Conversion Illusion


by MrMarkus

Tags: #cw:noncon #f/f #lesbification #scifi #bondage #dom:female #sub:female

This story is a work of fiction; any apparent resemblance between the characters in this story and any actual persons living or dead is purely coincidental and unintentional.

Do not read this story if you are under the age of 18 or if explicit sexual fiction is illegal in your jurisdiction.

This story contains mind control and explicit descriptions of foreplay and sexual activities between women. If any of these concepts disturb you, find something else to read.

copyright 2018 by MrMarkus (aka marcus)

Jaelynn Knechtel lay on a wide padded platform. She wore a tight-fitting red robe and a silver helmet that covered most of her head. Thick cloth straps held her down just in case something went wrong, but as always the precaution had proven unnecessary.

Readouts on the helmet and the nearby computer screen provided detailed information about the subliminal sonics and hypnotic images and neural induction inputs. After a little while, green lights flashed to indicate that the process was complete. Jaelynn was ready to begin her new life as a contented thrall, submissively obedient to her Mistress. The system went to standby mode, keeping her safely unconscious until Naliya was ready to awaken her.

Naliya was ready, but still a bit hesitant. Slowly and carefully, she double-checked the readouts. As always, they were exactly as expected. She knew that she was just stalling while she worked herself up to doing this.

“Might as well get it over with,” she thought. “Just pretend I’m doing it to pump up some big studly guy’s big hard dick.”

She deactivated the system and removed the straps and helmet.

Jaelynn blinked, and blinked again. Her gaze finally focused on Naliya.

“Mistress?” As usual, Naliya had set the program so that the subject would recognize her as ‘Mistress’ until she was presented with the implanted triggers that would imprint her on her new owner.

“Yes, Jaelynn. Call me ‘Mistress’.” She unzipped and removed her boots, then climbed onto the platform.

“Wha... what are you doing?” she protested as Naliya moved into place beside her.

Not all of MacNeary’s requirements had been ridiculous and unreasonable. The “demure innocent” response to being propositioned was a common request. Apparently about one owner in three thought it was cute and hot for their concubines to put up a show of reluctance before inevitably giving in.

“What does it look like I’m doing? I’m getting into bed with you!” She lay down at the other woman’s left side. “Move over and make room for me.”

Jaelynn scooted over to her right. The duo settled into position, Jaelynn on her back and Naliya on her side facing her. Naliya then reached out and began playfully twirling the other woman’s hair around her finger.

“What...? No.... Stop it....”

She ran her fingers through long red hair, fingernails gently stroking her companion’s scalp.

“I... I... please stop...”

Expecting the protests, Naliya was prepared to use them as a springboard. “If you really don’t want me to do this, why don’t you try to stop me? Why did you make room for me to join you? Why don’t you try to escape? And, most of all, why do you like it?”

“You brainwashed me!” Jaelynn replied. It was an explanation that didn’t address any of the specific issues. She made no attempt to dispute any of the assertions, including the crucial final one.

Naliya drew closer to whisper into the redhead’s ear. “That’s right, Jaelynn. You’ve been brainwashed.” She flicked out her tongue to touch her companion’s earlobe. “You’ve been brainwashed to be loyal...” Tongue flick. “...and obedient...” Tongue flick. “...and submissive...” She moved in to gently nibble on Jaelynn’s earlobe. Finally, she added, “...and lesbian.”

She resumed the nibbling long enough to let that sink in, then continued. “You know it’s true, Jaelynn. You don’t fight me because you’re loyal.... You made room for me when I asked because you’re obedient.... You let me touch you wherever I want because you’re submissive....” She paused a bit longer before concluding, “You like it because you’re a lesbian now.”

Jaelynn did like being played with by her Mistress, her perfunctory protestations notwithstanding. Her programming made sure of that. The question now was whether she’d accept that as proof that she’d been converted to lesbianism, or whether she’d hide behind some rationalization to preserve her heterosexual self-image.

“I... I... but I remember being straight...” she finally responded.

“That was then; this is now.” Naliya’s tone shifted to that of an adult asking a small child if he really expected anybody to believe that rebel commandos had stolen all the candy. “How can you be ‘straight’ when you like having another woman play with your hair and nibble on your ear?”

She sputtered a bit. Finally, she burst out, “Anybody could like getting that from anybody!”

Naliya suppressed a sigh. It wasn’t going to be quite as easy as she’d hoped. She was going to have to escalate the encounter from suggestive homoerotic innuendo to blatant homosexual intimacy.

She drew herself up until she was kneeling. At her command, Jaelynn scooted back toward the middle of the platform, allowing Naliya enough room to swing a leg over her body and straddle her. She braced her legs against the redhead’s sides and leaned forward to loom over her.

“We both know why girls kiss girls. They do it for two reasons. Either they’re trying to get some guy hot and bothered, or they like kissing another girl.”

She made a great show of looking all around. “There aren’t any guys here, Jaelynn. The only reason for us to kiss is because we like it.”

Jaelynn looked like she was trying to say something, but trailed off. It was probably the obvious objection—Naliya apparently wanted to kiss her, but she didn’t necessarily want to kiss Naliya. However, that thought conflicted with her programmed imperative: “What Mistress likes, I like.” The idea was thus simply unthinkable to her.

Naliya put on an exaggerated mock-thoughtful expression. “What kind of girl likes to kiss another girl?” She smirked. With steel in her tone, she declared, “A girl who likes to kiss another girl is a lesbian. A girl who likes to kiss another girl is gay. A girl who likes to kiss another girl is homosexual. A girl who likes to kiss another girl is queer A girl who likes to kiss another girl is a dyke. No ‘if’s, ‘and’s, or ‘but’s about it!”

This time, it would be much harder for her to invoke the “but anybody could enjoy doing that with anybody” loophole. Mistress had repeatedly told her in an emphatic commanding tone that kissing another girl and liking it was definitive proof of lesbianism. The fact that it wasn’t really true didn’t matter; her obedience programming would make it almost impossible for her to dispute it.

This ought to work. There was only one way to find out if it would.

She braced her hands against the padding and slowly lowered herself onto the prone woman.

Jaelynn lay back and waited for it, not protesting, not attempting to evade.

Their lips met. Naliya’s tongue met momentary resistance, but was then allowed it to slide into Jaelynn’s mouth.

“Mmmmm.... MmmmmMMMMMmmmmm... MMMMMMMM!” Naliya sighed as loudly as she could manage under the circumstances, encouraging the thrall to feel the pleasure that came from gratifying her Mistress. She extended her legs and positioned her body atop the other woman’s to crank up the heat. Maybe she should have gotten both of them naked first so she could properly rub tits into tits and cunt into cunt....

She tensed and froze. What the hell? She was straight. She was doing this because she had to, not because she wanted to!

A familiar tingle between her legs said otherwise.

“It really is something anybody could enjoy doing with anybody!” she told herself. “Or maybe I’m just getting off on personally dominating her.” She’d occasionally daydreamed about having her own thrall. She was nowhere near important enough to get official permission, but there were ways to arrange it unofficially and probably get away with it....

She pushed the daydream aside and forced herself to face reality. Obviously, she wasn’t as “straight” as she’d thought she was.

If she really hadn’t wanted to do this, she could have come up with some other way. She could have gotten some lesbian porn or even just plain old naked-girl porn and jilled herself off while Jaelynn watched it. Her “Mistress’s pleasure gives me pleasure” programming would have gotten her hot and bothered, thereby “proving” her conversion to lesbianism. Why hadn’t she thought of that before?

Was it because, deep down, she wanted lesbian intimacy but needed to be “forced” into it?

Her attention snapped back to the here and now as she felt Jaelynn’s tongue pressing against hers. She was actively enjoying herself. That was a good sign, suggesting that she was accepting the situation without trying to make excuses for herself.

Naliya broke off the kiss and looked down at Jaelynn. This was the moment of truth.

“Jaelynn, I am ordering you to answer this question honestly. Are you a lesbian now?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

There was no hesitation, no uncertainty. She was convinced. They didn’t need to continue.

Naliya desperately wanted to continue... but she couldn’t. She’d sometimes requested, and usually received, permission to give new male thralls a sexual “road test”, but that was out of the question in this case. The admiral would arrive the day after tomorrow to collect her new sex slave, and she had been quite clear about her desire to be Jaelynn’s first female lover. Everything they’d done so far could be explained away as “making sure that she’s a lesbian now”, but she didn’t dare push it any further.

There was one thing she could do to obtain a bit of relief, however. She set up the threedee camera array and directed Jaelynn through a wide range of poses and moves, first in her robe, then in her bra and panties, and finally in the nude. She’d edit the recordings into a “preview video” and transmit it to MacNeary when her flagship emerged from hyperspace.

The admiral didn’t need to know that she’d operated the recording gear one-handed or that she’d saved a copy for herself.

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