(session 1:client606)

by Oxyfromsg

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Hypnosis Session at The Clinic - First part of ongoing series. Helping overcome sexual shyness through hypnosis. Originaly posted on my own site.

(session 1:client606)

Welcome to the clinic.

My name is Dr Jen Amber. For now you can call me Dr Amber. Maybe we will get to Jen as the therapy continues.

So i understand that your here because your having anxiety about….sex. I see you blushed a little just at the word. It’s nothing to be ashamed off. We all have our own anxieties about things and sex is certainly not a unusual one.

Now I see you have changed into a clinic t-shirt and sweatpants. This is because i am going to try and relax you and if your clothes feel tight or uncomfortable then your not going to feel relaxed.

So first I want you to drink this glass of water. It has some vitamins and minerals in it so it may taste a little bitter but it will do you some good.

That’s it, well done.

Now i’m going to relax you a little and see if I can put you under. The drink should help things along as it has some chemicals that should already be making you feel soft……floating…..relaxed.

I am going to sit down next to you. That’s right. If you need me I’m right next to you.

My voice is right here.

Floating into your mind.

Helping you relax.

Now I want you to close your eyes. That’s right. It feels good to cut out the light and sink into darkness

Breath normally, you might find your breath going deeper, slower. If that happens its ok, just go with it.

Now I want you to do something. I want you to picture a giant clock in your mind.  A clock with the numbers 0 to 10. Yes? Good. Now think of the clock hand on ten.

I am going to count from 10 to 0. Each time i say a number you are going to feel yourself slipping down into sleep. Each number will make you drop lower and lower, each one doubling how tired and sleepy, comfy and relaxed you are.





Only hear my voice






Making you drop further










*snap* sleep, sleep for me.

That’s it. Can you hear me? If you can then raise your hand.

Good, you can put your hand down on your chest.

I think we are ready to begin.

So, you feel anxious about sex? I think that the best way we can handle this is to make you feel more relaxed about yourself.

So why don’t you take your t-shirt off. Just lift it gently and let it drop away.


I’m just going to stroke your arm. That’s it. Light gentle strokes. Up and down. Gently touching your skin.See how those little strokes relax you? Whenever someone strokes your arm like this you will find yourself relaxing and feeling happy and all anxiety will slip away.

Now lets associate than joyful feeling with sex.

Slide down your sweatpants….thats it…all the way to the ground.

Now sink back into the sofa. Feel my fingers slowly stroking up and down your arms. You can feel your own hand wanting to do that. To slide up and down. To mimic my movement.

So gently slide your hand between your legs. Good. I can tell from that gentle moan you made that it feels good. So just move your hand up and down, in time with mine.

See how turned on you are getting? Your getting so turned on i can hear you moaning. Let it out. Let your doctor hear that you feel good. So i can help you get better.

Mmmmm…thats good. But now we are going to slow you down. You no longer need my touch on your arm. Just keep slowly touching yourself. But dont make yourself cum. Not yet. That is for the next session.

So we know that you can be comfortable with your own sex, but now we need to see how comfortable you can be with others.

Now, as your Doctor I can be a little more intimate with you. You don’t mind do you? It’s not a stressful situation like a date. It’s just you. And me. And your hand slowly moving up and down.

And from now on in our sessions you can call me Jen. No need for Dr Amber. We are getting to know each, build trust. You can feel yourself wanting to please me. To make me happy.

Now I’m going to slowly slide my trousers down. See, just like you. Naked and happy.

Now let me take your hand and place it on my panties.

Can you feel how hard I am?

I get so hard when I am helping my clients get better

See, you’re not embarrassed. You can feel my hard cock under my panties and you’re not feeling anxious at all.

So let me just pull them down a little and….mmmmmyess. How about you put your fingers around it and stroke, up and down, like your hand between your legs.

That’s good. Ohhh that’s very good.

I can see how happy you feel, your face relaxed, your lovely full lips slightly open

Yes, keep stroking me. Feel how hard I’m getting.

You are relaxed. Your calm. You’re not anxious. And your jerking off my cock right next to your sweet face.


Let your hands fall back. Down to your side.

That’s it.

My hand on your arm, stroking up, stroking down.

In a moment I will wake you. You will feel warm and relaxed and turned on.

You will not remember what happened during the session except as a nice daydream. Only that it made you happy and you want more.

Need more.

Your getting better. Already less anxious.

Even….keen….to  have sex.

Now get dressed, all prepared to come back awake.

I will do the same.

Sink back, back onto the sofa.

When you wake and I stroke your arm it will turn you on and serve as a guide to bring you back to sleep.

But now

The clock is turning back…towards 10. When it reaches 10 you will be fully awake and eager to enjoy the day

3…..the clock turns back

5….feel the energy fill you

8…..remember the happiness you feel


Welcome back….how do you feel?

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