Testing the Thrillinator

by Nath

Tags: #hypnotic_machine #sex_toy #solo #unsuspecting_victim

Belle is a sex toy tester trying out a new gadget

Belle had been testing prototypes of sex toys for SexTech Inc for a while now. They would send inconspicuous packages to her home, containing a new kind of vibrator with a wireless remote control, or something like that. She could then test it at her leisure and fill out an evaluation form they sent to her by email. It was a fun way to earn a little cash, and she got to keep the toys, because of hygiene.

Today's package contained a box labelled: "the Thrillinator". She made a mental note to comment on the evaluation form about the campy name. Belle took the box to her bedroom where she closed the curtains and undressed. She liked to be naked when she masturbated, being able to stroke herself anywhere made her feel like she was making love to herself. And sometimes the toys were disappointing, and she would have to finish off with her own hands or her trusty old wand with the wall plug.

The device inside the box was not shaped like a dildo at all. There were two suction cups with round knobs on the tips, with long wires that connected them to a control box with buttons. The small instruction booklet explained that the cups were to be placed on the nipples, there were vibrators in the knobs. It also said that the control box had a few settings, and also a "programming session". Belle wondered what that meant, was it supposed to be a programmable session, or a preprogrammed session?

It made her curious, so she sat on the bed, pillows in her back to be comfortable, and she placed the cups over her nipples and the control box near her hand. The cups fit snugly around her nipples and she wondered how that would feel for people who had smaller areolas or smaller breasts than she did. Another note she should make on the evaluation form.

Activating the vibrators was pleasant and arousing. There was some suction from the silicone cups, and the touch of the vibrators was thrilling. She tested the different settings, which ranged from light brush to rumbling, to suit different people's preferences. Definitely a fun toy, but most toys were designed to help people orgasm. Belle didn't see how this apparatus would let people orgasm, but she did appreciate the opportunity to have her nipples stimulated while she played with herself. And it was making her pretty horny.

Getting ready to masturbate, she pressed the button for the "programming session", figuring that it would be a longer programme which alternated between the different settings. She wanted that thing to just pleasantly buzz away, she could always turn it off if it distracted her from fingering herself.

The noise the vibrators made at this setting was different from what she had come to expect from the machine. It was rumbling and rhythmic, and not quite symmetrical. The stimulation on her nipples was wonderful, lots of suction and deep vibrations. It was very distracting indeed. The cups pulled on her nipples in such a way that she found herself sitting up straight. But now her soft mattress made it uncomfortable to finger herself. So she tried kneeling on the bed instead, that would create space for her hands to move between her legs.

Strange shivers started to run over her skin and down her spine into her crotch. The Thrillinator and this programme were definitely well designed, she thought as she felt how dripping wet she was. She stopped fingering for a moment, to appreciate all the feelings the machine was giving her. Belle felt like her body was warm and heavy, with tingling sensations dancing from the cups over her skin. She let out a sigh and felt her mouth sagging open. Somehow, that felt good. Belle knew that stress made people clench their jaws. It felt so good to let that part of her relax.

The rhythmic rumble was nice to listen to, almost like music. Belle sat there, kneeling on her bed, staring blankly ahead, letting the rhythm sway her. Her arms hung limply down, and she felt no urge to continue fingering. It felt so good to be passive and just let it happen. A wet trickle of drool started to run down the corner of her mouth, similar to the wet strand dripping down between her legs. She didn't remember how long she sat there, kneeling like that, no thoughts in her mind, while the machine manipulated her nipples.

She came to her senses after a long, wet, mind-shattering orgasm. The Thrillinator was silent, and came off her breasts at the slightest touch. She felt shaky and a little breathless, and she wondered how long the programme had gone on. After cleaning herself up a bit, she stared at the machine, wondering how it had brought her to orgasm, and why her memory of it was so fuzzy. Looking at the clock, she figured out that the programme had lasted less than twenty minutes, but she remembered very little of it. It puzzled her.

She tweaked her nipple, to test how sensitive it was. It felt good, not painful at all. So she picked the machine up, and brought it over to her vanity desk with the mirror. She sat down in front of the mirror so that she could look at herself this time, and really notice what this machine did. She placed the cups over her nipples and started the programming session again.

As the vibrators started to buzz in that same rumbling, shiver-inducing way again, she looked at herself in the mirror, at the way she started to sag in the chair with her arms hanging down and her legs open. It was really hard to keep her eyes focused on looking at herself, and she noticed that her face started to take on this strange, vacant look as her mouth fell open and stayed open, while her eyes became heavy and unfocused. And it felt so good to let that pleasure rush through her body and just passively sit there.

It started to feel as if the machine was sucking on her nipples, sucking out her thoughts and her ability to concentrate, and her whole damn mind. Whenever she dimly managed to wrest her eyes open so she could look at herself, she saw only how much she was enjoying it. How pleasurable it was to be so open and empty, her mouth open in a helpless o-face, her eyes so heavy. So mindless and passive…

The orgasm was long and had her shuddering and spasming in the chair. The cups fell off, and Belle sat there for a moment, catching her breath, soaked in her own juices. It was strange to see herself like this in the mirror. The vacant expression lingered and it was hard to think. She finally reached over for a towel and slowly started to clean herself up. Then she opened up her laptop and put it on the vanity desk to fill out the evaluation form.

The form looked different than usual, besides the questions to rate her experiences with the different settings, and the text boxes for comments, there were also questions asking about whether she remembered the whole session, or felt like time had flown by, and how she felt after using the programming session. The boxes she could tick, said: satisfied, relaxed, needy, submissive, mindless, and/or programmed. Without really thinking about it, she ticked all the boxes and quickly clicked "Submit". She didn't quite know why she had done that, but it felt good.

A pop-up screen opened, and text in large letters started to flash in front of her eyes:







Belle stared at the screen, her mouth sagging open once more. She slumped in the chair as her eyes took in the words.





In a daze, Belle reached for the machine to put the cups on her nipples again, and she pressed the right buttons to start the programming session. Then, as the vibrations began again and she felt that heavy pleasure start to build again, she clicked and watched the screen. Words flashed at her and she accepted all of them, as the machine sucked her mind away, programming her.


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