Repeat after me

by Nath

Tags: #consensual_kink #f/f #hypnosis #pov:top

a scene in which my girlfriend is hypnotically compelled to go intro trance and say things that embarrass her

"And wide awake!" I smiled at her as her eyes fluttered open. Hypnotising someone always left me with an exhilarated high, and I hoped she was feeling good too.

She blushed and averted her eyes from me. "Fuck, Nath…" She whispered.

"That comes later." I chuckled.

She shook her head and laughed at me. "I mean, that was so hot." 

I raised my eyebrows at her. "That was just building the trigger. We haven't even started yet." I was joking around a lot, because making her laugh relieved her embarrassment.

"Do you mind if I have a sip of water before we start?" She went over to the table and poured a glass of water without really waiting for my answer. I let her putter about, just watching her from my seat. Anticipation is such a wonderful drug…

After a minute or two, she returned to her seat across from me. "Ok, ok…" She sighed. "I can do this. Let's do this." She finally made eye-contact.

I folded my hands together. "You're ready? You're sure?"

She stared at me, her eyes full of mixed feelings. There was mostly impatience, part annoyed and part pleading. I was pushing her buttons, that much was certain.

I leaned towards her, watching her closely. "Well then, my lovely… Repeat after me."

Her reaction was immediate: her shoulders slumped and her eyes became glassy, staring right through me as her mouth sagged open.

I shivered with excitement and I had to catch my breath before I could continue. "You are deeply hypnotised," I said in my most seductive hypnotist voice.

"I am deeply hypnotised." She droned slowly, as if the meaning of the words eluded her. She was such an amazing hypnotic subject, completely focused on delivering the words exactly the way I had told her to, and nothing else. 

A hot flash of arousal left me momentarily breathless before I could continue in the same vein. "You are completely mindless."

"I am completely mindless." Her words had a robotic quality to them, reminding me of other scenes we had done together.

My mind raced to think of the next thing I wanted her to say. Something that would normally embarrass her. "You love to be made mindless."

"I love to be made mindless." Her head never moved, her eyes never blinked, her voice never wavered. It was delicious to watch.

"You are such a trance slut." I said it with a smile in my voice, as if it was a compliment.

"I am such a trance slut." She repeated monotonously. 

I took a deep breath and waited, watching her sit there, with her empty eyes and her mouth hanging open. This was such a simple idea, hypnotically speaking, but it hit my hotbuttons so hard. I pressed my hand to my chest, as if that would quiet the fluttering butterflies inside.

After about ten seconds, her eyes fell shut and she groaned. If my suggestions worked, she would now realise what had just happened, what she had just said, and what that might have looked like to me. She squirmed in her seat, blushing crimson and avoiding my eyes again. "Fffuuck…" 

"Later, my lovely." I giggled. "First I want to play this game some more."

She bit her lip, staring at the floor. "I dunno, Nath… I don't know if I can do this…"

"Sure you can!" And I fell back into my hypnotist voice: "Now take a deep breath… and repeat after me." It was a phrase I said often to my hypnotic subjects, so her conditioned response was to close her eyes and inhale deeply. And then the trigger hit home. Her eyes slid open with that same vacant look and she froze.

"You can do this." I encouraged her with a grin.

She replied in a breathy monotone: "I can do this." The blush was gone. Her face was blank and placid.

"You are my obedient slave." I clutched my chest again as my breathing quickened, and noticed my own hard nipples poking through my nightgown. 

"I am your obedient slave." She intoned in that hollow voice.

I stared into her eyes, licking my lips, waiting for the spell to wear off. My hand absentmindedly stroked a nipple through the soft fabric of my nightgown.

Another groan and she hid her face in her hands as her cheeks reddened again. I couldn't see her eyes change before she closed and covered them, cringing at the realisation of what was happening. "You can't make me do that…" She grunted.

"Evidently, I can." I smirked at her. 

"It's sooo embarrassing." She whispered, peeking at me through her fingers.

I waggled my eyebrows at her. "And hot?"

Eyes closed, she silently nodded. 

I clapped in my hands. "Yay! So now we can turn it up a notch?"

Her hands dropped into her lap and she stared at me, her eyes large with apprehension.

"You don't want to?" I tilted my head, waiting for her to say something.

Her mouth opened and closed a few times. She stuttered without forming a complete word. As much as I loved her intelligence and eloquence, it was beautiful to behold her being at a loss for words.

I shrugged and went to the table to get some water for myself. "I mean, if it's really too much for you, of course I would stop." I muttered.

Behind me, she whined wordlessly, like a dog.

I had a few sips of water before returning to my seat. "What are you trying to say, Lovely? Ask for what you want."

With her hands in her lap and her downcast eyes, she seemed to shrink. Her voice was high-pitched when she finally managed to say: "Please continue, Nath."

I sat down and waited silently until she looked at me. With a grin, I held her gaze, hoping to be able to see the change this time. "Repeat after me."

Her eyes did move, the pupils growing larger and a hint of a cross-eyed stare coming over them. Another jolt of arousal rushed through me.

"You are my mindless thrall." I enjoyed that word, thrall, such delicious tongue movements.

Her reply was immediate and automatic: "I am your mindless thrall."

I tried to breathe slowly and deeply to remain calm. "You surrender your mind to me."

"I surrender my mind to you." The blank look on her face seemed to deepen somehow as she finished chanting that one. Staring at her parted lips, I felt an urge to grab her by the hair and kiss her, but I suppressed it.

"You are so open and suggestible now."

"I am so open and suggestible now." Again, a subtle change in her face, as if the words she said, took her deeper into trance.

I decided to test it. "You are sinking deeper and deeper into an obedient trance."

I bit my lip and felt my cheeks flush as she droned the reply and her body language told me without a doubt that the words were having an effect, unwinding and slumping. "I am sinking deeper and deeper into an obedient trance."

With an evil grin, I said: "You are so submissive and suggestible now, even after you wake up."

"I am so submissive and suggestible now, even after I wake up."

My hand casually played with my hair as I stared at her, biding my time. I'm not sure if it took longer than before, but I had been explicit that silence would always wake her up, so eventually she returned to herself, with another surge of shame. 

My hand moved from my hair to my mouth and I ran a finger over my lips. "Did you like that?"

She cringed and gripped the arm of her seat. "Yes. No. Yes. No. Yes. No." She said quickly in a tiny voice.

"That's fair." I nodded.

She composed herself in the following silence, shifting in her seat.

"So were any of the things you said true?" I asked.

A frown played across her forehead. When she opened her mouth, my geeky darling was back. "Clearly, you did sneaky deepening shit, even though you promised that this trigger would only make me repeat your words back. You said it was only a performance, the look on my face, the sound of my voice and all. The meaning of the words wouldn't matter."

"So you were not open and suggestible?" I leaned towards her, watching her intently.

She rolled her eyes, blushing again, and with a shrug, said: "I was in trance…"

In a dreamy tone, I mused as I stared up at the ceiling: "Yes, that's right. Hypnotic trance always makes you open and suggestible. Acting like you are a mindless thrall, makes you feel like you are a mindless thrall. And the things I made you say did feel a lot like suggestions that you accepted with your obedient, submissive mind. Isn't that right?"

When I looked back at her in the seat, the geek was gone. There was only my thrall, staring vacantly back at me. "Yes, Nath."


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