Sybarielle’s Submission Scheme

by MrMarkus

Tags: #cw:noncon #bondage #comic_book #D/s #f/f #dom:female #gaslighting #sub:female

A scene from a villainess’ ongoing campaign to convert her heroic nemesis into her submissive plaything.

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This story is a work of fiction; any apparent resemblance between the characters in this story and any actual persons living or dead is purely coincidental and unintentional.

Do not read this story if you are under the age of 18 or if explicit sexual fiction is illegal in your jurisdiction.

This story contains mind control and explicit descriptions of bondage and sexual intercourse between women. If any of these concepts disturb you, find something else to read.

copyright 2020 by MrMarkus (aka marcus)

“Wakey-wakey!” Sybarielle snapped her fingers in Polarimaid’s face and gently slapped her cheek.

Polarimaid’s eyes snapped open. She stared into space for a moment before her gaze focused on her captor. She tried to draw herself fully upright, but the straps held her firmly bound to the tilted platform that held her bent over at the waist. Grumbles emerged from her ballgag as she struggled with her bonds.

Flickering sparks danced around the straps holding the captive’s wrists and ankles. They had even less effect than the physical struggle, as the conductive coils drained away the superheroine’s electrical charge as fast as she could generate it.

Sybarielle watched with an amused expression. After a minute or so, she spoke again. “It won’t do you any good to fight it. You can’t get out of this. You’re not going anywhere unless I decide to let you go.”

The lights on the headband shone green as the Associative Actuator reinforced the statements and squelched any contrary impulses. The heroine’s exertions and complaints became weak and intermittent as Polarimaid found herself struggling to struggle. Soon, she was still and silent, head tilted back to glare at her captor.

“You’re going to have to stay right here and take your punishment.”

Sybarielle turned to a nearby cabinet and opened a drawer. She reached in and took out a hefty-looking cricket bat with several large holes drilled through the paddle.

Polarimaid shuddered in her restraints, but made no further attempt to break free.

“Oh, yes, you shall be punished quite severely for destroying my property and assaulting me for no reason.” The villainess smirked at the memory of how she’d tricked the heroine into attacking a shipment of “disintegrator cannons” that were actually microwave ovens. She slapped the paddle into her hand. The sound of a loud crack was followed by a muffled gasp from the captive.

“You know that you deserve it,” she continued as she walked around the frame. “With your strong sense of justice, I’m sure that you will endure it graciously.”

Sybarielle moved into position behind Polarimaid. The villainess hooked her thumbs under the heroine’s waistband, then pulled down her tights with a quick tug. Then, she took her time lowering the other woman’s panties, enjoying the view as it was revealed bit by bit.

“Brace yourself...,” she warned in a mocking sing-song. She swung the paddle against the captive’s bare bottom, and was rewarded by a muted moan.

“You like this, don’t you?” Another swat, another moan. “You’re such a goody-two-shoes that you like taking your punishment...” The paddle swung again, producing the same response. “...when you know that you deserve it...” Swat. Moan. “...and you know that I have every right to give it to you.” Another slap of the paddle concluded the statement; an affirmative-sounding murmur suggested acceptance of its truth.

It helped that Polarimaid was actually feeling more pleasure than pain. Sybarielle had planned it that way. The paddle was actually fairly soft, with collision-sensing noisemakers creating an illusion of hard impact. Each swat was just sufficient to cause a reflexive twitch in the bound woman’s hips, which in turn triggered the electrode knob pressed against her crotch to give her a pleasurable tingle.

In short, she was finding the experience of being helplessly spanked by her archenemy to be rather enjoyable, and the Associative Actuator was gradually but inexorably developing the experience into a full-fledged sexual imprinting.

Punctuating each statement with another swing, Sybarielle continued. “That’s why you keep letting yourself get captured.” Swat. Moan. “This is the fifth time, as I recall.” Swat. Moan.

She paused a moment to increase the tingler current a bit. “Each time, you were lured in more easily...” Swat. Moan. “...and put up less of a fight...” Swat. Moan. “...and accepted my discipline...” Swat. Moan. “...with a more positive attitude.” Swat. Moan.

That was all true enough. The first time, she had continued to struggle against her bonds and protest into her gag throughout the spanking. Each time after that, the Actuator had been increasingly effective at dampening her struggles and protests. This time, her resistance had faded almost immediately. The superheroine’s submission conditioning was moving along smoothly, even more so than she’s hoped.

That suggested that it was time for the next step.

Sybarielle strode back to her previous position in front of the platform. Polarimaid, who had allowed her head to rest on the padded face support during the spanking, looked up at her.

“You’ve been punished enough for now,” she declared as she put the paddle away. “I could let you go now...” She looked Polarimaid in the eye. “...but we both know that’s not what you really want.”

She let that statement hang in the air for a long moment.

“No, what you want is to surrender. That’s why you’ve been putting yourself in peril, again and again, looking for the one who can take control of you. After all, if someone else is in control, you can enjoy your secret fantasies without shame.“

The indicators on the headband flickered yellow, but never went orange or red. That confirmed that her resistance was sufficiently softened to allow this escalation to succeed.

“Now you’ve found me. That’s all that matters.” She waited as yellow lights flickered and turned green.

“It doesn’t matter that you find some of my activities to be objectionable.” Once again, she paused to allow the Actuator to soften the heroine’s mental reservations before continuing.

“It doesn’t matter that you find some of my personal preferences to be perverse.”

This time, there were only brief flickers of yellow. Sybarielle raised an eyebrow. She’d expected more resistance at this point.

Well, she wasn’t one to look a gift horse in the mouth. She pressed onward. “It doesn’t even matter that I’m a woman.”

The lights stayed steady green.

“Interesting...” she thought. She’d expected that to be the toughest inhibition to overcome. She realized that she’d just been assuming by default that Polarimaid was straight; she didn’t actually know. It also occurred to her that her captive might already have a kinky submissive streak that made her unexpectedly susceptible to this conditioning process. Hell, maybe that bullshit about becoming a superheroine in order to get captured wasn’t entirely bullshit after all....

She’d think—and daydream—about those possibilities later. For now, she would take advantage of the opportunity to move matters along more quickly than she’d expected.

Once again, Sybarielle reached into the drawer. She took out a bundle of straps attached to a big black rubber rod. Holding it to her crotch, she positioned the straps to show how they would fasten around her waist and between her thighs. Then, she brandished it before the bound woman’s face to show off the rod’s nine-inch length and inch-and-a-half girth. Polarimaid’s eyes went wide with dismay as the headband lights flashed yellow and orange.

“Yes, this means exactly what you think it means. Get ready to relax that tight little ass of yours!” She stroked the wand, emphasizing its impressive bulk. “Don’t worry. It won’t hurt a bit. Just trust Mistress. Everything will be all right with Mistress in control.”

The Actuator lights remained mostly yellow and occasionally orange... but showed no red. That was just as it should be. Polarimaid’s remaining resistance had been deliberately brought to the surface so that it could be targeted and undermined, but there was little risk that it would hold firm for long.

With a slow deliberate stride, heels clicking against the floor, Sybarielle moved into position behind the bound captive.

“Ten...” She opened a hidden panel in the bondage framework.

“Nine...” She swapped the big strap-on for a more reasonably sized version stored in the secret compartment.

“Eight...” She moved the wand into position and took hold of the straps.

“Seven...” She fastened the harness around her waist with a loud snap.

“Six...” The crotch strap connected to the waistband with a sharp click.

“Five...” The straps made tick-tick-tick sounds in the ratchets as they were pulled tight.

“Four...” She found the tube of lubricant and squirted a large dollop between the heroine’s ass cheeks.

“Three...” She rubbed down the wand with lubricant. Her gloves squeaked against the rubber.

“Two...” She placed her hands on the bound woman’s hips to steady herself in position.

“One...” She positioned the tip of the wand against Polarimaid’s asshole.


Slowly, gently, she thrust the rod into the heroine’s ass... half an inch, a full inch, and inch and a half....

“You thought this would hurt, didn’t you?”

“Rrmmm!” Polarimaid nodded.

“I promised you it wouldn’t hurt, didn’t I?”

The bound woman once again nodded and made affirmative-sounding noises.

“It doesn’t hurt at all, does it?”

“Nnnmmff! She shook her head.

“It’s actually very pleasant.”

Rather than make it a question, she made it a foregone conclusion by increasing the electrical stimulation to Polarimaid’s pussy.

“Let this be a lesson to you. Trust Mistress. Everything will be all right if you trust Mistress and obey Mistress.“

“Mmmmm...” Polarimaid moaned into her gag. Judging from the relaxed feel of her body and the green indicators on her headband, she was internalizing that lesson.

The wand slid smoothly in and out. Sybarielle repeated the mantra as she gradually escalated the hip thrusts to press Polarimaid’s pussy tighter against the electrode knob. She pressed a button on the remote control, triggering brief bursts of increased current. She felt the other woman’s body quivering as she approached the brink....

“Oooooh!!” The cry, and the intense lurch of the bound woman’s body, were unmistakable even when constrained by the bondage.

Sybarielle pulled out. Taking care to disengage each buckle silently, she removed the strap-on and returned it to the secret compartment. She then quietly put on the larger dildo harness and smeared the rod with lube to make it appear used.

She took a moment to stretch, then pulled up the bound woman’s panties and tights. Polarimaid lifted her face from the padded support as her Mistress impishly snapped her waistband against her back.

A few quick steps later, Sybarielle stood at the front of the frame. She removed the jumbo strap-on, this time working the buckles with a technique that caused each one to click loudly as it disengaged.

Finally, she spoke the words that ended the proceedings: “Funtime’s over. Time for you to go back to saving the city.”

After the first conditioning session, that line had been prudently delivered over speakers after she’d removed the headband, left the scene, and triggered a set of remote-release clamps. The next time, she’d felt confident enough to personally free the heroine, who had glared and threatened but not worked up the will to attack the woman she was beginning to regard as her Mistress. Each time after that, Polarimaid had quietly walked away and returned to her normal life until she was lured back in for another encounter.

This time, she turned toward Sybarielle as soon as she was freed from he frame. The villainess was caught by surprise as she was hugged and given a peck on the cheek. “Until next time,” the heroine breathed into the villainess’ ear.

Until now, that had always been Sybarielle’s line. Apparently, the sexual escalation of this encounter had made her eager for more. She was momentarily tempted to take Polarimaid to bed then and there, but pushed the thought aside. She was too close to risk derailing things now.

“Until next time,” she replied, and returned the innocent little kiss. It was a message, and a promise: Not yet... but soon.

Polarimaid flashed a little smile, then turned to go.

As the villainess watched the heroine walk away, it occurred to her that she’d also been conditioning herself. She’d originally set her sights on Polarimaid while watching the heroine’s perky bosom jiggle as she dodged her way through a wave of attack drones. As her plan unfolded, she’d made a point of never touching or even uncovering the other woman’s tits, saving that treat for the day the imprinting process was well and truly complete.

After each spanking session, however, her thoughts had turned more and more to that nicely curved behind. She made a mental note to install a few more mirrors in the bedroom so that she could enjoy the rear view from a wide range of positions.

She allowed herself to daydream. It wouldn’t be long now. Two or three more sessions to reinforce the “trust your Mistress, not your misgivings” lesson, and the process would be complete. Polarimaid would be hers, forever.

A flash of light through the window caught her eye. She watched her former and future captive take flight as her electrical powers returned.

“Soon,” she murmured to herself. Soon, the lovely superheroine would willingly share her bed whenever she liked. She imagined the scenes that would play out, with her prize wrapped in tight leather or held in firm straps or stark naked with her own submissive mindset binding her as tightly as any physical restraint.

She watched the glowing figure vanish into the distance, and imagined herself being caressed in just the right places by delicately sparkling fingertips.


My favorite twist in this one is the gaslighting element of Mistress Sybarielle brandishing something painful-looking, assuring her captive that it won't be all that bad, and covertly arranging for it to not be all that bad. She's firm but not cruel, and the tactic is training Polarimaid to allow Mistress' guidance to overrule her own misgivings.

I touched just a bit on the power perversion potential possibilites in the final sentence, a theme I've played with a bit more in other superheroine stories.


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