A Horny Dilemma


by MrMarkus

Tags: #cw:noncon #bondage #D/s #f/f #f/m #scifi #covert_conditioning #vr

This story is a work of fiction; any apparent resemblance between the characters in this story and any actual persons living or dead is purely coincidental and unintentional.

Do not read this story if you are under the age of 18 or if explicit sexual fiction is illegal in your jurisdiction.

This story contains explicit descriptions of bondage and sexual intercourse.

copyright 2007 by MrMarkus (aka marcus)

Janice was standing in a clearing in a forest. Everything looked amazingly real. Not just looked, either... she heard buzzing insects and chirping birds, smelled flowers that were definitely familiar even though she couldn’t recall their names, and felt grass under her suddenly bare feet. She looked down at herself. Instead of her t-shirt and jeans, she was wearing a white sleeveless robe that hung from her left shoulder and covered her from chest to mid-thigh.

She walked up to a tree, amazed at the detail it showed at close range. She chipped off a bit of bark. It looked and felt and smelled exactly like it would in the real world.

She shook her head in amazement. Angela and Bill were decades ahead of anything she’d ever heard of in this field.

“Hello, Janice.”

She turned. Angela was standing next to her, wearing a similar robe.

“Oh... hi,” Janice replied. She wasn’t expecting company.

“Isn’t it beautiful?” Angela asked. Janice nodded, unsure of what she could possibly say that even began to do justice to this amazing achievement.

Angela slid her robe off her shoulder. It fell to the grass, leaving her naked.

“What... what are you doing?” Janice squealed.

“In a lovely place like this, it just feels right.” Angela spread her arms, as if to embrace the universe, and took a deep breath. “Ahhhh...”

Janice stared, dumbfounded.

Angela took a step closer as she swung her hands forward. One of them nestled under Janice’s chin and gently lifted it; the other settled on the shoulder of Janice’s robe.

As her head titled upwards, Janice found her eyes locking on Angela’s. Back in the lab, she had seemed impressive enough—a statuesque honey-blonde standing almost a full head taller than Janice—but now she seemed almost like a goddess. “In a way, she is,” Janice thought. “She was one of the creators of this world I’m in.”

“You’ll understand what I mean when you feel it for yourself,” Angela beamed. Her hand grasped Janice’s garment and began sliding down her arm.

“Don’t do that!” Janice blurted. She backed away and pulled her robe back into place.

“Oh, Janice,” Angela replied, shaking her head. “There’s no need to be so prim and proper here. What happens in virtual reality stays in virtual reality. Why not indulge yourself?”

She sounded friendly, yet authoritative, a goddess gently reproving an erring acolyte more in sorrow than in anger. Janice couldn’t deny that she had a valid point; her actions here would have no effect on the real world. Why let clothing stand between her and a fuller appreciation of this lovely field?

And yet the idea still made her nervous for some reason. She stood, indecisive.

Angela stepped forward. She reached out, took hold of her robe, and began slipping it off her shoulder again.

That cut through Janice’s confusion. She had specifically told Angela not to do that, and she was doing it anyway. She turned away and yanked on her garment to break Angela’s hold. It jerked free, sliding about halfway down her arm in the process.

She ran into the woods. After dodging through the trees for a while, she found a path through the forest and headed down it. Something off to the side caught her attention, and she looked to see a man walking through the trees. She left the path to head toward him.

He noticed her and turned to face her. It was Bill. She frantically waved to get his attention, crying, “Bill! Angela... Angela was....”

In her desperation to find safety at his side, Janice almost plowed straight into him. At the last moment, he reached out and firmly grasped her by the upper arms. She began to shake and took a few deep breaths to compose herself.

“Angela was acting so weird... really freaking me out. I thought she was trying to come on to me! It scared me, so I ran into the woods.” she finally explained.

Bill grinned. He looked so strong, so confident. His belted toga and the dark brown leather bands around his forearms and calves seemed to cloak him in both authority and physical power, like some ancient conquering general or mighty emperor. Janice felt her nerves settle down. Angela would not bother her, not with this man in charge of the situation.

“Don’t worry about Angela. Sometimes this environment makes people a little... overly exuberant.”

He looked down and grinned wider. “Mind you, I can certainly understand why someone would come on to you,” he chuckled.

Janice blushed as she realized that her dislodged robe had slipped far enough to expose her breasts. She wriggled her right arm, hinting to Bill that he should let it go so she could fix that.

Instead, he tightened his grip just a bit. It was annoying, but also somehow reassuring. “Stay close to me and everything will be fine.”

A moment later, he did let go. Janice adjusted her robe while Bill untied the cord from around his waist. He took Janice’s right wrist and wrapped the line around it three times, weaving it around itself and tying it tight, then took the other end in his hand.

“There, now you won’t get lost.” He took Janice’s free hand in his own. “I know a good place to lie down for a while.” He turned toward the deeper woods, tugging Janice to follow.

Janice could feel that she hadn’t quite gotten her garment properly into place. Within a few steps, it began to slide down again.

“Bill?” He didn’t respond. “Bill? Bill! I need you to let go for a moment so I can fix this....”

“Be quiet!” Bill snapped. Janice shut up, but started to worry that something wasn’t right about this.

Her robe slipped down below her breasts again. That did it; she definitely needed to take a minute and reseat it properly. She dug in her heels and stopped.

Bill drew up short, and turned back to face her. He pulled on the line, hard. “Come on! We’re almost there!”

“Just give me a moment to fix my robe.”

“Never mind your robe. Once we get there, we’re both going to take them off so we have something to lie down on.”

That made sense in a way, but she still felt some irritation that he wasn’t listening. She suddenly tugged the cord, pulling it out of Bill’s hand.

“Hey!” he shouted. “Give that back!” He grabbed for the cord.

Alarmed, Janice began slowly backing away. Bill got hold of her robe. She ran, letting the cloth fall from her body.

After she felt sure she’d lost him, she stopped and leaned against a tree to catch her breath. She tried to remind herself that she was really lying quietly on a couch, but she couldn’t make her body believe it. Finally, she felt rested enough to move again, and turned back toward the path.

Angela was standing right in front of her. Before she could react, Angela leaned forward and kissed her.

After what seemed like several minutes, the two women pulled apart just a bit. “Now, you can’t tell me that you didn’t enjoy that,” Angela murmured.

Janice realized that she couldn’t. She had enjoyed it. She couldn’t even think of the words to lie and say that she hadn’t so Angela would go away and leave her alone. She did want Angela to go away and leave her alone, didn’t she? She thought so, but now the feeling was gone, like a memory of some long-past annoyance over some petty trifle.

Janice felt a hand behind her shoulders, and another at the small of her back. Angela pulled her close and kissed her again. She felt Angela’s tongue probing at her lips and opened her mouth to accept the deep kiss.

Their bodies drew even closer. She felt one of Angela’s legs wrapping around hers as Angela’s bosom pressed upon her own. Angela’s hand slid up from her shoulder and stroked her hair.

The feel of Angela’s other hand sliding down onto her butt snapped her out of her pleasant daze. “No! This isn’t right! I’m not a lesbian!”

She plowed her way out of Angela’s arms and stumbled clear. She turned around to face her, while quickly backing away. “I’m sorry... you’re pretty but... I don’t... I’m not....”

Angela stood silent, watching with a sad expression in her eyes. Janice felt an urge to return, to hug her, to comfort her. However, she knew that if she did, there would be no second escape from her embrace—perhaps not even the will to attempt it.

After a long pause, she turned away and ran. She did not look back.

She found herself on the path again and picked up speed... until she suddenly tripped and fell to the grass. Trying to get up, she found that her legs were snared together.

The next thing she knew, someone was on top of her, holding her down. There was a tug on the cord that was still fastened around her wrist, and then she felt it being tied around her other wrist, binding them tightly together.

Her body was lifted up, then set down in a kneeling position. She tried to move, and found that she was stuck, with her wrists bound to her ankles.

Bill stepped into view. He had discarded his toga. Janice vaguely noticed that he was still wearing the leather bands around his arms and legs, but her attention was mostly focused on his big hard cock. She craned her neck forward.

Bill leered down at her. “Eager to get to it, I see!” he chuckled. “Well, far be it from me to deny you.” He stepped close and took her head in his hands, guiding it down and forward.

She took a deep breath and opened her mouth. She bobbed her head up and down his shaft, guided by the pressure of his hands but putting her own neck and shoulders into it.

“Oh... good girl.” Bill said. “You make your man happy.”

Janice blushed. She was pleased to serve Bill so well. And, she told herself, it proved that she was not a lesbian.

At last, Bill came, and she eagerly swallowed his juice. He smiled and rubbed her ears like a pet. Then, he turned and walked away, leaving her bound hand and foot.

As her breathing and heartbeat were finally settling back down to normal, the tie between her wrists and ankles suddenly loosened. She pitched forward, then rolled herself face-up.

Angela was standing over her. She knelt down at Janice’s feet and tugged at the snare binding them together. The next thing Janice knew, her legs were loose... and then they were pinned to the ground about a foot apart as Angela grasped her ankles and leaned forward.

She shifted one knee, and then the other, inching her body forward. She adjusted her grip on Janice’s left leg, and then her right, moving her hands a bit further up and the pinned woman’s legs a bit further apart.

“It’s time to finish this, lover.” She shimmied forward again, planting her knees between Janice’s ankles. Janice tried to close her legs, but they were held firmly in place.

Angela’s gaze bore into Janice’s eyes. “You see, the moment you feel my tongue stroking your clit, the deed will be done. You will feel an irresistible desire for more, and give yourself to me whenever I wish, forever.”

Janice tried to tell herself that it wasn’t so, that many women had dallied with same-sex lovemaking and then abandoned it. However, the thought of such experimentation somehow evoked a mental image of a woman hopelessly overcome with love and lust and longing from the moment she first felt that special touch. She literally could not make herself doubt the truth of Angela’s words.

Angela smiled down at Janice. “You know that it’s true, dear. It doesn’t matter if it’s true anywhere else, because it’s true here, and once done it cannot be undone, anywhere.”

She paused to shift herself forward a bit further, then continued. “Not that you’ll ever want to undo it, after you’ve experienced it. Once I make you come, your greatest desire will be to enjoy it as often as possible, and to return the favor.”

Janice struggled. Her hands were behind her back, still tied firmly. She couldn’t break Angela’s grip on her legs. She couldn’t get out from under Angela, couldn’t avoid Angela’s touch, couldn’t do anything.

“Where the hell is Bill?” she asked herself frantically. “He won’t let her do this.”

Of course not, she knew. Bill would want her for himself. Somehow, she knew that the same rule would apply—the moment Bill penetrated her, she would be his.

Would that be better?

Angela had continued creeping forward, until her knees were almost between Janice’s. She shifted her hands to take hold of Janice’s thighs, and then adjusted her posture a bit.

She looked Janice up and down, then leered and licked her lips. “Just right... perfectly laid out and good enough to eat.” She lowered her body, her mouth heading directly toward Janice’s pubes.

Her time was up. She was out of options.

“BILL!!” she screamed. “Bill! Help me!!”

Angela stopped, with six inches to go. She tilted her head upwards and to the left.

Janice managed to crane her neck far enough to look in the same direction out the corner of her eye. She could just make out Bill, standing about ten feet away.

Angela stood up. She began to walk away... but instead, her body flickered, shimmered, and vanished.

Bill strode forward and stood at her feet.

Janice nodded.

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