Stud Spray

by Noam de Pluma

Tags: #aphrodisiac #big_cock #jock #locker_room #m/m #nerd #oral_sex #fingering #power_struggle
See spoiler tags : #straight_to_gay

Alfie is using the latest aphrodisiac on the black market, Stud Spray, to steal everyone’s girl. What happens when his biggest rival finds out?

Chet glared at the label on the bottle in Alfie’s locker, which seemed to mock him. Stud Spray. Of course. Fucking of course.

His handsome face contorted into a scowl beneath jet-black hair. What should he do, steal it? Nah, bro, he didn’t need that shit to bag chicks. Sell it? It was fucking expensive as fuck, he knew that much – he could never afford it.

How did whiny, skinny little Alfie afford it, anyway? It’s not like his family was loaded.

Chet seethed, muscles rippling under his muscle tee and workout shorts as he stood in front of Alfie’s changing room locker. Must’ve been something on the computer. That little nerd was always running code or apps or some shit, talking about how he was gonna get rich one day.

Well, looks like he hit it big.

Chet usually didn’t spare the nerdlinger a second thought until a couple of weeks ago when Alfie started pulling serious pussy. First Sherry from the drama club. Then Priti from jazz band. Then Sarah with the huge knockers. Working his way up the hotness totem pole one bitch at a time.

Then Virginia. Chet’s girl. This morning he walks into the cafeteria and spots them making out in the corner, him grinding his faggy-ass hips into hers like it was going out of style.

Which led him straight to the gym changeroom to rummage through Alfie’s locker – he’d stolen the combination ages ago – and to the offending bottle. He grabbed it and read the label:


One spritz of colourless, odorless Stud Spray and you’ll become irresistible to the object(s) of your affection. Directions for use:

One-on-one encounters: Spray once into mouth as with breath freshener.

Area effect: Spray once on wrists and neck as with cologne.

Speak to or pass within 12 inches of the object(s) of desire. 30-minute duration.

Chet growled and whirled around to head back to the cafeteria and give the skinny little fucker a piece of his mind, and was taken aback to find that Alfie had snuck up behind him.

“Found out my little secret, did you?” Alfie needled in his reedy voice.

“You bet I did, fucker,” Chet spat. He brandished the bottle. “You use this stuff on my girl, sicko?”

“Your girl, Jerry’s girl, Suni’s girl… lots of girls,” Alfie smirked. “Now give it back. I paid for it and it’s mine. You’re stealing.”

“Fuck that shit, fucker. I’m taking this right to the cops.” Chet shouldered his way past his surprising rival.

“No! It’s mine!” Alfie jumped on Chet’s back and scrambled for purchase, pulling the larger jock off balance.

“Get off me-”

“Give it back!”

“I said, get off me!”

“Give it-!”

Chet slammed into a bench and toppled over, taking Alfie with him.

Unheard in the clamour of flesh slapping on the tile floor and into another row of lockers was a small, quiet crack as the bottle of Stud Spray broke open. Neither Chet nor Alfie felt the wetness spread beneath them as they struggled for supremacy before it evaporated into thin air.

Chet effortlessly spun Alfie onto the floor and straddled his chest, squeezing the breath from the smaller boy with his meaty thighs. He looked down at the scrawny computer nerd, noticing for the first time the way his full lips stood out against his pale skin. “So what, nerd, you used some Stud Spray. You think that makes you a better kisser than I am? You think Virginia liked kissing you more than me?”

Alfie stared back at Chet. “I know she did,” he wheezed. “Said my cock felt bigger, too. It was only through my pants, but, you know,” he flexed his rapidly hardening rod and thrust his hips suggestively, “that’s just a matter of time, Chetster.”

“Fuck you, Alfie,” Chet spat, chest heaving. “We’ll see who’s the better kisser.”

And with that he bent over and planted his wide, full mouth right on Alfie’s plump lips and shoved his tongue as far as it would go. Both boys moaned, their voices echoing off the tile, as they leaned into the kiss. Chet’s first instinct was to dominate, mashing his lips into those of his classmate as hard as he could, but he soon eased his oral assault and found himself opening his mouth to gently tongue-wrestle with Alfie instead. For his part, Alfie welcomed the intrusion, grabbing the back of Chet’s head to pull himself deeper.

Chet rolled over, spinning them around so Alfie was straddling his crotch, and then sat up to cradle the skinny programmer in this lap. Their kiss, which had started out so aggressive and adversarial, melted into soft, fluttering touches of their lips and mutual flicks of the tongue. Alfie moaned quietly in his reedy, quavering voice, making Chet’s heart skip a beat.

They finally broke apart and looked into each other’s eyes. “Well, Chetster,” said Alfie, lifting a hand to trace the jock’s jawline, “You’re a damn good kisser. Better than Virginia, if I’m being honest.” He leaned in to nuzzle Chet’s thick, beefy neck.

“Fuckin’ A, bro,” sighed Chet. He leaned back into the lockers, gently cupping Alfie’s head to keep it steady. “Hottest kiss I’ve ever had. I’m so fuckin’ hard right now, you wouldn’t believe.” He flexed his rock-hard cock under Alfie’s ass to underscore the point.

Alfie ground back onto Chet’s rod, enjoying the feel of it along his crack. “Well, Chetster,” he began, regretfully withdrawing his face from the safety and warmth of the jock’s collarbone, “I guess we tie on kissing.”

“Damn straight, yo,” Chet breathed, leaning in to lick Alfie’s ear.

“Aw, yeah, so nice,” Alfie moaned as Chet tickled his lobe. “What else were we going to compare? Who’s got the bigger dick?”

“Fuck yeah, bro,” answered Chet, gently kissing his way around Alfie’s neck. “Loser blows the winner.”

“Mmmmm, yeah, I can work with that,” Alfie sighed. His own dick twitched in his slacks, bent awkwardly and eager for release. But it could wait… for a bit. He guided Chet’s head away from his other ear, leaned in for one last kiss, and reached down to lift off the dudebro’s muscle tee.

Chet broke out his damnable shit-eating grin, relishing Alfie’s awed reaction to the massive, hairless plates that were his pecs. He raised his arms to flex his biceps, kissing each one, and winked as Alfie practically began to drool. “Come in and taste the gun show, bro, the water’s fine,” he bragged, stupidly mixing his metaphors.

Alfie shook his head and ignored the sexy oaf’s attempt at seduction, tearing off his own shirt to reveal a soft and surprisingly hairy torso, and leaned forward to clamp his lips on a sizeable nipple. Chet’s rumble of satisfaction vibrated through Alfie’s lips and sent a thrill through his body. He gently chewed on the sensitive nub and smiled as Chet threw his head back and groaned in satisfaction, then moved over to the other side.

Chet growled. Enough of this foreplay bullshit. He held Alfie’s head and guided it away from his chest, gently pushing the soft, sensual geek away from him. “Get ready to eat dick, loser,” he said affectionately as he stood up and lowered his shorts to unveil a solid 7” pipe bobbing above a low-hanging sack.

Alfie smirked. “Wrong again, Chetster,” he replied, slowly lowering his pants to reveal inch after inch of thick, throbbing dick that extended down his thigh like a python… until finally a fat, bulbous head cleared the waistband near his knee and swung up to reach past his navel with a satisfying thwack. He shook his hips back and forth, making the 10.5” python sway like a metronome, completely obscuring his egg-sized balls.

Chet gaped, following it from side to side. “Looks fucking delicious, man. But you know what?” He took a menacing step forward.

Alfie gulped, his smile fading. “Wh-what, Chet?”

It was Chet’s turn to smirk. “I still want that hummer.” He reached out with lightning-fast hands to grab Alfie, lift him high in the air, spin him upside down, and plant the over-endowed otter’s lips right on his dick. “Fuck, yeah!” He roared, voice echoing through the locker room as he rammed Alfie onto his pole with one muscled arm. With the other, he grabbed Alfie’s massive, imposing cock, angled it to his lips, and popped the bloated mushroom cap in his mouth, holding the smaller boy in place for a vertical sixty-nine.

For a time the only sounds in the room were muffled slurps, groans and choking noises as they sucked dick for the first time. Alfie had lost all pretense of bravado and gorged himself on Chet’s rod, swirling his tongue around the girthy shaft and simply allowing the well-muscled jock to use him as a Fleshlight, plunging his face onto the more-than-respectable fuckstick with abandon. The sensation of his prick invading Chet’s warm, wet mouth with a strong, confident hand stroking his shaft was just icing on the cake.

Chet was in heaven. He had a warm, tight tunnel to sink his cock into and the challenge of swallowing an even larger one in turn. He choked and spluttered around Alfie’s wrist-thick shaft, determined to give a better blowjob than the tiny nerd and make him shoot first. He bobbed his head further and further, willing his throat to open and accept the bulbous helmet.

Alfie had his own ideas on achieving a similarly competitive end and had, for the past several seconds, lubed up the fingers on one hand with spit. On Chet’s next downward thrust to drive Alfie’s face to the root of his cock, Alfie reached under the jock’s spread legs and shoved a long index finger right up his ass.

As Chet’s eyes bulged and he cried out in surprise, Alfie’s dickhead popped into this throat, followed by several inches of shaft. His legs gave way under the shock and he slid down to the ground, involuntarily spreading his legs wider to give Alfie better access to his hole.

Soon the two were lying on the ground with Alfie on top, plunging two, then three, then four fingers out of Chet’s ass, tweaking his prostate each time. Alfie pulled off Chet’s cock and jerked it mercilessly with his other hand while he power-fucked Chet’s mouth with long, deep strokes, his orgasm building.

“Come on, Chetster, blow for me,” he rasped. “Shoot first. You know you wanna, you fucking bottom bitch. Do it. Do it, do it, DO IT!”

With that last invocation he thrust in up to the hilt, balls dangling on Chet’s nose, as he drove his fingers as deep as he could into the muscle jock’s ass. Both boys came simultaneously: Alfie pumping jets of cum directly down Chet’s throat while Chet painted Alfie’s face like he was Jackson Pollock.

They slowly came down from their high, Chet lowering his legs and Alfie removing his suffocating prick from Chet’s airway. They gasped for breath and lay side by side on the floor, chests heaving.

“I’m still gonna get you for stealing my girl, fucker,” Chet said, staring at the ceiling and savouring the salty taste of cum that Alfie left behind as he withdrew.

“Try it, Chetster,” Alfie shot back, absentmindedly licking up gobs of spunk from his cheeks. “You think that was my only supply? I’ve got another one right here, and loads more where that came from.” He reached to his pants and pulled a small bottle out of one of the pockets.

“You sick fuck. I’m so taking that to the cops. Give it here!” Chet snarled, launching himself onto the twinky programmer nerd.

“No, it’s mine!” Alfie shouted, rolling away.

“Give it, sicko!”

“You’re going to break it!”

“No I’m not!”

“Yes, you are!”

“No, I’m-“

Snap, crackle, sploosh.

Both boys stopped, taking a moment to register the substantial volume of colourless, odourless liquid that had splashed onto their chests. Unbidden, their cocks began to harden anew. They stared at each other and sighed in unison.

“Motherfucker,” said Chet, lowering his mouth to Alfie’s.

“You’re telling me,” breathed Alfie, his lips parting to accept Chet’s tongue.

In the corner, yet another bottle of Stud Spray fell out of Alfie’s pants and rolled towards them on the tiled floor. WARNING, proclaimed an obscure section of the label in minuscule 5-point font. Sustained use in a short time period may result in long-term/irreversible attraction. Please deploy responsibly.

Moans, groans and wet sucking sounds reverberated through the locker room. And from the looks of it, they weren’t going to stop any time soon.


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