Fixation Object

by Nath

Tags: #detailed_induction #dom:male #hypnosis #multiple_partners #pov:bottom #sub:female

Fay is hypnotised by looking at how deeply hypnotised I am

"It's so easy to just sit there and allow the sound of my voice to soothe you and keep you in this comfortable, deep trance. The chair supports your shoulders and your neck is strong and rigid. It feels so good to be so immobilised and deeply hypnotised, doesn't it, Nath? You are deeply controlled and all you can do now is obey and sink deeper the more you sit there and listen to my voice. Now, open your eyes." 

My mind was deliciously quiet. Trance made my body feel so heavy and immovable. When he told me to open my eyes, it just happened, I couldn't help it. I couldn't even see anything, my vision was so unfocused, my eyes were probably crossed. I was vaguely aware that my mouth was open, and I wondered what my face looked like. But then, he started to speak again and my hypnotised mind focused helplessly on the sound of his voice.

"Now Fay, I want you to sit here and relax and look at Nath. Look at that mindless trance face. Look into her eyes. Concentrate only on looking at Nath and let nothing distract you. There is nothing else you need to pay attention to now."

I could hear Fay giggle at first and then sigh. I could see a shape across from me shift and move a little, that was probably her. 

"She's so sexy…" Her voice said softly. 

His commanding voice continued: "Notice how her eyelids flutter ever so slightly. Notice the vacant expression. Her lips in that o-shape. And imagine what she must be feeling. Look into her eyes and imagine how mindless she must be right now."

My mind drifted off. The way he described me to her, it gave me a sinking, empty feeling. 

"Eyes open, Nath!" 

My eyes obeyed, but I still couldn't see. The tone of his voice sent hot thrills of arousal through my body. Which sent me spiralling deeper into trance, because arousal and trance are just so linked together in my horny, hypnotised mind.

"Look into the white of her eyes, Fay. Stare into that mindless face. You know how that feels, don't you? You can feel your body starting to mimic hers, can't you? It's as if Nath is radiating this deep, hypnotic power that she is under. And as you stare at her, that power drags you down into trance."

I could still hear his voice and feel the arousal it stirred within me. But for all intents and purposes, I was gone. Vacant and empty and still. 

"Slumping so heavily. Immobilised and controlled. Obedient." He said the words slowly, knowing what power they held over both of us. "Her hypnotised face inexorably entrances you. There is no escape. It overwhelms you. Deeper now."

I'm not sure if I've forgotten what happened next, or if there was just a long moment of deeply hypnotised silence.

"Open your eyes, Nath. I want you to see Fay. So focus for me. Obey me and look at Fay."

The room swam into focus. She was sitting on the chair across from me with her arms hanging down by her sides. My eyes strayed for a split second to her lovely tits in that black bra, but then I saw her face. Her lips parted and her jaw loose. Her eyes so heavy-lidded and crossed. Looking at her like that made me feel dizzy and horny.

"Look at what you have wrought, Nath. Look at how your deep state of trance has taken her over. I want you to stare into her vacant eyes, sinking even deeper. Fay, focus your eyes on Nath. I want you to keep staring into her eyes. Deeper and deeper."

Her eyes fluttered and she looked at me. And, just like he commanded, we were locked there, so deeply hypnotised, staring deeper and deeper into each other's eyes. Helplessly.


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