The Countess' Conquest


by MrMarkus

Tags: #cw:noncon #comic_book #f/f #memory_play #bondage #dom:female #lesbification #sub:female

This story is a work of fiction; any apparent resemblance between the characters in this story and any actual persons living or dead is purely coincidental and unintentional.

Do not read this story if you are under the age of 18 or if explicit sexual fiction is illegal in your jurisdiction.

This story contains mind control, bondage and discipline, and explicit descriptions of sexual intercourse between women. If any of these concepts disturb you, find something else to read.

copyright 2019 by MrMarkus (aka marcus)

Dauntless Maid focused her full strength on the shackle holding her right wrist in place. It held firm, just as it had the last half-dozen times she’d tried

One by one, she attacked the other restraints with the same focused effort, with the same lack of result.

She was covered by a sheet, and couldn’t see the bands she felt around her wrists and ankles and waist and neck. All she knew was that they were strong enough to hold against muscles that could heft a pickup truck overhead. There was more to it than the straps themselves, she realized as she shifted her body as far as she could. She was lying on some sort of elastic foam padding that absorbed force and impeded her ability to gain leverage.

Clearly, her captor had planned for this. She’d have to come up with something her opponent hadn’t anticipated. She paused to think.

She’d spent a minute or two trying to think of something when a door opened and a tall brunette strode into the room. Her indigo-accented black catsuit, her voluptuous figure, and her proud bearing all identified her as Countess Conquest.

“MRRM!” In her surprise, the heroine had momentarily forgotten that she’d been gagged as well as bound. She was annoyed with herself for that, and for being surprised to see the villainess—after the last half-dozen times, she ought to have known that her old foe would turn up alive again.

“Hello,” the Countess said, as casually as if she were a friend stopping by for coffee. “I’m sure you’re wondering why I brought you here.”

Dauntless Maid just glared at her.

The Countess lifted a corner of the sheet, revealing the heroine’s bare shoulder. She reached out to stroke her arm even as the heroine flexed her body to retreat as far as possible from the touch.

“I’ll be honest; it’s your body. You have an allure that your friends simply can’t match.”

Dauntless Maid would have grinned if the ballgag hadn’t been in the way. She was smoking hot, and she knew it....

What the hell is wrong with me? the heroine thought as she suddenly realized how bizarre that reaction was under the circumstances. She tugged at her restraints, accomplishing no more than she had earlier. I’m going to have to play along for now. If I’m just playing along, there’s no harm in appreciating compliments... That last thought seemed vaguely out of place, but she couldn’t bring herself to ignore it.

She lay back and listened as her captor spoke again. “I don’t mean superficial things like larger breasts or sleeker legs or shapelier buttocks, though you certainly have all those.”

Once more, the heroine felt quite pleased with herself for a moment. Then, realization of what was happening to her clicked into place. She’s messing with my head! She’s trying to make me feel like I like this, like I want it! She’s... doing something... I don’t understand... I don’t know what’s happening to me... Her doubts grew. I could be wrong. She remembered times when she’d been embarrassingly wrong, ridiculously wrong, even disastrously wrong. I just don’t know....

Her whirling thoughts were interrupted by Countess Conquest’s voice. “What I find particularly attractive about you is the way you radiate strength and power.” Again, smug self-satisfaction flooded the heroine’s mind, even as she tried to hold on to other thoughts that seemed like they might be important. “Tall and strong as you are, I’m sure you’ve found that most people are a bit intimidated by you.”

That was certainly true. Melancholy memories came to mind, but they didn’t make her sad. The Countess liked her. That was what was important now. All those other things running through her head only confused her. Cling to that simple truth....

Countess Conquest casually ran her fingers through Dauntless Maid’s blonde curls. “Also, I can sense a truth that even you don’t know about yourself.” She stared into the captive’s eyes as she slowly and distinctly declared, “You are a lesbian.”

No! I’m straight! Dauntless Maid blinked. I’m pretty sure I’m straight. she told herself as she remembered more of her past mistakes. I don’t think I’m gay....

“You are sexually attracted to women,” her captor continued. Her voice and her eyes crowded everything else out of the heroine’s awareness.

I... I remember sleeping with guys, and not sleeping with girls. She tried to focus on that thought, but her mind kept wandering. I don’t remember every single thing that ever happened to me. Maybe I did sleep with girls sometimes.... There was this one real hottie, Alex... was Alex a guy or a girl? That name could be either one....

“It is nothing to be ashamed of.”

I know that! I’m not some bigoted jackass! There’s nothing wrong with being gay or bi or whatever! I just don’t remember ever being gay or bi or whatever myself. Maybe I forgot... She considered the implications that came to mind. Maybe I am a lesbian. I can’t prove I’m not, and there’s no reason I wouldn’t be. She had a faint suspicion that there was something wrong with this logic, but couldn’t see what.

“It’s simply what you are... what you have always been.”

Dauntless Maid could see nothing but Countess Conquest’s eyes gazing into hers, and then they too were gone as the world vanished and reappeared.

She was standing in the middle of nowhere—truly nowhere, with nothing but a light gray void in all directions and a somewhat darker gray surface beneath her feet. She was wearing regular clothes, the kind that were in style about a decade ago—


She turned.

Jolene stood a few paces away. She looked just like she had in college, a cute freckled redhead in a tight cut-off t-shirt and shorts.

Dauntless Maid glanced down at herself. She was wearing her cheerleader outfit.

“I want you, Sarah,” Jolene said. She took a step forward.

The real Jolene had wanted her, and tried to talk her into a lesbian hookup “just to see if you’d like it”. She’d graciously taken “no” for an answer, and that had been that. That’s what she thought she remembered, anyway. Her memories were all fuzzy....

She could already tell that the story now was going to be different. “You want me.” Jolene moved closer. She seized her by the shoulders and lowered her to the ground like a dancer dipping a partner, despite her reflexive attempt to remain upright. How did she do that? I was just as strong back in college as I am now! I got super strength around the same time I got boobs and hips!

It didn’t make any sense, and then it all made perfect sense. This is all a dream. Dreams don’t have to make sense. Dreams are whatever you want them to be.

They lay on the ground, arms wrapped around each other, rolling over so that they alternated top and bottom positions, and kissed passionately. I’m dreaming about kissing another woman. I really am a lesbian! It must be true. Everything that happens in a dream happens because I make it happen, so if what happens is me making out with another woman then that must be what I want....

They stopped rolling with her lying on her back and Jolene on top of her. The next thing she knew, Jolene had shifted position to lick her left nipple. Somehow, their clothes had all come off while they tumbled across the ground. It’s a wet dream, skipping over the details and getting right to the fun parts. Another woman licking my tits is fun. It must be, or I wouldn’t be fantasizing about it. Things were making more and more sense. She could be sure of some things. She was sure that she was a lesbian. She was a lesbian, and the world made sense again.

Jolene moved further down, licking her belly button. Then, she continued onward... her tongue moving downward, her breath tickling Sarah’s bush.

For a moment, she felt alarmed as the moment approached. The feeling faded as other reactions asserted themselves. It’s natural... It’s normal... I’m not some stupid homophobe... No guy ever did this for me without being cajoled into it... If I don’t like it, no harm done... Why not try it...?

Most of all, she was curious. What’s it like to be a lesbian?

Her curiosity was soon satisfied. It’s... great being a lesbian! was her reaction as Jolene found her clit. Of course a woman knows right where to find it! Why would I ever not want to be a lesbian? She shuddered, and raw impressions replaced any semblance of coherent thought. So fast... but it keeps going... more, oh please, more....

She moaned as she came. She didn’t usually do that, but this experience made every past sexual encounter she could remember feel like her first fumbling attempts at masturbation. Maybe I forgot all the times I had sex with women because it was so intense that I blacked out. Yes, that must be it. She felt close to blacking out right now, actually. So that’s why I don’t remember sleeping with women even though I’m a lesbian....

Jolene stood up. Then she knelt down, her knees straddling the heroine’s head. “Your turn!” she declared as she lowered her body into position.

She watched the other woman’s cunt descending onto her mouth. “Do I really want to do this?” That last momentary twinge of reluctance quickly gave way to acceptance. Of course I want to do this. I’m a lesbian. It’s what lesbians do. She did it for me; it’s only fair I do it for her. Acceptance blossomed into enthusiasm. It smells... sexy. It’ll taste sexy, too! I can hardly wait....

She deeply inhaled the sexy scent, and reached out with her tongue to enjoy the sexy taste. “I want everything to be right,” she told herself. She found her partner’s clit and began licking with just the right speed and pressure. She knew what she was doing. Just like riding a bicycle.

She was starting to remember an active lesbian sexual history. Names and faces were a blur, but she had clear and delightful memories of tits and asses and legs and cunts. She felt proud of herself as she recalled one more thing: not one of the women she’d ever slept with had gone away disappointed.

Jolene sighed. “Oh, yes! Just like that! You’re a natural!“

She felt extremely pleased with herself at the complement. She continued, picking up the pace and intensity of her attentions. I know what to do. Of course I know what to do. It’s what I like to do. Making her happy makes me happy....

Shivering and gasping, Jolene came.

After taking a few deep breaths, she shakily rose to her feet, and helped the equally shaky heroine to hers. She grinned. “I knew you’d like it if you tried it!“

And I did... She understood. She’d taken Jolene up on her invitation. That must be what had really happened. The other story must be what she’d told people because she didn’t yet have the self-confidence to accept who she was. She accepted it now, and the only reason she was still in the closet was that it was none of anybody else’s business—unless the “anybody else” was a woman who wanted to get into her pants, of course. The only people who knew she was gay were the women she’d been with....

Before she could finish the thought, Jolene and the featureless gray background disappeared. Now, she was back in her superheroine tights standing in front of a large desk. Behind the desk sat AEGIS Director Nichelle Fevre... the one person other than her teammates who knew her secret identity.

“You think you’re such a big brawny butch bulldyke,” the Director growled, “but you come running like a little bitch when I call for you.”

It’s another fantasy. Nichelle Fevre knew she was gay—AEGIS seemed to know everything, somehow—but she herself was definitely straight. She was certainly much too serious to indulge herself like this in her office.

The Director stood up and swaggered to the front of her desk, revealing that she was wearing a skimpy fetishized version of her usual protective black leather. “Isn’t that right, slave?

She nodded. “That’s right, Mistress.”

The implications of this fantasy were obvious and undeniable. I like the idea of being another woman’s submissive sex slave. I like calling another woman ‘Mistress’ and letter her have her way with me. The shivers that ran through her body and especially between her legs confirmed that.

“So what are you waiting for? Get naked and get on the couch!”

The heroine started to take off her costume. While it wasn’t quite as quick and easy as the way her clothes had fallen away in the previous daydream, it was much quicker than it was in real life, with just one tug required for pull each piece of her outfit off her body. I hope Mistress likes what she sees.... she thought as she noticed the Director watching her.

Meanwhile, the Director was removing her outfit in a slower, almost ritualistic, fashion as she strutted across the room toward the couch. She was down to a black bra and thong panties when she paused to look down at the heroine, who had finished stripping herself naked and was posing to display both her boobs and her butt.

“I like what I see,” she purred approvingly. Dauntless Maid felt another rush of pride and pleasure. “If you ask nicely, I’ll show you mine.”

“Please, Mistesss. Please show me yours.”

The Director grasped the bottom edge of the bra. Apparently it was a sports-type support garment with no fasteners; she pulled it up over her shoulders. It obscured her face until she pulled it up over her head...

...and revealed the face of Countess Conquest.

Countess Conquest stood there wearing nothing but a black leather thong, remaining the one fixed constant as everything else shimmered and vanished and was replaced by the lair where she’d awakened bound to a padded platform. She was still bound to the platform, the same as before except that now the sheet was gone, revealing that she was naked except for black leather straps around her waist and over her crotch.

Dauntless Maid took a deep breath and arched her back, inviting Mistress to enjoy the view and take her pleasure.

Mistress offered her a water bottle. She realized that her gag was gone, and opened her mouth to take a few sips, swirl them around, and swallow. “Please, Mistress?” she begged. I hope I didn’t step out of line. She took off my gag because she wants me to talk, right?

“Oh, yes, you will please your Mistress!” She leaned in to loom over the bound captive. “Would you like me to untie you?“

It took the heroine a moment to decide. Being tied up for sex was exciting, but being untied would let her properly caress her Mistress. “Please untie me, Mistress,” she finally answered.

Her captor waggled a finger at her. “Not just yet. Before I untie you, I need to make sure you understand how to conduct yourself.”

Dauntless Maid jumped to the wrong conclusion about what she meant. “I’ll be careful,” she promised. “I always know my own strength, even in bed.”

“In bed?” the villainess smirked. “Are you telling me that Dauntless Maid... isn’t?”

“I’ve had plenty of girlfriends,” she replied. She wasn’t quite sure how many, but recollections of at least a half-dozen were clear in her mind. “A few boyfriends too, I think,” she added more tentatively. She recalled one or two heterosexual interludes that might have been real, and a few others that felt more like vague fantasies. “I may have gotten a little rough-and-tumble with the ones who liked it that way, but I never hurt anybody.”

“That’s certainly reassuring,” the Countess deadpanned. She then shifted back to her earlier statement. “What I mean is that I want you to understand that untying you will not release you.“

Dauntless Maid understood what she meant. She felt a delicious little shiver all through her body.

“You. Are. My. Slave.” Mistress delivered the pronouncement slowly and emphatically. “You will obey me, in bed and everywhere else. You will act normally in front of everyone else and not reveal our relationship without my permission. Do you accept that?”

“Yes, Mistress!” It was what she wanted; what she’d always wanted. She understood that now.

“Very good.” She leaned in to unfasten the shackled. “Don’t move until I tell you to,” she commanded as the first cuff clicked open.

The heroine obeyed.

One by one, the other restraints came off. “Take off your thong and toss it aside.”

She eagerly complied.

“Now, lie down in the exact same position you are now. Don’t move until I allow you to.”

Dauntless Maid lay down and resumed her previous position. She squelched a groan of frustration that she wouldn’t be able to reach out and touch Mistress’ body. All she could do was flex her fingers in place and imaging Mistress’ tits squeezed between them.

Meanwhile, Countess Conquest’s hands moved to her hips. She grasped the waistband of her thong between thumb and forefinger on each side, held the pose for a long moment, and finally gave each side a quick squeeze. With a loud click, the belts disconnected and the thong fell away.

The heroine stared at the newly exposed strip of close-trimmed black hair and the pussy lips just below. She desperately wanted to taste it... If she was a good girl, Mistress might let her do it later....

However, Mistress has something else in mind right now. She picked up a long black wand connected to a set of straps. With a few smooth moves, the double dildo was secured in place.

With shivers running all through her body and especially through her pussy, the blonde watched the brunette climb onto the platform. The Countess knelt between Dauntless Maid’s legs and leaned forward, offering a lovely view of her bosom.

“This is it. Tell me you want it.”

“Yes! I want it!”

“The moment you let me do this, you will become my slave forever. Are you ready to be my slave forever?“

“Yes!” There was no hesitation.

“Very well, slave. Brace yourself....”

“Oh... oh yes!” the heroine moaned as she felt the rod sliding into her. The shaft moved in, and out, and in a bit deeper, and out a bit slower, over and over. The rod slid within her slickly and relentlessly. Wanting to slow the pace a bit, she clenched her cunt. It made no difference, even when she squeezed with more pressure than she would have risked applying to a partner’s fingers. Apparently Countess Conquest had been quite thorough in preparing her plans for her super-strong slave.

Slick though it was, the rod did not disappoint when it came to providing physical stimulation. The heroine lay back and just let herself enjoy it.

Her hips began to buck. Her cunt began to clench around the rod even tighter, finally locking it in place. The woman riding on top of her shimmied and squirmed, her face showing that she was also right on the brink.

Twin cries echoed simultaneously through the chamber.

As the world came back into focus, Dauntless Maid saw and heard Mistress taking a deep breath. “That was lovely, darling. I hope you enjoyed it, too.”

“Oh, yes!”

Another deep breath, and another. Finally, Mistress looked down at her, her expression tinged with concern. “I noticed something as the wand got deep into you. Was it too much? Were you trying to make me back off and slow down a bit?”

The heroine nodded.

The Countess sighed. “You’re allowed to speak up about things like that, you know. Yes, you’re my slave...“

The word sent a tingle through the heroine. She grinned giddily.

“...but you’re not an inanimate object. You’re allowed to have feelings and preferences of your own. If there’s something you want, sexually or otherwise, say so. I’m willing to accommodate you, within reason.“

“Well, then,” Dauntless Maid replied. “Can I please move now, Mistress?”


First the Countess, and then Dauntless Maid, swung their legs off the edge of the platform and got to their feet. As she stretched, the heroine felt a hand grabbing her butt and nudging her forward. “Let’s continue this in the main bedroom,” the Countess said, pointing with her other hand to a doorway on the other side of the room from the one where she’d made her entrance. “It’s much more comfortable.”

Dauntless Maid grinned. “Whatever you say, Mistress!”

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