Spark and Flame


by MourningStarsOfLakes

Tags: #cw:noncon #comic_book #dom:female #f/f #solo #sub:female

Consciousness returned blurrily and in scattered pieces to Summer; a slurry of memories overlapping each other fading away as the image of a sparse, steel room came into focus.  Blinking through the daze of sleep she took in her surroundings: desks with various electronic components scattered across them, cold industrial lighting refracting down sterile steel walls, and three other figures around the room.  
Closest to her on the edge of one of the desks was the most familiar of the three, the bank manager she’d found in the vault; although her presentation in this setting was much different.  In lieu of the professional suit pants, collared shirt, and blazer; Alisha was now wearing a black satin teddy that hugged her athletic figure and whose straps joined up to a collar around the base of her neck.  Her hands seemed to have given her a slight reprieve from the last time Summer saw her and were content with tracing lazy circles on the tight, shimmering fabric above her pussy instead of plunging into it as quickly and deeply as they could.  Her glassy eyes were staring at Summer, her mouth slightly agape.
Further away she spotted the only person standing in the room, that her deductive skills and fragments of memories told her was Rewire.  Her familiar square-heeled, patent-leather, knee-high boots concealed the bottom of a pair of shapely tights that likewise concealed the bottom of a spandex bodysuit, similar to the one Summer wore as part of Cinder’s uniform.  Short gloves reached halfway to her elbow, and Summer knew they were the same ones she saw right before passing out: rubbery, shiny, and with little metal contacts at the fingertips.  All of her clothing had a base black color with circuit-board green wire designs criss-crossing up and down her body.  From her current angle, Summer could only see the back of the villain’s short, black, pixie cut as she adjusted something on the chair the third figure in the room was strapped to.
The third figure, partially obscured from her vision by Rewire, was stripped down to her bra and panties (a rather plain heather gray) and strapped to a chair that was bolted into the ground.  Her left leg was held to the bottom of the chair by a thick leather strap, her left arm to an armrest by a similar one.  Summer could only assume the same restraints were in place on the other side.  Another strap ran around her neck, allowing for only the slightest bit of movement away from the headrest.  She looked like she was probably in her early thirties, with darker skin, a relatively muscular build, and a face that Summer guessed looked a lot more tough than adorable when she was conscious.  She looked unfamiliar; Summer was relatively certain that she’d never met this woman before.
Summer found herself in a similar predicament as the unconscious woman as she started trying to move.  Other than being conscious, the other differences in their predicament seemed to be the level of precautions and quality of restraining devices.  Summer was bound to a cold, hard chair made of something heavy and stonelike by bands of dark, braided metal.  A long, rubbery glove encased her arms and hands, ending in a tight mitten that allowed little room for her fingers to move.  She felt something cold and wet inside the gloves, and deduced it was probably some form of fire dampener after trying to call forth a spurt of flame.  She had been stripped of most of her clothes, but left with the bodysuit that formed the core of her uniform as well as her underwear underneath that.  She twisted back and forth, trying to see how much wiggle room she had to work with.  The answer was: not enough for an escape.
As she was testing her bonds, Alisha’s empty eyes suddenly seemed to focus on her just before her head lolled over her shoulder to state:

“Heyyyyyyy.  She’s waking up”
As one of her hands moved to support her on the desk, the other began tracing the same soft circles over her crotch in an almost hypnotic pattern.  In the distance, the villainess turned her head towards Summer and let her focused, pursed lips spread into a predatory grin.
“Thank you Alisha, but you forgot something”  Rewire began walking slowly but confidently towards where Summer was forcefully seated. 
“Huh?” Alisha blinked her eyes a couple of times while pitching her head towards the too-bright lights on the ceiling, struggling to think.  Rewire had stopped in front of Summer before Alisha looked over at her with a dreamy smile: “Ohhhhhh.  She’s waking up, Mistress.”
“Correct, Alisha” 
Those words from Rewire caused Alisha’s head to snap back, eyes fluttering as her hips rolled and grinded into her hand.  A brief melody of soft moans escaped her throat before her mouth contorted and she resumed her previous position, eyes somehow emptier than before.  Summer hid a small grimace, worried for Alisha as a person and about her as an omen of her own fate.
Now that Summer could see Rewire’s face she immediately began trying to place it.  There was something familiar about her: sweet, brown eyes, small, cute nose, cheekbones not too prominent.  She knew she’d seen this woman before, but no recollection was coming to her.
“The crimson blaze that smokes out crime, the great heroine Cinder” Rewire’s tone seemed to blend between scoffing and a genuine awe. “So glad we finally have the chance to meet again, albeit in much different conditions.”
“I’m sorry, but you have me at a disadvantage.  You look familiar, but I can’t place a name to your face.”
“While I’d hoped that wasn’t the case, I suspected as much,” the edges of Rewire’s grin sagged into a slight frown for a moment before brightening maliciously again,” How about this: if you can remember who I am before my demonstration is complete I’ll let you go, after I’ve made sure you can’t follow me of course.”
“And if I don’t?” 
Rewire spun on her heel, boots creaking and clacking, as she strode back over to the woman in the other chair.
“The consequence for failure will be seen as part of the demonstration.”
Rewire flared her gloved hands towards the unconscious woman as if showing off a prize on a gameshow.
“Demonstration?” Summer’s voice adopted a pleading tone, “Please, don’t hurt anyone else!  Come back and deal with me, just leave innocent people out of this!”
Rewire seemed to revel in Summer’s outburst: “You’re supposed to be trying to come up with my name, not interrupting my demonstration.  Alisha, please help her remain silent.”
Alisha rose from the desk, hand still rubbing her crotch through the shimmering satin, and used her free hand to pick up a gag from the table.  She approached Summer and placed the gag in her mouth, then struggled at securing it around her head with only one hand.  Summer thrashed her head to the side, grinding her neck against the braided metal attempting to restrain it, and the gag fell to the ground a few feet away.
“Alisha, snap out of it!  I can rescue us if you can help me out of this!” Summer hissed, seeing her opportunities dwindling.  Alisha cocked her head to the side, her empty eyes hopping between the gag on the floor, Summer, and the various binding mechanisms. Her hand tracing circles over her pussy lips picked up speed.  Rewire crossed her arms in the distance.  With her free hand, Alisha ran a finger along the dark metal holding Summer’s right arm in place.
“Incorrect Alisha” came the bark from the other side of the room.  Instantly Alisha’s hands flew back to her sides, fingers pointing outwards.  Her muscles snapped her legs and torso to attention, her head pointing straight ahead.  Summer could see her mouth open in a silent scream, her eyes frantically bulging out of her head.
“You will not aid Cinder in any way.  You will not listen to anything Cinder says.  You will not interact with Cinder unless I command it.  Is that clear?”
“Argghhhhhhh!  Owwwww” Alisha’s mouth unfroze and let out a groan of pain, “Yes mistress!”
“Normalize, Alisha” Her posture relaxed and her left hand floated back over her crotch.  A dazed smile returned to her lips as the hand began to provide it’s slight, circular stimulation.  Rewire continued “Repeat your new instructions.”
“I will not aid Cinder in any way.  I will not listen to anything Cinder says.  I will not interact with Cinder in any way unless you command it”
The hand between her legs escalated from gentle tracing to a more firm pressure.
“I will not aid Cinder in any way.  I will not listen to anything Cinder says.  I will not… ahhhhh…  interact with Cinder in any way unless you command it”
Moans began to interject her mantra, the hand increased its tempo.
“I will not aiiiiiiiid Cinder in any way!  I will not listen to… ahhhhhh!  anything Cinder says!  I will not … ooooooo… fuckkkkk… I will not interact with Cinder in any way unless you command it!”
Alisha sank to her knees, helpless against the pleasurable programming.  Her eyes were bulging again, but this time in pleasure.
Her words were becoming short, punctuated gasps between spastic moans.  Her hand had slipped under the satin nightthing and began stroking her clit.
Her hips were bouncing as much as she could manage, her voice was cracking with need.
A moan began to raise in her throat toward a climax, but at the last second her head snapped forward her mouth working overtime:
“I will not aid Cinder in any way I will not listento anythingCinder saysIwillnotinteractwithCinderinanywayunlessyoucommandit!”  
Her eyes were exploding out of her head, her mouth running all her programming together.  Her possessed hand was plunging in and out of her at a rate so fast that it threw her off balance, although that didn’t stop her from fucking herself.  Rewire ran one of her gloved hands down her own cheek, seemingly enjoying the spectacle.  Summer looked on with horror before blurting out.
“Stop it!  She’s going to hurt herself!”
Rewire snapped her attention to Summer, looking almost surprised that she was still in the room.  She turned her attention back to Alisha, and waited for a few more rushed recitations of the woman’s new orders, before ending it.
“Correct, Alisha”
Again the woman’s body shuddered, but this time to a much greater effect.  Her back arched, seemingly held aloft by the two fingers plunged into her and the arm pulling them hard against the top of her pussy.  A moan echoed out of her round mouth, first a soft guttural gurgle crescendoing to a full-throated scream of ecstasy.  Her eyes rolled back so that all Summer could no longer see her pupils.  After a seeming eternity, Alisha’s body crumpled to the ground.
“Normalize Alisha”
At her mistress' command Alisha’s body rose from the ground, albeit unsteadily at first.  He hand gently touched her crotch, and Summer saw a fleeting wince from the overstimulation play across her face as it resumed its duties.  The wince recurred a few times as the spaced-out look returned to her face, the occasional twitch of a lip and pulse of her arm muscles.  Rewire called from across the room:
“Alisha, gag Cinder.  And this time use both hands when putting it on her or face correction again.”
Fear flickered across her face as Alisha grabbed the gag again.  The arm that had been lazily resuming its job of stimulating her latched on to Summer’s face with an iron grip as the other placed the gag in place.  Summer could smell the sweet, stringent odour of her fingerfucking from moments earlier.  In a different situation, that would have made her feel horny rather than terrified.  Both hands smoothed the leather strap around Summer’s head and worked to secure the clasp in the back.  The fear ebbed from her eyes again as she stepped back, hands at her side, task complete.  
“Cinder has been gagged mistress!”
“Aren’t you forgetting something?”
Panic returned to Alisha’s face, not willing to face correction.  She looked at Summer for an answer, before her eyes lit up.  She pressed a finger against the far side of the gag and Summer heard a click.  With a whir the gag began to inflate to perfectly fill the contours of her lips.  Summer let out one final muffled protest before all sound ceased to have any escape.  Alisha had returned to standing at attention, hands at her side, fingers splayed out perpendicularly from her body.  Once more with increased confidence she piped out:
“Cinder has been gagged mistress!”
“Correct Alisha”
Her hands didn’t even make it to her crotch before her head rolled back and moaned.  Summer could see she still hadn’t recovered fully from before as little winces of pain crossed her pain and squeaked out through her voice as she shuddered and trembled on her feet.  Her breathing slowed again, her look became vacant, her hand brushing lightly above the soaked fabric once more as Rewire called their attention again.
“Alisha, you may find a place to relax until you’re needed again provided you stay silent.”  The brainwashed woman’s mouth snapped shut as she marched over to one of the desks and picked a spot to sit.  “Now where were we?  Ah yes, the demonstration.”
Rewire walked around the chair of the other bound woman, gloved hands brushing back her brunette hair.  “Meet the fourth person in Alterra Bank last night!  A guard who apparently didn’t read the email Alisha sent dismissing guard staff that night for ‘private testing.’  Her name is… erm… ”
Rewire looked to Alisha, placed one finger up to her lips in a “shush” sigh.  Rewire rolled her eyes, remembering her order for Alisha to keep quiet, and instead grabbed a pile of clothes off one of the nearby desks.  She shook loose a shirt and held it up by the name badge still attached to it.
“Emily.  Assistant Security Chief.”  Rewire dropped the shirt back onto the desk.  “Emily took a little burst of static when she surprised Alisha and I in our intimate training session, but she should come around shortly on her own.  Of course,  since you’re dying to know what my demonstration entails, let’s give her a little help!”
Rewire placed her pointer and middle finger of each hand on the woman’s temples.  Rewire’s eyes crackled an electric blue as the woman’s muscles began to twitch against the restraints.  Her head snapped up and her eyes flung open, the same blue crackling in her eyes.  Rewire pulled her hands back.
“Good morning Emily, how are you feeling today?”
Emily pulled on the restraints as her eyes rapidly blinked, “Who the hell are you?  Where the fuck am I?”
Rewire’s grin repositioned itself into a smug smirk, “I’m Rewire.  You caught me helping Alisha at the bank last night realize some new--”
“WHY THE FUCK AM I NAKED?” Emily roared, rankling the superior look on Rewire’s face.
“I’m not taking questions right now actually, so why don’t you…” Rewire grabbed the woman’s head again, this time more forcefully.  Her eyes lit up and Emily’s mouth snapped shut.  Summer could just barely make out the agitation in her bulging eyes as she tried to scream through her closed mouth.  Rewire’s eyes blazed blue again and the moaning stopped, the woman resorting to thrashing against her bonds but unable to make any other sound.
“... shut up.”  Rewire removed her hands from her victim’s temples again to stare at Summer, “Emily here wasn’t part of the plan, but I figured since I had an extra person to show you just what I’m capable of.  Maybe even give you an appreciation and understanding of how it’s done.  See, Cinder, there’s just some part of me that really wants to know that you understand what’s happening to you when I do it.”
“The basis of my powers is electrical impulses, wasted for a long time on just mapping out subsystems of tech either extraterrestrial in nature or developed outside of corporate regulation and control.  Relatively unexciting and thankless work, until I learned of the Crimson Codex.  A chance meeting with one of their members, and suddenly the world unfolded before me.”
Summer’s mind was racing, she knew of a handful of superhumans registered with this sort of power.  All she needed was a name, but the connections just weren’t being made.  The Scarlet Codex though, that rang a bell.  Zenith Labs had been broken into a few months ago and some of their experimental tech had gone missing.  The burglar had left a calling card, the word “nadir” emblazoned on the wall in a deep red shade.  Artificer had done some initial tests on the shimmering, red material and determined it to be some derivative of the magical essence that a handful of superhumans were able to wield.  The “A” in the word was capitalized and much larger than the other letters, so initial suspicion had been on some sort of anarchist group, but a captured henchman from a few weeks later claimed that a new organization had sprung up calling itself the Crimson Codex.  Scrylocke was leading that investigation though, and she hadn’t heard of any progress in weeks.  Summer curtailed her line of thinking, reeling it wasn’t getting her closer to her captor’s identity and that she hadn’t been listening to Rewire’s rant. She turned her attention back to the supervillainess,  desperate for more clues.
“The human brain operates on neural impulses, like any other piece of technology.  And with the Codex’s help I learned I could manipulate those impulses just as easily as any car, bank alarm or cell phone.”  Rewire picked up a very familiar looking cell phone and Summer angrily groaned into the gag as she realized it was hers.  Rewire’s eyes glowed blue as jolts of electricity poured out of the little metallic beads on her gloves and engulfed Summer’s phone. “Hmmmm… Your friend Jen really doesn’t like you using her real name instead of her mask name.  And you left her on ‘read’.  Didn’t want to read her little speech on following proper protocol?  Well we’ll just let her know that you’re alright, but planning to take a few days of rest after getting spooked by a sudden alarm going off while investigating the bank and triggering the fire system.”
Rewire indelicately placed the phone back on the desk.  Summer tried to scream.  Not only did Rewire now know that Jen was Artificer, but she had also just pushed back the time before people began to notice she was missing.  She could only hope that Jen was smart enough to see through the deception.
“Now Emily here is sort of like a phone, a bunch of electrical impulses humming back and forth carrying and storing data.  As I’ve already displayed by rerouting certain paths of the neural stimuli I can prevent her from opening her mouth or flexing those vocal cords of hers.  Given enough time and patience I could map out all of her thoughts and feelings, changing connections and impulses any way I wanted!”
Rewire was almost beaming with arrogant pride, “However that level of granular understanding and control would probably take months at the very least.  Broad motor control generally only takes a few seconds to locate and manipulate, fine motor control can take minutes to hours depending on how helpful the subject is.  My first time experimenting with it took 2 hours to get an unwilling participant to uncontrollably walk forward on command without falling over.  But with Alisha it only took about 10 minutes to gain full control over her arms and hands after I rendered her horny enough to do it of her own volition.  From there isolating and replicating the patterns became much simpler.”
“Thoughts are harder, as human brains don’t store memories in discrete chunks like computer memory.  Instead they’re stored as numerous related concepts and abstractions.  Broad concepts take matters of seconds, but reconstructing a specific memory and linkage could take a full week to trace back all the connections.  At first I found this a hindrance, fine-tuned manipulation of a person seems almost impossible if it would take me two weeks just to change who they remember at their tenth birthday party.  But then I found that it’s much more effective to control the connections and processing of broad concepts and rewire connections to the broader abstraction of a person or thing.”  
“Instead of rewiring a person to hate another in every detail of their being, to hate the color of their eyes and the sound of their voice.  To change every conversation they remember to be negative and brimming with animosity.  To make them remember every terrible event in their life as being the direct cause of that person.  Instead of that, a process that would take months, why not just rewire the concept of the person when they think of them in general to the concepts of mistrust, disgust, and hate?  That only takes a few hours at most, and even less with the proper prompting.  If they think hard on that person later, they may be able to reason out that they’re giving them a hard time over nothing; but in the immediate term?  They’ve become little more than my puppet.”
“Which brings us to Emily,” Rewire caressed the struggling woman’s temples, “So we already demonstrated how to disable gross motor function, next let’s see how quick we can make you a quivering, obedient drone!  As a guard you’re used to following orders and it just so happens I have someone here who used to give them to you.  Alisha, command Emily to listen to me.”
Alisha began to raise her finger to her lips to remind Rewire that she was supposed to remain quiet.
“You may speak now Alisha”
“Thank you mistress.” Alisha’s voice went from adoring to stern, “Emily, it is imperative to bank security that you listen to this woman”
Rewire’s eyes went blue and then Emily’s.  After about thirty seconds, they both returned to normal.
“There we go.  See Emily associates Alisha with the concept of authority, so when hearing that statement I could trace the neural synapses to all the areas processing what Alisha said.  Then we just had to spend a bit of time excluding things that were tangentially related to the processing, such as her fear of me and that pesky part of her brain trying to tell her not to listen to Alisha due to her so obviously being my thrall.  Now if we look a little harder… Alisha, what’s the chief of security’s name on the bank’s staff?”
Rewire’s mind probing powers lit up the room again as Alisha blurted out: “Monica Ferrar”
“Ahh… now I know where all the neurons that make up Monica Ferrar are and even better how they link back to your concept of authority.  Now for one final datapoint, the ceo of Altera Bank Corp: Theresa Strider.”
Summer could see Emily struggling as if that would help her avoid thinking of the highest authority she knew.  Her heart sank knowing that no matter how much physical thrashing the woman did, she couldn’t stop the automatic process of her brain trying to convert sound into some sort of meaning.
“Perfect!  Now I know exactly what neural nodes you use to relate to authority and following orders.  Let’s see how well we did.  First let’s re-enable your ability to talk.”
“Fuuuucccckkk!”, Emily screamed, “What are you doing to my head you fucking bitch?”
Rewire pushed her powers into Emily’s head as her way of answering.
“Emily, say you will obey me”
Emily’s eyes glowed brightly as she monotoned: “I will obey you”
“Good girl.  That was stimulating those neural synapses directly.  Next I want you to think of me.  Perfect.  Now we’re going to rewire the synapses that fire when you think of me through all of the authority synapses.”  Summer watched as the woman shuddered uncontrollably, on some level trying to fight against Rewire’s power.  “And let’s look at some of these other connections you made.  This one goes to… I’m going to guess fear given the other relations off of it.  You ever worry about dying on the job?  Ah yep, that’s fear.  Let’s cut those connections for now.  And these ones… ooooo… Emily you have a bit of a boot fetish.  I’m flattered you consider me sexy enough to group in with all these others.  I’ll leave that group.  And just a few more here hold on…”
Rewire went silent for a minute as Emily twitched and squirmed beneath her touch.  Summer saw a slight stain appear on the woman’s underwear.  It could be sweat, she thought to herself, but from what Rewire had said that didn’t seem like the most likely fluid to pour out from between her legs.
“There we go.  Snipped the connections for animosity, vengeance, revulsion, and a whole host of other negatives.” Rewire let go of the woman’s head, stepping back as it flopped forward onto her chest. “How are you doing now Emily?”
“I…” she lifted her head again, continually refocusing her eyes as if to clear them, “You… What you’re doing to me is wrong.  I know that.  I know I shouldn’t like you, but… it’s so hard to… I don’t know how to say it.  It’s like I know I’d feel anger at anyone else doing this but I can’t make myself feel that right now.  Please… let me go and --”
“Say you want to be my obedient drone,” Rewire interrupted, tiring of her pleas.
Emily screwed her face up, like she had smelled something awful and then said, “I want to be your obedient drone.  I didn’t want to say that!  I don’t want to be a drone!”
Rewire clasped her hands back on Emily’s head, power surging through her.
“That’s okay Emily, what you want doesn’t matter anymore.  Now the next thing we’re going to do was a really fun trick I figured out.  Your body has a whole bunch of processes it does to keep you alive: breathing, keeping you heart beating, regulating your body temperature, and so on.  So I thought during one of my experiments, what if I made the synapses responsible for keeping your heart pumping blood through your chest do something in addition to that?  It took some finagling to figure out exactly how to set this up, but if we just do this and this… There we go.  On every heart beat it also triggers the synapses associating me with authority.  Basically speaking, I’ve made obeying me an ever present intrusive thought!”
Rewire stepped back and Summer watched as she thrashed again against her bonds.  Rewire leaned on a desk and watched for minutes as Emily’s muscles flexed against the straps, her head and hair tossing back and forth trying to clear her mind.
“Stop it!  Stop stop stop!  I won’t obey!” Summer saw as tears had begun forming on the woman’s face.  Her thrashing was decreasing rapidly, “Please get out of my head.  Stop!  I can’t think straight… it feels so weird…  I don’t want to obey you!  I don’t want to obey you.  I don’t want to… obey you… obey you… obey you… Nnnnnooo!”
Rewire covered her mouth to hide a smile and… was that a giggle?  She pulled a chair over from across the room and plopped it down in front of Emily.  Taking a seat, she stared for a moment at her victim.
“Noo.. obey… obey… gotta fight… fight it.. Don’t obey… obey… obey…”  It was almost rhythmic now, just like the beating of a heart.
“Hey Emily, if you give in then I’ll let you”, Rewire kicked her legs up and placed her shiny boots right on the struggling woman’s lap, “kiss my boots.”
Emily’s eyes went wide, and she sat speechless.  Rewire had broken her concentration at fighting the rhythmic obedience pumping through her head.  She moved her mouth a few more times, as if to muster the will to resume fighting, and then just let her jaw hang slack.
“Good girl Emily.  Go ahead, give them a kiss.”
Emily didn’t wait to be told twice and kissed the black patent leather boots thrust into her face.  Rewire cackled as she pulled them back.  Emily whined slightly and then fell silent.  Her eyes however remained fixed on the boots.
“Now like this she’s pretty useful short term, but there’s always the chance she can work up the will to fight it.  Longer term she could learn to block out the intrusive thoughts, or her brain could even begin to rewire itself back to normal.  They are amazing things, brains.  In general it’s important to layer more control on top of it as the more complex layering I form, the harder it is to revert.  In addition, having some sort of self reinforcement helps prevent the rewired synapses from degrading.  Hence why Alisha is constantly fingerblasting herself, to keep her horny little mind associating my programming with pleasure and more importantly keeping all the little neural pathways I seared into her brain firing.  Establishing the ones I want to exist further and causing less desirable synapses that aren’t part of her programming to atrophy.”
“Alisha took about five hours of programming in three sessions to get to the state she’s in now.  She’s still mostly in control of her own faculties, just with some reoriented goals and a constant distraction from thinking too long for herself.  Needless to say, she can’t go back to being a bank manager anytime soon due to the constant masturbation.  Maybe I’ll fix her up to be able to resume a normal life with another days worth of work, maybe it’ll take a bit longer.  Right now she’s assumed to be taking a vacation after having to deal with a superheroine blasting her bank with a fireball during a security test.  So we have some time.”
“Emily though, I have no plans for her.  She was just a happy accident.  Well, happy for me.  Unfortunately for her though, I can’t spend hours cementing her programming because I have a more important project to be working on” Summer gulped as she saw the predatory look Rewire was giving her, “So I’m going to take two little shortcuts that will make her an obedient little drone, but not leave her with much else.”
Rewire grabbed Emily’s drooped head, the woman managing through the programming one final “no.. please” before the blue light invaded her synapses.  Minutes passed.  Rewire stood perfectly still, blue eyes staring blankly into space.  Emily started off still, seemingly resigned to her fate, but then Summer noticed her legs starting to twitch.  The slight stain on her panties darkened significantly as her mouth rounded into an “o” shape.  Moans began to roll forth from her mouth as her entire body seemed to shudder under Rewire’s electric touch.
“Ooooooo…. Fuuuuucccckkkkk… yeeessssss!!!” Emily droned out, eyes flooded with blue light body straining hard against the restraints.  “I obey I obey I obey I obey Iobey Iobey iobeyiobeyiobeyiobey…”
The chant of obedience continued pouring out of Emily’s mouth for minutes before being punctuated with a scream of pure bliss.  Rewire finally let go of her head, stepping back exhausted as the light drained from both their eyes.  Emily held her scream for a full thirty seconds afterward and then slumped forward.  Rewire undid the straps of her chair, and then tinkered with something on her desk.  Emily looked like she had fallen completely unconscious.
“Emily, stand at attention.”
Emily slowly brought her head up, then shuffled to her feet.  She locked her legs together and saluted Rewire.
“Emily remove your panties.”
Without a word the woman removed her soaked panties, leaving them on the ground in front of her.  Rewire took the thing she had been messing with on her desk and held it up to the woman’s crotch before securing it around her hips.  As Rewire stepped away, Summer saw that the woman was now wearing what looked to be a bikini bottom made of braided metal bands with rubber stretched in between.  Metal bands encircled the waistline and leg holes of the strange undergarment with spokes connecting them on the sides.  Another set of spokes extended from all three holes to join in a circle over her vagina.  The woman suddenly began to shudder, mouth forming a familiar shape and eyes hooding.  Summer turned her attention back to Rewire, who was pressing a button on a remote with a very pleased expression on her face.
“It worked!” Rewire was beaming, “That was the first time I tried doing that, but it worked!”
She looked back to Summer, ready to gloat: “I added two layers to Emily’s programming.  The first was pretty trivial, I redirected the authority synapse grouping in conjunction with her concept of me to trigger her pleasure centers and then looped those back around to trigger a synapse set specifically tailored to trigger authority and her concept of me again.  All that is being pulsed by her heartbeat and spinning off endless instances of infinite loops of obedience and pleasure.  Every time she feels pleasure, it deepens her obedience to me.  Every time she thinks on her obedience to me, she feels pleasure.  The constant drum of obedience taking up every opportunity for thought in her mind, only broken by the reinforcing reward of pleasure.  I’ve done that sort of thing before, although this is the fastest I’ve managed to establish a stable loop.  Kudos to me for that.”  
Alisha gave a little cheer behind her, Rewire continued:  “My new addition was a random walk through her other synapses, stimulating them here and there to get a rough mapping of her brain.  Then I overlaid all of her critical functions and base level consciousness functions to trace down what chokepoints I could find to her higher functioning clusters.  I took all of them I could find and rerouted them to join back into the pleasure-obedience loop.  While the long term effects of this are uncertain and I can’t be sure exactly where the line is in terms of her cognitive ability, the general effect should be that any attempt to reason about her predicament or plot to thwart my programming will propel her right back into cumming her brain away.”
She ran a gloved finger down Emily’s muscular chest, the other woman not seeming to register her touch above the rest of the pleasure pulsing through her body.  
“I’m curious Emily, what’s two plus two?”
Emily blinked slowly before answering: “ Four”
“Good.  Probably just hitting recall memory there though and not actual mathematical functions.  How about 67 plus 52?”
Emily blinked again, stammering out: “I… I…”. Her body shuddered and her eyes slammed shut.  When they opened again she droned out: “I obey”
Rewire clapped her hands together in amusement, “Well as a drone we don’t need you to do two digit addition.  What’s your name?”
“Emily Valerja”, the delivery was flat, emotionless.
“And what’s your job Emily?”
She blinked slowly, “I am Assistant Security Chief for Alterra Bank”
“Not anymore Emily, you are now a drone of Rewire.  Repeat that”
Emily blinked again, “I am a drone of Rewire”
“What’s your job Emily?”
This time she answered immediately without blinking, “I am a drone of Rewire”
“And who is that?” Rewire’s gloved finger pointed to Alisha.  
“Alisha Prescott”
“And what is your relationship to her?”
Emily’s eyes squinted, as if trying to see something far away: “She is… my…” her eyes closed again, body trembling.  They reopened, hooded and empty.  “I obey”
“I wonder what part it was that short circuited you: trying to determine your relationship to her now that you’re a drone and not security staff, or trying to grapple with knowing she’s under my control and obviously not fit to be your boss anymore?” Rewire chuckled, “Not that it matters much, the important part is—“
“I am a drone”, Emily had tried to answer Rewire’s rhetorical question, eyes slamming shut again and body racked with pleasurable programming before interrupting her mistress with the only sense her stifled mind could make of the question.
Rewire looked slightly perturbed at being interrupted , but after registering what her new drone had said the smile crept back to her face. 
“Yes Emily, the important part is that now you are a drone.  Very good.”
Rewire made to move back towards Summer before remembering the remote in her hand.  “Oh yes, and the icing on the cake.  I had modified a pair of remote-controlled vibrating panties for efficiency and personal aesthetic reasons.  I didn’t necessarily originally intend it to be used to aid in brainwashing, but now that it’s on her I’m happy I spent a weekend on it.  The better battery will keep it on her longer, the resonance amplifiers on the vibrator will allow me to drive her to orgasms harder than she’s ever experienced before, and the clitoral stimulator once calibrated will allow instantaneous pleasure spikes delivered straight to her nerve endings.  Altogether, they’ll keep her actual pleasure sensors stimulated to both aid in her reinforcement and prevent her pleasure center from neural drifting too far away from the actual stimulus”
She pressed the button again and Emily squirmed, trying to remain standing at attention.  Rewire pressed another button, and she shuddered even harder.  “Emily, remain at attention like a good drone.” The dronified woman’s body immediately locked up to keep her ramrod straight.  Only the most minor of trembles rippled down her muscles, as her unfocused eyes tried to stay locked on her mistress.  Rewire laughed as she pressed again and again, Emily’s jaw dropping for a second to eek out a moan as her knees began to tremble, threatening to give out.  Then her eyes snapped open, bulging from their sockets, her posture reasserted herself even more rigidly than before, and her mouth began chanting “I obey i obey i obey i obey i obey”
“Very good drone Emily.  At ease.”  She timed the last command with another press of the button.
Emily’s body pitched forward onto her hands and knees, trembling uncontrollably.  One hand attempted to reach up and caress her pert breasts, before she lost her balance and toppled over onto the ground.  Rewire placed a booted foot next to her drone’s head.
“You may kiss my boot drone.”
A surge of pleasure ran through her body, her hips pulsing and grinding to an internal metronome.  She kissed and licked the boot before her, her eyes rolling back in their sockets.
“Thank you mistress!!!” her hoarse voice managed before she collapsed in a heap at Rewire’s foot.  Rewire placed the remote on a nearby desk, grinning from ear to ear.
“Drone Emily take a resting position beside Alisha.”  Emily rolled herself over and jerkily picked herself up, her body shambling over towards Alisha like a puppet.  She lolled her head to the side on reaching Alisha, lingering in front of her  for a good twenty seconds, before sitting on the floor beneath her.  Presumably some part of her intuited that her drone status was more lowly than that attained by Alisha.
Rewire had approached Summer in the meantime and poked at something on the gag.  It let out a hiss and deflated, leaving Summer free to talk again.  She inhaled deeply and started to say something when Rewire interrupted her.
“Remember Cinder, I can shut off your vocal cords if you’re being too testy.
Summer swallowed her anger and said simply, “What you did to that woman, Emily, and what you did to Alisha is terrible.  Please stop this and we can find you some help.”
Rewire chortled, “Oh Cinder, I’m far past helping.  Did you bother to even remember my name?”
Fuck.  She had been so engrossed with Rewire’s demonstration that she’d forgotten to continue trying to puzzle out why the villainess seemed so familiar.  She retraced the fragments she had.  Related to tech, electrical powers, part of or related to the Crimson Codex, familiar face and features… Her mind kept turning to Jen, Artificer, and how this villainess now knew who she was because of her fuckup.  
She only ever referred to Jen by her name in voice calls.  As much as she liked to push her buttons, she had always felt like voice was an ephemeral enough format that it was harmless.  Texts though, she never referred to Jen by name in texts or emails.  So she knew Jen was Artificer some other way.  
A fuzzy memory resurfaced of Jen in college, right around the time they had a short-lived romantic relationship.  Jen had been working on a robotics project and had a partner who Summer had met a few times.  Dark hair, brown eyes, a power related to mapping circuits.  She’d had longer hair, glasses, and was slightly heavier at the time; but holy shit age her up, lose the glasses, cut the hair, drop a few pounds and this was her.
But her name…
Summer strained her memory, she knew she’d been introduced to this woman before.  They’d even hung out a bit when Jen had to lead a study session one Saturday.  Summer had suspected she’d had a bit of a crush on her, but she had never made a move even after Jen had broken up with her.  Summer could see her lips moving, saying her name; but it was garbled.
Rewire was patiently staring at her, waiting for an answer.
“You were lab partners with Jen.  I don’t remember your name, but we hung out a few times.  A few times with Jen, and a few times by ourselves.  We binged the first season of Office Park one Saturday when she was stuck running a study session.  I’m so sorry, but I can’t remember your name.” 
“Oh Summer, so close but you failed to answer the question appropriately.” Rewire shook her head lightly with jovial disappointment.  “Of course, there was no way you could have remembered.  I seared off the connections while you were asleep.”
Summer scowled, “You bitch.”
“Oh come now, don’t you remember Claire?”
And like a damn bursting, the name Claire was suddenly clear on every memory.  Claire who was sweet and kind of cute, but not really Summer’s type.  Claire who had comforted Jen after their breakup.  Claire who had asked her to coffee a year after, but Summer blew her off to go drinking.  Claire who had been shuffled into the research track in their latter years at college and Summer hadn’t spoken to after.
“What the fuck Claire?”  Summer’s mind was reeling, “Why?”
“Well as you know I was placed into the research track, given that mapping out circuits wasn’t considered a field-ready power.  And for a while I did feel like maybe I was making a difference from the back lines, determining how supervillains' weaponry worked and gleaning new insights from extra-terrestrial tech we recovered.  But I had always wanted to be a real superheroine, wearing a sexy uniform and fighting on the frontlines.  The lab would never let me be one though, both because my powers were invaluable to their research and because admittedly my powers weren’t suited for the front line.  Then I met the Crimson Codex and they showed me how to expand my powers, how to become something better.  They let me work frontline on their missions, first as an alarm-disabler and safecracker of sorts; and then with a bit more leeway for neutralizing threats as I became able to throw balls of static.  They gave me every opportunity the League stripped from me.”
“Okay Claire, but why me?  Why lure me into a trap and do all of this?”  Summer nodded her head towards the two women across the room, one looking at them lackadaisically with her hand tracing concentric circles over her cunt and the other staring intensely from the floor as her latex and metal panties reinforced the looping obedience protocol in her head.
“The Crimson Codex has big plans for Alterra, plans that will fan out from this city to fundamentally change the world we live in.  Part of those plans is to have agents inside of the League of Heroines” Summer’s heart sank further upon hearing that Rewire planned to use her against her colleagues in the League, “Given my recent breakthrough with my powers, I became part of those plans a month ago.  Experimenting with and refining my methods of control while picking out a suitable target and plotting their capture.”
“As to why I picked you in particular, there’s many reasons.  Professionally you’re known for disregarding safety and backup protocols, choosing often to, if you’ll excuse the pun, blaze your own path when pursuing villains.  Combine that with your predilection in past incidents to go out of the way to rescue civilians, often putting yourself in danger for them, and it makes coming up with a trap very simple.  You currently live alone and had accrued a month in unused vacation time according to HR records, giving us plenty of buffer time to convert you into our agent.”
“More personally,” Rewire licked her lips and a slight flush of red bled into her cheeks, “well I had a huge crush on you in college.  When you stood me up for our coffee date I was mortified, I felt like I was playing way out of my league.  A stupid, chubby little backliner trying to get with a beautiful, frontline crimefighter; my self worth plummeted.  I thought I didn’t deserve someone as gorgeous as you, that I was the type to be locked in a lab for the rest of her life alone.  But when I found I could manipulate minds and the Crimson Codex tasked me with trying to convert a superheroine, I knew it had to be you.  Part of me just recognizes I finally wield the power to take something I ached for for so long, something I had given up on a long time ago.  Part of me just wants petty vengeance for being stood up, for your failure to treat me as a friend.”
“Claire I’m sorry,” tears had appeared at the corners of Summer’s eyes, “I’m really, really sorry.  I didn’t know I’d hurt you.  Those years were rough and confusing for a lot of us, please just let me go and we can make this right.  You don’t have to do this, we can still work something out; with a bit of time even be friends again.”
Rewire looked at her with a contemptuous pity, shaking her head, “You don’t know the half of it.”
She pulled the straps of her bodysuit down over her shoulders revealing her ample cleavage held in place by a latex, wrap-around bra, letting the top of the bodysuit fall down her torso, inside-out and hang over her black-and-green tights.  Summer shook her head quizzically as much as she could manage and opened her mouth as if to ask a question, but the look Rewire shot her implied there was more to this than a striptease.  The supervillian slowly spun around, and Summer saw it.  There above Claire’s curvy ass on the small of her back was a large, red, stylized letter ‘R’.  Dizzying lines and embellishments radiated from the letter along her back, placed too delicately to be random and, Summer suspected, too purposefully to be only embellishments.  
Rewire returned to facing Summer, “When I bargained with the Crimson Codex to enhance my powers, to be able to leave the lab and actually do something exciting with my life, they placed this mark on me.  It gives me power and by extension purpose.  As I serve the Codex, Summer, so too does my power grow.  If I were to defy them…”
Rewire shuddered, a grimace appearing as she thought about the consequences, “If I were to defy them, then my life is forfeit in their eyes.  Not only would my powers vanish instantly, but they’d find me through the mark.  And they’d make me pay.”
“So no, Summer, it is far too late and I do have to do this.  It just so happens that I also want to do this too.”
Summer looked on her former acquaintance with shocked, silent horror.
“Oh and the final reason I picked you,” Rewire said as she moved her bodysuit back into i’s normal position, “Although Jen was the one to break up with you all those years ago, she still had a rough couple of weeks afterward.  And for whatever reason, she picked me to vent too when she’d had too many gin and tonics.  So I heard about your dates and dreams and how happy you made her sometimes but how she couldn’t stand that you were so disorganized.”
That had been the main problem with them, Jen liked everything orderly: dates planned weeks in advance, everything in her apartment in its proper place, needing days notice if they weren’t going to go to dinner at the same four places.  Summer had just broken out of her shell at that point and was relishing the spontaneity living in the city as a young adult had provided her, something that didn’t mix well with Jen’s needs.  Initially their young love and lust for each other had paved over those problems, but after a few months Jen had laid it out: they weren’t right for one another.  They’d given each other some space for the next year, and then reunited as friends; both of them being extremely excited to be placed in the same branch of the League of Heroines.
“What does Jen have to do with this?” she asked, brain still scanning through their breakup, looking for the connection Rewire was trying to make.
“She told me everything about your relationship, Summer,” Rewire suggestively arched a brow, Summer flushed slightly but shrugged her shoulders to the extent that she could. 
“Eeeeeeeverything”, the elongated word prompting another look of confusion from Summer.
Rewire sighed, “Do I have to spell it out for you?  As I said earlier, it’s easier to assert control if there’s concepts reinforcing it that already exist in a person’s head.  Normally even leveraging those, it can take weeks to get a multilayered, self-reinforcing control in place that would allow the person to still act normally in most circumstances.  And you may not be able to see it over your rack, but I can see the stain forming between your legs on that cute little uniform of yours.”
Summer gaped with embarrassment at the notion that something about this turned her on, as her mind spun through her memories of Jen once more trying to match them to what Rewire was saying.  This time, it clicked.  An exploration of a kink she hadn’t told anyone else, something she had shoved way down in her psyche under all the guilt and shame, something Jen had promised her she’d never tell anyone else.
The heat on her cheeks felt hotter than any fireball she’d ever thrown, “No!  Jen said she’d never tell anyone!”
“Oh yes Summer,” it was clear Rewire was enjoying toying with her, “One night when she drank a whole bottle of gin all by herself and needed someone to hold her hair back as she expelled it back into the world, she told me that you, always was so confident in everything else, had meekly asked about her interest in treating you like a little robot slave.  She said it seemed odd at first given your spontaneity and general anti-authority stances; but that maybe this was your way of letting go and destressing.  That you began letting her schedule a day on the weekends now and then to dress you up in metallic clothing and order you around all day in the privacy of her apartment.  And that when she gave you permission to finally cum after servicing her and teasing yourself, that you came harder than any other sex you two had.”
Summer felt a flood of emotions: The shame and guilt of having the fetish, the hurt and anger that Jen let someone know about it, the horror that it was going to be turned against her, and the unwanted, overwhelming horniness of replaying those intimate sessions in her mind.
“No.  I don’t…”,   Summer tried to protest, to deny that she loved those intimate times with Jen when she dressed in sexy, skintight silver and just let Jen take control for a day.  Her thighs clenched against the metal bands holding her in position.
“Summer, you’re sitting in a puddle of your own lubrication just thinking about it.”  Rewire pushed a finger onto her forehead, “Now you be a good girl and go to sleep for an hour so I can recharge, and then we’ll make your deepest fantasy come true.”
Summer’s eyes pleaded with her captor for a moment longer before slamming shut.
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