the henchman

by Nath

Tags: #brainwashing #consensual_kink #dom:female #f/f #f/m #multiple_partners #drones #hypnokink_convention

Consensual kink scene featuring a brainwashed drone in a shiny black latex suit


With a click of the lock, he let us into his hotel room. As he walked into the room to turn on the lights and close the curtains, I pushed her up against the wall to kiss her. She answered enthusiastically by groping my breasts and ass through my dress. She was delicious in every way, her full lips, her hands all over me, the happy giggle that came with every move I made to press her against the wall and grind against her. Then I noticed him standing in the middle of the room looking at us.

"You don't mind, do you?" I grinned at him and she giggled.

He smiled warmly. "As wonderful as you two are to watch, we did have a plan I'm eager to get to." He walked over to the closet and started to take out the things we would need for our plan.

With a nod and a smile, I backed away so she could walk into the room. "There will be time for me to ravish you later…"

She kicked off her shoes, went over to the bed and laid down to give us space to make preparations. I leaned against the wall for a moment, just staring at her, I had never told her this, but she reminded me of that girl I knew back in college. The reason I knew for certain that I am bi, despite all the erasure and preconceptions life threw at me. Sure, I like guys, I like people well enough and I think beauty is more than just skin deep. But oh my… She was my type. She was the prettiest, cutest woman I had ever laid hands on. 

I took a deep breath and turned to watch him start to take off his clothes and get ready to put on the latex bodysuit. A bottle of lube stood ready to help him. For a moment, I was overcome by how he had welcomed me into this whole situation, I felt so honoured that he wanted to do this with me, that he had cast me in this role. When I first met him, I had admired how suave and debonair he was from afar, looking up at him as an accomplished kinkster, much moreso than I. And now, here I was…

I turned to look in the mirror beside the closet. "Do I need to change?" I asked.

"I wouldn't mind... if you want…." She giggled as she lay on her chest, showing off her cleavage and wiggling her bare feet up in the air. She was shy to flirt with me, but I appreciated the effort.

He glanced at me as he was putting on the latex. "I really like the dress. Maybe lose the fluffy shrug and put your hair up to make it more stern?"

"Good thinking." I hung the shrug on the coat rack by the door and got a hairtie out of my handbag to put my hair up into a tight bun.

"You should both know that I'm actually a terrible wimp who doesn't want to hurt anyone." I said as I did my hair. "I'm going to rely heavily on you to let me know that you're still enjoying what we're doing, or I won't dare to go on." I turned to give him a meaningful look as I referenced something we had previously done together. "You know how I move forward very carefully and look for signs that you want to keep going."

He nodded as he carefully pulled his arms through the tight latex sleeves. "And you know that I will find ways to signal 'green' to you."

"I probably can't even hide how much I'm enjoying the struggle." She supported her head with her hands as she lay on the bed. "The meaner you are, the more I'll like it." She blushed and hid her face in her hands.

I cleared my throat. "I also want you both to know that any suggestions or triggers I give you will only last until this scene ends and we leave the room again. This is a fantasy."

She nodded at me. "Of course."

"No worries." He managed to smile at me again, even though he was busy pulling the suit up around his shoulders and making sure the elbows were in the right place.

I excused myself to go to the bathroom and touch up my makeup. When I returned looking all smooth and pale again, she was helping him close the zipper of the bodysuit. He was all glistening blackness now with his strong shoulders and his V-shaped body. He put on the hood with the shiny gasmask and asked in a muffled voice: "Where do you want me?"

I moved in to embrace him and grab his ass, running my hands over the slick surface of the suit. "I want you right here." I moaned playfully.

She gasped, watching us with excited eyes as she sat back down on the bed.

He stood up straight as I groped him, trying to remain still, but I could feel a bulge starting to grow under the suit against my hip. I took pleasure in that for a moment, but I realised that they were both being so quiet because they were ready to begin. It was my move now.

I looked around the room for things I could use and I noticed the mirror on the wall next to the closet. I let go of him, stepped aside and slapped him on the ass with a playful grin. "Get the chair and place it facing the mirror. I want you to sit there looking at yourself."

He did exactly as I asked, his movements stiff and slow, but I couldn't tell whether that was because he was getting into character or because the suit was restrictive. When he sat down, I leaned against the closet so he could probably see me from the corner of his eyes, while he was looking ahead into the mirror. Truth be told, I couldn't see his face under the shiny black mask at all, but he had assured me previously that his vision was great in this mask.

"As you look at the drone in front of you…" I found my softer, deeper hypnotist voice as I started to build the fantasy. "I want you to imagine the brainwashing facility, where there are rows upon rows of faceless drones like this. Sitting still while the gas that flows through the masks subdues them into an open, suggestible state. So that the recording that plays through the headphones they're wearing can blank their minds, take away their will and mold them into mindless, obedient drones."

I glanced at her as she sat on the bed, watching and listening, quietly but visibly excited by the scene I was describing. And perhaps by the sound of my voice too.

"I want you to remember how you sat there in that facility," I continued to him. "So still and warm, encased in shiny slickness. Inhaling the gas with every breath. Feeling yourself become more and more mindless and obedient with every word that reverberates in your empty head. Resistance is futile. None of the other drones have managed it, so why would you be able to? The gas makes you compliant, that's just how it works on a hormonal level in your body, no matter how much willpower you might have had when this all began. You don't remember how long ago. Your will is gone now. You are just a drone in my army, obedient to me. Brainwashed to help me subdue and recruit more people. And every order you obey just emphasises how mindless and compliant you are."

I watched him sit there for a moment, the image of long rows of identical shiny, black suits lingering on my mind as well. I couldn't resist running my fingers over the smooth black surface again, so I touched his shoulder. And then I forcefully grabbed the back of his neck. 

"Drone six. Get up." I commanded him as I stood behind the chair.

He immediately stood up from the chair, his back straight, his shiny mask blank.

"Put the chair in the corner." I ordered, pointing.

There was a pronounced robotic quality to his movements as he lifted up the chair and walked towards the door of the hotel room to set it down there.

"And lock the door, drone." The cold, commanding tone in my voice contrasted with the way I casually walked over to the other side of the room. I locked eyes with her, still sitting on the bed. "So she can't escape."

She gasped. It was her move now. She looked at me, standing near the window, and then at him, blocking the door with the chair and locking it with a loud click. She glanced at the bathroom door, probably wondering if she could reach it and hide in there.

"Seize her!" I commanded.

The drone spun around and launched towards her, catching her just as she reached the edge of the bed. The struggle was violent but quick. He pinned her arms behind her back and held them there with one hand, holding her tightly around the waist with the other arm.

I stepped into the open space at the foot of the bed and beckoned him. "Bring her here." 

His footsteps stomped on the carpet as he pushed her towards me. She squirmed weakly in his grip, making delicious high-pitched noises. As she got closer to me, she lowered her head to look down at her feet. He was much taller and he just lifted her up with every other heavy step, as he brought her towards me. 

I stepped in and grasped her by the neck and chin to lift her head up. "Look at me."

Her eyes were large and full of doubt. Did she want to look at me? The memory of being hypnotised by staring into my eyes in a previous encounter was still fresh in her mind. Or was she afraid to look at me? Afraid that I would take away her will and her mind and make her into a mindless drone as well? She bit her lip and I could feel her swallow under my hand.

I remembered how she hand assured me that meaner would be better. And I noticed how the drone nodded at me and pushed her forward into my grip. So I gripped her chin more firmly, letting some of my fingers squeeze the soft skin of her throat. "You cannot escape." I let my voice drop to a whisper. "You could struggle, in theory. But that would only take time. I will overpower your mind, just like my drone has overpowered you physically. In a direct battle of your will against mine, you know that you're losing. Losing control. Losing the will to fight me…"

There was a change in her eyes. They could no longer focus on me, and the eyelids with the sparkly makeup started to droop. Her lips parted with an inaudible gasp.

"So you surrender." I concluded as I pulled her head down until it flopped forward and her eyes closed. I felt a rush of power; I was in control.

As she slumped in his arms, the drone shifted on his feet, but somehow despite the glossy black mask I could tell that was not just about shifting her weight in his arms. He was enjoying this too.

I leaned in, my lips brushing against her cheek as I whispered in her ear. "You are helpless against my power. And I just want to toy with you right now. Even when you wake up in a moment, you'll find that you're so open to my suggestions, everything I say becomes real to you. You can squirm and struggle and feel ashamed that your helplessness is turning you on, and all of that. But you are my plaything now." I kissed her cheek. She smelled so delicious that I trailed little kisses to her lips and I gently cupped her jaw to give her a long, hot kiss.

Even though her eyes were closed and her mind was open, she was such a wonderful kisser. Her lips moved, her tongue touched mine and she moaned softly. When I finally retreated, she lifted up her face towards me with a moan full of yearning.

I gave my henchman a mischievous look to let him know something was coming. And then I aimed carefully and slapped her on the cheek. "Wake up!"

He braced accordingly and held her tightly so she could hardly jolt and stumble from the shock. She did however squeal delightfully, and she gave me a priceless look of shock.

"There you are, my plaything." I chuckled and lazily reclined on the bed.

"Let me go!" She struggled in his arms and he didn't even move an inch. The mask was blank and emotionless but in the crotch of the suit I could spy that bulge that told me he was happy.

I smiled benevolently. "You want him to release you?"

She strained and tried to wiggle out of his grip. "Yes!"

With a nonchalant gesture, I snapped my fingers. "Release her. And stand to attention."

Immediately, he let her go. He took one step away from her as she hugged herself, and then he put his hands behind his back and raised his chin up as if he were looking at the ceiling fan above the bed.

She stood there for a moment, stretching after being held so tightly for so long. 

"You're not sure what to do now, are you my plaything?" I noticed how my voice turned into an amused sing-song, and I leaned into that. "Are you confused?"

"I eh…" She looked around the room, as if looking for answers. "I guess…" Her eyes rested on the drone in the shiny black suit and it gave me an idea.

"Do you recognise him?" I asked as I scooted towards the edge of the bed. "He used to be your lover before he became my mindless drone."

He flinched. It was hard to tell what it meant exactly, but his breathing became more visible, his shoulders rising and falling a little faster than before. He made an effort to not move, but something was definitely going on behind that glossy black surface.

She stared at him, and tentatively reached out to him with her hand. "Can you hear me?"

I chuckled. "Of course he can hear you. The drone is fully functional. He just doesn't remember you, nor does he feel anything. He has been brainwashed to be obedient and compliant." I fell into my hypnotist voice, to help him feel more like a mindless drone. "Turn towards her, drone. You can see her, you can hear her. But her words mean nothing to you. The only thing you understand are my commands. Remember the mantras that echoed in your empty head. You must obey."

With two heavy steps, he turned towards her. His shoulders were straight and his arms were rigid. His chin was still up, as if he was looking over the top of her head into the distance.

Her hand touched his chest, ever so slightly pressing into the smooth black surface. "Don't you remember me?" She looked up at him, almost pleading.

"Push her away, drone." I grinned as I watched them.

His strong arms mercilessly pushed her away and she stumbled backwards before she was able to compose herself. The arms moved down by his sides, rigid and slightly bent like the arms of an action figure. He seemed to be looking at her from behind the mask now.

Her eyes were large and moist as she approached him again. When she reached out to touch him, he grabbed her wrist like a steel trap. She kissed the rubber glove around his hand. "I know there's still a part of you in there that remembers me." Passion made her soft voice tremble and it hit me like a hot flash in my crotch.

His reaction made me gasp. With his other hand, he grabbed her hair on the back of her head. It was a weakness we both knew about her; if you grabbed her by the hair she melted in your hands. He was forceful and robotic about it. The bulge under the suit was the only hint of his humanity.

"I love you!" She pleaded, her eyes large and moist as she squirmed in his grip. "Please, listen to me. I know who you are inside. This isn't you." She stared up at the glossy black surface of the mask as if her gaze might pierce it, and it gave me another idea.

I had been watching them with baited breath, biting my lip, but this was the perfect moment for me to speak. "Well done, drone." I couldn't help that my hypnotist voice turned sultry and smouldering, they were turning me on so much. "You've got her in the right grip for the brainwashing unit in your hand to connect to her brain."

Her eyes grew large and she squirmed, trying to move her head. His grip was strong however, and her renewed struggle only resulted in a tremble and a shake.

I got up from the bed to touch her and bring my voice closer to her ears, knowing that would help with the suggestions. "As the unit connects to your nervous system, you might feel an electric jolt that travels down through your spine to your crotch. It's an unfortunate side-effect that can't be helped."

She gasped, shuddering in his grip. To my surprise, the drone moved too. His breathing quickened and there was a jerk in his hips.

"But as we developed the technique more over time, we've found that the arousal that grows in the subject actually helps the brainwashing take hold. It's very hard to resist something that feels so good, isn't it?" I hovered around her, keeping a close eye on both of them. "Feel how the connection is made in the back of your head, and the current travels through your body, washing away your resistance. Look at him, so mindless and empty. He couldn't fight it, and neither can you. You'll end up just like him as you feel my control creep into your head."

She swayed in his grip, her eyes glossing over as she stared up at the shiny surface of the mask. He let go of her wrists and her arms fell limply to her sides. Her shivering body slumped a little, as if the only thing holding her up was the strong hand on the back of her head.

I groped her breasts, trying to find and tweak her nipples through her shirt, as I continued to narrate the fantasy. "We haven't worked out why or how the brainwashing causes this strong arousal, but we've noticed that when the brainwashing unit in a drone's hand is activated to turn a new subject, both the subject and the drone suffer from it. As my power travels through your body and takes hold of your neural pathways, it fills you with sexual pleasure. If you are feeling any pleasure at the moment, that means you are under my control. And as the pleasure builds and grows inside you, it washes away your thoughts, making you more mindless and obedient."

Her eyes rolled up into her head and her lips parted as she moaned. Meanwhile, he bucked his hips and the bulge under his suit twitched and moved as his breathing became more laboured, making his shoulders rise and fall more quickly.

I licked my lips at this delicious scene I had crafted. "The pleasure is an essential part of the process now. The more you submit to this arousal, the faster it will take hold of you, the more helpless and compliant you become, and when you eventually come, that means the process is complete and you are my mindless drone. So you want to surrender to it, don't you?"


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