The Greatest Fan

Chapter 1

by Nath

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It wasn't a particularly unusual request, Octavia mused as she read over the online negotiations again. She was actually very glad that he had found her; she would be respectful of his fantasy roleplay, help him make it come alive. Fuck, it was a really hot scenario and she would just enjoy it along with him. She sighed, happy that she could use her time and skills to help others live out their fantasies like this.

His fantasy was about a video game: the Witcher. There were books about the same characters and the same setting, but Octavia had never read them. She had seen the game and tried it, but it was not to her taste. She had however watched the recent Netflix series. Still, she was confident she could help him feel like he was Geralt of Rivia, captured by a sorceress and being "tortured" in a sexy way that stayed within his limits.

What was funny about all of this, was that he signed his messages with the name Henry. That's the name of the actor who played Geralt in the Netflix series. Octavia had seen an interview with him before the series came out, in which the actor confessed that he applied for the role because he was a fan of the games and the books. This client was clearly also a big fan if he chose that name.

For a moment, she looked around her little studio. The bed was neatly made, the chains and cuffs were ready, and she had the little stepladder so she could actually reach the ceiling hook. She was wearing a long gown that wouldn't look wrong on a sorceress from the video game and the room was comfortably warm. She put the laptop away and put the kettle on, because he should be here soon.

The knock on the door came just a minute early, which made sense. He was very eager in his messages as well. 

"Come in," Octavia called out from the corner of the studio. "Would you like tea or coffee?" She could hear the door opening and the man coming in behind her as she made a cup of coffee for herself. There was a moment of silence and then the rustle of him hanging his coat on the rack beside the door.

"You can lock the door with the knob, so we won't be disturbed." Octavia said as she turned to face him, with her cup of coffee in her hand. The tall, dark-haired man who reached out and locked the door was in fact Henry Cavill, the square jaw was unmistakable. Octavia's breath hitched for a second, but she quickly composed herself. She had promised absolute discretion, as she always did to her clients. "Coffee?" She asked as casually as she possibly could.

"Yes, thank you." He smiled.

She motioned to a seat by the coffee table and made him a cup, taking the time to calm the beating of her heart. It's funny how actors always excite us, she thought to herself. His messages had clearly shown her that he was a human being and a geek, just like she was.

When she brought the cups of coffee to the table, he lingered by the seat, waiting until she put the cups down. "It's nice to finally meet you. I'm Henry." He cordially shook her hand.

"I know..." She momentarily let her eyes roam over his massive shoulders and his bulky arms. Then she sat down and sipped her coffee. "I'm Octavia. Please, make yourself comfortable. I mean, before we make you uncomfortable, like we discussed." She chuckled.

He laughed and shifted awkwardly in the seat. "I'm a little nervous. I've never actually done this before."

She dismissively waved her hand at him. "I'm sure you've done scarier things in your life. This doesn't involve helicopters, at least."

He laughed heartily. "This is a different kind of scary."

"It is, I get that." She nodded. "I'll walk you through what is going to happen."

He picked up his cup and seemed to relax a bit.

"First, you and I are just going to sit here and go over some things, just rehashing what we've been messaging about." She explained quietly. "Then, I would like to hypnotise you, to see how that feels for you, and as preparation for the actual scenario. After that, you can undress and go to the toilet or whatever else you need before we begin."

Sipping thoughtfully, he asked: "What do we need to go over?"

"Let me just summarise." Octavia closed her eyes, to help her remember. "You will be playing Geralt of Rivia, and I will be an unknown sorceress who has used a ruse to capture you. We'll put you in reasonably comfortable chains and I will 'torture' you with sexual touches and with a magical spell that will make you faint. I'll do my best to keep the dialogue in character, but I'm afraid you know much more about the setting than I do, so let's try to focus on what you and I are doing together, not on the story of the Witcher. I will grope you through your clothes, but I will not remove any clothes, that is your choice. Anything you're still wearing when we begin, stays on. I will not slap, hit, pinch or bite you, but kissing, grabbing and some shoving is allowed. And mind games, you specifically asked for this because you wanted to play a strong-willed character who is forced to surrender. The scenario ends when you submit, which you will endeavour to communicate clearly. Is that correct?"

Henry blushed. "Yes. That's what I want."

Without remarking upon his apparent embarrassment, Octavia continued: "Because Geralt is likely to struggle and ask me to stop, and I will want to continue, I need you to pick a special word that will signify that Henry needs me to stop roleplaying for a moment. You can use this for example when the bondage or something I said is making you uncomfortable. When you say this word, I'll stop and ask what you need. It's best to pick a word that doesn't belong in the Witcher world, but that you have no trouble saying. What is your safeword?"

For a moment, he thought about it and then grinned. "Superman."

"I like your sense of humour." Octavia chuckled.

He set the coffee cup down on the table. "So now, you hypnotise me? To make the 'Faint' spell work and to help me get into character?"

She beamed at him. "Your enthusiasm is wonderful. Do you have any questions or remarks so far?"

He shook his head. "You addressed them in writing. I'm very curious to try this." He gave her an expectant look, as if he was waiting for her to reveal a pocketwatch and swing it in front of his eyes.

Octavia briefly considered standing over him and asking him to look deep into her eyes. But there would be time for that. And this new plan forming in her mind would be far more effective. "Please sit back in the chair and close your eyes," she said.

He folded his hands in his lap as he did so.

She allowed herself to stare at this man's beautiful face as she spoke softly. "I would like you to imagine that you're in the makeup chair, preparing for a role. We both know which role, although you don't have any lines to learn now. You'll have to improvise and go by what you know of the character. I just figured that being in the makeup chair, sitting passively while someone else does things to your head, is probably a familiar feeling to you."

She got up and softly touched his face and massaged his head in admiration. "It's so easy to allow your thoughts to drift, thinking about how to act like Geralt, how to sound like Geralt, while someone else is busy preparing you for the scene to come. There is nothing else you need to do right now, but sit here and let me work my magic on you. It's relaxing really, to know that you're in good hands and that everything is going according to plan."

His shoulders started to sag, and his head swayed in her hands. A soft sigh escaped his lips as his hands unclasped and fell to his sides.

"Your sinking deeper into hypnosis is also exactly according to plan. Your passive, open state of mind is precisely what we need right now. You can just let every word I say guide you deeper into this relaxing space, so that I can prepare you for the scene." She allowed a moment of silence while she continued to caress his temples and his hair.

His breathing was visibly slowing and his face was relaxing, his jaw becoming slack. As she observed how he was slumping in the chair, she noticed a bulge growing in the crotch of his trousers.

Pleased, she continued in a dreamy tone: "There is one very important thing I want you to know, Henry. In this space we're creating here together, during this scene we'll be playing together, your arousal is wanted. It's the very purpose of what we're doing here, and that knowledge is liberating, isn't it? Isn't it easy to allow yourself to feel how my every touch excites you? Your body expresses your sexual feelings so much more naturally now that you know that your lust is welcome in this space."

There was a quick flutter in his eyelids as his legs shifted in the chair to make his erection more comfortable.

She carefully let go of his head, letting his chin sag down against his chest, and she sat back down in her own chair. "In this scene, the sorceress is going to torture Geralt with sexual pleasure, so your arousal and your expression of it, is instrumental to the dramatic tension."

He bucked his hips in the chair and Octavia had to catch her breath as she saw the bulge jerk under the fabric of his trousers.

"The other thing instrumental to this scene," Octavia continued quickly. "Is the sorceress' magical spell. Throughout the scene, whenever you hear me say the word 'Faint' you instantly feel its effects. It starts in your body. Your muscles become weak and your legs falter, when I say the word 'Faint'. It's as if your body suddenly becomes too heavy for you to hold upright. And whenever I say the word 'Faint' you also feel this dizzy sensation in your head."

She could notice minute quivers and twitches across his body every time she repeated the word. "Whenever you hear me say 'Faint', you momentarily feel as if you're actually going to faint. You lose track of what you're saying because your head feels all fuzzy and faint. But the thing is, the spell only lasts for a few seconds, and then you're able to shake off the effects. So whatever you're feeling now when I say the word 'Faint', you're going to have to squeeze all of that into just a short time period, and that just intensifies the effects of the 'Faint' spell, doesn't it? Why don't you take a deep breath and process all of that?" 

For a moment, she just watched the rise and fall of his chest and shoulders. Then she changed the tone of her voice to make it more upbeat. "And I think we're done with your head. Now is the time to come out of the makeup chair, get up, put on the costume and do the actual scene. Take your time to come all the way up and out of the chair. I'll be here when you're ready to move on to the next part." And she leaned forward in her seat, waiting expectantly.

His hands moved first, tired of limply hanging by his sides, fingers twitching and then quickly going up to rub his face. He let out an audible sigh and then stretched and shifted in the seat. "That was…" He licked his lips. "That was something." Then he finally looked at her.

She smiled, almost closing her eyes. "You're very good at this hypnosis thing."

He shook his head. "That's my line. Yours is: Thank you, you're welcome."

"Cheeky…" She giggled. "I can tell you have no experience being dominated."

He laughed and gulped down the coffee left in his cup.

As soon he put the cup down again, Octavia gave him a sly look. "I'm going to have to test it, of course."

A frown. "Test what?"

She raised her hand in the air, the open palm towards him, as if casting a magical spell on him. "Faint!" She commanded.

His eyes slammed shut and his head tipped over backwards as his arms dropped down and his shoulders drooped. He sagged in the chair only for a few seconds, and then he came to his senses. 

Octavia waited with baited breath to hear what he might say.

Henry coughed as he composed himself. "Rather amazing, that…" he mumbled as he sat up and rolled his shoulders.

She chuckled. "That's your mind at work, I just say a silly word."

"Don't say it again until we start." He pointed at her.

She held up her hands in the air. "Of course." Then she gave him a more serious look. "Does it need to be adjusted? Is it too much? We can tone it down, if you prefer."

He massaged his forehead for a moment, hiding his face behind his hand. "No, it's perfect. Thank you." He took a deep breath and looked around the studio. "What's next?"

She rose from the chair. "You undress as much as you want. Then we put you in chains. And then we begin." She took the coffee cups and cleared them away.

He started to take his shoes and socks off, and then his shirt and top. Octavia leaned on the counter in the corner, watching him with a grin. He paused for a moment, looking at the bulge in his trousers. Then he turned to the bag hanging on the rack beside his coat. 

"Not very charming…" He said, only half to Octavia.

She gave him an approving smile. "I'm rather enamoured, actually."

From the bag, he pulled a pair of loose slacks that looked like they could be used for yoga or martial arts training. He quickly dropped the trousers he was wearing and pulled the slacks on, revealing his simple, black underwear only for a moment. Then he folded the clothes he was wearing and placed them on the chair.

She walked over the chains and cuffs to pick them up. "Have you ever been chained up to the ceiling before?"

"Funnily enough, no." He stepped up and held out his left arm so she could put the cuff on it.

"You might want to close the strap yourself. It's rather tough leather and I'm not actually very strong." She helped him put both cuffs on and let him close the straps. Then she climbed up on the stepladder to attach the chains to the hook in the ceiling. "The cuffs and chains and this hook are all strong enough to carry your weight, but I would advise against hanging your full weight from your wrists. You might injure your shoulders. Better keep at least one foot on the floor at all times." She came down again, put the stepladder away and looked up at his hands.

He was attaching the chains to the rings on the cuffs himself, without her help. When he was done, he gave her a goofy grin. "Was I not supposed to do that?"

Octavia sighed with a smile. "Don't worry. This is not the first time a partner has done my work for me. Your enthusiasm is very reassuring." 

"Is there some sort of signal to make it start?" He asked, as he moved his arms, just to test how much room the chains gave him.

Octavia drew up close to him and placed her hand on his crotch. "Is this still ok? Do you want to go through with this?"

The chains rattled as he started from that unexpected touch. At first, his eyes widened, but he didn't move away. Catching his breath, he replied: "Yes, I do. But thank you for checking."

She stood there, holding his gaze as she slowly stroked her hand up, over his abs and his chest to his neck, and then she cupped his jaw. Her voice dropped back into that dreamy tone. "Isn't it funny how sometimes it feels like the whole world falls away? It's like there's only you and me standing here, and nothing else. It's like your vision narrows until all you can see is my eyes. Look deep into my eyes and let it happen. Just take a deep breath and sink deeper and deeper. It's so easy, isn't it?"

His eyes glazed over and his breathing slowed, he was standing so very still as he stared at her, unblinkingly.

"It's so easy to stand here, let your legs just do that for you as your mind sinks deeper. I just need your attention for a moment, so focus on my words. Just like you did a moment ago, in the chair. It's so easy to let it all happen again. Just focus deeper and that's when you can just feel yourself… Drop." She moved her hand to the back of his neck and tipped his head forward.

His eyes closed and he swayed ever so slightly as he listened to her.

"When you wake up in a moment, we'll start. While we're both playing our roles, you'll always remember underneath that you can say the word 'Superman' to make it all stop, should you need it. But when you wake up, you're Geralt of Rivia, and I'm a sorceress you don't know. You've been looking for Yennefer, she sent you a letter telling you to meet her here in these ruins, but something knocked you out, you can't really remember what, and in a moment, you'll wake up. There are still some lingering magical effects of whatever knocked you out, because you are aroused, and my every touch only turns you on more. But you are chained up. The chains cannot be opened or broken, there is no way for you to free yourself. Your only hope is to convince me to free you somehow. Perhaps there is something I want?" She stroked down over his chest for a moment and then stepped away, letting him stand there on his own.

"Allow your thoughts to drift for a while, gather up the things you need to be Geralt, his voice, his mannerisms, the way he thinks. Take your time, actually wait a little longer than you need, I also need a moment to get into character. But when you wake up, we start. It's your move." She walked over to the counter and quickly drank some water. In her mind, she went over what she could say or do that would draw the scene back to this room with the chains, so that the roleplay wouldn't get bogged down by her lack of knowledge of the setting of the Witcher. She leaned on the counter, her back turned to him, thinking. Until she heard the chains rattle as he moved.

"Ah, you're awake. Good." She said in her best evil villain voice as she walked over to him.

His eyes looked different now, there was an intense look in them. And his voice was much deeper and darker than before. "You didn't kill me."

"Of course not, Geralt." She laughed. "You are worth so much more alive." She drew up close to him and laid her hand on his chest as she looked up at him. She enjoyed touching him, she could feel the tension in his muscles and the perspiration on his skin.

He didn't back away, he just stared at her. "You have me at a disadvantage. I don't know your name."

With an irreverent smirk, she said: "You will address me as Milady."

He rolled his eyes and looked away. "If you know who I am, you also know I'm not one for etiquette."

She leaned in closer and lowered her voice. "You will address me as Milady, and you will beg." When he opened his mouth to speak, she rubbed her leg against his crotch.

His eyes closed and he stuttered, unable to form words. His face reddening, he stepped away from her, and as he did, the chains pulled his arms up.

She followed, staying close, and ran both her hands over his skin. Soft, light touches in sensitive places on his sides and abdomen. 

It made him shudder. He tried to turn, but looking up, he realised it would tangle the chains, and pull his arms up even further. He took a deep breath, undergoing her touches for a moment, tensing up. Then he used his leg and shoulder to push her away.

About five feet away from him, she composed herself, and licked her lips to show how much she had enjoyed that instant of violence. "You think you're stronger than me, Witcher? You still don't realise how helpless you are." She raised her arm, her open palm towards his chest. "Faint!"

The chains rattled as his knees buckled. His eyes widened, crossed and then closed as his head lolled on his shoulders. He recovered quickly however, standing there, leaning to one side so he could wipe the sweat off his forehead with his hand. The bulge in his slacks moved and strained against the fabric.

She gave him an amused grin, showing off her teeth and tongue. "Surrender to me, you know you want to."

He rolled his shoulders and huffed to her: "What I want is…"

"Faint." She interrupted him, moving in closer so her hand touched his chest.

He shook under her touch and his legs faltered. His eyes rolled up and his head toppled backwards. His cock squirmed visibly and his hips bucked.

She embraced him and held him close as he blinked and breathed heavily, and she rubbed her hip against his crotch.

Without opening his eyes, he asked in a hoarse voice: "What do you want?"

She dug her fingers into the skin of his back as she pressed her chest against his. Her breath on his skin gave him goosebumps as she whispered: "I want you to feel. Feel how much you desire me. Feel that desire growing inside you, writhing like an animal in heat. You are helpless to stop it. You are helpless against my power. And you will beg me for release."

His lips quivered for a moment, then he opened his eyes and gave her a defiant look. His voice was flat and emotionless as he said: "Please, Milady. Release me."

"Did you think it would be that easy?" She clenched one arm around him as her other hand travelled up to the back of his neck and buried her fingers in his hair. She balled her hand to a fist, grabbing him by the hair, and she could feel his neck muscles stiffen in response. With him struggling like that, she couldn't pull him in for a kiss on the lips, so she planted a long, wet kiss on his neck instead. 

Her lips and tongue on his neck definitely moved him; he shook and struggled in her arms. Panting, he tried to move his head, but his hair was just long enough for her to get a good grip. He was however still noticeably stronger than she was, and he managed to straighten up and steady himself.

With her lips brushing his neck, she whispered: "Doesn't my kiss make you feel… Faint?"

It was as if he melted in her arms, his body slumped against her as his knees bent. She followed through by pulling him in closer, and kissing him on the mouth, her tongue penetrating his lips. She caressed and massaged the back of his head with her hand as she leaned back to let his limp body rest against her. When the kiss finally ended, she rested his head on her shoulder.

He groaned as his feet moved to find sure footing before he steadied himself again. When he looked at her, his eyes still had this intensity, but something about it had changed. There was something in the way his mouth was still open and his breath was still ragged, a yearning. "I beg you…" His voice was so low that it died away.

"That's better than your first try, at least." She smiled and let go of him, backing away to get a better look at him.

He shifted on his feet and moved his hips, but his cock remained prominently visible in the slacks. The chains rattled as he rolled and stretched the muscles in his shoulders and neck, trying to make himself more comfortable.

She crossed her arms and stared at him, just out of reach. Behind her fierce eyes, her mind raced to formulate a hypnotic monologue. She spoke slowly, paying attention to her enunciation. "Isn't it funny how a moment of reprieve doesn't actually calm that animalistic lust roiling inside you? Now that you've tasted submission in my arms, even for an instant, you hunger for it even more. It's stronger than you, you can't control it. You want to surrender to me. You need it. You crave it. Feel that."

A grunt. He shook his head, making the chains rattle more, as if he was trying to shake off the effects of her magic. The look in his eyes softened, as if he was confused by how much her words affected him, as if the struggle was becoming more internal. His chest rose and fell noticeably with each ragged breath, but he chose not to speak.

"You can feel that, can't you?" She said, nodding at him. Then, wondering if it would even work, she raised her hand into that same magic spell gesture again, but this time, she aimed it at his crotch. 

His eyes followed her hand with obvious anticipation. 

She cupped her hand, as if to grab his cock. "Can you also feel this?" And she squeezed her empty hand, about three feet away from his crotch.

A sharp intake of breath. His eyes widened and he shuddered.

She grinned widely. "You want me. You yearn to be under my control."

He lowered his eyes and turned away in the chains. "Please, Milady." His voice was breathy and gravelly. "I beg you to stop."

She moved in closer and placed her hand on his shoulder, looking him in the eye. "Why would I stop now?" Her other hand fondled the bulge in his crotch.

He shuddered, his breath quivering. His eyes didn't seem to see her, something was going on behind them.

She reached up to grab his hair again, and was surprised to find that his head followed every nudge she gave it this time. As she turned his head so she could hold his gaze, his hips bucked and his cock jerked against her other hand.

He gasped. "Release me, I beg you."

Her hand holding his hair, she shook his head. "Oh no no no no…" With a cruel grin, she let go of him and backed away. 

The chains rattled as he tried to follow, his arms flailing after her. His eyes were hollow and full of longing now. "Please?"

"No." She crossed her arms. "That is not how this works, Geralt. I can't just make it stop. The spell has been cast and that desire inside you will keep growing until it reaches its culmination. You will submit to me. Neither you nor I can stop it now." She reached up with one hand to touch her own lips, taunting him.

He stuttered and groaned, returning to the place where the chains were the most comfortable. His chest swelled with each gasp and his muscles twitched under his skin. He gave her a desperate look.

"Are you trying to speak? Is something wrong?" She laughed. As he opened his mouth to reply, she raised her hand once more. "Faint!"

His eyes rolled up before they slammed shut. He swayed on his feet and almost fell forward. Then he blinked heavily and caught himself. His fingers grasped the chains and he pulled himself up to a standing position again. With his eyes still closed, and his voice all throaty, somewhere between Henry's and Geralt's, he uttered: "Please take me, Milady. I beg you. I am yours."

Octavia quickly moved in and reached up to unhook the cuffs from the chains. He immediately dropped to his knees and wrapped his arms around her legs, burying his face in her skirt. She caressed his hair, thinking feverishly about what he might need now. 

She cooed softly. "Hush now, Geralt. You are mine. Your body is mine and your mind is mine. No more thoughts. No more desire. No more will. Nothing. Only the relief of surrender."

His arms slumped down to his sides and his chin fell to his chest.

She looked at the bed and then back at the huge man kneeling at her feet. She laid a hand on his arm and spoke in a reassuring tone: "Now, you take my hand and stand up. I'm going to guide you to the bed where you'll lie down. It's so easy to do exactly as I say, Isn't it?"

With his eyes closed, he took her hand and rose to his feet. He blindly followed her to the bed, and let go of her hand as he laid down on his side.

She patted him gently on the shoulder. "Take a rest here now, Henry. You can lie here as long as you need. I'll just get you a glass of water, but I'll be nearby the whole time."

No other reaction came from Henry except for his quiet breathing.

Octavia walked over to the counter and poured two glasses of water. She walked back and set one of them down on the bedside table. Then she sat down on the edge of the bed, beside his legs. She sat there for a moment, nursing the glass of water, looking around the silent room. Another happy customer, she thought to herself.

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