The Intervention

by MrMarkus

Tags: #cw:noncon #comic_book #f/f #superhero #anal #bondage #lesbification

This story is a work of fiction; any apparent resemblance between the characters in this story and any actual persons living or dead is purely coincidental and unintentional.

Do not read this story if you are under the age of 18 or if explicit sexual fiction is illegal in your jurisdiction.

This story contains mind control and explicit descriptions of bondage and sexual intercourse between women. If any of these concepts disturb you, find something else to read.

This is a somewhat revised version of the story “Psiduction” posted to the EMCSA, following the same basic plot but with some of the individual scenes re-imagined.

copyright 2009 by MrMarkus (aka marcus)

“That’s not true!”

“Yes it is. As soon as I said that you two were latent lesbians, those parts of your subconscious mind lit up like a Christmas tree. When I finished the statement, they started visualizing Kestryl naked and wrapped in ribbons under that tree.”

“Don’t you dare bring her into this!”

Psiductress grinned. “Kestryl is already into this, darling. Into women generally and you specifically, I mean. We had a nice little chat, just like the one I’m having with you, and I left her with a suggestion to take a nap and dream wet dreams about you.”

She let that sink in.

Red Lynx began thinking furiously. She understood Psiductress’ reason for monologuing about the true extent of her powers and how she had used them to subverte Synergia and Kestryl. It was meant to convince her that she would be unable to resist. Believing that would make it a self-fulfilling prophecy.

She didn’t see how this knowledge did her any good. The explanation made too much sense to reject out of hand, and in any case it was the only information she had to work with.

Psiductress spoke again. “I first suspected it when Syn mentioned how close you and Kestryl are. The more she described it, the more we realized that you’re both in the same situation she was, harboring strong lesbian cravings and repressing them.”

“You mean, the more you wanted it to be true and used your suggestions to convince her.”

Psiductress ignored the remark. “Red, this intervention was actually her idea.”

Red Lynx didn’t believe that but didn’t think it was worth disputing. She let it go.

“You know that it’s true from personal experience. You can’t deny that there have been times when your hands lingered on each other’s bodies during combat practice, or you caught her checking you out in the gym shower.”

“That didn’t mean anything!”

“I was right; you can’t deny it. All you can do is try to rationalize it away.”

The heroine shook her head. That time Kestryl had grabbed her boobs from behind during a workout was just zigging when she should have zagged. Kestryl lying pinned to the mat beneath her for two whole minutes before finally crying uncle was simply a commendable refusal to give up. It was all perfectly innocent.

She took a deep breath. She told herself that her captor was playing head games with her. She told herself that she was not getting excited, not getting aroused, no matter how much she felt like she was.

“Deep down, you know that I’m telling you the truth, Red. I can sense it.”

“You expect me to take your word for that?”

“You don’t have to. It doesn’t take psychic powers to pick up on the vibe between you two. Just look at some of those Red Lynx/Kestryl stories on the Internet.”

“There are stories like that about every superheroine out there!”

“Not like this.” Psiductress shook her head. “I’m not talking about stroke pieces banged out by horny teenage boys who learned everything they know about women from porn sites. I’m talking about stories written with deep perception and insight, by authors who understand the underlying realities of human relationships. The kind of writing that reflects fundamental truths about people.”

There was a soft, almost pitying, look in her captor’s eyes. “Like the truth about how you walk a tightrope between justice and revenge. It would be so easy to slip into the abyss. You came terribly close when you finally caught up to the bastard who burned down your house and killed your folks with an insurance-scam arson that got out of hand.”

Red Lynx closed her eyes as the memories came back, even more vividly than they did in her nightmares.

“That’s why Kestryl is so important to you. She helps keep you centered. The need to set a good example for her strengthens your resolve not to cross the line. Her youthful joie de vivre keeps you from slipping too deep into the darkness. Why, you’ve even developed a sense of humor since you took her on as your apprentice.”

Red Lynx’s expression softened, as her pain and anger receded. Somewhere in the back of her mind, she was aware that this was one of Psiductress’ manipulations. Her captor was twisting her sense of duty toward her protégé into something completely inappropriate.

She knew she ought to shut out these thoughts. She couldn’t. She couldn’t bear to deny her affection—her perfectly platonic affection, she told herself—for Kestryl.

“There’s only one problem. You let her get just so close, but no closer. You’re willing to help her learn to fight and interpret clues and build gadgets. You’ll even listen to her talk about her personal problems, so long as they aren’t too personal. But when she really needs you to offer her comfort and affection, the barriers slam into place.”

The heroine shook her head. She tried to avoid thinking about the implications of that statement, but they were too clear and overwhelming.

She had to maintain proper boundaries between mentor and student. She couldn’t hurt Kestryl. It was impossible to do both. Desperately, Red Lynx tried to reconcile those thoughts, as the first one began fading out of focus.

“That’s why you can’t escape the nagging fear that you’ll drag her into the darkness. What you’re really afraid of is that you’re actually pushing her into the darkness, by refusing to deal with her as a human being, as a mature adult, as a woman.”

Red Lynx shook her head. That wasn’t why she was afraid that Kestryl might go down the wrong path. It was because... because.... There had to be some other reason, but she simply couldn’t think of one. She couldn’t even set the issue aside for the moment; it was too critically important.

“I know you don’t want to believe that, but it’s true. You know better than to deny the truth just because it’s uncomfortable or inconvenient.”

She couldn’t dispute that. Rejecting unwelcome facts was foolish. Maybe Psiductress was telling the truth, and she just didn’t want to believe it....

“You know what can happen to people in your line of work when they become obsessed and have no life outside of crimefighting, especially if that includes bottling up and sublimating their sexual urges. ‘Crazy Cape Syndrome’, they call it. They start breaking the unwritten rules, and then cross the line between apprehending criminals and punishing them, and finally become increasingly brutal and sadistic until they’re brought down.”

That was all too true. Red Lynx remembered the time she’d caught Amperial throwing lethally powerful white-hot thunderbolts at a street gang. She’d tried to talk him down, and nearly gotten fried for her trouble. After a touch-and-go battle, she’d managed to overwhelm his forcefield with her full supply of stun grenades. He was now serving a ten-year sentence at the “Supers-Max” facility, in solitary confinement to protect him from other prisoners he’d helped put there.

“You can’t let that happen to Kestryl, Red. You can’t turn away from her when she wants and needs you so badly.”

She couldn’t do that. Could she? One final objection broke through the fog. “She’s... she’s nineteen!” she stammered.

“Yes, Kestryl is at a very critical age. She’s old enough to be a sexually active woman, and young enough to need guidance from someone she can trust.”

Psiductress looked Red Lynx in the eye. “She’s a virgin, you know. She’s been saving herself for the right partner. Saving herself for you.”

She grinned. “You’re twenty-four. That’s not too old.”

Red Lynx stared at her.

“Kestryl wants it. She wants you to be her first lover, and she wants to be your first woman. And then she wants the four of us, you and her and Syn and me, to share and share alike. You want to give her that, and you want it for yourself.”

She tried to shake her head, but she couldn’t. She tried to look her captor in the eye but found her gaze drifting down to the other woman’s body.

Psiductress shimmied, setting her boobs jiggling and nearly falling out of the scandalously skimpy outfit. “Sexy women make you hot, Red. You enjoy looking at a cute gal’s face and legs and curves. It’s even better when they’re in tight skimpy clothes that show off their bodies. Best of all is when they’re not covered up at all, and you can see their tits and asses and pubes.”

She shimmied again.

“Stop...” her captive murmured.

“You mean you want me to stop teasing you. You want me to show you my tits.” She fished the knot of her corset out of her cleavage as Red Lynx stared. Then she untied the knot and began loosening the cross-lacings.

“Just say the word and I’ll bounce my boobs right out of these cups. It’s what you want to see. It’s what you’re already seeing in your mind’s eye.”

Somewhere in the back of Red Lynx’s mind, a weak voice told her to say no. Instead, she nodded.

Psiductress continued undoing the lacings one by one with her right hand, while holding the top of the garment in place with her left. She watched with an expectant expression.

Red Lynx swallowed, and then took a deep breath. “Show... show me your tits,” she moaned.

Her excitement grew as the other woman let the top of the corset fall open, and then pulled it further apart to fully display her bosom. Her tits were a bit larger than Red Lynx’s own, but just as firm. She flexed her fingers inside the padded mitts, wishing she could reach out to touch them.

She finished undoing the lacing and tossed the corset aside. Then she walked toward the double doors. Red Lynx’s eyes followed her rear end, which the miniskirt didn’t quite cover.

Glancing over her shoulder, she flipped up the skirt to fully expose her butt and grinned at her captive’s wide-eyed stare. “You really need a woman in your bed, Red. I’m tempted to just climb in and have my way with you. I can tell that you like that idea.”

She opened the left-side door. “The only reason I don’t do it that that Kestryl has dibs on you.” She paused a beat. “You like that idea just as much, maybe even a bit more.”

Poking her head out the door, she said, “We’re ready!” to someone down the hall. Then she stepped back, kicked something into place to hold the left-side door open, and opened the right-side door.

A small wheeled bed appeared and maneuvered around the turn into the door. Kestryl was lying on it, bound in the same arrangement of corset and boots and cords. Synergia maneuvered the bed into place and pushed it close until the two mattresses were effectively one.

Red Lynx stared at Kestryl, lying just to her left, peacefully asleep. The face framed by her blonde curls looked peaceful... and beautiful.

Psiductress’ voice whispered in her ear. “You want to comfort her. You want to caress her. You want to hold her lovely body tight against yours.”

Synergia leaned down to kiss Kestryl on the forehead. Her eyes fluttered open. She turned toward her bedmate, and smiled beatifically.

For a moment, Red Lynx thought that she ought to yell at her to snap out of it, to help her find some way to escape. The moment passed quickly, and then all she could think of was how badly she wanted... needed... to make love to her.

She was vaguely aware that the cords on the right side of her body were going slack, and then felt a weight settle onto the mattress on that side. She couldn’t bring herself to look away from her bedmate and find out exactly what was happening.

Hands seized her body, under her right shoulder and buttock. She felt herself lifted and rolled onto her left side... toward Kestryl. Meanwhile, Kestryl was likewise lifted and rolled toward her. Their eyes locked onto each other, and she shuddered as their bodies got closer and closer.

At last, they met face to face, and lips to lips. Hungrily, Red Lynx thrust her tongue into her partner’s mouth. She pulled back with a start, but not far enough to break contact. Then, she felt her companion accept the kiss, and begin to join in. Red Lynx slowly let her tongue retreat into her own mouth, and Kestryl’s followed it and tried to mimic its twists and turns.

Finally, the two women pulled back a bit. They found that they could only pull back a bit; their corsets and boots were tied to the middle of the bed on the lower side and to each other on the upper side.

“I love you, Jennie.”

Kestryl seemed taken aback for a moment. Then she replied, “I love you too, Red—Lillian—.”

“Lilli. Call me ‘Lilli’, Jennie.” She chuckled. “I think you were more flustered because I used your civvie name. It’s all right. Everybody here already knows it.”

“But you said—.”

“Never mind what I said. If I wasn’t such a stick-up-the-ass, we could have done this to celebrate your eighteenth birthday, instead of waiting to get captured by a sex-crazed lesbian supervillainess.” She turned to glance over her shoulder. “No offense.”

Psiductress chuckled. “It’s the truth. Accepting the truth makes everybody happier.”

Yes, it did. For the first time, Red Lynx didn’t feel even the slightest trace of doubt or hesitation that this was right. This was how things should be, how they should have been long ago, how they would be from now on. As she looked into her partner’s eyes, she knew that the feeling was mutual.

She opened her mouth as if to say something, but no words came. Kestryl took the hint and initiated another passionate kiss. Their mouths pressed even closer than before, and she felt something behind her. Her eyes widened as she realized that her head was being cradled in Psiductress’ bosom and gently pressed forward into the smooch.

She visualized herself sitting on her captor’s lap, intimately held and cradled and kissed. She felt her cheek brush against Psiductress’ breast. And she felt herself getting distinctly wet down below.

At long last, the couple drew apart as far as their bonds would permit, and then further as the lines holding them together went slack. Red Lynx felt herself tilting backwards and gradually lowered onto her back, and saw Synergia do the same with Kestryl.

“Please—just one more kiss!” she protested.

Psiductress grinned mischievously. Finally, she said, “Watch!” and titled her head toward the other side of the mattress.

Red Lynx turned, and saw Synergia roll the other half of the bed away. “Jennie...,” she whispered, as her companion was taken away from her side. Unable to do anything about it, she watched as Synergia fiddled with the lines holding Kestryl to the bedframe and then turned the bed around so that head and foot were reversed.

Finally, the mattresses were pushed back together. Red Lynx glanced appreciatively at Kestryl’s legs. Then, the two sections began sliding past each other. She got a close view of her companion’s calves, and then her knees, and then her thighs... and then she realized what was being arranged for them. As the motion slowed to a halt, she felt a thrill as she saw that their bodies were lined up mouth-to-crotch and crotch-to-mouth.

She watched intently as Synergia tugged down Kestryl’s tights. Slowly, teasingly, she finished the job by peeling away her panties—panties that, Red Lynx noticed, had a definite dark spot at the front.

Meanwhile, Psiductress did the same to her. She wiggled her hips, and watched her companion do the same. Her blonde bush was just a few inches away, close enough for her to see every detail and breathe in her partner’s scent but not quite close enough to touch.

“We are gathered here to celebrate the initiation of Red Lynx and Kestryl into lesbian intimacy,” Psiductress’ voice spoke from above, in mock-solemn tones. “In just a few moments they will take the plunge, diving deep into each other’s muff.”

“Hurry up!” Kestryl burst out. “Don’t tease me like this!”

“Are you willing to let bygones be bygones? You’re not going to hold one little sneak attack against me, are you?” Synergia replied in a taunting tone.

“All right! Just speed it up, OK?”

Red Lynx was tempted to shout her own protest. She could feel herself pushed from behind, but not very firmly. The space between their bodies closed at an agonizingly slow crawl. If anything, Kestryl’s outburst seemed to have interrupted the process. Was it a punishment? If so, she was a masochist for it, enjoying the tingles of anticipation as she waited for what was to come.

Inch by inch, she watched the prize draw closer. She took a deep breath of her partner’s musk.

“Oh, Jennie, you smell so good!” she murmured.

“You too, Lilli. I just wish they’d hurry up so we could touch each other!”

Psiductress spoke up again. “Just a few more seconds. In a few seconds, each of you shall taste your partner’s arousal, and feel your partner’s tongue sampling and stimulating yours. It will be the most delightful sensation you have ever experienced.”

Red Lynx shuddered, inhaled deeply, and let it out. She could see Kestryl’s bush quiver as her breath brushed against it. A moment later, she felt a firm gust of breath tickling her own pubes. So close, but not quite within reach....

Suddenly, she felt a lunge against her crotch. Her partner planted her lips... squarely in the middle of her pubic hair.

She snickered. “Jennie, ‘carpet munching’ isn’t supposed to be a literal description,” she said in a reproving tone.

Her brash young protege’s sense of humor really had rubbed off on her.

Synergy and Psiductress cracked up laughing, and let their hold slip. The two bound heroines found their faces planted between each other’s thighs a bit more suddenly than expected. Awkwardly, they sorted themselves out, and finally got their mouths positioned more or less on target. Red Lynx was surprised and gratified to feel a solid touch to her clit almost immediately.

A moment later, she returned the favor. Kestryl’s hips shifted, but she somehow managed to avoid losing her place. Her own hips wriggled reflexively, and she maneuvered them back into position. She imagined what it would be like to do this while bound only by the embrace of a well-practiced lesbian lover, and then her attention snapped back to the here and now as Kestryl’s tongue found her clit again.

The mattress shifted beneath her, and she felt another body pressing against her back. Psiductress has climbed into the bed, snuggling against her and bracing her body into firm contact with Kestryl’s.

Hands grasped the sides of her head, holding it tight against her partner’s crotch. She had just enough clearance to breathe, taking in lungfuls of air infused with her companion’s scent. Hips pressed into her backside, a bit awkwardly at first but soon matching rhythm with her own thrusts. She felt her partner’s body pressing even more firmly into hers. Synergia must be on the other side of the bed, holding and pushing Kestryl the same way.

She heard Psiductress beathing almost as hard as she was. She was probably still in her mind, sharing the experience by proxy. Poor Synergia, not really getting anything out of this. She’d have to make it up to her later. She somehow knew that Kestryl wouldn’t mind….

Her thoughts trailed away as Kestryl’s tongue found a particularly responsive spot. Her body shivered. She thrust out her tongue as far as she could, doing her best to reciprocate.

Kestryl’s body shuddered hard against hers. “Ooooohhhhh!” she cried. She sighed... and then began probing with her tongue to reacquire the target she’d found.

Red Lynx smiled. Her partner had never let her down in any other situation, and wasn’t about to start now.

A few seconds later, her hot button was being pushed again, hard. Even as Red Lynx’s hips bucked and jerked, Kestryl stayed right on it. She moaned softly as she came, and then let her head slump against her companion’s thigh for a moment.

The moment passed, and she felt an urge to action much like the sudden adrenaline rush of spotting a crime in progress. Her tongue began thrusting and probing as she did her best to give Kestryl the same pleasure Kestryl had given her. She felt the other woman’s body twitch and heard a sharp intake of breath. That was it! She wiggled the tip of her tongue against the spot it had been at that moment and felt the unmistakable signs of approaching orgasm. One more firm lick pushed her over the edge.

As Red Lynx felt herself beginning to relax Psiductress’ voice spoke again. “That was the greatest physical pleasure you’ve ever felt. Making love to another woman is pure bliss. You want to explore the many ways women can make love to each other.”Her body rolled away from its close contact with Red Lynx’s back. “Right now, you both want to start up again, making the beast with two backs...” Hands cupped and squeezed Red Lynx’s butt. “...and two hot sexy backsides, bouncing and thrusting and demanding attention.”

Kestryl began to lick at Red Lynx’s pussy again. She returned the favor. Meanwhile, she felt the mattress jiggle behind her, as its other occupant did something behind her back.

Finally, Psiductress spoke again. “We’re preparing to give them that attention. At this very moment, we’re lubing up our double dildos for you. I’ve got my thumb and forefinger curled around it, rubbing up and down. Syn? Are you rubbing yours up and down?”

“Oh, yes. Up and down... up and down...” Synergy continued repeating these words in a slow cadence.

“Rubbing up and down, like a horny boy rubbing his dick up and down as he stares at a poster of Red Lynx and Kestryl, or maybe one of those faked-up porn pictures where you’re naked except for the masks. He’d probably lose his hard-on instantly if you actually showed up.” Red Lynx felt something hard poke her in the buttock for a moment. “But we guarantee that we won’t let you down.” She felt Psiductress lean close and whisper in her ear. “A stick up the butt isn’t always a bad thing. It depends on who’s working the other end.”

She felt a tingle between her legs as Kestryl’s tongue stroked the outside of her clit lips, just barely missing the spot. She also felt a tingle in her ass, as she anticipated being penetrated there. She’d never let a man do her in the ass and wondered what this was going to feel like.

“And now we’ve finished lubing them up, I’ve got the tip between my pussy lips, and it’s starting to slide in, just a little bit at a time, sloooowly sliiiiding in.”

Synergy moaned. “Ooooohhh... it’s right up against my G-spot.”

“That mental image makes you think of our pussies, Syn’s and mine. That’s perfectly all right. There’s no jealousy between us. Having a rich fantasy life, especially while in the act of lovemaking, is perfectly normal and natural. It makes it better for both of you.”

Psiductress paused a moment, then continued, “The mental images blend in with the experience. It’s like tasting three women all at once. Your partner’s fresh tender pussy, just learning the feel of a woman’s tongue. Syn’s slick sexy snatch, welcoming a new lesbian lover into the fold. And my hot wet cunt, drawing you in and making you one of us forever. Maiden, madame, and mistress.”

Red Lynx felt a shudder. She couldn’t tell if it came from Kestryl’s body, or her own. She probed for her partner’s clit, and finally zeroed in on it. It felt different, somehow.

“Later tonight, you’ll each taste both of us for real, as we get naked and swap partners back and forth until we finally quit out of sheer exhaustion... which could take quite a while, considering how much stamina we supers have.”

The shaft entered Red Lynx’s ass. She rocked her hips, first pulling it out a bit and then letting it slide further in.

Kestryl’s crotch shuddered and pressed hard against her face. Synergia must be entering her with her own dildo. The extra jerking and bucking made her hard to stay on target. The rod in her ass seemed to be making her pussy more sensitive, somehow. Never mind why. Just enjoy it....

She felt Kestryl’s body tensing the way it had before she’d cum the first time. Red Lynx wondered if the anal penetration was affecting her the same way. Probably, given how fast she came, shaking and thrusting her pelvis back and forth.

Kestryl took a bit longer to recover from her climax, but finally began licking and probing again. She encouraged the attention. “Ooooh, yes, Jennie... just a little further up.... there!” The fires within her heated up, hotter than before.

The next thing she knew, she felt Psiductress’ hands squeeze in between their bodies, setting into place over her breasts. Even through her tunic and sports bra, she felt the kneading and stroking.

“Oh, yes...” she murmured.

The next brush of Kestryl’s tongue against her clit jolted her hard. She pushed back a bit, pressing the dildo uncomfortably deep into her rear, and then rocked forward to press herself into her partner’s face. It brought her close... so close... but not quite there.

Psiductress kissed the back of her neck and nibbled at her hair.

That did it, somehow. Her second orgasm was even more intense than the first. It began to fade, then spiked again as the dildo slid in and out of her ass. Finally, she slumped, spent for the moment.

She flopped down onto her back as Psiductress began undoing her bonds. She flexed her fingers and stretched her arms and legs as they were released from their restraints. Then, she rolled over to Kestryl, who was also unshackled. The two wrapped their arms around each other and exchanged a relatively innocent and friendly kiss.

By unspoken agreement, they began stripping off each other’s boots and armbands and collars... and tunics and tights and bras. Their masks were the very last things to go.

When they bothered to look up again, they noticed that the other two women had also stripped naked and joined them in the bed. Her captor smiled beatifically.

“For the rest of the night, no more costumes. No more Red Lynx and Kestryl and Synergia and Psiductress. Just hot naked bodies. Just Lilli and Jennie and Diana and Jill.”

Then, she dived into the middle of them. Lilli and Jennie and Diana and Jill’s bodies entangled in a pile, and finally sorted themselves out into a pair of sixty-nines: Lilli/Diana and Jennie/Jill. Through the rest of the night, they tried a wide range of positions and combinations. Every so often, one of them proposed something that required shifting the two halves of the bed again, from an L-shape to a T-shape to a simple side-by-side arrangement.

Eventually, they fell asleep. They woke to find their bodies and the mattresses lined up end to end, and none of them could remember whose idea it was.

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