The Perks of Being a Dealer I: Enslaving the Addicted Teen Party Girl

by PersepolisG

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How does a criminal drug dealer react when he catches a newly legal 18 yo girl in his 21 and over club? Well, not very nice…

“Who the fuck is on the door tonight?” I turned from the wall of security monitors to Paul, my right hand man around the club.

Paul looked down at his clipboard and mumbled out a name. “Jonah.”

“Who the fuck is that?”

“New g-”

“Actually, I don’t care.” I interrupted Paul and pointed at one of the monitors on the wall. “Bring me that girl. If she’s 21 or older, John, or whatever you said his fucking name was, can keep his job. If she’s not, he’s gone.”

Paul nodded and made for the office door. It was reinforced steel, like the rest of my office. I had designed this place to be a fortress. In addition to being a legitimate business that I used to launder the profits I made from selling drugs, this club was also my safehouse, hence the wall of surveillance feeds.

I turned back to the wall of monitors. The club was packed to the brim. Most people loved Fridays but not me. They were too busy, too messy, on both fronts. Not only did everyone want to score, they also wanted to dance.

The girl I pointed out to Paul stole my attention. The way she danced was incredible and set her apart from the other sweaty dancers around her on the monitors. As did her body. She flaunted that thing like a veteran stripper. Most women who came to my club wore next to nothing but this woman - no, this girl - wore even less. The longer I stared at her, the more obscene her outfit became.

Her skirt looked like black leather and was as tight and short as a pair of panties. There was nothing over her stomach, nothing until where a bra would normally begin, and even that just looked like a thin white piece of cloth.

I had no idea how or why her parents had let her leave the house dressed like that. This new generation is ridiculous, I thought. When I was young, you were lucky to see a girl with a skirt that ended before her knees. Nowadays, girls showed more skin than they hid!

Onscreen, Paul pushed through the dance floor. He tapped on the girl’s shoulder and waited for her to acknowledge him. She never did. I laughed at that. Paul was such a wimp sometimes, straight and clean - that was why I kept him around, he added an air of legitimacy to this place - but a wimp nonetheless.

Paul tapped the girl’s shoulder again and then leaned forward to speak into her ear. It looked like a whisper through the lens but must have been a scream in reality. The speakers were so loud out there that you couldn’t even hear the person next to you.

The girl’s face went from blissful ignorance to frightened insecurity in a second. She stopped dancing and turned to Paul. Her mouth and eyes both shot wide open and her body slouched down like a tear. I would have felt sorry for her if her presence in my club wasn’t jeopardising my freedom. I just didn’t need cops in here, skulking around, because some little slut couldn’t wait until she turned twenty one to drink, dance and choose some guy to fuck her.

She followed Paul off the dancefloor like she was under arrest, head bowed, shoulders slouched, spine slack.

Paul pressed the intercom on the other side of the door. I walked over and unlocked the three locks that protected me from the outside world. Paul stood there, as straight and upright as ever, with a girl that I was now certain wasn’t old enough to be in here.

I couldn’t see the girl’s face - that was parallel with the ground and all I had a view of was the top of her hair - but her body gave her age away. There was no way that anyone out of their teens could have such a tight little stomach or tits that were so perky. Her tits bulged in her thin white shirt like water bombs in a net. She wasn’t even wearing a bra, for fucks sake! Her stomach was as flat as a ruler and looked like a runway into her leather skirt. I hadn’t been able to notice on the security feed, but she also had a pair of nylon tights on that just seemed to scream: “I’m a woman now! Free to do whatever - and whoever - she chooses!”

And then there was her stance. It was stereotypically teenage. She clasped her hands in front of her and slouched back on one foot like a daughter caught red handed who was now awaiting her father’s punishment. Her wrists were as thin as twigs.

“Thought you could sneak into my club, did you?” I made my voice stern. “Thought your leisure was worth more than my alcohol licence? Do you have any idea what would happen to me if an inspector caught you in here? Well, answer me!”

The girl kept her head bowed and started to bawl. Her chest, her shoulders, her face all bobbed up and down with her tears. She shook her head and mumbled: “No.”

“Show me your licence.” I said.

The girl cried again and then slid a hand down into her skirt and pulled her licence out of it and handed it over. For a moment, I was stunned by the gesture and the warmth of the card. It was almost like it had been left in front of a heater. Just how hot is she down there!?

I quickly regained my composure and looked at the licence. The girl’s name was Jenna and she was eighteen. Legal to fuck but not drink.

I looked at Paul standing behind Jenna. “Eighteen. Go send that dumbass on the door home and take his spot for the night.”

Paul nodded and disappeared into the crowd behind him. I gave the girl her card back and stepped aside. “Come on, you can wait in here until your parents get here.”

Jenna’s face finally snapped up to mine. “No sir, please don’t tell my parents! I’m sorry. I swear I won’t ever come back here again. I’ll just go home! Please!”

The girl turned to leave but I put my hands on the door and blocked her way. “I’m sorry but I can’t let you go back out there unattended. And I can’t just let you walk the streets like that.”

“Like what?” The girl asked.

It felt like an accusation and made me feel like a hypocrite. I couldn’t deny her alcohol and her adulthood and then turn around and sexualise her. I would have been stunned silent again, as I was when she handed me her licence, but the coke kicked in.

“Do your parents know you're dressed like that?” I nodded at her eighteen year old cleavage and stomach.

Jenna bowed her head again and answered in a meek voice. “No…”

“Come on,” I sighed, “I’ll order you a rideshare. That way, I know you’ll get home safe.”

Jenna looked up, smiled and walked past me into my office. I call it an office but it's more of a man cave. In the middle of the room is a big lounge suite and coffee table. Set up around that is a bar, desk, pool table and bathroom - complete with a two person shower.

“Make yourself comfortable.” I nodded at the lounge suite in the middle and walked around to get myself a drink from the bar. “You want something to drink?”

Jenna sat down in the middle of the couch and rested her hands in her lap. “Can I have a vodka?” She asked with a sly smile.

I laughed at her confidence. “You can have some lime and soda. No vodka though.”

Jenna smiled and looked down at her hands in her lap and then lifted her face back up to mine. “Okay.”

I took my beer and Jenna’s lime and soda over to the couch. I put her drink down on the coffee table in front of her and went to get my camera from my desk. I stood on the opposite side of the table from Jenna and lined her up in the frame. She hadn’t even noticed what I was doing yet. I turned the flash on and waited until she opened her legs - Her black skirt and black tights made it almost impossible to get a good look at her legs.

Jenna was sipping her drink when the flash exploded and looked up, squinting startled and scared. “What are you doing, you fucking creep? You can’t just take my photo like that!”

I laughed. “You’re wrong about that. This is private property and I can do whatever I want. You agreed to that when you entered.”

I paused to let it sink in. Jenna crossed her arms like she didn’t care but the fear never left her face.

“Relax,” I said, “this is just to keep at the door so people know not to let you back in here.”

She relaxed and fell back onto the couch. I put the camera down on the coffee table and went to sit beside her on the couch, making sure to leave some space between us and not appear too creepy.

I pulled my phone out to order an Uber but Jenna interrupted me before I could.

“Do you like it?”

“Huh?” I turned to her. “Like what?”

Jenna’s cheeks turned red. She put her hands on her knees, looked forward and shrugged. “My outfit, silly.”

“I…” I didn’t know what to say. Even the coke had abandoned me. Shit, I could really use another line right about now, but can’t in front of Jenna. ...Can I?

Jenna turned to me for a moment before quickly facing forward again. “I had to sneak out of the house and couldn’t get a second opinion.”

I saw my opening, a way to divert the attention from whether or not I liked a girl who was half my age dressing up like a total and complete skank. “What are you doing sneaking into clubs all by yourself? Shouldn’t you be having sleepovers and doing homework?”

Jenna giggled at that. Her laugh was high pitched and juvenile. Her voice was the same. “I haven’t had a sleepover in forever. I’m eighteen, not twelve.” Then she shrugged and sounded years older. “It was my birthday yesterday and I just, you know, I just wanted to party.”

Jenna turned to me. Her gaze made me uncomfortable. It was almost like she was looking for validation or something else I felt too creepy to give her.

“It was your birthday yesterday?”

Jenna, hands still on her knees, face still turned toward me, nodded with a smile and a cute little “hmph” sound.

I gulped. Don’t offer her coke. Don’t offer her coke. “Happy birthday.”

“Thanks.” Jenna said although she didn’t actually sound thankful and looked down at the coffee table in front of her with a frown.

“Shouldn’t you, like, be having a family party or something?”

“I told you I’m eighteen! Not a child! An adult! I want to party like an adult!”

Do not offer her any coke! Under no circumstances! Coke, no! “You really want to party like an adult?”

What the fuck are you doing?! What the FUCK are you doing!? She’s barely even legal! You know what cocaine does to a person’s sex drive! If you don’t wanna be a creep, don’t behave like one!

Jenna’s face snapped to mine, wide and hopeful eyes. She clapped her hands against her knees and leaned toward me. “Yes! What are we going to do?!”

I reached into my chest pocket and found my little personal baggie. It’s not too late to back out now, just leave the baggie where it is in your pocket! I ignored my inner and rational monologue and flipped the baggie out like a cop badge. “You ever done coke?”

Jenna’s smile grew. Her eyes were so wide, I thought her eyeballs were going to fall out. She was leaning so far forward, I thought she was going to tip over. “What? No!” She laughed and clapped her hands on her knees again. “Is that really cocaine?!”

“Sure is.” I leaned over the coffee table and poured the baggie out. I already had a credit card and a rolled up banknote waiting on the table and prepared a couple of lines. I licked one of my fingers and dipped it into the leftover powder.

“Here. Start with this.” I offered my powdered finger to Jenna.

She looked around nervously and then leaned forward and took my finger in her mouth. She kept her eyes open but was too shy or nervous or something to face me and looked at the bar behind the couch.

Jenna sucked on my finger like a hamster on its water bottle. I moved my finger over her teeth. “You gotta get it in your gums. Feel that?”

Jenna sucked for a few more moments and then pulled her mouth off my finger. “Not really.” She said but opened her mouth and rubbed her own finger along her gums where I had just rubbed the coke - a sign that she was actually feeling it but didn’t realise.

“Can I have one of them?” Jenna pulled her finger out of her mouth and pointed at the lines of coke on the coffee table.

“Woah. Hold on cowboy.” I said. “Let me show you how it's done first.”

I leaned forward, picked up the rolled up bank note and snorted one of the lines up my nose. The coke hit me hard and fast and my mind moved at a thousand miles per second. I remembered watching Jenna dance on the security monitor, remembered her cute little tits and cleavage when I opened the door, remembered that she had been 100% legal for a whole day now. My body caught up and my cock turned to stone instantly. All this in the few seconds it took me to put the straw down and sit back up.

I took a deep breath to clear my nose and exhaled blissfully. I knew then that I was going to do anything I could to fuck Jenna - get her high, get her drunk, get her wet, get her whatever she needed to open those legs and let me slide those tights down her teenage thighs.

I leaned back into the couch and patted my lap. “Come over here.” I said with the slurred and relaxed voice of the high. “I’ll show you how it’s done.”

Jenna waited a moment. She was on edge and nervous, veins sticking out in her neck, elbows on knees, fingernails in between her teeth.

“Okay,” she finally relented and then got up and came and sat on my lap.

Her arse landed right on my cock and I almost came and groaned right then. Her arse cheeks were warm and soft.

I put my hands on her arms and leaned over her shoulder. “Alright, just pick straw up and snort one line up your nose.”

Jenna didn’t sound convinced. “Alright…” She bit her bottom lip and then leaned over the coffee table.

Her arse dug further into my lap, against my cock. I put my hands on her hips - they felt amazing - warm, soft, smooth - and watched her line the coke up with her nose.

She snorted loudly, almost like she was exaggerating it, and then quickly dropped the straw and threw her head back. About half the line was gone.

“Oh fuck!” Jenna screamed. “Ouch! That’s fucking stings! Why didn’t you tell me it stings?”

I could help but laugh as I sat back. I wrapped my arms around Jenna’s waist and pulled her with me so her back was flat against my chest - I didn’t even want the option of her getting off my lap to enter her mind.

I put my chin on her shoulder, faced her neck and smelled her hair - fruity and feminine. “It’s a good sting though, right? Like the first time you have sex.”

Jenna tried to turn and look at me. “I’ve never had sex.”

“Oh, really?” I felt my cock get even harder. “It’s just with that outfit....”

“Oh,” Jenna said in a happy and high pitched voice. “You do like my outfit, don’t you?

She laughed.

I moved my hands up and down her stomach. “Maye I do Jen, maybe I do.”

Jenna laughed again. “Oh, I know you do. I can feel it.”

She grinded her arse back and forth over my hard and throbbing cock.

“And do you like what you feel?” I asked her in a teasing voice, my mouth facing her neck and blowing my warm breath against it.  

Jenna moaned and tossed her head back on my shoulder. Her upper back arched off my chest and she grabbed a handful of hair on the side of my head. “Mmmmm. I sure do. I really do.”

She kept grinding her arse over my lap, her eyes closed, her lips smiling. I moved my hands up her stomach. Her nipples were hard and pressing out against the thin fabric that covered them. I still couldn’t believe she had no bra on!

I kissed her shoulder and Jenna tilted her head so I would have more room to kiss her there. I kissed the threshold between her neck and shoulder and Jenna moaned loudly and deeply. My hands moved up over her slick and smooth stomach and slid underneath her thin white top. Her tits were so small that they easily fit inside my hands as I cupped them and kissed Jenna’s neck. She moaned again - louder and deeper. I started to play with her nipples - rolling them around, pinching them and twerking them - and moved my lips to Jenna’s ear.

“How do you think it would feel to have my throbbing cock inside of you? Hmm? Would that feel good, Jen?”

Jenna moaned and moved her free hand - the hand that wasn’t pulling the hair on the side of my head - up to her mouth and started to suck on her fingers. She moved her hand back and forth as if she were fingering her mouth with all four of her fingers, moaning the whole time. Spit covered her fingers and dribbled down her chin.

“Yes!” Jenna moaned. “I think that would feel good. Real good.”

She stopped sucking her hand and slid it down her stomach and into her skirt. I watched her hand shuffle about and slide under her tights and then her skirt started to bob up and down in a slow and steady rhythm. This stoned eighteen year old slutty virgin was fingering herself on my lap!

“Do you want to try it?” I whispered into Jenna’s ear. “See what it feels like to have a man’s cock inside of you?”

Jenna didn’t answer. Not verbally anyway. Instead, she pulled her hand out of her skirt and let go of my hair. Then she put her feet up on the edge of the couch, leaned back against me and pushed her hips up off of my lap. Jenna used her hands to pull her tights and panties down her legs. While she was in the air, I slipped my hands under her and undid my belt and fly and then shuffled my pants and boxers down.

Jenna sat back down on my lap with her tights and panties pushed down to her knees. I pulled her skirt up over her hips while Jenna grinded back and forth, rubbing her wet pussy over my hard cock.

Jenna was so wet and warm and I was so high and it was the most amazing thing I had ever felt in my entire life.

I started to play with her tits again and put my chin on her shoulder. “Are you ready Jen? Ready to lose your virginity and get fucked?”

Her face was so pretty and perfect - red cheeks, closed eyes, clear skin. Jenna moaned and nodded.

I let go of her tits and lifted her hips up and slid my cock inside her pussy. She was so tight that her pussy felt like a bottleneck but Jenna was also so wet that my cock slid inside without trouble. The pressure of her walls pinching my knob hurt but I knew it was nothing compared to the pain that Jenna must have been feeling.

She wiggled around on top of me, screaming, gasping, moaning. “Oh fuck! Shit! Fucking shit!”

I wrapped one arm around her waist and held her there while I thrust up inside of her. Her pussy split before me like the Red Sea before Moses, like paper before a pair of scissors, like a gate before a battering ram. I didn’t stop until I was fully submerged in Jenna’s tight and virgin pussy. I held myself there, completely inside of her.

Jenna howled at the roof like a she-wolf howling at the moon. Her voice was pained and strained. Her chest heaved in and out and sweat dripped from her forehead.

“Oh God.” Jenna whispered. “Fucking God.”

I retracted my cock and Jenna sighed and moaned with relief. When only my knob was inside her, Jenna put her hands down on the couch and tried to push herself off my dick.

“That’s it.” She said. “I don’t want to do this any-”

Before she could finish, I put my free hand on her neck and choked her while my other arm - the one wrapped around her waist - pushed her hips down toward my surging cock.

Jenna screamed as my dick ripped through her again. The sounds were muffled by my choking hand but still incredibly pained, girly and high pitched.

“It’s alright Jen,” I whispered in her ear. “Just give it some time. You’ll love it in a moment.”

I moved my cock up and down, in and out, deeper and shallower, working up a steady but speedy rhythm. Jenna’s mouth never closed and her scream never ended. Spit connected the top half of her mouth to the bottom half like some sort of alien webbing. Her voice was hoarse and cracked. Tears streamed down from her face.

I used my arm around her waist to bounce her up and down. Jenna was so petite and light that I could have done it for hours without the help of any coke. Her tits flopped around like a fish trying to bounce itself back into a pond.

Eventually, Jenna’s cries subsided and the only sound she made was a yelp each time my cock moved up inside of her.

“You liking it baby?” I asked.

The only answer I got was another yelp.

“You just need to have another line.” I said and pushed Jenna off the couch. She landed with her knees on the ground and her elbows on the coffee table.

Somehow - possibly due to some drug induced miracle - my cock stayed inside Jenna’s strangling pussy. I sat kneeled behind her, fucking her doggy style.

“Have a line baby.” I grabbed a handful of Jenna’s hair and pushed her head toward the table.

Jenna cried and fumbled for the straw. She snorted a pitiful line up her nose. I pushed her face down against the coffee table and held her there while I leaned over her shoulder to help myself to a line.

When I was done with my line, I looked over at Jenna - cheek pinned down on the table. I don’t know what overcame me but I leaned over her face and licked her cheek. Her skin tasted like fresh fruit - sweet, juicy and ripe.

I let go of Jenna’s head and leaned up so I was back kneeling behind her and fucking her doggy style. The coke was already hitting her system - I knew that because her cries had turned into moans.

“You want some more coke baby?”

Jenna was… Yelping? Whimpering? Screaming? I don’t know what noise she was making exactly - but it was so loud and frequent that she could barely even get one word out.

“Yes!” Jenna mumbled in a high pitched storm.

I licked my finger and wiped it through the pile of coke. Wet and powdered up, I shoved my finger into Jenna’s exposed arsehole. It was even tighter than her pussy and almost felt like it had teeth that were biting through my skin and bone. Jenna squealed like a pig and jerked forward. Spit flew out of her mouth and rained down on the coffee table.

I moved my finger around inside her arse - not in any discernible pattern, just around - everywhere - up, down, side to side, in circles, in, out. Jenna’s screams almost took on a laughing quality, as if my finger in her arse was tickling her. Her body wiggled and squirmed around me.

It just added to the sensations of her tight little pussy. My coked out cock began to fill with cum and then convulse as it shot through me and into Jenna’s virgin and unprotected pussy. I was too stoned and orgasmic to even care. If it came to it, I guess I could have always argued that Jenna was a coke whore and I shouldn’t have to pay alimony because of that or something. I don’t know exactly - maybe I would marry her - I mean, imagine getting to hit this little eighteen year old pussy every day - but it was a problem for another day.

When I was done shooting my load into Jenna, I pulled my cock out of her and fell back on the couch. Jenna fell down on the table. Her arsehole shrunk before my eyes. Her body heaved and shook as she gasped. Her face was cheek down on the table in the direction of the cocaine remnants and I had a perfect view of her. Jenna lifted a hand to her eyes and wiped the tears away. Then she scooped up the residue of the coke and rubbed it around her gums.


As I watched Jenna get dressed back into her skanky little outfit, I wondered if she actually looked better naked or clothed. I wanted to see her again - more than anything - in different outfits and nothing at all but what would an eighteen year old hottie like her want from me? I wasn’t delusional, I knew there was only one thing.

But, even if Jenna had enjoyed her first experience with cocaine - one night was barely enough to get someone addicted. If I wanted her to come back begging for more, willing to do anything, I needed to get her addicted to the stuff, as I already felt addicted to her tiny little cunt.

I went over to grab a baggie from my stash and hide it in my pocket and then went to put my arm around Jenna’s waist. She’s so small, I realised. She barely even reaches my shoulders and that's with her wearing heels. Jenna jerked away from my grip as if she were disgusted. Her mascara was smudged and running down her cheeks.

“Come on,” I led her to the secret exit that led out to the alley behind the club. “You have to sneak out the back. There’s an Uber waiting for you.”

Jenna came without a word. We made it to the door but before I opened it I turned Jenna to face me.

“Look, about tonight,” I started.

“Don't.” Jenna cut me off with a fast and sharp voice. “Stop. I just want to forget all about tonight.”

She turned to leave but I put my hand in front of her. She rolled her eyes and looked back at me. I grabbed the baggie of coke out of my pocket.

“This might help you to forget.”

Jenna stared at the baggie in my hand for a few seconds and then snatched it out. She turned to leave again but, again, I blocked her way.

“Look, I know you want to forget tonight and I can understand and respect that but that baggie alone costs hundreds. I -”

Jenna turned on me. “What?! You want me to pay you after what you just did to me?! Is that it?!”

I stayed calm and collected. “Not at all Jen. I just wanted to say that I’m here for you, always. Whenever you need any, just show up. And I mean that, whenever. It’s the least I can do.”

Jenna’s anger dissipated. She hugged her arms to her chest and looked down at the ground. “Thanks.” Her voice was weak and girly.

“Anytime Jen.” I got out of her way and pushed the door open.

As Jenna walked past me, I slapped her little teenage arse.


To Be Continued…


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