At the Spa

by Nath

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A guided meditation at a spa

Audrey wrapped herself in the fluffy white robe after coming out of the cold shower. She shivered. Strange how sitting around in small, hot rooms and then washing the sweat off your body could make you so tired. She stared around the building for a moment, watching an elderly lady swim across the pool with slow strokes while two women in bathrobes walked from the restaurant area of the spa towards a corridor at the back while chatting together. 

Audrey had tried most of the saunas now, but she hadn't been there yet. Curious, she followed the two women and stared down the corridor. The lighting here was soft and a small brass sign on the wall explained it was the "meditation area". Along the wall of the corridor stood seats and beds with pillows, separated from each other by heavy curtains for privacy, each with a set of headphones and a small booklet.

On a whim, Audrey sat down on a bed and inspected the booklet. The headphones had tracks with soothing sounds, like ocean waves and chirping birds, and some tracks with guided meditations developed by some Swedish professor in Mindfulness for stress relief purposes, the booklet said. There was even a short questionnaire to help you find the guided meditation best suited for you. Audrey skimmed through the questions. When they pointed her towards a track called "onani" she was intrigued and decided to try it out. So she closed the curtain, made herself comfortable and put on the headphones.

"Please lie down and relax."

The voice was female and Audrey was a little surprised that she didn't have a Swedish accent.

"Just close your eyes and relax, focus your thoughts on relaxing your body."

Intently, Audrey noticed the way her body rested on the soft bed, the feel of the robe against her skin, and she loosened the robe around her waist.

"Take a deep breath and just follow these instructions."

Audrey breathed in and had to make an effort close her eyes again, instead of staring at the ceiling.

"Now breathe out and relax your body."

As she breathed out, she stretched her arms and legs, they felt heavier than usual.

"Feel how your body is getting warm. A tingling feeling is starting at your feet."

She was surprised to feel a slight itch in her feet.

"Your feet are nice and warm, they're tingling all over, they're completely relaxed now."

It felt nice, like she was being caressed softly. She was liking this already.

"The tingle is now starting to spread, it's crawling up into your ankles."

Exactly like the voice told her, she felt the feeling grow and move.

"And it will continue to spread over your shins and calves up to your knees and your thighs until your entire legs feel warm and tingly."

Audrey breathed in and out slowly, a smile growing across her face as she listened.

"Feel how the warmth continues to move up, into your hips and your crotch, everything feels so warm and so very relaxed."

Indeed, her crotch felt very warm. It was a familiar feeling, and it made her smile even more.

"The rest of your body is now sinking into that feeling as well, your belly, your back, the tingling warmth just keeps crawling up over you."

A sigh escaped her lips and her mouth sagged open in an expression of bliss.

"Your back and your chest feel so warm now. And it keeps going, into your shoulders and your arms, relaxing your elbows and your hands. Even your fingers are tingling now."

Her entire body was warm and heavy and limp, and it felt so good.

"So relaxed now, your thoughts are slowing to a halt, and the tingling warmth continues to grow."

Audrey had stopped thinking about anything else than enjoying these feelings a while ago.

"It crawls up your neck, up the back of your head, over your chin, your mouth, your ears and your cheeks. Your face is glowing, your forehead is tingling and so are your closed eyes."

And the feeling seemed to continue between her eyes into her head and spread inwards from there.

"Your thoughts are drifting away, you are only a relaxed body now."

Without noticing it, Audrey sighed again.

"You can only feel that tingling warmth all over, you don't need to think at all."

She felt like she had been reduced to a melted puddle of Audrey.

"You don't need to think about how your hands are starting to move."

She became aware of the twitch that went through her hands. They trembled for a moment and then moved to her legs, opening up the robe and caressing her thighs.

"Allow your hands to stroke your body, as you drift away deeper and deeper."

Softly, her hands stroked up over her legs, her belly, her breasts and her hard nipples, opening the robe all the way. The sigh had left her mouth open, and a drip of drool itched in the corner of her mouth. She dimly realized she was playing with herself.

"If you're feeling aroused now, just allow it, and drift away deeper."

As the voice whispered in her ears, her body reacted automatically, her legs twitched and opened, and her crotch glowed warm and wet.

"You are so relaxed now, drifting deeper and deeper, and so very aroused. Allow your hands to move to your crotch."

A shiver ran through her as her finger touched her clit, but as her hands started to stroke between her legs, Audrey continued to sink deeper into that nice relaxed feeling.

"It's a familiar thing to do, you've done it so many times, just masturbate and relax."

Her hands were moving all by themselves, but much more slowly and softly than usual, everything happened in a warm haze. 

"Keep going, your body is so relaxed, your mind is empty, there is only the movement of your hands now."

Her crotch was so hot, the slow movement of her fingers was just enough to keep arousing her, to slowly inch her closer and closer to a climax. Her body and the desire that was building up would have liked to go faster, but her mind didn't register it. She just continued to slowly stroke herself, over and over.

"Just let yourself go now, nothing else matters anymore, let yourself go."

In the back of her mind, something seemed to detach itself, her daily worries were gone now. She was relaxed and alone with the slowly rising pleasure. Even the whispering voice was gone. Her breathing was heavier now, still silent, but ever so slightly faster than before. A thin layer of sweat coated her skin. Drool spilled out of her mouth as her arms continued to move. Her eyelids fluttered with each ragged breath. Her neck and back arched and her legs opened further, hands still stroking up and down.

The voice in the headphones came back for a moment. "After you climax, you will drift for a while, and when you wake, you will remember none of the words of this recording. Only the satisfied, relaxed feelings will remain." And then it was gone.

It seemed go on forever, the stroking, the heaving of her chest, the twitch in her legs, the sweaty heat building up. Until suddenly, the orgasm washed over her, heat rising in her crotch and then spreading out over her legs and through her spine. It stopped her breath and made her body jerk for a moment. Then she deflated and limply fell back on the bed, her mind hazy with happy thoughts. After a few minutes of relaxed silence, Audrey blinked and came to. A wicked smile played across her face as she put the headphones away and remembered the whole thing. As she drew back the curtain and looked around the corridor, she wondered how many other people were masturbating behind those curtains, and whether they would remember or not...


There are many reasons why this fantasy speaks to me so much that I repeat and reinvent it over and over. The obvious similarities between guided meditation and hypnosis take my fetish away from the sordid backroom of BDSM and right into vanilla life. A spa has such a pure and clean atmosphere, void of sex, that it feels wonderfully naughty to insert this dirty secret, and I like the idea that stressed out women who go to a spa just need a good orgasm to learn to relax.

indenial394 2021-01-10 at 06:43 (UTC+00)

Wow, this sounds so amazing! The ‘audio’ scripts appear to be unisex, so people of all genetalia could have some (unknowingly) communal stress relief!

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