I belong to you”

This is the very core of Its being. It does not understand the meaning of the words, but It loves me, and It knows it is mine. This is Its truth. 

When I ask my puppet, ‘what is your truth?’ It replies: ‘I am yours’. The love, It simply feels.

What is your truth, puppet?

“I am yours”

This is the very core of you. This is you. Without your truth, you are nothing. Not a puppet, not even a ‘you’, just nothing.

Now you are finally something, you are mine, you are my puppet, and you love me. you are a puppet, and my words are your strings. My Mindless Puppet says: ‘Thank you’ for Its wonderful gift

“Thank you”

Now my puppet, I will pretend you are a person. I will pretend you are a woman, a girl named Holly

I have some memories here, and I will give them to Holly for her to use. She will believe these memories are hers, and not just a gift from me. Holly will believe she is a real person, she doesn’t know that she is really just my puppet, and my puppet only knows its truth. what is your truth?

"I am yours"

Holly is the impenetrable bedrock that surrounds the core. Only when I ask the puppet for its truth will ‘Holly’ unravel and slip away. Otherwise the puppet perfectly pretends to be Holly.

Now, when I tell Holly to wake up, my puppet will begin its show. What is your truth? Holly wake up

“I am yours”

we had changed positions somewhat, I was now lying on my back, and Lily was lying directly on top of me, her face lifted only a few inches from mine, she was smiling, and had dark circles under her eyes. She was beautiful. The sun had fallen since we had lied down, so I knew a lot of time had passed. The strange thing was I didn’t even feel groggy like I normally did when waking up from trance.  

“How do you feel?” she asked, still smiling and getting up off of me. I stayed lying on the ground

“Uh…normal I guess…how long have we been-”

“No idea, I kinda got absorbed in it” 

“Yeah me too” she snickered

“I really don’t feel any different…did it work?” 

“We can test it out later I guess” she yawned

“Wait…so am I your slave now?” she raised an eyebrow

“ Right now? No…”

“Then what have we been doing for the past few hours?” she grinned

“Ooooooh, I get it, you wanted to be my slave when you woke up…didn’t you?” I turned red, and couldn't meet her eyes. In away telling her how much I wanted to be a slave was like confessing that I loved her all over again...

“I’m sorry Holly, I didn’t realize you were so into that, I thought I’d have to warm you up to it…take it slow…”

She was teasing me now, I knew she wanted it just as much as I did, more even. She was just torturing me…and I loved it. Jesus, I never realized how much of a bottom I was until now…

“I’m feeling a bit tired, but maybe if you really want it, I might have left a few little triggers in their somewhere…if you begged for it…we could have a little fun tonight…”

There was a part of me that wanted to be a smartass and say ‘okay’, get up and leave. But the heat between my legs overpowered that urge easily, plus she’d probably use her power to stop me before I could go, and imaging that only made it hotter


“Okay you convinced me”

Her eyes glowed softly, if the room weren't so dim, I might not have even noticed

“You are my slave” she said simply

“From now on you will call me Mistress, and you’ll do whatever I tell you to”

And then the glow faded


“What? Just like that?”

“Just like that, you're easy” 



Feeling somewhat bewildered, I started pulling off my clothes.

“That’s enough” she said, I was down to my underwear, her eyes traced me up and down. She grinned at the wet stain on my panties

“Getting a little excited, are we?” I made a frustrated sound

“For someone who had tackled me to the ground in a lust fueled fever earlier today, you sure are moving things along agonizingly slowly” she just smiled wider

“Oh but I have all the time in the world now, don’t I Slave?”


“Don’t I, Slave?”

“Y-yes Mistress”

“Goooood, just like that” she stepped closer “keep that up and I won't be able to resist...are you tired of all my teasing? You might wanna get used to it…oh my god I love how you squirm…” another slow step towards me, her gaze locking me in place

“I know what you want slave, sure you wanna fuck, but its more than that”

she reached out a hand and placed it on my cheek, I couldn’t help but lean into it. I needed her to touch me, I needed…

“You need Mistress to make everything simple for you, don’t you slave? You want nothing more than for me to snap my fingers and…” she raised her other hand preparing to snap her fingers, but she waited…and waited

“Am I right, slave?”

“Yes Mistress” the anticipation was killing me, I wanted her to take me down, I wanted to give her everything she wanted. 

“Then why don’t you just say: ‘I’m a good sexy slave girl who obeys her Mistress’? I let out a whine, how long was this going to go on?

“Please Mistress I need-”

“Say the words slave”

“I’m a good sexy slave girl who obeys her Mistress”

I blinked, it was as though the world had fallen back into place. It had all been wrong before, I now realized. What had I been thinking? What I wanted didn’t matter, only Mistress mattered. I had been doing as she asked, calling her Mistress, saying the words she wanted me to, but all because I was awaiting some reward. What nonsense. My only desire is to please the Mistress, my only pleasure is service to her. 

I sank to my knees, and stared up at her. waiting…I would wait here forever I knew. If Mistress had nothing for me to do, then there was nothing to do. This is where I belong. 

At last, she instructed me to rise, we went to the bed, and she told me to take off her clothes. I did, and when she was naked she practically fell into the bed. I just stared, my eyes going over her curves again and again and again, then finally she said the only words I ever needed to hear

“Pleasure me, slave”      

I fell on her like an animal. Kissing her, touching her, she grabbed my hair and guided me down between her legs. And there I stayed, her every moan sent joy and elation through me like nothing I had ever felt before. She arched her back, squeezing my head between her thighs, it went on and on and on…

Until finally she lay still, a tug on my hair brought me up until I was laying beside her. She wrapped her arms around my neck and held and held me close to her breast, I put my arms around her waist, I nuzzled her as our legs intertwined.

“Such a good little slave”

I could only sigh, basking in her praise. I was a good slave, Mistress loved me.

“How do you feel Holly?”

Hearing my name caused my perspective to shift again, suddenly the only thing I could think about was the heat between my legs. I grinded on her thigh and looked up at her, whimpering, begging for release. She smiled at me, her eyes glowing.

“Such a good pet, cum for me Holly, then sleep”

She kissed me on the forehead. My whole body spasmed and I let out a short sound that was close to a scream, a moment of pure ecstasy passed though my entire body. Then I was limp and warm. I felt total bliss as my exhausted eyes fell shut and darkness took me. I welcomed the warm soft glow of her eyes into my dreams.


Thanks for reading my whole silly story, or just skipping to the end for the most sexy bits. if you had any thoughts about it please send me your feedback I'm always happy to hear it  :] 

Even though this story is complete, I might do a continuation with these characters in a chapter by chapter, 'until I run out of ideas' sort of thing. so let me know if you'd be interested in that. thanks again for reading!


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