Watching Too Much Television

Metal Maiden

by MourningStarsOfLakes

Tags: #cw:noncon #dom:female #f/f #sub:female

The first chapter of this is the first hypno story I ever started writing.  I was on a trans-atlantic flight in 2018 and typed up about 4,000 words in the Notes app of my iphone.  I let it languish there for another two-and-a-half years before trying to hammer it back into something readable.  I hope I succeded.

It was Thursday night which meant that it was time for Stephanie and Kendra’s favorite show: Surgeon of the Stars.  The show had run for over forty years (albeit non-continuously) and featured a time-and-space traveling doctor attempting to right whatever wrongs they bumped into each week. Initially their attention switched between watching the show’s thundering introduction and checking their phones; but the screen appearence of Mistress Mechania, one of Surgeon Star’s recurring foes, grabbed Stephanie’s attention.  She laid her phone down on the couch and fixed her pretty, blue eyes on the screen.  
Across the couch Kendra noticed her girlfriend’s sudden focus on the episode.  She raised an eyebrow Stephanie’s pert chest heaving heavily during the scene where the silver-skinned, Metal Maidens were commanded by Mistress Mechania to steal the drive core from the S.C.A.L.P.E.L., The Surgeon’s starship.  She noticed her clutching and twisting and twinning her copper-red hair with the fingers of her right hand, eyes rapt with attention on the silvery Metal Maidens capturing The Surgeon’s partner and forcing her into one of their conversion chambers.  Her left hand brushed gently against the lips of her mouth, jaw now slack in pleasant surprise, as the character on tv struggled against the silver engulfing her body.  The episode ended with the captive woman exiting the conversion chamber and kneeling before the Mistress Mechania, droning out the words “Ready to serve.”  Stephanie’s eyes bulged as her hand fluttered down to lightly caress her thigh.  Kendra was sure she missed most of the episode, but had traded it for a much more interesting show.
As soon as the credits started rolling, Stephanie snapped her head towards Kendra; lust sparkling in her eyes, blush creeping in to fill in her pale cheeks.  
“Uhhh, Kendra, I think it’s time for bed.” Stephanie stammered out.  Before Kendra could say a word Stephanie had already fled towards the bedroom.  She followed close behind, smiling to herself at how silly Stephanie could be; always cloaking her obvious desire for sex behind going to bed or wanting to “save water” by showering together.  She was pretty sure they’d wasted twice as much water trying to fuck in the shower than they would have if they’d just showered separately, but then Stephanie wouldn’t give her a cute, pouty look as soap ran down her body causing Kendra to pull her tight and start kissing her.
Tossing the stray thoughts aside, Kendra entered the bedroom and found what she had already expected: a very naked and horny Stephanie tucked under the sheets, trying to play coy about how badly she wanted to fuck.  Kendra allowed herself a little smile as she chided: “Wow, that’s the fastest I’ve seen your clothes disappear in a long time.  Must have been real tired tonight.”
Stephanie blushed and breathily hissed, “Just get in bed.”
Kendra slid into bed beside her lover, turning to her side and feigning sleep.  “Don’t want to keep the tired girl awake.  Night!  Love you!”
Stephanie was having none of it.  She rolled on top of Kendra and pressed their lips together.  Kendra immediately returned the gesture, their lips moving against each other, alternating between hard-and-fast and slow-and-sensual.  
The two women were beautiful opposites.  Stephanie was slender and waifish, with lily-white skin from staying inside too often and shoulder-length red hair.  Kendra however was tall and muscular, her hair a short black afro, her skin a resplendent ebony.  As they entangled the pale moonlight gave both their complexions a beautiful glow, a sublime radiance.  Stephanie ran her hand down Kendra’s back and then over her shapely rear, grabbing the waistband of her panties and yanking them down.  Kendra found Stephanie’s body already bare and moved from fondling the smaller woman’s breasts to her pussy.  Stephanie was already wet and moaned as Kendra slowly stroked along her labia.  
“Hmmmm.... does that feel good Stephie?” Kendra crooned as Stephanie gripped her tighter, “Do you want to be my metal maiden?”
Stephanie snapped her head up in embarrassment.  “N-n-n-no,” she stammered, “That’s a... weird thing to say Kendra.”
“It’s okay to explore your kinks sweetie.”  Kendra was rubbing up towards her clit, applying just the right amount of pressure. “I saw how turned on you were while watching the episode, and I want to make sure you can express that with me.”
Normally Stephanie would have wanted to talk about this first, but Kendra was right she WAS very turned on right now.  The fingers dancing around her clit convinced her that she should embrace the fantasy for now and talk about it more in depth tomorrow.
“Fine.” She grunted, hips starting to grind against Kendra’s hand, “I’ll be your Metal Maiden tonight, just keep doing that.”  She could feel the heat rising and the orgasm building as Kendra rolled her onto her back and leaned in close to her ear.
“Good girl Stephie-bot.”  As Kendra whispered this into her lover’s ear, she quickened the pace of her fingers and applied just a bit more pressure.  Stephanie almost managed a look of confusion before her back arched, her arms flew out to her sides, her head snapped back, her eyes rolled up, and her mouth opened wide.  
“You’re a good little Metal Maiden, aren’t you Stephie-bot” gasped Kendra in-between kissing her neck, “Obey your programming and cum.”
That did it. Stephanie let out a scream of ecstasy as she came hard, her breath cutting off part-way through.  Kendra was breathing heavy on top of her, obviously aroused by the pleasure she’d given to her girlfriend.  Stephanie took a few minutes to bask in the afterglow and start to come to terms with what they’d just done.  She decided to keep the fantasy going for a bit longer.  Her eyes flashed open and she said in the most robotic voice she could manage at the moment: “Stephie-bot ready to serve you Mistress”
Now it was Kendra’s turn to be shocked: she wasn’t really sure if she was into this but it didn’t feel wrong.  It felt a whole lot more right a few seconds later as Stephanie grabbed Kendra’s bountiful ass and pulled her forward until Kendra’s moist pussy was in her face.  The ebony woman gasped and grabbed the headboard as Stephanie began tracing her tongue up-and-down her wet slit.  
“Yeah Steph, like that.  Yeahhhhh.  Yeeaahhhhhh” Kendra could feel her hips bucking against the smaller woman’s face.  She looked down and saw Stephanie rolling her eyes back, whether out of pleasure or to give the impression of a controlled robot she couldn’t say.  Either way she liked it, and her thighs began to tighten around Stephanie’s face.  “Yesssss.... Steph..... Steph-bot...” she moaned, prompting Stephanie to start sucking on her clit.  “Ohhhh fuuuuucccckkkk!!!” She cried out as she came, legs shaking against Stephanie’s head and her head thrown back.  “Yes Steph-bot, just like that, just like that, just like that”. The fluids flowed slickly out of her sopping pussy and into Steph’s mouth.  “Fuck!”  She shouted as she dismounted herself.  “Oh my god, Stephie that was so good.”
Stephanie smiled as Kendra slid back down the bed, under the covers.  “I’m glad I could make you happy too dear.”  They curled up and fell asleep together, the musk of spent lust still drifting through the room.

The next few days they talked about Stephanie’s kink and Kendra began to get an idea for Steph’s upcoming birthday.  In the mean-time they continued playing out Steph’s robot fantasy every couple of days, with Steph pretending to obey Kendra and Kendra whispering things like “Feel your programming take hold” and “obey your mechanical body”.
Two weeks later it was Steph’s birthday and after the ice cream and cake, after the singing and the presents their parents would approve of; Kendra showed Steph to the bedroom and the final, secret present laid out on the bed.  
“Hmmmm... what could this be?”  Stephanie wondered aloud and a bit flirtatiously, accurately guessing that it had some connection to their sex life.  She tore off the shiny, green wrapping paper and opened the box.  Inside was something silvery.  
“What’s this?” She queried as she pulled it out and unraveled it.  There in her hands was a silver, spandex catsuit.  She looked at Kendra with a touch of concern: “I don’t know... It feels like I’d be jumping into weird, fetish territory a little too fast if I wore this.”
Kendra just smiled at her and took her hand, “Try it on and see how you like it; if you hate it I can always return it.”
Steph agreed and began disrobing.  She started trying to put on the suit with her bra and panties still on but Kendra stopped her.  “You should probably go commando under that.  You know, just in case you REALLY like it and I have to take you to bed like that.”
Steph blushed and pulled down her black panties, then unhooked and threw off her matching bra.  Kendra was watching her with that stupid, cute, half-horny smirk she got when ogling her.  
“Like what you see?” Steph joked, bobbing her head cockily.
“Mmmhmmm,” Kendra’s smile widened, “Put that suit on before I sweep you into bed right now.”
Steph stuck her legs into the catsuit and began pulling it up.  She pulled it up tightly against her small, cute ass; the catsuit helping to accentuate it ever so slightly.  She reached into the suit with her arms and began putting on the sleeves, the silvery material taking her form more and more and the seconds went by.    
Kendra’s face started flushing as she checked out her girlfriend, now with only a “V” of skin from her shoulders down to her pussy exposed.  She hadn’t realized how much this kink was becoming hers as well.
Steph noticed Kendra’s lusty looks and began slowly zipping up the front of the suit, shaking her hips as she did so.  
“Mmmm now look who’s into the robot-fetish thing” she teased, zipper moving up her front.  Her breasts moved into place as the zipper passed them, the snug suit apparently having been made custom for her measurements.  She finished zipping up to the neckline and moved her hands down to her hips.  “Well it’s comfortable at least,” she said walking over to their mirror, “let’s see how it looks.”
Kendra dropped her jaw as she watched Steph slink over to the mirror, her silvery suit rippling and twinkling the whole way.  
Steph looked in the mirror and took a deep breath.  She noted the way it accentuated her figure, how it technically covered everything but clung so tight you could see every curve of her body.  It was like a silver skin over her human form, like being converted into a Metal Maiden in Mistress Mechania’s army.  “Oh my god,” she exhaled, “I look so hot in this.”
Kendra had been fumbling around in the package and appeared behind her with some more items.  “Yeah you do,” she agreed breathily, “and here’s the finishing touches.”  
Steph gave the swooning Kendra a kiss and took the silver boots from her left hand.  They were knee-high with a small, 4-inch block heel.  Steph didn’t often wear boots, but was excited for something that matched the rest of her beautiful suit.  She sat on the edge of the bed, slipped her feet into each one, and then slowly zipped them up, watching Kendra try to contain herself at the show.  She walked back over to the stunned black woman, her heels lightly clicking, and reached for the other item.
Kendra seemed to be lost for a moment and then clumsily handed the collar she was holding over to Steph.  It was made of a light metal, with a simple clasp on the back and a little, red LED on the front.  Steph had to hand it to her, Kendra had really gone all-out on trying to make her look like a Metal Maiden convert.  She put the collar around her neck and then clicked the clasp closed, the little light starting to blink as she did so.  
She looked in the mirror and felt the heat rise.  Turning to Kendra she said, in her best robot voice, “Steph-bot ready to fuck her mistress.”
Kendra didn’t need to be told twice.  She practically ripped her clothes off as she pressed up against the silver woman.  Their lips locked and Kendra’s hands moved across the shining surface, feeling the soft, smooth, tactile feel of spandex against Steph’s body.  She led them over to the bed, pulling Steph roughly after her.  Steph kissed down her dark belly until she reached her mistress’s awaiting pussy.  
“Commencing pleasure protocols”, Steph droned as she began giving Kendra head.  Kendra was sitting against a row of pillows, her eyes wide and wild her lips starting to admonish Steph-bot for pleasuring her mistress.  
Steph-bot escalated the pleasure by running two of her fingers around Kendra’s vagina and then plunging them in.  Kendra gasped as the fingers ran along her interior walls while Steph-bot’s tongue flicked her clit.  “Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuuuccckkkkk.   Steph-bot!  Yes!  Yes!  Fuck me you little obedient robot!  Make your mistress cum!”
Steph-bot sucked lightly on Kendra’s clit, dancing her tongue along the sensitive organ.  At the same time, she moved her fingers hard-and-fast against Kendra’s G-spot.  Kendra brought her knees up and her thighs in as the stimulation brought her over the edge.  Her arms flew out to grab the bed and knocked the packaging for the suit onto the floor.  Her voiceless mouth opened wide and she came for what seemed like an eternity before her vocal cords worked again.  “Oh shit Steph-bot!  Stop!  Stop!”  
Steph-bot lifted her head up and looked meekly at Kendra, who almost came again when she saw that submissive head with a blinking collar under it.  Oh shit, thought Kendra, she really is under my control.
“Steph-bot, lay down on the bed and spread your legs,” ordered Kendra, sliding down the bed.
“Yes my mechanical mistress!” Responded Steph-bot giddily, eager for her turn.  
Kendra grabbed the second zipper on the catsuit, still down by Stephanie’s pussy, and gently unzipped it upwards.  Once she had exposed her girlfriend’s vagina, she gave Stephbot another order “Initiate your sexual reward programming.”  
Stephanie wasn’t quite sure what to do, but settled for caressing Kendra’s hair and head as the other woman began to lick between her folds.  “Executing sexual reward programming,” Steph droned, “Allowing them to, uh, reinforce, oh fuck, my obedience subrouti-eeeeeeeeeeeee!”  Steph began losing her focus amid the sensations rolling over her from down below.
Kendra noticed and stopped performing oral, bringing her talented fingers into the fold instead.  “Mmmm, now I can give you orders so you can orgasm while repeating your programming.” Kendra hissed devilishly in her ear.  
Steph’s back arched as she cried out “Oh yes, yes; tell me my programming mistress!”
“You must love Kendra.”
“Yes!  I must love Kendra!”

“You must obey your programming.”
“Oh yeah baby, I obey my programming!”

“Your control collar makes you an obedient Metal Maiden”
“Ahhhhh!  Fuck yes!  My control collar makes me an obedient little fucking Metal Maidennnnnnnnn!”

Steph-bot felt Kendra’s nimble fingers spiral ever-so-delicately on her engorged clit and came while running a hand over her control collar, her boots clicking together.  As she came down, Kendra looked at her with a smirk.    
“I take it we’re not returning the suit?” 
 Steph nodded her head yes, still having trouble forming words.  
“Good.  Besides, I don’t think they’ll accept it back in this condition,” she indicated towards the damp crotch area.  Stephanie tried to stifle a giggle, before Kendra’s chuckle brought it out of her.  Both women laughed for a solid minute before turning their attention to preparing for bed.

It was a few weeks later when Steph brought up her issues with the suit.  “I love the look,” she said one evening after dinner, “but I wish I had a way to feel more like a robot during sex.  I just… well I always know it’s pretend and I think it would be hotter if I could actually feel out of control for a bit.”
Kendra didn’t have an answer that night, but it wasn’t long before she came up with the idea of hypnotizing her kinky girlfriend into being able to really feel like the robot she wanted to be.  A few videos and websites later and she was pretty sure they could make some progress.  She brought the idea up during lunch one Saturday.
“Hypnosis?” Steph said incredulously, “Are you sure that would work?  I mean, is it really real?”
“The internet says it is,” Kendra replied, aware of the flaw in that logic, “besides, what could go wrong?  Worst case, it’s a dud and we’re just back to how things are.”
“Alright,” Steph said, “Give it a try tomorrow afternoon?”
Sunday afternoon rolled around and they were seated on the living room couch, where all this kinky stuff started.  Kendra and Steph sat facing each other, Kendra holding a cheap pocket watch in her hands.
“Is that thing real?” Steph asked, pointing to the plasticy-looking watch.
“I bought it from a prop shop, heck I don’t even think it opens.  But hey, we don’t need a real watch to perform REAL HYPNOSIS.” She gave the last two words a silly sort of emphasis that elicited a smile from the other woman.
“First thing’s first, are you comfortable?” Kendra asked.
“Great!  Are you ready to have some fun?”
“And most importantly, are you ready to be hypnotized?”
Steph gave a sheepish grin, “Yes, I’m ready.  What’s with all these questions?”
“Oh, just a helpful little bit of setup.  Now watch the watch.”  Kendra dangled the watch in front of Steph and began gently swaying it back and forth.  “See how the watch moves back and forth, left to right, back and forth.  Follow the watch with your eyes.  Good, just like that.  Keep watching as it goes back and forth, back and forth.”  Kendra started to slow down her voice and pacing.  “Very good Steph, just keep watching it go back and forth.  Back and forth.  Feel yourself starting to relax, starting to let go of all your troublesome thoughts.  That’s it.  Let yourself sink back into the couch.  Feel all the stress and all your burdens evaporate away.  Good Steph.”
Stephanie had sunk back into the couch, her eyes following the cheap pocket watch.  Inside her mind she could swear that Kendra was pausing more and more between each word she was saying, just as she could also swear the pocket watch was swinging more and more slowly too.  
“Okay Steph, now I want you to picture the watch swaying back and forth in your mind.  As you picture the watch slowly swaying, you can slowly close your eyes.  As your eyes close, the watch gets slower and slower.  As the watch gets slower, you become more relaxed.  As you become more relaxed, your eyes close more and more.”
Steph could see it in her mind’s eye, the watch slowly swaying back and forth in front of her.  Her eyes gently closing to watch the watch in her head.  Her body and mind continuing to relax.
“Are you feeling relaxed Steph?”
A muffled “yes” filled Kendra with glee.
“Very good.  Now I want you to imagine something for me Steph.  Imagine you’re above Mistress Mechania’s secret lab, with the chrome walls and floors just like in the show.  Now imagine a long, spiraling staircase to the bottom with 100 stairs.  I want you to count down from 100.  Each time you say a number, walk down a stair.  Each time you walk down a stair, I want you to sink deeper into your trance.  You can do this whether I’m in the room or not.  Do you understand?”
Steph nodded her head wearily and softly sighed “Yes.”
“Very good.  You may begin”
“One hundred... Ninety Nine... Ninety Eight...”
Kendra got up and fetched Steph’s robot suit, it would be integral to getting Steph feeling right.  When she returned Steph had only made it to 36, and she had perceptibly slowed down.  Kendra took this to mean that the trance was deepening as intended and waited out the remaining numbers.
“2.... ... ... ... 1”
“Very good Steph.  You’re now at the bottom of the stairs and if you look ahead you can see the Robot Room where good little robots are programmed.  Do you want to go in?”
“Yesssssssss,” an eager hiss.
“Good girl Steph.  In the Robot Room you see your nano suit, battle boots, and control collar.   When I count to three, you’ll open your eyes and put on your robot suit.  Once you’re done you’ll return to the couch, close your eyes, and find yourself in the Robot Room.  Do you understand?”
“I understand....”
“Good Steph.  One, feeling returning to your body.  Two, eyes starting to open.  And three, ready to change.”
Stephanie’s eyes drifted open and a smile spread across her face.  She took almost no notice of Kendra as she slowly disrobed and dreamily put on her robot suit.  Silver slid over her skin, pulled taught by the zipper.  The boots went on, first the left and then the right; Stephanie zipping each one slowly up her thin legs, the shafts tightly enclosing her silvery legs.  Finally the collar clicked around her neck, light blinking rhythmically.  She methodically returned to the couch, sat down again, and closed her eyes.
“Have you returned to the Robot Room Steph?”
“Very good.  Are you ready to receive your programming?”
“Good girl.  A cable from the Robot Room gently plugs into your control collar, and you feel yourself drifting into a trance ten times as deep.  Feel it take you ten times deeper.  Once you’ve gone ten times deeper, say ‘Ready for programming’”
Steph moved in tiny motions on the couch, wiggling her shoulders and flexing her thighs; causing light to dance across her silver suit.  After a few seconds she droned out: “Ready for programming.”
“Good.  The first part of your programming is as follows: You are Steph-bot.  You obey Mistress Mechania.  Mistress Mechania is Kendra.  When you’ve accepted that, recite it back to me.”
It didn’t take long for her to drone back: “I am Steph-bot.  I obey Mistress Mechania.  Mistress Mechania is Kendra.”
“Good.  Now repeat it three more times, each time believing it more and more”
Steph-bot repeated the programming just as instructed.  Kendra watched the light play over her entranced form and felt herself becoming aroused..
“Good Steph-bot.  Next piece of programming:  You are only Steph-bot when your full robot suit is on.  When the suit isn’t on, you’re regular Stephanie.  Repeat.”
“I am Steph-bot when my robot suit is on.  I am Stephanie otherwise.”
“Good Steph-bot.  Repeat it three more times, believing it deeper each time.”
Steph droned out her programming in triplicate as Kendra stripped off her shirt.
Kendra continued the programming in this pattern, first awaiting a response and then having Stephanie repeat the instructions back three times.  While Stephanie repeated the instructions three times, Kendra used the opportunity to strip another item of clothing off; readying herself for where this was heading.
“Steph-bot can not resist an order given by Mistress Mechania.  All free will and resistance is eradicated by the control collar.  All movements are controlled by the nano suit and the battle boots.”
Kendra unzipped her shorts and shimmied them to the ground while Stephanie’s monotone softly but firmly recited the command.
“Steph-bot will return to trance when Mistress Mechania says ‘Steph-bot maintenance mode’.  Stephanie will also return to trance at this command.  When returning to trance, you will envision walking down the stairs to the Robot Room again, counting the numbers in your head.  Once you have reached the Robot Room, you will say ‘Ready for programming’.  If you are not wearing your robot suit, you will find it and put it on.”
That one took Stephanie a while to wrap her head around and repeat.  Kendra slowly reached back and unhooked her bra, exasperated when one of the hooks didn’t come free.  She grasped at it again and managed to free her large, brown breasts just in time for the next instruction.
“When Mistress Mechania gives Steph-bot an order, you will respond ‘Yes Mistress’. “ 
Kendra dropped her panties before the small, damp patch that had begun forming could spread further.  Stephanie droned along unaware.
“Steph-bot loves Mistress Mechania and knows that Mistress Mechania loves her.  Loving Mistress Mechania means obeying her.  Obeying Mistress Mechania brings Steph-bot pleasure.  Steph-bot’s pleasure is derived from loving Mistress Mechania.  This mantra is your primary directive.  When Mistress Mechania tells you to repeat it, you will do so until she tells you to stop.”
Kendra was slick with lust at this point and ready to really drive home this session for Stephanie.  She began unzipping the bottom of Steph’s suit before she had finished repeating the commands.  Fortunately Stephanie was deep enough in trance not to notice and Kendra had just enough willpower to hold herself back until the third repetition finished.

“Good Steph-bot.  Now I want you to let yourself wake up,” she whispered breathily in her entranced girlfriend’s ear.  Stephanie’s eyes fluttered open, a smile coming to her lips as she saw Kendra’s naked form leaning over her.  
“Mmmm… did it --”, Stephanie sleepily started. 
Kendra cut her off: “Stephbot repeat your primary directive.”
Stephanie’s spine straightened as her head snapped to attention, smiling mouth chanting her new mantra.
“Yes Mistress.  Steph-bot loves Mistress Mechania and knows that Mistress Mechania loves her.”
Kendra’s lips laid kisses on her neck, just above the cool, metal collar.  Her hands caressed Steph’s breasts lightly through the silver catsuit.
“Loving Mistress Mechania means obeying her.”
Kendra rubbed her face down the catsuit, hands running over the silver-clad woman’s thighs.  Steph-bot’s mindless repetition didn’t skip a beat as she splayed her legs open in one sudden movement.
“Obeying Mistress Mechania brings Steph-bot pleasure.”
Kendra inhaled deeply the scent of sex before teasing her tongue along Stephanie’s pussy.  She heard Stephanie’s breath intake sharply, her voice warbling slightly while saying the word “pleasure” before returning to a rhythmic monotone. Her hands ran along the smooth material of the catsuit, caressing down the thighs to stroke the faux-leather of the boots.
“Steph-bot’s pleasure is derived from loving Mistress Mechania.”
Kendra hugged the boots against the sides of her torso, Stephanie’s thighs clenching around her head.  Her tongue slowly tasted the erotic juices of her lover’s cunt, arms vicing the silver legs tightly against her, hands petting along the smooth, tight boots.
“Loving Mistress Mechania means obeying her.”
Stephanie began the looping programming again; voice trying hard to remain flat, back trying hard to remain straight.  Kendra continued her gentle assault on Stephanie’s lower lips, her own hips and ass flexing against the air between two silver boots.  Stephanie completed another loop of her mantra as Kendra worked between her legs.  She completed another loop and then another; the action between her legs causing her flat intonation to be punctuated with the occasional grunts and moans.  On the tenth repetition she finally allowed her back to sag backwards into the couch and thrust her needy cunt farther forward to Kendra’s delight.  Kendra picked up the pace tongue flicking and licking against her clit, tremors rolling through Stephanie’s thighs.  By the fourteenth repetition she was struggling to get the words out, her head thrown back and gasping for breath, her hands gently brushing through Kendra’s soft hair, her legs alternating between squeezing her lover’s head tight and straining outward against Kendra’s strong arms.  Kendra held her legs tightly and focused a final barrage of attention on her clit, eliciting a throaty scream from Stephanie and cutting her fifteenth recitation of her mantras short.
Stephanie’s body collapsed back into the couch, breathing heavily and deeply.  She closed her eyes and basked in the afterglow until she caught her breath, Kendra pushing back and standing before her.  Stephanie opened her eyes and returned to sitting up straight, her eyes and mouth smiling at Kendra as she resumed her mantra in as flat of a tone as she could manage.
“Obeying Mistress Mechania brings Steph-bot pleasure.”
Kendra’s jaw fell slack in pleasant surprise, Stephanie really was so deep in trance that she had to keep repeating the instructions.  Her mind swam, thinking about what she wanted to do next; grinning as an idea came to her.  She left Stephanie staring blankly ahead and continuing her mantra as she rummaged through a drawer in their bedroom.  She came back with a harness and strap on, standing excitedly before the droning Stephanie.
“Steph-bot, you may stop repeating your primary directive.”
“Yes Mistress.” Stephanie stopped immediately, blank face waiting for her next orders.
“Steph-bot, I want you to put this on, bend me over, and fuck me.” She thrust the harness towards the seated Stephanie.  
“Yes Mistress.”  Stephanie stood up mechanically and grabbed the harness from Kendra, stepping into it with meticulous, robotic precision.  Kendra strutted into the bedroom and bent over the bed, Stephanie’s boots clicking rhythmically not far behind.  The silver-clad redhead grasped Kendra’s waist suddenly and firmly, like a machine jerking into position; the black woman thrusting her ass backwards expectantly in response, turned on by the often gentle and meek Stephanie acting so cold and rough.  The strapon teased briefly at the entrance of her vagina before Stephanie began rocking her hips rhythmically, plunging the rubber phallus into Kendra’s wet vagina over and over again.  
“Yeeaahhhh…” Kendra moaned, “Faster!  Harder!”
“Yes Mistress.” Stephanie’s voice betrayed no emotion as she picked up the pace.  Her hands roughly began moving Kendra by the waist to synchronize with her thrusts.  Kendra let out a series of yelps, her arms buckling so that her front was now leaning on her forearms instead of being supported by her hands.  Her eyes started rolling back in her head as she panted out:
“Fuck!  Yes!  Keep doing that!”
“Yes Mistress.” Stephanie droned back.  Kendra came hard at the words, her pussy clenching tightly around the dildo, face screaming into the bed.  Two months ago she didn’t know she wanted this, to dominate her pretty partner into taking her from behind.  Controlling Stephanie into being a blank, little fuck puppet was pushing so many buttons she didn’t know she had.  
“Steph stop!” she turned her head to gasp, the thrusting starting to become too painful.
“Yes Mistress.”
The phallus stopped thrusting inside her, holding steady about half in.  Kendra allowed herself a few moments to relish the feeling of fullness alongside the psychological thrill of the literalness with which Stephanie followed the order.
“Steph-bot, step backwards”
“Yes Mistress” The boots clicked back as the strapon pulled out, slick and wet.  Kendra spun herself around and sat on the bed, catching her breath.  She adored the silent Stephanie, suit glimmering as she stood at attention.  Kendra hopped up and began walking towards the couch again.
“Steph-bot, remove the harness and return to the couch.”
“Yes Mistress” Stephanie responded behind her, followed shortly by the soft stomp of boots lifting and falling to peel off the harness.  Kendra settled herself on the couch and watched as Steph walked in a mechanical gait to the next seat over.  She spun on her heel and lowered herself back down onto the couch, spine staying straight.  Kendra pulled her right knee up onto the couch and under herself to sit facing her hypnotized lover.  
“Steph-bot maintenance mode.”
Stephanie slumped back into the couch, eyes closing as she began counting down.
“100… … 99… …”
Kendra watched enraptured as Stephanie slowly counted herself back down into trance.  She was excited to wake her up and talk about the experience, but wanted to make sure they did things right and that meant making sure Stephanie was fully back to normal.
“... 2 … 1”
“Ok Steph-bot have you returned to the Robot Room?”
“Yes Mistress”
“Good.  Now it’s time to return to being a normal woman so that you can serve Mistress Mechania as a sleeper agent.  When I tell you to enter infiltration mode you will remove the battle boots, control collar, and nano suit.  When those items are removed, your triggers and commands are all deactivated until you wear them again or I command you to enter maintenance mode.  Once you’re done removing them, return to the couch and imagine taking the elevator back up.  Count up to ten, waking up a little more with each number and being fully awake again at ten.  Do you understand?”
“Yes Mistress.”
“Good.  Steph-bot, infiltration mode”
Stephanie hoisted herself up with one movement, first reaching up to remove the collar.  She set it on the coffee table and next kicked off the silver boots.  The final thing to go was the catsuit, left crumpled on the floor as her naked form sat beside her girlfriend and began counting.
At the count of ten she stretched her shoulders and arms as if stirring from slumber, then looked with mild shock at her naked body.  Kendra waggled her eyebrows at her, she chuckled in response.
“I take it you enjoyed yourself?” Kendra asked, moving her naked body closer to cuddle on the couch.”
“Yeah, it was great!  It felt so good to let you order me around and not be able to resist… not that I would have wanted to for the most part.  What did you think about it, weird or no?”
“I liked it a lot more than I expected to,” Kendra smiled and nuzzled gently into the area beside her neck, “I guess I didn’t realize how sexy it was to have my shy little girlfriend rail me roughly from behind while acting like a robot.”
“So do you want to try it again some night?”
“I’d love to”

Over the next two-and-a-half weeks Kendra hypnotized Stephanie seven more times, varying up the programming and sex slightly each time.  Both women enjoyed sharing this exploration of kink, and it was with some reluctance that Kendra agreed to go to a conference for her work and halt the robot play for a week.  Stephanie was also bummed, but decided to take advantage of some time alone at home to work on a few side projects,visit some of her friends that Kendra wasn’t fond of, and binge on video games and junk food.
Thursday rolled around and after promising Kendra over the phone that she wouldn’t watch Surgeon of the Stars without her, she switched the tv over to the channel anyway.  This week’s episode picked up from a cliffhanger in which The Surgeon had finally beaten back Mistress Mechania’s armies and rescued his traveling partner and the villainess had vowed revenge.  Stephanie was too excited to wait, she would just feign surprise when they watched it together on Monday.  On top of being excited for the resolution to the story, she was also feeling pretty pent up from the sudden lack of sex after weeks of it.  What better way to cure her horniness than jill off while watching the villain that inspired her recent spat of kinky sex?
She put on her catsuit, boots, and collar and felt a shiver run down her spine; there was something exciting and naughty about masturbating to the show.  Maybe Kendra would like to order her to do it sometime, that could be hot.  She bit her lip and grinned at the thought, another thing to add to their experimentation when she got back.
She sat up straight on the couch, trying to maintain her robotic posture to get her in the mood.  She unzipped the lower zipper and began playing with herself, zoning in and out of the show.  Roughly the plot was that The Surgeon was working their way through Mistress Mechania’s lab trying to apprehend her, but the villainess eluded them with traps and tricks.  Pretty standard sci-fi episode padding.  Then as Stephanie was really getting herself worked up, the villainess on screen made her way to a series of escape pods with her final Metal Maiden.
“Enter Maintenance Mode”, the actress on television commanded the Metal Maiden.  The words hit Stephanie like a brick, her sex addled mind envisioned herself at the top of the stairs leading down to the Robot Room.
“One hundred,” her mouth blurted out as her eyelids began getting heavy.  Her mind tried to rationalize her way out of this mess, the trigger was only supposed to work for Kendra.  But Kendra was Mistress Mechania and Mistress Mechania said the trigger, so she should obey and descend the stairs like a good robot.
“Ninety-nine.” Her eyes blinked, staying closed longer each time.  Her hand had slowed it’s teasing between her legs, but did not stop.  Had Mistress Mechnica said the full trigger phrase, wasn’t she supposed to say “Steph-bot” first?  Maybe, probably.  But she had responded to the trigger with Kendra once or twice before without needing to hear the full thing, knowing that the command was intended for her.  And she was the only person in the room, so who else would Mistress Mechnica be commanding other than Steph-bot?  Steph-bot needed to descend and obey.  Her mental image took a booted step down another stair.
“Ninety-eight” Her eyes closed a final time, refusing to open again.  Her back sagged into the couch, finger still gently petting her lower lips.  She wasn’t Steph-bot right now, her mind asserted, that was just a thing she did with Kendra.  But then why was she wearing the nano suit, battle boots, and control collar?  When she was wearing the robot suit she was Stephbot.  Mistress Mechania was Kendra, and she had ordered her into maintenance mode.  Descend and obey; an imaginary hum buzzed through the imaginary staircase as she took another imaginary step.
“Ninety-seven” Her voice was getting slower and softer, her breaths deeper and longer.  Her brain mounted one more defense: What if she stayed in trance, masturbating on the couch until Kendra came back and found her like this?  A rush of arousal ran through her; that wouldn’t be bad, that would be really fucking hot.  To have been programmed so deeply that she fucked herself all weekend on Kendra’s orders, that was the stuff wet dreams were made of.  Her brain was overwhelmed with arousal at the thought, resistance ceasing.  She would descend and obey.
Steph-bot continued down the staircase in her head, dreamily whispering descending numbers to a television that was currently playing a commercial for allergy medication.  Her finger kept applying slow stimulation to her folds, just enough to keep her aroused during her return to trance.  
“Ready for programming,” she told the uncaring television, awaiting Mistress Mechania to give her a command.  Thirty minutes passed.  Commercials babbled between scenes of The Surgeon searching for Mistress Mechnica, finding a new ally who was also trying to bring the robotic villainess to justice, and the humorous investigation surrounding it all.  It wasn’t until the final scene of the show that her eagerly awaiting brain got its orders.
A lone Metal Maiden, silver skin hidden beneath a robe, travels to a decaying barn and stands before six other figures.  Had Stephanie been awake and attentive she would have identified them with fangirlish enthusiasm as the infiltrator units from two seasons ago; special Metal Maidens with silver only in a stripe down their back, capable of blending in in any situation.  The normal Metal Maiden finally revealed what Mistress Mechania had programmed into her in maintenance mode at the beginning of the episode.  A holographic image of the villainess  projected from the Metal Maiden’s outstretched hand and began to speak.
“Attention Metal Maidens,” Stephanie’s body shot up straight, eyes locking on to the screen, “I have given myself a Tier 1 mindwipe and body alteration to pose as an ally to the Surgeon until I can strike him when he least expects it.  Your orders are to wait one week and then restore my memories to wreak my vengeance.  Repeat this message to every Metal Maiden you see, reinforcing the directive in your programming as well as theirs.  Victory is close at hand my minions!  Soon we shall rule the galaxy!”
Steph-bot’s glazed eyes and spellbound ears ingested and incorporated the instructions.  She waited to be dismissed, but the show cut to credits after a brief zoom-out and teaser for the next episode.  The sound of drums in the closing theme, exploding through her speakers, broke her out of her trance.  She shook her head and blinked, what had just happened?  She’d sat down to watch the show, started playing with herself, and then … fallen asleep?  Bits and pieces of the plot came back to her, but they were all muddled and distant.  She must have fallen asleep.  
She looked at the DVR and then at the clock.  She wasn’t doing anything else tonight and she still had time.
She could watch the episode again.

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