All Out

Chapter 2

by Nath

Tags: #consensual_kink #dom:female #f/m #hypnosis #Octavia #roleplay

When Eddie returned from the bathroom, Octavia was making coffee. Her suit jacket was hanging over the back of a chair and she had let her hair down. She smiled apologetically at him.

"Can I make you a cuppa?"

His smile was unexpectedly radiant. "Please." He sat down and put his hat on. "What's that look?" He asked. "Something wrong?"

"That was not a scene with a happy ending." She mused as she poured two cups and brought them to the table.

He grinned impishly. "I didn't know you offered happy endings."

"Not on my website." She bashfully lowered her eyes. "For special clients only."

"You know that joke about the sadist and the masochist?" He chuckled to himself. "The masochist begs her to hit him and the sadist says no. I always thought it was a dumb joke, until now." Again that radiant smile.

It was reassuring, but Octavia couldn't shake that heartbreaking moment off like that. "I've never done anything like that before." She stared into her coffee. 

He reached for her hand over the table. "I didn't mean to make you uncomfortable. Anything I can do for you?"

When she looked at him, she was relieved to find his eyes friendly and open. 

"Tell me how you feel. Honestly." Octavia straightened up in her seat to show that she could take it. "Was this what you had in mind?"

"Excellent, Octavia." He nodded emphatically. "Exactly what I needed. Worth every penny."

"Really?" A heavy weight seemed to fall off her shoulders. 

He smiled at her. "I'll aks you again: anything I can do for you?"

"Sit with me. Talk to me." She quietly drank her coffee, trying to give the impression that she was fine, but she knew she looked disheveled.

"You looked like you were having fun." He stared off at that spot where he kneeled on the floor, remembering. "Was I too much?"

"Not at all." Octavia sighed. "You're amazing, Eddie. It was a joy and an honour. It was just the ending that got to me."

"Alright." He threw the cup of coffee back as if it was a shot. "Let's do something that makes you happy."

Staring thoughtfully at him, she sipped her coffee. He was easy on the eyes, an incredibly charming, big man. "You don't have to do that, Eddie."

"Tops need aftercare too." He made a beckoning gesture with both hands. "Tell me what would make you happy."

She lowered her eyes and said: "So… I'm usually a hypno dom. I do hypnosis."

"That's what we did at the start, right? Your mental exercise?" He leaned towards her, his big eyes full of curiosity. "Wanna tell me about that?"

Octavia stared off into the distance with a dreamy smile. "It's such a joy to hypnotise someone, to see all the little changes that happen when they go into trance. To see them have big reactions to just a word I say, just one touch."

"You wanna do that?" He took his hat off. "I'm game."

She gave him a serious look. "How sexy are you prepared to get with me?"

Excitement widened his eyes and he waved his hand eagerly. "With you? Bring it on!"

His enthusiasm made her break into a smile. "And how do you feel about taking a bump on my floor?"

"Whoa, what are you plannin'?" Eddie laughed. "I thought your thing was mind games. And where did you learn the lingo?"

"When I have someone in my studio who can get a little physical, I'm going to take full advantage." She got up and walked over to the cupboard. "Do you mind if I slip into something more comfortable?" Without waiting for an answer, she took off the suit and pulled on a shapeless red sweater dress.

When she turned around, Eddie was standing beside the table, wearing only his cargo pants and the chain around his neck. "No really, what are we doin'?" His smile seemed to say: "Let's go."

She licked her lips and slowly moved over to the blank wall next to the bathroom door, her eyes trained on his body, admiring how big and strong he was. "Has anyone ever told you how good-looking you are? While we were playing, I found myself idly wishing you'd shove me against the wall and kiss me." She said in a dreamy tone.

Like a truck, he charged up to her and shoved her against the wall, their bodies touching all the way from his knees up to his naked chest. To cushion the blow, he wrapped one of his arms around her shoulders and he placed his other hand on the wall, right next to her head. He leaned in close, his lips only an inch away from hers and grinned impishly. "Like this?"

Giddy and aroused, she kissed him, one hand on the back of his head, the other on his chest. Between kisses, she whispered: "It's so easy to feel like you're the one in control now, isn't it? You're so much stronger than me. You're so much bigger than me. You can do whatever you want. Right?"

He moaned and ground against her, his kisses moving down to her neck.

"You could just kiss my neck. Why not?" She whispered with her lips brushing his ear. "You could just press me up against the wall. I can't stop you. You could just ignore my words, they reach you anyway. You can do whatever you want."

His hands started to roam her body, one groping for her curves while the other crawled underneath the dress.

"Yes, you could just touch me anywhere. Why not?" Her mind was racing to string the words and sentences together. "You could just stop thinking about it, you're too excited. You could just let my words guide you. You could just enjoy kissing me. You can do whatever you want."

The way he was ravaging her was delicious, there was a hint of teeth in his kisses and his rough hands stroked her so tenderly, it almost distracted her from her goal.

"You could just close your eyes. Why not? You could just slow down. It's easy. You could just enjoy touching me. You can do whatever you want." 

His movements slowly ground to a halt. He stood there nuzzling her neck, one hand on her buttock, the other just under her breasts and he leaned against her, all blissful and quiet.

"You could just let go of me. Why not?" She gasped between words, arousal pumping through her veins seeing him like this. "You could just stand there. You could even take a few steps back. I can't stop you. You can do whatever you want." 

His hands gently let go as he moved backwards to the middle of the room. His eyes drifted open but he had a dazed look, he wasn't sure why he was doing this, why he was feeling this way.

She took a deep breath, straightening up with her back against the wall, watching him like a hawk and enjoying every micro-expression. "You wanted to do hypnosis with me. Because that's what I like. You can do whatever you want. So right now, you could just drop deep into trance for me."

His eyes slammed shut and his knees buckled. He collapsed on the floor with a thud and he lay there, limp and heavy. The dramatic way he succumbed to her words just sent hot shivers all over her body.

She dashed over to him to crouch down and tenderly touch his face as she spoke in a dreamy voice. "It's a funny feeling, isn't it? Your head so quiet, so hazy. Your body so heavy and weak. So easy to follow my lead. Why would you do anything else? Just breathe for a moment, because I have a feeling you're still sinking down deeper into trance. Can you feel it?"

His lips parted and a sigh slipped out, making his chest heave. His eyelids fluttered without opening and one of his fingers twitched, but otherwise he just lay there big, heavy and still.

"I want you to feel how that heaviness just sets into your limbs, into your muscles. It's hard to move, isn't it? That weak feeling just weighs you down and will continue to do so until I make it go away." She idly stroked his pale skin as she wove her words together. "I want you to feel how that haze just settles into your head, making it so hard to think straight. Your thoughts are just so clouded and nothing will clear it up until I make it go away."

Another sigh, but no other reaction from him, as if he was just unconscious.

"Even as you start to feel yourself waking up, as you start to stir, as you start to notice the light in the room and the floor underneath you…" She got up and moved to sit on the edge of the bed, letting her voice become more cheerful and upbeat. "...that haze and that heaviness are still there, even now that you're awake." She softly clapped her hands as she watched him.

He groaned and turned his head to reach up and rub his forehead. "What the fuuuh…" His voice was hoarse. He needed to shift on the floor a few times before he was able to get to his knees, and all the while he was shaking his head and massaging his temples. He gave her a bleary-eyed look and said: "You're a heavy hitter."

"Why thank you!" She beamed and made a little theatrical bow with her hands, accepting his applause. "You make me feel proud."

With great effort, he rose to his feet and he swayed for a second. "Holy mother of…" He shook his head again as his bad knee gave out and he stumbled to the bed, falling against the side and then just sitting there on the floor at her feet. "When does this shit wear off?"

"Not yet." She stroked his head, delighted and thrilled by his reaction. "How do you feel?"

"I've felt more awake when I was flat out drunk. This is ridiculous." He jerked his head away from her touch and squinted at her. "Stop that. That's making it worse."

"Oh really?" With a feather light touch, she drew little circles on the top of his forehead. "Is this making it worse?"

His eyes closed with a frown and his head swayed on his neck. "Cut it out!" He swatted her hand away and struggled to pull himself up to sit next to her. Leaning on his arm, he sat there with his eyes closed for a moment, and then he blinked at her, unable to focus his eyes. "This is it? This is what you like?"

"Oh yes, I like this very much." With an impish grin on her face, she waved a finger in front of his eyes until they helplessly started to follow it, and then she poked him between the eyes.

For an instant, his eyes rolled up and he swayed as a sigh escaped his lips. Then he veered up and swiped at her. "Cut it out, you…"

She got up and backed away out of his reach, but he stayed where he was. He massaged his temples again and she took advantage to move closer and touch the top of his head. He grumbled and lunged at her, falling off the bed as she backed away again. Standing with her hands on her hips as he lay at her feet, she looked down at him. "Having trouble?"

He grumbled expletives as he struggled to get to his feet and then stumbled against her, wrapping his arm around her for balance. "What the fuck have you done…"

Trying to steady herself as he leaned on her, she kissed his cheek and warned him in a playful tone: "I'm not strong enough to hold you up."

He laughed, finally finding his footing. "That's a problem you created. And you can make it go away, you crafty bitch."

With a burst of laughter at his words, she replied: "No, my dear. That was a warning." She slipped out of his grip and stuck her tongue out at him before she transitioned into her hypnotist voice as she stared him down. "Is it hard to stand up? Are your limbs just too heavy? Do your eyes want to close? Why not just let them? Why not just let yourself fall? Drop!" The emphasis and tone on that last word were heavy, she had used it many times as a hypnotic command.

"Motherf…" He clutched his head as his legs gave out from under him and he flopped face down on the floor.

She kneeled down and rolled him over on his back, then she grabbed his hand and patted it gently. Mocking him with her cheerful voice, she asked: "Are you awake? Do I need to get the Doc?"

He groaned and shook his head as he pulled his hand loose. "Nah, I'm not awake. I dunno what this shit is…"

"Aww, poor Eddie." Grinning from ear to ear, she reached out and touched him, drawing spirals on his shaved head. "I wonder if that endless energy of yours could help you stay awake, you know, that energy that makes it impossible for you to sit still, maybe it could help you shake off the effects. You could just…"

He pushed his hand against her mouth and grumbled: "You talk too much."

Shaking with laughter, she grabbed his wrist but his hand remained clasped over her mouth. It seemed to give him the strength to playfully glare at her. 

"You done? You dropped me on my face with your flowery language. You good now?" He frowned at her, becoming more and more steady by the second, until he was able to sit up and put his other hand on the back of her head.

She shrugged at him, her eyes sparkling with delight. 

He glared and grinned at her at the same time, pulling her closer. "So, how does this end? You aksed me that. I wanna know this time."

She touched his hand over her mouth, indicating that she couldn't answer his question. 

He scowled and shook his head at her. "Yeah well, I like havin' my power back." 

Now that his hands were occupied, she reached for his head to draw circles on his temples with both her hands at the same time.

"Why you…" He clenched his jaw but despite his resistance, his eyes rolled up into his head and his grip on her loosened.

When his hands let go of her and fell to the floor, she pulled him closer to kiss him but he didn't kiss back. He was already gone. It gave her a shiver of arousal to feel him go limp in her arms. "Thank you, Eddie." She whispered with her lips still brushing his. "You've given me so much joy. I'm just going to let you fall one more time and when you do, all of the things I've done to your head will just fall off. Just like that." And she gently pushed him away, protecting his head with her hands as he fell backwards to the floor.

As he stirred and started to wake up, she moved back to the table and leaned on it, waiting for him.

"Motherfucker…" He mumbled as he got up to his feet with surprising ease.

She shook her head with a smile. "You have such a filthy mouth."

He arched his brow at her. "A lot of people say I'm a great talker. Just like you."

She smiled. "That's fair."

He walked over to where his clothes were and pulled on his shirt. "Hey uh…" He licked his lips before he looked at her. "Wanna do this again sometime?"

"I would like that very much."

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