Spark and Flame

Laws of Robotics

by MourningStarsOfLakes

Tags: #cw:noncon #comic_book #dom:female #f/f #solo #sub:female

Summer dreamt of Jen back in her college apartment, stifling a giggle as she sat on a cheap My-kea chair.  Summer was standing nearby, she knew what she was wearing without looking: white patent leather boots, silver hotpants, silver crop top, white elbow-length gloves, and a silver hairband.  A knock-off fembot costume she’d assembled hastily over the previous week since Jen had agreed to play out this fantasy.  Embarrassment rose to her cheeks, as Jen snickered again, arousal mixing in as Jen’s dreaming brain knew where this ended up.  
The real-life conversation had taken three or five minutes, but the dream version played out all at once.  Summer wondering aloud if maybe this wasn’t the best idea, Jen reassuring her that she was just laughing at how crazy it seemed but was excited for the roleplay itself.  Summer asking self-consciously if the outfit looked stupid, Jen saying something about it being a tad derivative but still sexy as hell.  Jen asking how she wanted to start, Summer saying that was up to her as the master.
And then Jen commanded her, the words “fembot activate” echoing through her dream.  Scenes played out of order from the rest of the day, of Jen making her march around the small apartment, making her tease herself while maintaining perfect posture, making her organize her things to Jen’s specifications, ordering her to kneel on the ground and wait patiently as Jen stripped out of her clothes.  
The visions all flowed back into each other to remember the climax, Jen commanding a horny Summer to straddle her on the couch, the blonde-haired girl jumping to her feet to obey.  Their lips locked, hips grinding into one another, hands wandering over every inch of the other’s body.  She’d been kissing Jen’s neck when she’d felt the hand slide under the silvery hotpants and stroke at her needy clit.  She melted into Jen, her mouth pulling away from Jen’s neck to let out a soft “ohhh”, her body wanting nothing more than to drape itself over and around her girlfriend.  Jen whispered in her ear.
“That’s a good little fembot,” her voice husky, breath panting, “ time to cum for you master.”
The arousal and pleasure surged through her dreaming mind all these years later.  She remembered how great that moment felt, her brain going blank with pleasure as Jen’s finger kept a slow and firm pace on her clit.  How she propped herself up briefly for leverage to grind harder against the digit before her body gave up and she slumped forward whimpering on the other woman.  She tried to return the favor, but her hands just couldn’t seem to find enough focus.  She tried to at least suck on Jen’s neck, but the little ripples of pleasure kept bobbing her head backwards to let moans and groans out.  The dream made those moments feel like an eternity; Summer trapped in endless pleasure, blissfully oblivious servitude, being made to cum by her master.
Eventually the dream continued: Jen had been stroking her hair, smile glowing on her face, telling her she’d done a good job following her instructions but there was still work left to do.  Summer’s post-orgasm mind took a minute to understand her meaning, before returning the smile with a cheery-but-monotone “yes master”.  She had kissed down Jen’s neck, over her left breast, down past her navel, and into her waiting vagina.  Her hands caressed Jen’s thighs, smoothing their way back to play with her ass.  Jen purred out encouraging words at first, before the haze of lust reduced her to shouting out expletives, “yes”es, and guttural noises with no meaning outside of pleasure.  Between her thighs, Summer was basking in the afterglow of her own orgasm while beaming with happiness and renewed arousal at making Jen cum as her subservient sexbot.  Apparently Jen thought Summer was teasing her too lightly as the final command of the night was passed down: “Oh fuck!  Summer, I mean fembot, stop teasing and make me cum now!”
Maybe it was Jen playing into the control that pushed her over he edge, maybe it was Summer dragging the length of her tongue right along her engorged clit; that was information her vivid dream couldn’t provide.  What it could provide was the memory of her pushing her upper body into the couch as hard as possible, cunt thrusting forward into Summer’s face, one hand clawed into the cheap fabric of the couch, the other preventing Summer’s head from pulling back.  Sweet, tangy liquid had flooded her mouth amongst the muscle spasms happening in Jen’s vagina, a light-but-simple “ahhhh” sound floating down to her ears followed by the intake of breath.  The hand holding her head released and Summer pulled back, breathing for the first time in what felt like minutes even if it was really only seconds; the slight lightheadedness adding to the giddiness she felt from how well this first roleplay session had gone.  The dream faded out remembering the aftermath of cuddling while watching a rerun of Surgeon of the Stars.
She awoke to the cluttered lab again, only this time with a slight blue filter to everything.  She soon understood the reason for this when she registered the cold, metallic contacts of Rewire’s gloves on her temples, shocking her awake.  A question of whether the super-villainess had forced the sex dream upon her or whether it was her own mind eager to replay it after having buried it for so long briefly floated through her mind.  Rewire began speaking before she could ask.
“Alright Cinder, it’s time.” The voice poured into her ears from behind, “Let’s get started.”  The blue glow surged back into the corners of her vision as jumbled thoughts and memories flickered through her mind. The smell of burning rubber from three car chases merged into each other, the associated memories superimposed on one another.  Three memories of three cars skidded and crashed into the velvety feel of a bridesmaids dress, the silky feel of an ex’s nightie, the soft scratches of bedsheets from at least seven sets strewn through her life.  Two of those sets of bed sheets prompted recollections of music, the songs run-together and indistinct, all similar in some way she could feel but not explain.
This continued for a while longer, he mind whirling disorientingly through little details of memories all juxtaposed or superimposed on each other to seemingly no end.  Behind all this she could feel her muscles twitch, her heart rate quicken and slow, a few babbling noises leak from her mouth; but was powerless to fight it.  The blue glow receded slightly after an unaccountable amount of time, and as her reeling mind tried to steady itself she heard:
“Remember the times you played as a robot for Jen”
A day ago she may have been able to suppress the memory somewhat and buy herself some time.  Rewire though had kicked up the dust of those old buried memories and feelings, and they were taking full advantage of their resurgence.  Both the original incident and the sex dream from minutes ago whirled through her mind, blue sparks crackling at the edges.  Her traitorous mind was longing to relive the fantasy, to dwell on the kink, to break free of the shame and self-indulge in a neglected pleasure.  Unwanted arousal flooded her netherregion; lips moistening and nipples stiffening under her uniform.
“Mmmmm… Cinder,” Rewire taunted, barely holding back her excitement, “I was worried it would take a bit more work to get to this point, that I’d have to coax you a bit harder to reassociate those memories with sexual arousal.  But merely bringing up the memory an hour ago sparked a full-blown sex dream!  Either you really want to be a good little robot for me or you’ve been repressing this to the point that one small jab at it burst the dam wide open.”
Summer’s thoughts were yanked away from the response she was cobbling together in her head and towards the wetness soaking her panties and uniform.  Her mind briefly pictured a little concrete dam exploding, filmstrips and photographs of her dressed in a cute little fembot outfit rushing forth in a deluge flooding her mind and soaking her panties.  She scrambled to latch on to something else in the rush of horniness and memory, grasping at other fragments of thought.  She was a superheroine, she had teammates and citizens who counted on her to be strong, she had friends this villain was trying to turn her against.  She could feel the rational side of herself beginning to pull itself out of the current, the part of her worried and concerned enough to try and plan a way out of this mess.  Then she heard Rewire whisper, softly, closely, and seductively; an addendum to her previous thought:
“Maybe, though, it’s a bit of both” For a moment Summer’s mind was resolute, partially because it hadn’t connected this latest whisper back to Rewire’s previous words issued some timeless eternity ago.  Partially because she had found some shreds of determination to stand defiantly against the villain until the end.  She internally scoffed at the idea that she wanted to be Rewire’s little robot, generating anger out of the embarrassment and managing to stammer out a rebuttal.
“N-n-n-no!  I don’t want to be your fucking robot!”  Her eyes cleared for a second, she could feel the heat on her cheeks.  She gave a hefty tug on her restraints; valiantly symbolic but practically futile.  Rewire didn’t seem phased, the blue glow easing its way back into Summer’s vision.
“Oh Cinder, you’d be more than just my fucking robot.” A touch of levity tinged the otherwise malevolent voice,  “You’ll also help me infiltrate the League of Superheroines, maybe do some lab work.  We will be doing plenty of fucking don’t get me wrong, but I wouldn’t reduce your title to so little.”
Summer glowered at the bad joke as a wave of thoughts smashed into her.  Sex with Claire wasn’t something she’d thought about before; not that she had been ugly or offputting, there just hadn’t been any sort of sexual chemistry there.  The thought of it now though was mingling with all the memories of playing robot, of longingly standing at attention while Jen slowly stripped in front of her, teasing out the excitement, making her wait for a command to tonguefuck her.  To Summer’s surprise and horror, some of the memories had already morphed into what Claire wanted from her.  One of them started playing itself out in her mind’s eye and it was Jen’s small apartment, Jen’s baggy clothes, Jen’s dark-brown hair, Jen’s crappy, old sofa, her eyes, mouth, tits, legs, ass, pussy.  All the details, when she was able to focus on them, were of Jen as they should be; but the overall sense of remembrance was of playing out the fantasy with Claire.  She checked another memory, then another, then another; in every one the details were all still right, but the composite feeling from them was of playing out the robot fantasy with Claire all those years ago.  Obeying Claire but in Jen’s apartment, watching Claire strip slowly in Jen’s body, tonguing Claire to orgasm through Jen’s clit.
“Claire please,” Summer closed her eyes to try to keep the details straight, “stop messing with my head.  I know that all these memories you’re trying to alter are fake.  I know that I did them with Jen, I can still see her in them.”
“We can fix that,” Rewire’s retort started as a hiss but rapidly mellowed out, almost concerned, “Think about it Cinder, you have this desire that you’ve kept shamefully buried for all these years.  The only time you ever let someone know about it, they dumped you and you had to lock a portion of yourself away.  I can help you explore that fantasy, even almost make it a reality.  I can help you calm and erase all those painful memories of being hurt so soon after making yourself vulnerable.  I can make you an obedient fembot and love you for it.”
Summer knew there was something wrong with the words Rewire was telling her: something not quite true, something insidious and manipulative.  The swirl of emotions being kicked up by her words and amplified into a typhoon by blue sparks was making it so hard to think though.  When the word “fembot” registered with her through the raging storm of thoughts she squirmed in her chair.  It was like a flash of lightning flattened out everything else for a second in blissful, beautiful blue; both calming the emotions Rewire was stoking and suppressing the defiant part of her for a moment.  Fembots didn’t need to worry about past lovers or pesky leagues, they were loved for their obedience.  The thought echoed in the cerulean stillness, lingering in the air for Summer to take in.  As soon as she tried to reason about it, to try to refute it, the maelstrom began again.
“Very interesting.  It seems like the word ‘fembot’ has quite a pronounced effect on you already.  If that’s what you want to be Summer, a fembot instead of a robot, I can make that happen.”
Summer’s thighs clenched at the word, she bit her lip and squeezed her eyes shut trying to focus.  The blue flashes washed over her again, this time allowing her arousal to continue swimming through her head while everything else dulled.  A part of her was aching to play out the fantasy again, it was begging her to do it.  Just this once, the voice panted in azure tones, just let her make you a fembot again for today and then you can bury the kink again for another five years.  Summer tried to pick out what was wrong with the sentiment but as she did the storm in her head kicked back up, tossing her from thought to thought.
“So what’ll it be Summer, robot or fembot?”
“Femmmmm,” She felt the desperate, needy part of her try to speak out from the blue stillness, trying to find release for a neglected kink and surging arousal.  She tried to think about the question, using all her strength to break past the hundred urgent whispers of “fembot” and thrust herself back into the storm, “No!  Robot!  Wait!”
“You want to be a robot?  Are you sure?”
“No… I don’t want to be a robot… I want to be...”, Summer’s mind was grasping at swirling air, trying to catch any concept that didn’t lead back to her dressed in silver and white, monotoning “yes master” to Claire.
“You want to be a fembot for me Summer, like we did before”
The air of confidence in the voice rippled and resounded through Summer’s mind in rich cerulean tones.  She and Claire had done this before, she could remember that.  It was different somehow, but that was because this time Claire was going to make it more real, and making her fantasy more real was a good thing.  They’d play and fuck and then she could just go back to work and no one would ever have to know about it.  The rational, losing part of her mind reached out flimsily for a word to answer with, something sounding like “no” and “either”; but a figure born from the blue pushed her out of the way.  It was herself, or rather the memory of herself as a fembot, wearing the ridiculous, cute, sexy uniform, metallic silver spandex rippling with false blue light.  Electric sparks dazzled in her eyes and flowed along her body during her stiff movements; even Summer’s imagination had turned traitor.
“Yes,” Summer’s eyes flashed open, a smile playing at the corners of her lips.  Her voice was eager and husky, playing at being cool and calm, “I want to be a fembot like we did before.”
“Wonderful Summer, but a good fembot would say ‘yes mistress’”
“Yes mistress”, her horny mind blurted out breathily, the rational part of her brain embarrassed by her lack of control.
“Good fembot”, Rewire’s words sent tingles down Summer’s spine.  In her mind’s eye, the fembot projection of herself shuddered as pretty blue sparks danced up her thighs, darted under the silver hotpants, and elicited a pleasurable moan from the abstraction.  A stitched together sound of past pleasures and a rush of excitement and expectation of what was to come.
“We’re almost finished with your baseline programming.”, Summer felt a head rush at being told she had programming.  Every sentence that followed pitted the abstraction of herself as an obedient, horny fembot against her rational self; and every time the rational self was beaten down more and more by her formerly repressed kink.  “We’ve rekindled your old fantasy of being a fembot.  We’ve associated your previous roleplays with myself.  We’ve established that you want to be my fembot.  For my part, I’ve been strengthening every connection you’ve naturally formed between pleasure, obedience, being a fembot, and most importantly being my fembot.  For your part you’ve been concocting and constructing the personification of the perfect fembot in your head; an old collection of memories and desires imbued with new power and purpose.  This is why I chose you Summer: it would take me months of constant work to force a person to construct these images and abstractions in their own head, to link them together and give them life without having to destroy a part of them.  But you wanted this so bad that all I had to do was dredge it up from under your superheroine pomp, apply a few gentle corrections, and let you give it cohesiveness, consciousness, and control.”
Inside of her mind, Summer could see the superheroine Cinder fading away in flashes of blue light, screaming into howling, azure winds that what Claire was saying wasn’t true.  She wasn’t worried though, she knew that Mistress Claire would never purposefully lie to her and was not often wrong.  Her mental persona stretched as if finally shrugging free of a thousand-year slumber, she could feel it’s influence flowing and stretching through her physical body.  It felt so good to be free to obey Claire again, to not have to worry about the crushing weight of shame others might foist on her for her fantasy, to just be herself with a person who would never judge her for her most taboo secret.
Rewire moved around the chair to face her new acquisition and saw a smile stretch across Summer’s face, a sure sign that her plan was working.  She decided to lock it in before Summer’s rational brain could begin clawing itself back out of the abyss.
“The only thing you’re lacking to finish with this first phase of your programming is a designation.”, Summer’s eyes looked up pleadingly, her mouth parting slightly in awe and agreement.  Rewire gently slid her gloved hand up her cheek, noting a tiny intake of breath from the other woman.  She brushed Summer’s hair back lovingly, placed her index and middle finger on each temple, and commanded:
“Fembot, you will accept the designation Summerbot.”
Summer fluttered her eyes, as if this was necessary for ingesting and integrating the information.  Rewire held back her powers, waiting for just the right moment.  Summer’s eyes stayed closed for what seemed like hours to the villainess.  She was worried she’d missed her chance when the eyelids popped open and Summer cheerily intoned:
“This unit is designated Summerbot mistress.”
Summer barely finished the word before Rewire fired an extended burst of electricity through the superheroine.  The new designation seared itself into Summerbot’s mind, giving a name to her new controlling persona as brilliant blue lights sizzled surged in her eyes.  Her body bucked against her bonds, pussy twitching in pleasure, sweat mingling with juices as she came.  Her open mouth moaned at her mistress, empty eyes seeing her surrounded by a beautiful azure aura as Claire straddled her bound body and kissed her deeply.  Summerbot passionately returned the kiss as best as she could, her neck straining against the metal straps.  She could feel her mistress sliding her own crotch awkwardly against her torso, blocked from a more comfortable position by the chair her new fembot was strapped to.
Rewire forced herself to stand back up, to not let herself get carried away too soon.  The designation both hit on Summer’s desires to be an owned and controlled fembot while also giving the persona a name, an anchor in her mind through which it could maintain its cohesion.  The orgasm and pleasure center stimulation reinforced the whole structure of obedience, submission, ownership, and control.  The kiss… Well the kiss was her own lust breaking free of her meticulous plans for once.  She chided herself for letting her own desires get the better of herself before she’d finished her project, the consequences of allowing lust to take control sitting before her awaiting instruction.  She took a deep breath, and readied her hands on the placid woman’s head once more.
“Summerbot, I’m now going to update your core programming.  When you enter core programming mode, the instructions I give you will become inviolable tenets of your life and being that you can never disobey.  Do you understand?”
“Yes mistress I understand”, Summerbot’s voice had fairly normal intonation and cheerful emotion, but with a slightly crisper enunciation than normal and a rhythmic patterning that just barely registered as robotic.  Claire shivered in anticipated excitement.
“Summerbot, enter core programming mode”
Summer’s head slumped as far forward as her metal collar would allow, eyelids closing gently.  Her entire body seemed to go momentarily limp before her head raised slowly and evenly back up to stare straight at Claire with emotionless, empty eyes.
“Core programming mode activated mistress.”  Summer monotoned the words in an imitation of a text-to-speech program: cold, efficient, robotic; each syllable spaced equidistant from one-another to the detriment of natural speech flow.  Claire felt a strong desire to massage the mound between her legs, growing slick at the thoughts of finally getting to live out her own fantasy.  She refocused, it wouldn’t be long now.
“Tenet number one: You may not harm or allow me to come to harm physically, mentally, or otherwise.  Clarifications: This applies just as much to your own actions as it does to not acting to defend me.  Your definition of harm includes not only the obvious things, but allowing me to be captured, altered mentally, allowing my reputation to come to harm, allowing my identity to be uncovered, or anything that could lead to those situations.  Assimilate this programming and repeat.”
Not very original, Claire mused as Summer’s eyes blinked closed, her body twitching and trembling almost imperceptibly; but why reinvent the wheel?  The twitching through Summer’s body stopped suddenly and the blank eyes refocused on Claire, mouth droning:
“Tenet assimilated.  I may not harm you or allow you to come to harm physically, mentally, or otherwise.”
“Tenet number two:” Claire licked her lips, Summer waited patiently, “You must obey all orders I give you except where such orders would conflict with Tenet One.  Assimilate this programming and repeat.”
Again Summer’s eyes closed to process the instructions and again her body came alive with microscopic movements as Summerbot conceptually seared the rule into every nerve and neuron.  Again the eyelids popped open, the eyes under them locking onto their owner, the mouth below them stiffly moving:
“Tenet assimilated.  I will obey all orders you give except where such orders would conflict with Tenet One.”
“Tenet number three: You must protect your own existence and the integrity of your programming so long as the measures taken do not conflict with Tenet One or Tenet Two.  Assimilate this programming and repeat.”
Once more Summer shuddered and shivered as Claire watched on, aroused.  
“Tenet assimilated.  I will protect my own existence and the integrity of my programming so long as the measures taken do not conflict with Tenet One or Tenet Two.”
Claire breathed a sigh of relief, everything was going even better than she had planned.  She circled the seated woman, preparing herself to probe her brain again. “Summerbot, persist programming and exit core programming mode”
“Yes mistress” Summer intoned, her head trying to fall forward but being held in place by Claire’s glowing gloves.  Claire began noting what areas of her brain were activating and deactivating as Summer envisioned herself switching from one mode to another.  Knowing where to apply some gentle pressure or reinforcement to induce robotic behavior through the well-integrated Summerbot persona would allow her maximal control of Summer without frying higher brain functions.  She both wanted and needed Summer to be able to act just like her old self for most of the time, just with some minor alterations.
“Core programming persisted.  Core programming mode exited.”  Summer’s voice suddenly changed from the heavily robotic imitation back to the tone and cadence that sounded close to normal, “Summerbot awaiting orders mistress.”
“Summerbot, repeat core tenets until I tell you to stop.”  Claire took a deep breath and readied herself for the work to come.
“Gladly mistress.  Tenet One: I may not harm you or…”
Claire began sending her flowing blue sparks through Summer’s head as she chanted her core programming over and over again.  She made small adjustments, strengthening the pride Summer felt at following orders here, short-circuiting past a small neural chain that was looking for loopholes in her tenets there.  Claire was careful and methodical, letting Summer repeat her programming for over ten minutes as she pinpointed the clusters of neurons Summer was processing the instructions through and shaving off any unwanted impulses rippling off of them.  As she neared the end of her alterations, she could swear she could hear a little more awe and eagerness in Summer’s mindless repetition of the words.  
“... existence and the integrity of my programming so --”
“Good work Summerbot, you may cease repeating your programming.” Claire lightly tingled Summer’s pleasure centers as a reward.  Summer smiled and flushed as she stopped chanting.  Claire took a few seconds to recuperate from the sustained mind probe before moving on to the next layer of programming.
“Summberbot, do you know what emulation is?”
She closed her eyes briefly to search for an appropriate answer, “Yes mistress.  Emulation is an attempt to imitate someone else, generally because you see them as an inspiration”
“That is a correct definition Summerbot, but there is a slightly more technical one as well”, Claire saw her captive’s brain search for something more, hoping to please her mistress, “Emulation with computers deals with running software originally meant for one system on another it wasn’t originally meant for.  Like running the software meant for your phone on a desktop computer.”
“Thank you mistress, for expanding my understanding.” Summer responded, the fembot persona imbuing every word with sincerity.
“Summerbot, if you search your thoughts and memories you’ll discover you have the thoughts and memories of a woman named Summer and a superheroine named Cinder.”
“Yes mistress, much of my personality programming is derived from them.”
“Think of those two sets of memories, personas, consciousnesses, as programs.  You as Summerbot are capable of emulating them, having access to all their memories, able to perfectly recreate the ways they would act or think; while you still are in total control.  Just like running a phone simulator on a computer, these emulations of Summer and Cinder will perfectly match their expected behavior except where Summerbot wants to alter it.  Do you understand so far?”
Summer’s eyes shut for a minute as her face went slack, focusing on understanding this new information and functionality.  When she understood, her eyes opened again.
“Yes mistress, I understand.”
“Good.  When I say ‘Summerbot load Cinder’ you’ll emulate Cinder and Summer just as they would normally behave: Cinder acting as a heroic superheroine and fighting crime, and Summer doing whatever she does in her free time.  They will however just be perfectly executed simulations you are running on top of your Summerbot programming; meaning not only do they have to follow your core tenets and any other programming I give you, but also that they have no ability to actually take control of Summerbot’s systems.  Additionally, Summerbot will be able to restrict the information Cinder or Summer can access if she thinks that hiding the information will help align with her programming.  Summerbot will always be able to interrupt the emulations and assert control if needed.  Do you understand?”
Her eyes closed for longer this time, heavy breathing heaving her breasts up and down under the bright, cold lights of the lab.  Claire waited patiently, she was already hours ahead of schedule, there was no reason to rush.  Summer’s eyes opened again, she even gave a curt nod of acknowledgment.
“Yes mistress.  I understand.”
“Wonderful Summerbot, one more thing before we test out your new functionality,” Claire could see a spark of excitement in her eyes, an eagerness to be the best fembot she could, “when I say ‘Summerbot foreground’ the Summerbot persona will instantly take over, pausing whatever the Cinder or Summer emulations were doing.  Do you understand?”
She didn’t even blink this time: “Yes mistress.  I understand.”
Claire took a step back, Summer’s eyes silently worshiping her lycra-clad form.  She leaned on a nearby desk, gathering her energy and walking through her plan to program Summer in her head.  Once she was sure she hadn’t missed anything, she checked the restraints; making sure none had come loose.  Convinced she was sufficiently prepared for the next test she issued the command.
“Summerbot load Cinder.”
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