Cock and Doll Torture

by Nath

Tags: #dollification #dom:female #f/nb #masturbation #pov:top #sub:nb

scene report of an online scene where I engage in doll play and genderfuckery

I'll be honest with you, I am awed by the layers and intricacies that went into this beautiful doll costume. I sat there, skyping in my costume room, at a loss for words as they put on the sleek headset, and then the bodysuit with the conveniently placed zippers, and then the pretty, round titties with velcro on the back, and then the gloves and tights making sure that the doll joints were in all the right places, and then the sequin dress I had selected, and then the doll head and the wig I had selected. The transformation was remarkable, as soon as the doll head with the large manga eyes went on, there was only the doll. Such a beautiful doll.

She tilted her head at me. Although her tiny lips were painted on, it was as if she really smiled at me as she waved. She was a silent doll and her gestures had this exquisite mechanical quality to them, I was almost too amazed by it all to top. Almost.

"You look like such a pretty doll!" I smiled with approbation. "Have you taken a moment to look at yourself? At the shiny ball joints in your fingers and your wrists?"

She took a moment to theatrically look at her own hands, flexing her fingers. Then she looked at me again and took on a coy pose.

"No, really," I said. "And you have such a pretty doll face too. If you look at the corner of the screen, you can see your own big, beautiful eyes, can't you?"

She leaned forward towards the camera, her hands resting in her lap.

"Take a moment to look into your own eyes, pretty doll." I continued, letting my voice turn a little more low and sultry. "You can almost see the inside of your empty doll head in those big eyes, can't you? Yes, empty. Dolls have empty heads, isn't that right? And you are a doll, are you not? Therefore, your head must be empty. Take a moment to just sit there and feel the emptiness inside your pretty doll head."

A slump crept into her shoulders. Her head wobbled as if she were a marionette. 

I felt like a witch, bespelling her with my words. "Just feel how heavy your limp doll limbs are. How helplessly you sag in the chair. You are just a pretty, empty-headed doll for me to play with, aren't you?"

As she slumped back in the chair, she slowly nodded her head, the big, sparkling eyes still staring at me. They couldn't actually blink at all.

"Sit there and feel that. You can't move of your own accord, can you pretty doll?" I chuckled, feeling amused and in control. "But you're an obedient, good doll, aren't you? And you can feel the string on your wrist as I tug on it, can't you?" I made a little tugging motion for the camera. "You can just feel your wrist lifting up, your arm rising up further and further as I pull on your strings, can't you, my lovely plaything?"

A tremble in her arm and then her wrist bent, rising up mechanically. For a moment, she seemed unaware of it, but then her head inclined to watch her own hand rise up and the microphone in the headset somewhere under the doll's head picked up on a sharp intake of breath.

I couldn't help but chuckle again at what I had wrought. "You are my mindless plaything," I cooed at her. "Your body obeys my every command because your only purpose now is to be a toy for my amusement. And for now, your arm stays there, helplessly suspended in the air." I paused for emphasis and then said slowly: "Until I drop it down."

Her arm flopped down into her lap and her head drooped forward, the pretty plastic chin resting on her chest. 

"That's right. You're such a good doll. So mindless and obedient right now." I felt very pleased with myself. "Why don't you sit up straight like a beautiful doll should?"

She moved slowly, her head straightening, her eyes big and empty, and her ball-jointed arms hanging down by her sides.

I took a deep breath and commanded: "Show me your titties." 

Her back arched and her hands moved to cup her breasts in the shiny sequin dress. 

I chuckled again. "Your dress is very pretty, but I want to see your tits out."

The microphone picked up a breathy shudder and her hands started to open up the front of the dress, exposing the perfect, pink breasts with the tiny, painted nipples.

"Very good." I nodded and smiled, just taking in that beautiful sight for a moment. It aroused me so much that I found myself fondling my own breasts through my top. It gave me an idea. "You know…" I started to speak in a dreamy tone. "Sometimes I find myself sitting just like you are sitting there now. Aroused and with my tits out. And then, almost automatically, my fingers start caressing in this circular, spirally motion. Around and around the nipple, arousing me more and more, putting me into this mindless, trance-like state…" And I let my voice trail off.

Her hands moved slowly, just like I suggested and I could hear heavy breathing, even though her doll face remained motionless and blank. And then, I saw her hips move in the chair.

"Such a good, beautiful doll." I gathered my courage and commanded: "Now lift up your skirt for me."

Her hands halted for a moment, wavering before they moved down to pull the skirt up, slowly revealing her perfect pink thighs, and the bulge straining against the fabric in her crotch, the zipper clearly outlined against it. I could hear another loud, shuddering breath as her hips bucked again.

"What's that there?" I asked in mock surprise. "Open up that zipper. Show it to me."

Her smooth, ball-jointed fingers fumbled with the zipper for a second and then reached inside the suit to pull the bulging cock out. It looked so red and swollen against the smooth pink surface of her doll crotch.

With a triumphant chuckle, I said: "And just as automatically as your fingers started to caress your nipples a moment ago, you now find that your hand starts to stroke that cock. You couldn't stop it even if you had the will to try. But your head is just an empty doll's head, so you just do as I say. Stroke that cock."

Another sharp intake of breath could be heard as her hand gripped the shaft of the cock to jerk it off.

I inclined my head and gave her a stern look. "I want your hand to move slower than that. Much slower. And you have no control over it. Feel that."

Heavy breathing resounded in the microphone as her hand slowed down to an agonising, sluggish motion up… And down… Up… And down…

"That's right, my beautiful doll. No matter what you may be feeling deep inside, no matter how much you squirm and strain and buck, you cannot make your hand move any faster. Because you are my plaything. And I want to watch you just like this."

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