Dragon and Princess

Chapter 1

by Nath

Tags: #consensual_kink #D/s #dom:male #f/m #sub:female

When Josie entered the hall and kicked off the pumps she always wore to the office, the house was warm with the smell of Rafael's homemade hot sauce. She quietly padded into the living room and immediately started to set up her laptop on her edge of the couch next to the window. As the laptop started up, she padded into the kitchen and wrapped her arms around Raf as he washed his hands.

"You're home late, Princess." Raf's deep voice was soft with affection as he pulled her in for a real hug after he dried his hands on a towel. His left arm looked green because of the dragon tattoo that snaked all the way up his shoulder and covered most of his back, but he was wearing a tank top that obscured some of that. He petted Josie's blonde hair as she rested her head against his chest. 

"I'm sorry. Endless meetings today." She sighed. "I couldn't get any actual work done until after five. And I still need to make the minutes from the board meeting legible for the monthly review on Monday." She untangled herself from the hug and took a can of lemonade from the fridge to bring back to the couch.

Raf narrowed his dark eyes at her as she started to leave the kitchen. His voice took on a harder, commanding tone. "Josephine, stop." 

She froze in place and her breathing quickened. It always excited her when he asserted his power over her.

"Look at me." He knew exactly how to push her buttons, and it made him all hot and bothered to see her respond.

She turned on her heels and looked up at him, her blue eyes large with anticipation and her lips parted ever so slightly.

He tenderly touched the lily-white skin of her neck, a gesture to show his affection for her, and at the same time it signified that he had the power to touch her in any way, anytime he wanted. "It's the weekend now. You can work on those minutes later, can't you?"

She nodded almost imperceptibly, her eyes staring at him without blinking. "I can work on those minutes later." She replied in a breathless whisper.

He took the canned drink from her hand and put it on the countertop. Looking at her curves obscured by her business suit, he grinned and licked his lips. "Show me your tits, Princess."

"Yes, Dragon." Her hands started to open up the buttons of her blouse while her eyes remained fixed on his.

The only sound in the kitchen now was her quick, excited breathing and the low, hungry growl escaping his lips when he licked them again. When her blouse was open, she reached into her bra to pull her breasts out, the nipples pointing up towards him. Nodding with approbation, he started to fondle, teasing her nipples with his big, rough hands. She shuddered and her arms fell back down to her sides as her eyes stared up at the ceiling.

"I hardly need to remind you how this works, do I, Princess?" He kissed her forehead between words. "The more aroused you become, the more mindless and submissive you feel, which turns you on even more and you know the rest. Here." He grabbed her wrists and brought her hands up to touch her breasts. "I want you to touch your nipples like this until your mind is thoroughly melted and I tell you to stop."

He took a step back and watched her for a moment, as her fingers touched and tweaked her nipples. Her eyes rolled up into her head and her mouth sagged open; he loved that expression of mindless bliss. Then he turned to the pot on the stove and warmed up the food while occasionally looking at Josie standing there with her hands on her breasts.

When the food was done, he quickly plated it and then pulled her in for a hug. "Wake up, Princess." He whispered as he kissed the drip of drool in the corner of her mouth. "It's time for dinner."

At first she blinked heavily and took a few deep breaths. Then she cringed and blushed deeply as she stuffed her breasts back into her bra. "Thank you, Dragon. Do you mind if I put on my pajamas before we eat?"

With a smug grin, he replied: "I put them on the couch for you." And he brought the dinner plates into the living room to the couch. 

Josie took off her suit and laid it on top of her laptop before she put on the soft, purple onesie lying ready in the corner of the couch. Raf sat down in the middle of the couch and handed her a plate when she curled up next to him. He used his phone to cast their favourite show on the tv and they cuddled and chatted while eating dinner.

"I don't know if I'll ever get used to this…" She muttered as she kept her eyes on her plate.

"One." He gestured with his large hands. "I hope you never get used to it. It's very special to me. And two: I only do this when you work too hard, and I'll stop doing it when you chill out when you get home from work, like a good Princess."

She glanced at the laptop. "I do need to work on those minutes at some point."

"It doesn't need to be tonight." He said sternly as he pointed at her. "You could do it tomorrow when I'm out to get supplies."

"You're right." She conceded, and then she glanced at him. "Are you planning something for tonight?"

His eyebrows moved dramatically. "You mean besides turning you into a mindless, drooling mess?"

She squirmed and quickly ate some more. "You already did that." She muttered with all the sass she could muster right now.

He reclined on the couch, putting his plate down on his leg, and said in a dreamy, low voice: "Yes, and I want to do it again, and again, and again, Princess. I'll never get tired of your trance face."

She closed her eyes and blushed. "Thank you, Dragon. I feel so blessed."

He laughed. "That will pass. It's your turn to do the dishes." And he handed her his empty plate.

After Josie was done with the dishes, she went down to the basement where Raf was sanding a piece in his woodworking corner. For a moment, she just leaned against the wall, watching him work. When he finally noticed her and stopped, she studied the curved wooden piece in his hands.

"What is it?" She asked as she reached out to feel the smooth wooden surface.

"I'm making a humbler for Tim." Raf showed Josie the hole in the middle of the curved wood. "This is where the balls go. And these ends go behind the legs."

She slowly shook her head, she had trouble picturing it, and she never really played with Tim. "You stopped me when I tried to work…" With a kiss on each of his big, rough hands, she guided the wooden piece down to the workbench. 

"This is not work. It's a gift for a lover." He muttered as he went to the sink in the corner to wash away the sawdust. He nodded his head at the corner of the basement where they had made a play space with a chaise longue, a thick, soft rug, an antique wardrobe and a chest containing all their toys. "I'm in a mood… Go to the lair. Put on a gown and sing for me."

Excited, Josie trotted over to the wardrobe and took off her onesie. In the moment that she was naked and reaching into the wardrobe, Raf paused to look before he continued cleaning up the workbench. She selected a soft lavender camisole and put on a long, flowing gown made of deep purple silk over it. She blushed as she stood in the middle of the soft rug and draped the gown around her feet. When she was happy with how she looked, she stood up straight and started to sing a ballad by Celtic Woman. 

Raf leaned against the workbench for a moment, just listening to her clear soprano voice with a dreamy look in his eyes. Then, he pulled off his tank top and threw it on the pile with Josie's pajamas and underwear and kicked off his slippers. As he crossed the room to sit down on the chaise longue, Josie's eyes stared off into the distance, as if she were singing for an invisible audience. However, when he made himself comfortable resting his broad, tattooed shoulders against the plush upholstery, the scene looked like he was an aristocrat sitting on a throne and she was a minstrel performing for him.

When the ballad was over, she lowered her eyes and sank into a deep curtsy for him, while he gave her a warm smile. Then he motioned to the space beside him. "Come sit with me, Princess."

Excitement twinkled in her eyes as she moved over to him and draped her skirt right before sitting down. He raised his arm to put it around her as she sat down, and she gratefully snuggled up against him. With a grin, he wrapped his arm around her and covered her eyes with his hand. "Sleep for me, Princess."  

Her head flopped against his chest and her hands fell limp into her lap. Trance overtook her quickly, partly because he managed to surprise her, and partly because this was the right place and time to let him take control of her mind.

"Dream for me, Princess." His voice was low and warm as he guided her and he gently held her close. "Dream of a day long ago when you were still imprisoned in the palace, bored and alone with no one to sing for except the birds in the garden. Dream for me, my sweet Princess, of those days of yore at the palace."

Her lips curled up into a smile and her eyelids fluttered as her entranced mind imagined the scene in the palace garden like something out of a movie.

"And I don't know exactly when it was that you first caught a glimpse of me." He continued to weave the story, imagining it with her. "I'm not privy to the details of what life in the palace was like for you, but I remember how I infiltrated the palace gardens disguised as human rogue. I had heard tales of the beautiful princess and I wanted to see her for myself. That is when I first heard your enchanting song, while I was hidden behind a topiary. I was instantly smitten."

He growled softly and kissed her forehead. "For me, this was no longer about humiliating a king by stealing his greatest treasure. I had never in all my years witnessed something as magnificent as you, just singing as you brushed your hair. And I don't know if you noticed me then and there, listening from the bushes, enraptured. Or if it wasn't until later when I followed you through the doorway and cornered you in that dark corridor, pinning you against the wall."

She gasped and stirred in his embrace, and he tenderly caressed her cheek.

"You must have noticed as you stared into my eyes that I wasn't human. I must admit that I don't remember exactly what I said to you in that moment. I was preoccupied, I felt this need to enchant you the same way you had enchanted me. Though I have mastered many different kinds of magic, Princess, I had never tried to bespell a maiden before. So I don't know anymore what I said to convince you to stay silent and listen to me. I relied on raw magic and emotion to communicate my desire for you. I gazed into your mind in an attempt to steal your heart, to instill you with the same desire that I felt to be together forever."

Josie's mouth sagged open as she gasped again, lost in the fantasy of being cornered by a handsome rogue with magical, green lizard eyes.

He sighed before he continued. "And I remember how you yielded to me. How I caught you when your knees went weak. How you kept staring into my eyes as I carried you outside into the gardens. And your delight when I turned back into my true form and flew off with you into the sky. I don't know how it felt for you to be whisked away like that, but I was exhilarated. I had taken many trophies in my day but never like this. I held you close like the most precious thing I had ever stolen."

He looked down at her in his arms and seemed to wake from his storytelling reverie, even though she was still enjoying the trance. "If you like, Josephine, we can play out what happens when we arrive at the lair for the first time, and I mind control you into my plaything. Or if that's not your mood, you can just kiss me and we can make out for a while. Either way, take a deep breath and use that to gather yourself up and wake yourself up at the pace that's comfortable for you." He looked around the lair for a moment, waiting for her.

Josie took a few deep breaths and rubbed her eyes. She glanced at the tattooed arm still draped around her and then scooted further away from him. Raf's heart fluttered, she wanted to play. He stood up and paced back and forth on the rug for a moment, rolling his shoulders and stretching his arms, making an effort to get into character.

"You're a dragon…" She whispered, her eyes following him in awe.

"I can take on the form of a human again." He went down on one knee in front of her. "I can just be the rogue who pinned you against the wall. It makes no difference to me." It was easy in that moment to notice how delicate and elegant she looked in that beautiful gown, and how much smaller she was.

She giggled awkwardly. "Thank you. You're very handsome."

He growled under his breath. Rising to his feet again, he turned away and huffed. 

She looked up at his profile in the soft lighting of the lair, and her eyes followed the green, scaly shapes up his arm and over his naked back. She stood up and took a step towards him, reaching out to touch his shoulder. "Why did you bring me here?" She asked softly.

He grabbed her wrist before she could touch him and stared into her eyes. Lust made his deep voice into another growl. "I want you."

She shuddered but she didn't turn away. She didn't even blink. "I'm yours to take." She whispered.

His other arm wrapped around her, his hand buried into the hair on the back of her head to take control of her. "I suppose you are." He hungrily kissed her.

She moaned, her hands grasping to touch his skin and her body arching to be closer to him.

He ended the kiss abruptly and pulled her head away so he could fixate her with his eyes. He whispered slowly, drawing out each word to give himself more time to say it with intent. "I suppose it's difficult for you to tell which part of your desire for me is just the lonely princess who wants to be released from her boredom more than anything else, and which part is my enchantment spreading in the back of your mind, instilling you with a longing you've never felt before, an ache that only I can satisfy."

Her breathing quickened and her lips parted as she gasped. "Yes… Only you…"

"Why else would you feel this foolish yearning to surrender to me? Why would you ever want to let me take control of you unless I put that idea in your mind?" He grinned impishly and continued: "It really doesn't matter. You crave to be under my power now."

"Yes… Please…" Her eyes widened with longing.

He pulled her in close for a long kiss, their hands roaming over each other's shoulders and necks. The long, purple skirt rustled as she hooked her leg around his, and he responded by embracing her tightly enough to pick her up off the floor, without breaking the kiss. 

"You are a dream come true…" She let out a deep sigh. 

He laughed breathily. "You are just so enraptured, Princess. I'm going to set you down in my lair like a trophy." He moved to help her stand in the middle of the rug. "Just another trophy. A pretty thing I own and I use for my enjoyment. That means you're posable and compliant. You exist for me to look at how beautiful you are and enjoy the music that comes out of your mouth."

When he let go of her, she stood there with a dazed look in her eyes and a vague smile on her lips. He took her wrists and posed her arms wide open as if she was an opera singer, and she straightened her back and shoulders to match that pose.

He stood behind her and brought his face close to her ear to whisper: "Sing for me."

As she started to sing that same ballad again, he hovered there, speaking softly to her. "Isn't it amazing how, when your brain is preoccupied with a complex task, like singing a ballad for me, my hypnotic voice can slip right past and deep into your mind where my commands can take hold? Now that you can feel so clearly what it's like to be a trophy in my lair, only meant for my pleasure, a memory of this feeling can surface inside you every time I make you sing for me here in the lair. Enraptured, happy and compliant."

There was a tiny waver in her voice when he started to speak, but only for a moment. Going through the motions and the melody of the song helped deepen her trance. Her eyes went glassy and empty as her voice continued, clear and pitch-perfect.

He stood there with a satisfied grin, savouring the moment, and then he interrupted her by covering her eyes with his hand. "Drop for me, Princess. Dream for me."

Her mouth fell shut, she swooned and fell into his arms, limp and heavy. He carried her over to the sofa and laid her with her head in his lap as he sat down. He gently positioned her arms more comfortably and stroked her hair. "Keep those lovely feelings safe, my Princess, we will want to enjoy those again in the future. But right now I'd like to transition to something more… sexual. I'll let you choose. When you wake up, you can start to just kiss me if you want to make love here. But if you're in the mood for resistance play, you can wake up all afraid because you've been abducted. Take a breath, take a moment to make that choice and then wake up for me." 

Her eyelids fluttered and with a sharp intake of breath, she lunged at him to grab his head and kiss him. "I love you, Dragon." She whispered between kisses. "You got me in a lovey-dovey mood now. Maybe we could do the part where I'm scared some other time?"

His hand crawled under her skirt to find her crotch and he grinned. "Some other time. But are you in the mood for this?" And he groped between her wet lips with his fingers.

"Yes, please."

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