Meteor Made Remade

Later This Evening

by MrMarkus

Tags: #cw:noncon #bondage #comic_book #D/s #f/f #lesbification #bodypainting #dom:female #sub:female #superhero

Thanks to flibinite for her proofreading and suggestions, which helped to considerably improve this story.

This story is a work of fiction; any apparent resemblance between the characters in this story and any actual persons living or dead is purely coincidental and unintentional.

Do not read this story if you are under the age of 18 or if explicit sexual fiction is illegal in your jurisdiction.

This story contains mind control and explicit descriptions of bondage and sexual intercourse between two women. If any of these concepts disturb you, find something else to read.

copyright 2009 MrMarkus, (aka marcus)

She paused at the threshold while Mistress did something to the memory-plastic coil looped around her body. It went slack and fell away, freeing her hands to remove their boots and set them in the hall closet. Following a gentle but irresistible tug on her leash, she then accompanied Mistress into her bedchamber.

A king-size bed dominated the far side of the room, but she was instead led toward an object resembling a mechanical-bull ride without a saddle. She stood at one end of it as her outer briefs were removed. Her tights were pulled down, but not taken completely off. Instead, they were turned inside-out around her calves, and each leg was wrapped around her ankle and clipped to the undercarriage of the structure.

She followed Mistress’ hand before her leash actually went taut, draping her upper body across the top of the leather-padded cylinder. There were handholds near the front; she grasped them and immediately looked up at Mistress with a worried expression—was she supposed to have done that?

Mistress just smiled and attached cuffs around her wrists. Apparently she was indeed supposed to grasp those handholds, and forbidden to let go of them. Then her leash was looped under the cylinder and clipped back onto itself, and supplemented by a couple of additional lines at the sides of her collar.

That left her just enough freedom to lift her head in response to a touch under her chin. In her other hand, Mistress held a long tubular object with a little knob at each end.

“Open wide....” She did, and took one end of it into her mouth. Mistress slid it back and forth a bit, and then pulled it back. “Now lick it all over... get it nice and slick and wet....”

She did, licking it from tip to Mistress’ fingers. She covered every bit of surface her tongue could reach, three times over—in about half a second.

Mistress’ eyes seemed to bulge from their sockets.

She was glad that Mistress seemed pleased with her performance, but it bothered her that the job wasn’t done. It wasn’t her place to speak, of course, so she explained her problem by glancing at the rod and doing a sort of sideways turn with her head. Mistress blinked, and then shifted the rod, rotating and flipping it until the bound woman’s tongue had moistened its entire surface.

Then, the middle of the rod was placed across her mouth, clamped between her teeth like a dog’s bone. Mistress stepped closer, and closer still, until her entire field of view was filled with crimson outer briefs and grey-clad upper thighs, just barely far enough away for her eyes to focus on them. Mistress hooked her thumbs into the waistband of the briefs and pushed them down until they fell down her legs. Her gaze lowered to follow them.

“Hello? My snatch is up here!”

Abashed at the chiding, she quickly lifted her head, giving a quick apologetic glance and then getting her face precisely level and pointed directly forward. She heard the sound of a zipper to her left, and then to her right, and then saw the grey fabric fall away, but kept her eyes firmly front and center. Her entire attention focused on a little triangle of sheer black fabric, the damp spot at the middle of it, and the plainly visible contours behind it.

The thong began sliding downward, inch by slow inch. The waistband lowered to reveal freshly-shaved pubes, and eventually exposed a bit of cleft and brighter pink within. She remembered how often she’d been irritated at how the world seemed to move at a snail’s pace compared to her superspeed, and now felt that frustration worse than ever... but of course it wasn’t her place to protest. Mistress would set the pace, and she would follow, and the pleasure would be all the greater when it arrived.

Finally, she had a clear view of Mistress’ pussy. Her gaze focused on her clit, visibly aroused and awaiting attention. She took a deep breath of musky scent. Mistress was so very excited... she must have iron self-control to refrain from simply taking her immediately.

Her own self-control was long gone. If she weren’t holding this thing in her mouth, and if Mistress gave the slightest hint of permission, she would strain her bonds to the limit trying to reach the target.

It wasn’t her decision. She didn’t have to worry about what to do next. Mistress would take care of that. Remembering that made the tension go away while keeping the excitement sharper than ever.

Any remaining temptation vanished as Mistress stepped back. The rod was taken from her mouth and bent into a wide curve, and then she was again sucking on the tip of it. Slowly, Mistress maneuvered the other end between her pussy lips and then wriggled her body closer as it slid into her.

“Work it with your tongue, darling... faster... harder....”

She did, licking and sucking and wiggling, applying her superspeed to the job until the staff quivered. Before long, Mistress’ hips began to quiver as well.

“Ohhhh... don’t... stop....”

Unsure whether she was being told to stop, or to not stop, she paused for a moment and then resumed her oral manipulations.

“Stop.” She did. Mistress took a deep breath, “One last slow lick to get it good and wet... now, open wide....” Mistress slowly backed away, taking the rod in one hand to be sure it stayed firmly in place within her.

She watched out the corner of her eye as Mistress walked around her and stood directly behind her. Fingers briefly caressed and squeezed her butt, and then moved down to her legs, silently but insistently urging her to straighten her knees and lift her rear end. With that done, a hand reached under her, tickling her week-old regrowth of pubic hair and then settling into place to stroke her folds. A moment later, she felt her pussy lips spreading apart and a hard object— obviously the tip of the staff—probing at the space between them.

“This is it, darling. Just one firm thrust, and I shall make you completely and irrevocably mine. If you feel any reluctance, any resistance at all, speak now or forever hold your peace.”

She didn’t feel any such thing. She felt only desire for Mistress to get on with it. If her submission had cracked at all, it would have been to complain about being kept waiting. As it was, she allowed a low moan to escape her lips and nudged her hips downward just a bit, sending a hint and also maneuvering that big hard rod a bit closer to her clit.

Hands took hold of her hips. “Hold still....” Nothing happened as seconds that seemed like minutes went by, and she wondered if the delay was a punishment for her presumption.

And then she shuddered as the rod penetrated her, fast and hard. She gasped as it was pressed home, Mistress gripping her hips firmly and pressing their bodies tight together.

Mistress chuckled. “Now, darling... shake your booty!”

She obeyed, working her hips and thighs at normal speed for a moment, and then beginning to use her superspeed, cranking it up until her body and Mistress’s body and the leather support vibrated. Most of all, the rod within her vibrated, and she began to pant with excitement.

There had been other occasions when she’d tried using her superspeed during sex, when one of her boyfriends had been bold enough to suggest it or brave enough to go along when she suggested it. It had never worked out, though. She always had to hold back for fear of injuring her partner—and she always did, right in his ego. Every time, she’d get herself revved up to a certain speed, the vibrations would start to hit the right spots... and his erection would soften and collapse under the soft but rapid pummeling. She’d considered trying to seduce one of the local super-strong heroes, but decided it wouldn’t help—she’d heard that those particular muscles generally were no stronger than normal... and if they were, she’d have worse problems than frustration before it was over.

And so she’d given up on the idea, except in private with her toys. They stayed hard long enough for her to cum, but afterwards she’d always felt the need for something more.

As she cut loose with full-throttle vibration, she knew that this was how to make it work. Her and another woman, sharing a good strong double dong. It had just been a matter of finding the right woman—one who wanted her, understood what she needed, and was forceful enough to drag her out of her comfort zone and give it to her. She was glad that Mistress had done that for her.

Her train of thought dissolved as the physical sensations hit her more and more intensely. She was aware of nothing but the need to keep the motion going, occasionally punctuated by a shift of the hips in a futile but still irresistible drive to impale herself even more deeply onto the rod. Her world was all shaking and thrusting and breathing and moaning. The closest thing to a coherent thought in her head was Ohhh... Yes... Mistress... Fuck me harder!

A sudden jolt drove the staff a bit deeper into her, and her body trembled as it rubbed hard against a trigger spot. She was going to cum any moment now....

Mistress screamed, and lurched into her harder than ever. That sent her over the edge.

It was the most spectacular orgasm of her life... nothing but pure joy that seemed like it had always been there and always would.

Eventually, she started floating down from the climax. As the afterglow washed over her, she wondered if she was so drained that she was simply going to lie draped over this thing for the rest of her life. If so, it would be worth it.

And then somehow she didn’t feel drained at all. She felt all right now... no, she felt much better than “all right”. In fact, she felt like... like she had to speak up, whether it was her place or not.

“Again, Mistress?”

There was no reply for several seconds. She felt the rod being pulled out, and then Mistress’ body draping over her own. Hands took hold of her boobs, and lips kissed her ear.

“You... you could do that again? I mean... right now?” Mistress sounded... awed. She felt a warm glow of satisfaction.

Finally, Mistress climbed off her and stood at her side. She began undoing her restraints, and finally lifted her to her feet, swept her into her arms, and carried her toward the bed.

“Thank you, but no. Strange as it may seem, for the rest of the night I’d like to try taking it slow.”



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