My Boss, the Oblivious Mind Controller

by MrKay

Tags: #cw:noncon #brainwashing #f/f #humiliation #oral_sex #sub:female #unaware #1st_person #mind_alteration #slut_transformation #slutification

After a visit from an unusual consultant, Ruby finds her working underneath her boss more favorable.

I hated my boss.

I hate her nagging voice.

I hate how perfectly manicured nails tapped impatiently on her desk.

I hate being her assistant.

Being Jessica’s assistant meant being at her beck and call. But lately, those calls seemed to be coming faster and faster. True, the salary was good, enough to keep a roof over my head and afford that latte habit I wasn’t ready to give up. But the constant pressure, the feeling of being on a never-ending leash…

That’s not to say I don’t have plans to quit. A quick glance at my phone showed no missed calls from the companies I’d interviewed with (though three missed calls from Jessica). Maybe today was the day I quit for good. Tapping the steering wheel, I waited an extra minute before turning the engine off.

As I exited the car and walked toward the office, I couldn’t help but smile. I was late. Fashionably late, but still late. Jessica hated it when people arrived late. It wasn’t my fault I got to work late (I can’t control traffic, Jessica), but I liked that my late arrival would annoy her.

Stepping through the door, I set my purse on the conveyor belt and smiled at the security guards. “Morning, Richards,” I greeted one. “Anything exciting on the news?”

Richards gave me a warm smile. “Nothing much, Ms. Ruby. Just the usual.” He put the newspaper to his face as my purse moved along. “Though the boss seems to be in a real ‘Jessica Mood’ this morning.”

I laughed and rolled my eyes as another motioned me to step through the sensor and show my ID. Just one more thing I needed.

I flashed my ID and breezed through, heading towards the elevator. As the doors slid shut, I took a deep breath, mentally preparing myself for whatever chaos awaited me on the other side. The elevator pinged when it reached Jessica’s floor, and with a sigh, I stepped out.

The office buzzed with activity, ringing phones and clacking keyboards filling the air. I made my way past rows of cubicles, nodding to familiar faces as I went (they probably felt relief that they didn’t have my job). Finally, I reached Jessica’s office door, closed but not fully shut.

I knocked lightly before pushing it open, expecting the usual sight of Jessica glued to her computer screen, her steely gaze ready to criticize every aspect of my appearance and tardiness. But what I saw instead stopped me in my tracks.

Jessica wasn’t alone. Sitting across from her was a man I’d never seen before, his back to me as he leaned casually in his seat. Jessica hated casual. Her voice snapped me out of my thoughts.

“Ah, Ruby, you’re finally here,” she said, her tone surprisingly pleasant. “Come in. I’d like you to meet someone.”

I stepped into the room, curiosity piqued as I tried to get a better look at the stranger. He turned slightly, offering me a smile that was equal parts charming and mischievous. Something about him made me uneasy, but I pushed the feeling aside as Jessica made introductions.

“Ruby, this is Mr. Alexander Cole,” she said, gesturing towards him. “He’s our new consultant, here to help streamline our operations.”

I nodded politely, though my instincts were telling me there was more to this man than met the eye. Still, I smiled and extended my hand.

“It’s nice to meet you, Mr. Cole,” I said, hoping my voice sounded steadier than I felt.

“The pleasure’s all mine, Ruby,” he replied, his grip firm as he shook my hand. “I feel we’re going to get along just fine.”

Letting go of his hand, I turned to Jessica. It was interesting to see her be almost pleasant. “Why do we have a consultant? You’re already working us to the bone.”

Jessica’s smile faltered slightly, a flicker of annoyance crossing her face before it was masked again. “Streamlining operations,” she repeated in an irritated voice, “means finding ways to be more efficient. Mr. Cole here is an expert in that area.”

“And another thing.” I pointed to Alexander. “Why am I, your assistant, just learning about this now? Shouldn’t we have a meeting to discuss whether the business needed his help?”

Alexander took a step back as he laughed. I didn’t like how casual he was. “I see you two need to exchange words. I’ll be behind this door.”

He winked at me, a gesture that felt more mocking than friendly, as he retreated to the small waiting area outside Jessica’s office. The door clicked shut behind him, leaving me alone with Jessica.

Her facade of forced cheer crumbled. “What was that about?” she hissed, her voice low and dangerous. “Do you question every decision I make?”

I met her gaze, refusing to back down. “Actually, yes, especially when it involves bringing in a consultant out of the blue. Shouldn’t the team have been informed?”

Jessica’s nostrils flared, and for a moment, I thought she might explode. But then, she took a deep breath, seemingly composing herself. “I did inform you and the team this morning. However, despite my three calls, you didn’t pick up your phone for some reason.”

“I was driving…

Jessica raised her finger at me. I hated it when she did that. “It’s not my fault that you’re irresponsible with your time. You were probably off at that cafe. I can smell the latte from your breath.”

The latte comment stung. It wasn’t a secret I enjoyed a morning pick-me-up, but Jessica using it as a weapon felt petty (and again, I blame the traffic). Before I could fire back, I took a deep breath. Getting defensive wouldn’t help. “Fine,” I conceded, “maybe I missed a call. But still, a company-wide email or a meeting would have been more professional, wouldn’t you agree?”

Jessica snapped as she rose. “Your job is to be available for my calls!” She rolled her temples as her anger boiled. “If it isn’t you, it’s someone else who is questioning me and refuses to do the simplest things I ask. I’m surrounded by stupid people. Maybe I want someone to fix that. Did you ever think that was a possibility?” Jessica didn’t give me a chance to answer, not like I was going to. “I wish everyone would do what I want them to. It would be better to control you all.”

I felt a shift as if the world was tilted before correcting itself. Jessica looked too upset to notice. Before I could ask if there was anything I could do to make her feel better, the door opened, and Alexander returned. “I’ve enacted my new policies, Ms. Anderson. I’ll be back next month to see how your business is improving. Good luck.”

My jaw dropped. Enacted? Policies? When? Jessica sputtered, confusion momentarily erasing the anger from her face. “Wait, what? You can’t just… you haven’t even…” she stammered, her voice cracking with a vulnerability I’d never seen before.

Alexander, however, simply flashed a charming smile as he left us. “That was weird,” I said as I found my annoyance and confusion washing away as I relaxed.

Jessica was not relaxed. “What policies? That man couldn’t have enacted anything in less than five minutes.” Turning to me, her eyes narrowed. “What are you waiting for? Catch him before he leaves!”

I hesitated, unsure of what exactly Jessica wanted me to do. However, with how frazzled Jessica looked, I knew better than to question her when she was in this state. With a nod, I hurried out of the office.

Walking through the bustling corridors, I spotted him just ahead, striding confidently towards the elevator. I quickened my pace, calling out to him before he could disappear.

“Mr. Cole!” I called, hoping he would hear me over the office noise.

He stopped and turned, raising an eyebrow inquisitively as he spotted me approaching. “Yes? Can I help you with something?”

I reached him, slightly out of breath from my hurried pursuit. “I just wanted to... clarify something,” I said, trying to choose my words carefully. “What exactly did you mean by ‘enacting new policies’?”

Alexander regarded me for a moment, his expression unreadable. Then, to my surprise, he chuckled softly. “Ah, you caught that, did you?” He patted my head like he was rewarding a pet for performing a trick. “You are going to allow me to leave.” His voice became heavy as it wormed into my brain. “Make up an excuse for why I left.” I nodded as I saw him enter the elevator.

I snapped back into focus as I turned around. I just allowed the consultant to leave, and now I needed to make up an excuse. Telling Jessica the truth was not an option. The woman looked like she was about to burst into flames.

Taking a deep breath, I decided to go with my instincts. Returning to Jessica’s office, I found her pacing like a caged tiger, phone clutched tightly in her hand. When she saw me, her eyes narrowed.

“Did you catch him?” she demanded.

I shook my head, offering a helpless shrug. “He was already gone by the time I got there. Disappeared like magic.” A small lie, but a white one, at least. It gave me some wiggle room.

Jessica threw her phone down on the desk in frustration. “This is unbelievable! Who does he think he is, waltzing in here and not doing anything?” She then pointed at me. “And you couldn’t even catch him. Such a pathetic excuse for an assistant.”

Surprisingly, I found myself agreeing with Jessica. “You’re right, Jessica.”

“That’s right… what?” Jessica sputtered as she found herself caught off guard by my candidness.

I nodded as I sat down in a chair. “I purposely ignored your three calls before I arrived.” I looked up at Jessica, trying to look as apologetic as possible. “That’s unforgivable.”

Jessica’s jaw dropped, causing her to forget her anger at Alexander Cole. “You... what?” she stammered. “Why on earth would you do that?”

I took a deep breath. “Honestly, Jessica? I was tired. Burned out. And stupid, Jessica. I was too stupid to know I was stupid until you said it. Thank you.”

My boss blinked at me. “Are you joking?” I watched as the color drained from her face. “About being... stupid? You never called yourself stupid before.”

I shook my head. “You think I’m stupid, and you’re correct. I promise to do better from now on, Jessica, or do you want me to call you Ms. Anderson?” I don’t know why Jessica was looking at me as if she saw a ghost. Isn’t this what she wanted? She hesitantly waved her hand in front of my face. “Is there a problem?”

“No, no problem,” she stammered, her voice uncharacteristically small. “I just… I wasn’t expecting that.” Jessica then straightened herself. “Get me a drink, now.”

With a mischievous grin, I rose from my seat. “Of course, Ms. Anderson,” I approached the small bar in her office.

As I poured her drink, my mind wandered to my countless fantasies about my boss. The way she commanded the room, her stern gaze, and that beautiful hourglass figure that begged to be explored. How could I not realize that Jessica was always in control and resisting that control wasn’t in my best interest?

I returned to her, handing her the drink with a slight tremble in my hand. She took it from me, our fingers brushing ever so slightly, sending a jolt of electricity through my body. “Thank you, Ruby,” she said, her tone more measured. “I want to be alone.”

I smiled. I know exactly what my boss wanted me to do. Spread her gospel. “Of course, Ms. Anderson.”

Just as I was about to leave, Jessica called out, “Ruby, it’s Jessica, not Ms. Anderson.”

I paused in my tracks, turning to face Jessica with a playful glint in my eyes. “Oh, Jessica,” I purred, emphasizing her name, “I can’t help but feel that ‘Ms. Anderson’ suits you so well. It adds a touch of authority to your already commanding presence.”

She arched an eyebrow. “Is that so?” I watched as she thought about it. She clearly liked that I was correctly addressing her, but there was some resistance in her face. “You’ve been calling me Jessica for years, much to my chagrin. Just keep calling me Jessica.”

I nodded. “My apologies, Jessica.” Holding my gaze at her, I dropped my voice to a whisper. “Is there anything else you need, Jessica?”

Jessica defaulted to her default attitude as she sipped her tea. “Close the door when you leave, Ruby.”

Standing in the waiting area, I was about to look for my office friend when my phone rang. Digging through my purse, I saw that it was from People R Us. Right, I did send a job application to them. I answered the phone. “Hello? This is Ruby speaking.”

The voice on the other end was warm and inviting. “Hi Ruby, this is Sarah from People R Us. I’m contacting you to inform you that we have received your application and would like to schedule an interview. Are you available this week?”

My heart skipped a beat. This could be my chance to finally leave my current job and start fresh. “No, I love my current job and would never dream of leaving it.” I ended the call before Sarah could respond. Jessica would hate it if I left her. My loyalty belonged to her and her only.

I saw Olivia and was about to talk with her when I realized I would need to contact the other businesses and tell them I was no longer interested in working for them.

I quickly sat at my desk and went to my emails. As I wrote my emails, my mind was racing with thoughts of Jessica and my intense attraction towards her. I can’t believe I almost left this position. A part of me screamed that I was making a mistake. I immediately silenced that part of me. Being underneath Jessica’s thumb was the best.

With the last email sent, I got up from my seat and walked toward Olivia’s desk. “Hey, Olivia, Jessica needs to see you.” That was a lie. Jessica might have said she wanted to be alone, but I knew how to read between the lines.

Olivia gave me a confused and worried look. “Am I in trouble?”

Shaking my head, I grabbed her hand. “Trust me, you want to see Jessica.”

Olivia followed me, her steps hesitant and filled with curiosity. I could tell she was unsure what to expect, but I couldn’t help but show her the obvious truth of Jessica’s superiority over us.

As we reached Jessica’s office, I knocked lightly on the door before pushing it open. Jessica glanced up from her desk, surprise flickering across her face as she saw Olivia by my side.

Jessica’s confusion quickly shifted into annoyance. “Ruby, didn’t I tell you I wanted to be alone?”

I smirked, stepping further into the office with Olivia in tow. “Oh, Jessica, I know you said you wanted to be alone, but I thought it would be better if Olivia joined us. There are some things that she needs to learn from you.”

Jessica’s eyes narrowed, her annoyance mixing with a hint of interest. “And what exactly does Olivia need to learn from me?”

I watched as Olivia walked past me and leaned against the edge of Jessica’s desk. I knew she would see the obvious truth. “Well, Jessica,” Olivia began, “I need to learn how to be a good worker. A really good worker,” Olivia leaned forward.

A devilish grin spread across my face as I watched Olivia fully embrace her role. “That’s right, Olivia,” I chimed in. “You need to learn from the best. And who better than Jessica?”

Jessica blushed. I don’t think I’ve ever seen her blush before. She cleared her throat. “I’ll, um, let you know if I… need to tell you anything. Please leave.” Jessica shooed Olivia away from her desk. My friend gave me a confused look, and I shrugged before my eyes brightened. Jessica wanted me all to herself first. Duh. Olivia seemed to have gotten the memo as she relaxed and left Jessica’s office.

“Nice move, boss.” I sat at the edge of Jessica’s desk and lifted my skirt to show more of my legs. “You just wanted to see me first.”

Jessica’s eyes widened as she took in the sight of my exposed legs, her gaze lingering on the tantalizing view. A flicker of desire danced in her eyes, and I could tell she struggled to maintain her composure.

She cleared her throat, attempting to regain control. “Ruby, this is highly inappropriate.”

I trailed my finger along my leg as I crossed them. “Inappropriate? Like this?”

Jessica’s breath hitched, her eyes locked on my teasing finger. She swallowed hard, her voice strained as she replied, “Yes, Ruby. Just like that. What has gotten into you?”

“You did, Jessica.” I unbuttoned my blouse. “This is what you wanted to see? Your assistant underneath your thumb?”

She bit her thumb while I smiled. I usually never do anything like this, but since Jessica was the boss, her word was the law.

Jessica reached out to my legs but hesitated. Aw, she needed my help. Anything for my boss! “Do you need some assistance, Jessica?” I purred, sliding off the desk and stepping closer to her. “Or are you just going to sit there and admire the view?”

She looked flustered but determined. “Why are you doing this to me, Ruby? We can’t… we can’t do this.”

I chuckled, placing my knee on her lap as my body leaned closer until it was mere inches away from hers. “I don’t need to hear you say it, boss. You want me to do this.” Jessica looked like she was going to melt on the spot. “I’m simply doing my job to meet your every need.”

Jessica’s eyes widened. “The meeting with the board!” She pushed me from her lap as she stood. “Thank you for reminding me, Ruby.”

Disappointment washed over me as Jessica abruptly ended our little encounter. However, I knew I’d have more opportunities to show Jessica how excellent of an assistant I could be. I watched her hurriedly straighten her clothes, her face flushed with frustrated arousal.

“Yes, of course, Jessica,” I replied, my voice holding a hint of disappointment. “The meeting with the board. I’ll gather the necessary documents and prepare everything for you.”

Jessica nodded, avoiding eye contact as she approached the door. “Thank you, Ruby. Please make sure everything is in order.”

I forced a smile, trying to hide my lingering desire to please my boss. “Of course, Jessica. I’ll take care of it.”

After I got the stuff needed for Jessica’s meeting, I walked through the office. I bumped into Georgia and Edward. I couldn’t help but catch a glimpse of their conversation about how attractive Jessica was. I knew Jessica would like to have employees talk about how hot she was.

I couldn’t resist the opportunity to join in on their conversation. Sauntering over with a mischievous smile, I leaned against the nearby desk and crossed my arms, catching their attention. “Did I just hear you two talking about how irresistible Jessica is?” I asked.

Georgia blushed, and Edward shifted uncomfortably, but I could tell they were both eager to indulge in the discussion. Georgia, always the bold one, spoke up first. “Oh, Ruby, you have no idea. Jessica is like a goddess. Her confidence, her controlling nature, her... everything. I was telling Edward how I can’t help but fantasize about her.”

Edward nodded in agreement. “She has this commanding presence that makes you want to sit up straight. Whenever she walks into a room, it’s like the air changes. And her figure? It’s enough to drive any man wild.”

A wicked grin spread across my lips as I took a step closer. “You’re not the only ones who have naughty thoughts about our boss, you know. I was about to make her VERY happy, but she said she had to attend a boring board meeting.”

“What are you still doing here, Ruby?” The three of us turned to see Jessica. She had her arms crossed, but I could still see the lingering traces of arousal in her annoyed face. “I need you in the meeting room now.”

I loved hearing that nagging voice. With a nod, I quickly followed Jessica into the meeting room, knowing that this was my chance to prove my capabilities as her assistant.

As we entered the room, the atmosphere shifted. The board members sat around the large table. Their side conversations stopped as their eyes fixed on Jessica as she took her seat at the head. I sat to her right.

Jessica looked around the meeting room as the board members looked back at her. I wasn’t sure what the problem was. The room was at her command. “Is something the matter?” she spoke.

One of the board members, a middle-aged man with a receding hairline, cleared his throat and spoke up tentatively. “We’re just waiting on your quarterly report. You’ve got our undivided attention.”

Jessica’s lips curled into a sly smile as she leaned back in her chair. She was in her element. “Ah, the quarterly report.” She watched me get the documents out and connected my laptop to the projector. “I apologize for the delay, gentlemen. I wanted to ensure I had all the necessary details and figures to present.” She didn’t thank me for my work, but I could see the appreciation in her uneasy eyes. I needed to redeem myself.

As Jessica began her presentation, I reluctantly pulled my eyes away from Jessica’s body and glanced around the room. She had everyone’s attention as there wasn’t a distracted person. However, their focus wasn’t on Jessica’s presentation but on Jessica herself. Jessica really was good at controlling people.

However, an idea popped into my head. As Jessica kept talking, I “accidentally” caused my pen to fall. Everyone stared at me, including Jessica. I gave a sheepish chuckle to her annoyed face. Jessica rolled her eyes and resumed. Discreetly, I sank below the meeting table.

As I hid beneath the meeting table, I quietly crawled towards Jessica’s chair. I couldn’t believe Jessica expected me to do this during her meeting, but who am I to question her.

From my hidden vantage point, I had the perfect view of Jessica’s legs, adorned in sheer stockings that clung to her shapely calves. I watched as her foot tapped impatiently against the floor. Of course, she was getting impatient. I was wasting precious seconds.

Without wasting any more time, I touched the back of Jessica’s legs. It felt like a record scratch when I heard Jessica abruptly stop talking. I tried to hold my laugh as I felt Jessica’s body tense up.

One board member asked, “Are you alright, Ms. Anderson?”

Jessica gave an irritated sigh. “I’m fine.” She leaned down and tried to shove my hands away, but I knew this was part of the show. I briefly withdrew my hands away. “Where was I,” she said. “Right.”

As Jessica resumed her presentation, I pushed her knees apart. Jessica’s voice faltered again, but she quickly saved it as she continued. I shoved her skirt up as I pulled her panties down her legs. I could practically feel Jessica being proud of me for taking the initiative.

Without needing to be prompted, I wasted no time in burying my face between Jessica’s thighs. The scent of her arousal hit me like a drug, adding more fuel to my desire to please her. My tongue flicked out, tracing the soft folds of her wet pussy, teasing her with gentle laps. She let out a sharp gasp, her body jerking in surprise. Her hands tried to push my head back, but her fingers wrapped around my red hair instead.

Not missing a beat, Jessica cleared her throat and continued speaking, her voice wavering slightly. The board members were none the wiser, or maybe they knew what was happening but silently acknowledged that Jessica had absolute control over me. I lapped and sucked, my tongue dancing over her clit while my fingers found their way inside her, curling and caressing her inner walls.

I could hear the tension as Jessica fought to maintain her composure, her voice rising and falling with each stroke of my tongue. Glancing up, her grip on the table tightened, her knuckles turning white as she struggled to keep her pleasure at bay while delivering her presentation. I could feel her body trembling with the effort, the muscles in her thighs clenching around my head.

A low moan escaped her lips, barely audible over the sound of her own voice. I seized the opportunity, increasing the intensity of my oral assault. I sucked her clit into my mouth, flicking it with my tongue and applying just the right amount of pressure. Her moans grew louder, but she passed them off as a cough.

With every swipe of my tongue and every thrust of my fingers, I was pushing Jessica closer to the edge. Her breath hitched, her words faltered, and she was getting exactly what she wanted. I could see the struggle on her face, the battle between giving in to her pleasure and remaining composed for the board members.

Finally, Jessica couldn’t hold back any longer. Her body stiffened, her back arching as a wave of orgasm washed over her. The room fell into silence as her moans filled the space, mingling with the muted sounds of the projector. Her juices flowed freely, coating my tongue in her delicious essence.

I hope Jessica appreciated what she asked me to do. Hopefully, she won’t notice I was a novice at pleasuring her. She’d probably want me to practice with other women.

I got back to my seat (while keeping Jessica’s panties for safekeeping) as Jessica slowly regained her composure. She straightened herself in her chair and cleared her throat. She looked around the room and had a surprised look on her face. The board members had a look of approval and jealousy as they stared back at Jessica. Was she expecting them to be shocked? Why would she? Anything she did was perfect and not to be questioned.

“Is there a prank I don’t know about?” Jessica asked, finally finding her voice. “You all don’t care that I did that? In front of all of you?”

The board members exchanged glances and suppressed smirks. I couldn't help but chuckle under my breath, thoroughly enjoying the control Jessica had over them.

One of them, a man in a sharp suit, spoke. “Ms. Anderson, we’ve all wondered how you keep your employees in line,” he said, his eyes locked on Jessica's flushed face. “And if what we just witnessed is any indication, I can confidently say that we’re all more than impressed.”

Leaning forward and rolling her temples, Jessica finally spoke. “Meeting over. I want everyone to leave except Ruby.”

The board members quickly gathered their belongings, their eyes lingering on Jessica as they made their way to the exit. The room emptied, leaving only Jessica and me. I admired the way she commanded authority, even in the aftermath of her orgasm.

Jessica held her hand out. “Give me back my underwear.”

A mischievous smile tugged at the corners of my lips as I handed Jessica her panties. I guess I’ll have to sniff them later.


Jessica raised her hand as she put her panties back on. “We’re going to sit in silence, Ruby, until we get this out of our system.” I see. She wanted me to give her a dirty look. Okay boss, I can definitely do that.

I leaned back in my chair as I watched Jessica. She was fuming but that was probably because it was taking all of willpower to stay in her chair and not rip my clothes out. She was lucky she told me to stay silent, otherwise I would have leapt unto her.

Licking my lips, I rolled my chair closer to her. I unbuttoned more of my blouse, allowing a hint of my cleavage to show.

Jessica was practically sweating. “Dammit, Ruby, why are you teasing me?”

I looked at her with mock surprise. “I have no idea what you mean, boss. I’m only doing what you want me to do.”

Her eyes blazed with fire. “You know exactly what I mean, Ruby. Don’t play coy with me. I mean, what you did under the table…” She shuddered and shook her head. “Have you lost your mind?”

She was testing me with these questions, and I knew how to answer them right. Shifting my gaze, my eyes trailed her body, lingering on her lips. “Why don’t you tell me, boss?”

Jessica gritted her teeth, her frustration as obvious as the control she had over me. I thought she was going to explode right in front of me, but instead, she composed herself. “Cancel all my appointments for today. If anyone needs to know where I am, tell them I’m alone in my office.”

I obediently nodded as she rose from the meeting table. “Consider it done, boss,” I replied.

As Jessica walked towards the door, I couldn’t resist the urge to follow her. Collecting the documents and laptop, I trailed closely behind, watching as her hips swayed with each step. If only she could sit on me.

Just as Jessica entered her office, she slammed the door in my face. Of course, she needed me to cancel the appointments. Sitting at my desk, as I canceled Jessica’s appointments, I made appointments of my own to find new ways for Jessica to get more control of the office. After all, that’s what Jessica wanted.


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