DUI Case #: 198 - The Old Man from Out of Town


by PastKay

Tags: #cw:noncon #brainwashed #f/m #memory_play #scifi #sub:female #unaware #anomaly #iq_drop #unwilling_hypnotist

This is my first mind control story.

I've wanted to see a story where the victims knows that they are dealing with a mind controller but are powerless to stop them.

Emily Raya sighed as she made another turn. She was running late for work, and she knew she would have to go through another speech about the importance of being punctual again. When it comes to working for the Department of Unusual Incidents, or DUI for short, there are two things you do not waste. Their time and your mind. When Emily first started to work for the DUI, she thought wasting your mind was some kind of euphemism for distraction. But it wasn’t. 

There were deviants out there that can change your body, mind, and even your soul. They can be objects, persons, or places. When such an item or situation is found, the DUI is usually the first to respond. Despite being a branch under the US government, the population and most government officials were oblivious of the DUI’s existence, let alone the deviants they locked away. The public may never know how much of their world was fabricated, but they can still live their lives as best as they can while the DUI protects the US and the world. 

However, Emily couldn’t help but feel she could do more. She had never seen a deviant up close, only hearing and reading about them. Since being a part of the DUI, she had learned more about the deviants that had been caught and locked away, but it always felt like she was touching the tip of the iceberg. 

From the brief chances she could take, she had seen things that had defied her imagination. She witnessed several cases of people cursed by so-called gods, turned to “bimbofied” versions of themselves. She had heard that the DUI had contained someone who could change reality by touching a word.

Fortunately for her, she worked in Area 104, and the area doesn’t see too many deviants. Those that do appear are usually classified as safe. Area 104 was an office that dealt with the bureaucratic side of the DUI. She was just about to turn another corner when she noticed something moving in the corner of her eye.

Slowing her car down, Emily saw an old man waving her down. He had a long beard and wore a suit that looked like it had never been taken off since the day it was purchased. He was standing on the pavement with an arm outstretched towards her. For some reason, Emily felt a tinge of nervousness, but the old man looked harmless, so she rolled down her window and gave the old man the best smile she could give.

“Hey!” Emily beamed as she stopped. “Are you alright?”

“I know you work for the Department of Unusual Incidents,” the old man said, getting straight to his point. Emily tried to hide her shock, but her eyes shot up despite herself and she could feel her body rattling. Did she somehow tell someone that she worked for a secret government agency? Everyone thought she worked at a dead-end office job (which wasn’t far from the truth), but Emily had done a good job in hiding her identity. Apparently, it wasn't a good enough job if this old geezer was able to see right through her. Was she that obvious? “I need you to arrest me.”

“What?” Emily asked, looking back to the old man with a mixture of panic and confusion. That’s when the fear truly set in. She was staring face to face with a possible deviant. She needed to remain calm and in control. “I don’t know what you are talking about.” The old man had the look of Santa Claus without the red outfit. There was something about him that made him trusting. He looked like he couldn’t hurt a butterfly, let alone a woman such as herself. She was usually reserved to most guys, but she felt like she could be more open to this complete stranger. And yet, why was she feel so nervous? Could this old man be a deviant?

Through his heavy beard, the old man let out a sad sigh. “There isn’t much time left,” he said. “Please, arrest me before it’s too late.”

Though the sight of the old man was paradoxically putting her at peace and making her anxious at the same time, Emily couldn’t bring herself to act. Deviants were dangerous and approaching one without the proper procedure was insane. At the same time, she couldn’t help but feel bad for the man standing in front of her. She had no idea who he was, but his demeanor spoke volumes. His eyes were like a lost puppy’s. His entire body had the sort of energy that of a person who was about to reach his last breath.

He was probably distracted by her body. Emily couldn’t blame the old man. She had the sort of figure that could bring a smile to a man’s face. From the curves of her breasts to the dip of her waist, her wardrobe was professional yet feminine. Emily was pretty sure that even though she was dressed in her usual business attire, her legs were providing the most distraction. Her skirt wasn’t even that short, yet they practically distracted this poor elderly man. Emily was sure that he was probably thinking about how her legs would look if she lifted them above her dashboard.

“I’m sorry, sir, but there are procedures,” Emily said. “This is something that the response team deals with, not a pencil pusher. I can wait here with you until they arrive.” She knew that she couldn’t allow this deviant to leave her sight, but at the same time, she couldn’t afford to scare this frail old man.

“Please, you have to arrest me,” the old man pleaded. “Something terrible is about to happen if you don’t arrest me.”

Was that a threat? Emily rubbed her head. Confusion was setting in, and she needed her head clear. Think brain. Why was she here again? Work! She’s running late for work, unless… “Hop on in,” Emily said as she leaned forward, giving the old man a tasteful view of her cleavage, and opened the door. “But if you try anything funny, and I mean anything, the DUI will not rest until you rot away inside a box.”

The old man grumbled but nodded. Area 104 was only ten minutes away from where she was. Starting the car, Emily couldn’t help but feel that the old man was staring at her shapely legs. But every time she turned to meet his face, the man was staring at the changing suburban scenery. Still, that didn’t mean he wasn’t enjoying her legs. She hiked her skirt up slightly and started to rub her right leg. Hopefully, her gambit of bringing in a deviant would give her a special recognition.

“So, what’s your name?”

He didn’t answer.

“OK, um, where are you from?”

He still didn’t answer.

Emily felt a burning embarrassment as they continued closer to the area. She wasn’t good enough for him. Emily knew that she needed to find a way to get his attention. The young researcher pushed a button, and the car announced that it was switching to self-driving mode. The old man shook at the sudden voice of the vehicle. That got his attention, but she needed to keep his attention. The old man looked at Emily with an uneasy look on his face. “Sorry about that. I need my full attention to get your attention.”

“Please, can we just drive in peace?” the man croaked.

His request went onto deaf ears as Emily unbuckled her seatbelt and began to feel her legs and chest. She gave the old man the best baby doll face she could make as she raised her legs to her face, cooing, “You like them?”

“They’re fine,” the old man said. He didn’t seem to be enjoying Emily’s performance, but Emily was surprised to notice that his face wasn’t registering any reaction to her act. No excitement. No lust. No arousal. This man was playing hard to get. “Shouldn’t you be paying attention to the road?”

Pulling her skirt to show more of her legs, Emily remarked, “Relax, this car drives itself.”

“It does?” the old man asked.

Emily let out a laugh, despite her nervousness. The world was barely catching on to the concept of self-driving cars, with Silicon Valley putting trailers for their self-driving cars. But the DUI was decades ahead with their technology, with the help of some anomalous technologies. Sure, they’ll sneak a suggestion here and there, but it was to the DUI’s advantage to maintain the status quo.

That’s when an idea popped into Emily’s head. She slid her blazer off her shoulders and pulled her blouse over her head, revealing her cute pink bra to the aging man. If anyone outside was lucky to see her lewd act, they wouldn’t believe their eyes at the fantastic rack that she had. She should really show her tits more often. The idea alone made her brain tickle.

Her bra felt so soft as she rolled over and laid on the man’s lap. “See? It’s just you and me. No worries,” she added. “You can be open with me.”

However, the old-timer put his hands to his face. “I know it’s not your fault, but can you please try to resist.”

Still rubbing against his legs, Emily said with a needing voice. “You’re the one who’s resisting, grandpa. Just tell me why you want to be detained, and I’ll let you suck on my titties. Hell, I’ll let you suck on them now. Just please play with me.” She moved her tits over her bra cups, and her fingers danced around her nipples, hoping to entice something out of the old man.

However, the old man looked down at Emily with a mixture of sadness and regret. What else does a girl have to do the get the proper reaction? “I’m sorry. The Department of Unusual Incidents is my only chance to contain this curse.”

“You can call me Emmy. I can be the best girl you ever had. You won’t believe how fun I can be.” Emily let out a wicked laugh as she ripped the bra out from her tits. She was already planning on doing more than just helping the old man.

The old man shook his head but then noticed the vehicle slowing down. “We’re stopping.” He could feel the young girl trying to unzip his pants. He already knew what her intentions were. She will end up like everyone else that got too close to him. Sliding out from the vehicle, the old man rolled out of his seat and into the grass. Getting up, the old man could see that he was where he wanted to be.

As the car came to a stop, two armed guards ran towards him with their weapons at hand. The old man can see in their faces that they were already succumbing to his abilities. “Uh, don’t move, I think?” said a male guard.

His partner stood close to him, unsure if she should point her weapon at the unassuming old man or make out with her partner on the grassy floor. It was getting harder to think the more she stared at the old man. Meanwhile, Emily stayed behind in her stopped car, content to rub her clit to wash away the morning stress. She didn’t care if she was already late for work. Her manager will be happy to see the sight of her playful self.

Kneeling to the ground and putting his hands behind his head, the old man calmly spoke, “I am a dangerous person that needs to be locked away.”

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