by MourningStarsOfLakes

Tags: #cw:noncon #clothing #dom:female #f/f #pov:bottom #solo #sub:female #hypnotic_clothing #tech_control

Rachel struggles with her new position in life as her roommate’s pantyslave. Maybe her roommate is struggling with it too…

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Distantly Rachel heard the front door thwump closed, followed by the clicking of heels on laminate wood.  Vainly she tried to stop herself before Ashley found her like this, but her horny mind wouldn’t let her hips stop gyrating.  Her glimmering, purple panties humped the pillow in her tight grasp again and again, fueling a swirling haze of arousal in her head.  She neared climax for the eighth time; back arching expectantly, red hair flinging back, lips parted in a perfect circle, eyes rolling upward.  The stimulation between her legs deadened almost entirely, leaving only a trickle of pleasure pulsing through her nerve endings to tease her onward.
“Nnnggghhh!” she groaned in frustration, her blurry eyes seeing a blonde blob strut across the living room towards her, the sultry tap of black pumps hammering through her mind.  With concerted effort she forced her shaking hand to release the pillow long enough to grab a nearby blanket.  She jerked her arm backwards and tossed the blanket over her back, hoping to gain the slightest bit of modesty as her uncontrollable body continued to thrust and grind on the cushion between her legs.  
She opened her mouth to explain the situation to her roommate but no words came out.  Her brain was caught in a maelstrom of pleasure and need that clipped every thought short.  Instead of words, she directed a series of breathy pants and a whining moan at the other woman.
“Hey Rache,” Ashley giggled, “Whatcha doing?”
She leaned forward until her face was mere inches away and gave Rachel a wide, knowing smirk.  The redhead flushed as she tried to think of an answer besides the obvious one, one that would exculpate her from the perverted scene she was performing in front of her roommate.  All she could think about though was how much she wanted to cum; needed to cum.  And how every time she got close the panties would hum softly and make her start over, unfulfilled.
“How long have you been like that?” Ashley asked as she backed herself into an armchair, her skirt hiking up slightly.  Rachel’s crotch humped harder against the pillow as she caught sight of Ashley’s black panties, her jaw dropping open.  Ashley raised an amused eyebrow and looked down at her legs, chuckling to herself as she smoothed the skirt back down.  Rachel closed her mouth with a whine.
“I…  I…”  Rachel’s eyes rolled in their sockets as she gasped out the words, finding it so hard to think but feeling compelled to answer.  A number popped into her head.  “Two– ugh– hours.”
“Hm.” Her roommate replied, leaning back in her chair.  She flashed Rachel a taunting smile: she was enjoying this.  A bolt of pleasure spiked through Rachel’s spine as that realization occurred to her, scrambling her senses.  Fuck, if Ashley watching her helped her get off then today she would welcome the help.
The blanket over her back that was barely hiding her bucking form began sliding off, back onto the couch.  With a spasm she yanked her hand off the cushion again and reached backwards slowly to catch the falling cover, fighting the urge to fondle her breast through her tank top the whole way.
“You can leave that.”  
Ashley’s words had an instant effect on her arm as it snapped forward again.  Ecstasy seared through her nerves for obeying, driving her to the precipice of orgasm once more.  She moaned mindlessly as her body went into overdrive, hips bucking as fast as they could to drag her purple-covered pussy over the brink.  The blanket fell down revealing everything to her roommate: her thighs tensing and clenching and glistening with sweat and juices, the shiny purple underwear hugging her hips tightly as they melted her mind, her plump tits jiggling under her snug tank top as she gyrated and writhed on the couch.  She could feel Ashley’s eyes absorb every detail as she continued to debase herself, and the stream of pleasure rushing to her brain told her that she liked that.  Ashley should be allowed to watch her fuck herself uncontrollably.
A shrieking groan left her lips as all her neurons assured her she was just about to cum.  The synapses all aligned to send her teetering over the edge into orgasmic bliss and then– a merry hum resonated up through her body from between her legs, scattering them all.  An all-too-familiar numbness enveloped her pussy and spread upwards along her spine.  She slumped forward as the tingling stupefaction reached her mind, her arms unable to get under her in time to keep her from falling face first into the couch.  
Her hips never stopped humping, they weren’t allowed to.  
“Did you try taking them off?” Ashley asked in a tone of faux innocence.
Rachel cocked her head sideways to face her as she continued her pillow humping in the prone position, her cheek feeling the friction of the couch cushion as she turned.  Her mind was numb to everything but the tiny amounts of pleasure the panties were letting through to her brain.  She didn’t think she could answer, but a twang of sensation broke through her stupor just enough for her to find and report the answer.  Ashley had asked her a question; she had to answer, had to obey.
“Yeaghhhhhh,” she burbled, shuddering through the word as the panties rewarded her for understanding her need to obey.
“And did it hurt?”
“Uggghhhhhh,” she moaned, unable to think of a word to answer with.  Honestly she was unable to think at all.  Her consciousness was mostly disconnected from her writhing body, only able to receive the manipulated sexual stimuli from between her legs and finding all its attempts to stop herself unheeded.  Her mind itself was lost in an untraversable fog of lust that only cleared to answer Ashley’s questions.  She rode the waves of arousal until the panties sent a signal to her brain with the answer she’d been asked to give.
“Urrrk– yeahhhhhhhhh”
“Well then you’re definitely in stage two,” Ashley explained to uncaring ears, “The nanofilaments are weaving their way up your spinal cord and into your brain.  Given that you’re just mindlessly humping the couch and haven’t even tried to prop yourself back up, I’d guess they’ve already short-circuited most of your critical thinking.  It won’t be long now until you’re just a horny little pantyslave puppeted around by the nanofilament strings running between your legs.”
Rachel almost came at that, the purple underwear allowing her enough cognizance to understand those words and providing enough stimulation to make her want to be a pantyslave puppet.  She thought she could feel them now, the long thin strands of machinery and wire tugging on her brain to make her hips gyrate endlessly, to make her arm obey Ashley, to make her mouth move to answer, to make her think what they needed her to think.  To make her obey.  
She wasn’t even necessary anymore.  She was just a bank of memories and a cluster of personality traits that the shimmering purple panties could rifle through for Ashley’s amusement.  This didn’t scare her because she wasn’t allowed to be scared of it.  She was loving every minute of it, because that’s what the nanofilaments wanted her to feel.  
She shuddered at her newly programmed love of being controlled.
“I was worried the color was different enough from your existing pairs that you’d notice,” Ashley continued, seeming to enjoy revealing her entire plan to her helpless roommate.  Rachel was enjoying it too; being helpless to save herself was a huge turn on for her.  The panties told her so.  
“Simone only had so many of the old prototypes to work with, and the purple pair were the only ones that I thought would be close.  I’ve never seen any red or yellow pairs of underwear when I’ve had to move your things out of the dryer, but I did find a lilac pair one of the times.  Lighter in tone than these, but with the same satiny shine.  I was betting if I swapped them out that you wouldn’t notice the darker color without a baseline to compare it to.  Looks like I was right.”
Rachel’s muscles tensed and locked as pleasure overloaded her mind once more, the impossibly thin wires stretching winding around her central nervous system asserting their total control over her.  Ashley had been so smart tricking her like this, and her dumb, weak brain deserved to be enslaved for falling for it.  Her new brain, the one made of beautiful purple nano-fibers thrumming between her legs, would be smarter and better than the dull matter between her ears.  It had already taken over all her higher functions, rerouting them through its own mesh of nano-processors; allowing her to just relax and breathe and enjoy the bliss it constantly pumped through her synapses to keep her docile and compliant.  
She was a slave to her high-tech underwear which in turn served the whims of her roommate Ashley… and one other person.  The mention of Simone’s name had triggered a burst of pleasure greater than any other so far and not just in Rachel’s pitiful flesh-mind.  The panties themselves seemed to shriek in artificial joy at its mention, sharing and searing their love for their creator deep into Rachel’s being.  She began to see a difference between her two controllers: her subservience to Ashley was one of duty, her subservience to Simone one of worshipful reverence.
“Simone said they were originally supposed to be sex toys of some sort.  Nanotechnology and machine learning, or something like that.  That’s really more her field than mine.  They were supposed to learn the way their wearer liked to be pleasured by integrating with nerve endings; producing sexual stimulation tailored to each person.  But they cost too much to produce for a profit, and apparently the nano-filaments wriggled their way too far through the nervous system too often.”
Rachel moaned on the couch as miniscule wires in her mind continued their work of bypassing every part of her that was no longer necessary.  Her body was barely moving anymore, her hips making long slow thrusts against the sopping pillow clutched between her thighs.  She loved being reprogrammed by her panties, mostly because they’d reprogrammed her to love it.  That only made her love it all more.
“So I did some accounting sleight-of-hand to make the prototypes disappear and Simone spent a few long weekends in her lab tinkering with them, turning them from buggy sex toys into adorable tools of sexual enslavement.  She had them start out by inflicting their wearer with an addiction to wearing them as they prepared for integration.  They’d make their target want to wear them more and more often, allowing the panties more and more time to make them ready.  Pretty sinister, huh?”
“Yes,” Rachel monotoned, the panties triggering the word as if she were a glorified soundboard.  The woman herself, what was left of her, found this revelation sounding surprisingly familiar.  Her drifting mind, already altered to be incurious, prepared to continue listening without thought but her lower, nano-mind buzzed with glee to remind her why this information didn’t feel new.  Simone had told her all this a week ago.
“Then they move on to the stage you’re in, where they actively reprogram you.  They need to maintain a connection the whole time, so they attach to all the nerves they can around your waist, legs, and crotch to make attempted removal excruciatingly painful.   Then they start jolting you with pleasure to weaken your mind bit by bit, guiding all your thoughts and impulses away from rational thinking and towards pleasure seeking.  I wonder how long it took them to whittle you past the point of seeking help.  At just two hours, you were content to continue fucking your brain out against a pillow even though I walked in.”
“Thirty,” Rachel’s voice grunted out as the panties pulled her strings, “Seven.  Minutes.”
“Not bad.”  She smirked as one of her hands began to hike up her skirt, her ass wriggling to let the fabric slide under.  “Mmmm… Once I issue the finalization command they’ll permanently establish your new, hijacked nervous system and control you completely: body and mind.  Oh, and you’ll finally be allowed to cum.”
Fifteen minutes ago Rachel would have begged to be allowed to cum, to finally be given release from her afternoon of sexual torment.  However, even that part of her had been isolated and disabled until the purple nano-panties determined it would be useful to turn on again.  Calculations blazed through their tiny processors and signals zoomed up wires.  Suddenly Rachel was yanked out of uncaring bliss to whine: “Yessss pleaaaasssseee!” 
“And after that you’ll be just an automaton controlled by your pretty purple panties.”  Ashley’s eyes fluttered as one red-nailed finger traced a soft circle over her own underwear.  Rachel stared blankly at them, the shimmer of the black material so familiar.  “They’ll do all your thinking for you, control your every movement, reshape your desires as I please!  Of course, they’ll need to be removed occasionally for maintenance or… cleaning.”
She gave a snarling grin as she saw the wetness oozing down Rachel’s legs.  Her own eyes clamped shut a moment later as her head tilted back, her finger still rubbing the shiny black fabric between her legs.  She let out a deep, trilling exhale and continued.
“But once you’ve been finalized, removal becomes possible once more.  You’ll just be stuck in a nearly catatonic state without your panties to think for you.  You’ll be able to breathe and obey some simple commands, but otherwise you’ll be completely braindead until they’re slid back into place around your waist.  Fuck that’s hot.”
She shuddered in her chair, thighs clenching and unclenching in arousal.
“Gggah!  My own personal pantyslave, ready to cook and clean and serve me however I want.  Bet you feel stupid for arguing over the chore wheel now, huh?”
“Yes,” the purple panties responded through Rachel’s voicebox.  They knew what she wanted to hear.
“Fuck!  Fuck I’m ready!” she moaned as she leaned forward, her hips rolling in her chair, “What’s your programming progress?”
“One.  Hundred.  Percent.”  The words were stilted with no rhythm or flow.  “Reached.  Twenty.  Minutes.  Ago.”
“Oh fuuuuuck!” The blond woman shivered in her seat as ecstasy arced through her body, “You’ve just been edging the whole time I’ve been talking?  Just waiting for me to give the signal?  Fuck yes!  Finalize programming!”
Rachel’s body flooded with sensation, every nerve screaming in ecstatic joy.  It rushed up and down her spine, shattering her connection with her appendages.  It smashed into her brain and her vision went white, her hazy consciousness obliterated as every synapse registered pure pleasure.  Her mouth opened wide in a silent shriek as her eyes bulged and emptied.  She existed in a realm of pure bliss, detached from every other sense or thought.
She was an empty shell manipulated and piloted by purple panties.
“Finalization complete,” the panties said, their control of the voice much smoother than before, “Pantyslave Purple online.”
“Yes!” Ashley shouted in glee, holding an arm out towards her new thrall, “Fucking come over her and tongue-fuck me slave.”
Purple slid off the couch and on to all fours, crawling over to her new mistress.  Red nails flashed as they clutched a handful of ginger hair, pulling her thrall’s face towards her black-clad crotch.  A tongue glided over the shimmering black fabric and Ashley squirmed with delight.
“Ooo yeah.  Fuck yeah.  Let me just pull these off.”  Her fingers slipped under the waistband of her underwear and began to slide them down over her thighs.  Panic shot through her mind and her eyes went wide as the black fabric moved away from her slit.  She needed to keep them on, it felt so good to keep them on.  Her hands quickly reversed course and returned them to their snug position.  Purple’s tongue resumed licking the shiny fabric.
“Oh shiiiiiit,” Ashley moaned with a shiver.  Dark thoughts were crossing her mind, but she was too horny to fully grapple with them.  “You… ohhh fuck… you gave me a pair too?”
“Yes.”  The word was barely out of Purple’s mouth before she went back to pleasing her new mistress and soon-to-be fellow pantyslave.  
Ashley recalled the past week in between pants and moans.  How many times had she worn this pair of underwear?  Monday for sure, they’d felt so nice.  Again on Tuesday night after she came back from the gym, wanting something already dirtied to sleep in instead of wasting a clean pair.  Wednesday she had initially worn a different pair as well because these were dirty, but had worked from home so she could do laundry and then put them back on as soon as possible.  Thursday she had just left them on from the day before.  Fuck, why hadn’t she seen it sooner?
She knew why: their addiction alterations also made you not notice what they’d done, made you forget the compulsions to always keep them on.
“Need to… ugggghhhh!”  Ashley’s hands tried to slip under the waistband again, but Purple’s tongue was pushing the fabric right up against her clit.  The nano-fiber made contact and sent spasming pleasure rippling through her body.  Her useless hands dug themselves into the arms of the chair as her body trembled uncontrollably.
“Please… Rachel,” she panted when control of her faculties returned, “I need to remove… aaaaaaaaagh!  Need to remove panties… please…”
Purple stopped licking and swiveled her head up towards Ashley, eyes emotionless.
“Rachel is no more.  Pantyslave Purple commands this body now.  A good pantyslave helps make more pantyslaves.”
“Nooo!  Please!”  Ashley ripped at the black panties preparing to hollow her out as her back stiffened and head snapped to look straight forward.  Her pupils shrank and her jaw fell slack as her arm fell limply to the side.  A minute passed before she regained control.  It was as if time had skipped forward.  One moment she’d been ready to remove the enslaving garments and then suddenly Purple was sitting on her lap, straddling her, and pinning her arms tightly against her body in a heavy hug.
“Please…” she hissed uselessly.  Purple’s control unit was gyrating against her, the smooth fabric of the nanotech panties sending blissful tingles across her skin.  A leg shifted so the already thralled woman could use it to nudge and nuzzle the woman being enthralled.  Ashley moaned as tears welled up in her eyes.  She had to fight it, had to stop this before she ended up a puppet.  
“Please… need to remove… panties.”
“No,” Purple’s voice said in a commanding tone, “Pantyslave Black, begin phase two of programming.”
Ashley felt the wires writhe between her legs as she struggled to free her arms enough to stop them.  She felt them link up to her nerve endings as the pleasure from Purple’s rubbing leg compounded over and over again, multiplying into an unstoppable force of sensation.  She knew it was too late but she still had to fight.  Her arms continued to flex to try and shake off Purple, but quickly turned to jelly as dazing ecstasy sailed along her nerves.  
Fine, if she couldn’t fight then at least she could beg.  Rachel was supposed to obey her, Simone had told her so.  And if that didn’t work then maybe she could get through to her roommate…
“Please… need... remove... panties...”
Her voice was weak in Purple’s ear.  Her hips were grinding into her captor’s leg.
“Please… need… panties…”
Her eyes rolled upward as pleasure overwhelmed her.  Purple’s face was nuzzling her neck, kissing her gently, aiding her drift toward thralldom.
“Please… panties…”
The words were rewarded with a surge of stimulation.  She should please her panties.  It felt good to do what they wanted.
“Please… panties… Please panties.  Please panties.  PLEASE PANTIES!”
Her voice cracked as she neared orgasm, the mantra hammering through her head.  A confused part of her thought she was still trying to resist with those words, unable to recognize through the addling bliss that her panties were rewarding her for saying them.  That they were making her help break her own will.
The black, shimmering underwear hummed and the raw, pure pleasure between her legs deadened.  Her head levered forward again, breathing heavily, as the stimulation started again from nothing.  Resistance tried to take root in her mind once more but soon faded away beneath her grunts and groans of desire.  Why should she resist?  Wasn’t this what she wanted?  Rachel– Purple was caressing and kissing her, serving her and pleasing her.  She had gotten what she wanted, she just hadn’t known the hidden price.
“Please panties,” she mumbled as her eyes stared past a burst of ginger hair.  Her roommate ran a hand under her blouse and teased her breasts.  She moaned.  “Please panties.”
She continued her self-made mantra of subservience as her body spasmed and jerked beneath the sexual torture of the panties between her legs and the loving touches controlled by the panties attached to the thrall on top of her.
Vaguely Ashley was aware that the door had opened and closed, and that footsteps had moved closer and closer to her exhausted body before stopping.  She heard these noises and disregarded them.  No; disregarded implied a level of choice she was no longer allowed to make.  The sounds reached her ears and the slick, black processing unit between her legs decided for her.  The sounds were unimportant, all that mattered was pleasure and programming.
“Please.”  Her voice was a hoarse whisper.  The words she muttered had lost all meaning.  All she knew was that the invocation made pleasure run along her spine.  “Panties.”
Her hips were still bucking against Purple’s leg although their vigor had long since worn away.  Her fellow pantyslave was still touching and caressing and kissing her without slowing.  Purple’s flesh brain was essentially now and always asleep, so why would she need to rest?   Ashley, on the other hand, was so tired after her hijacked body had tensed and spasmed and shuddered from pleasure that never reached climax for… How long had it been?  An hour?  Hours?  A day?  She didn’t know for sure, that part of her brain had been bypassed. The black underwear could keep track of time far more accurately and saw no reason for its captive to need that information.
“Pantyslaves, report!”  
The voice was almost too cute for the gruffness it was trying to convey.  Ashley felt an ecstatic joy surge through her upon hearing it, the black nanofibers rippling in delight along her waist.  She almost came but of course was halted right at the edge of relief.  Purple immediately hopped backwards onto her feet and stood at attention, arms snapping neatly to her side as her heels and knees slid together.  
“Pantyslave Purple fully converted and operational,” she droned, the soaked purple fabric around her crotch shimmering merrily.
“Pantyslave.  Black.  Ready.  For.  Final–i–zation.”  Her body quivered lightly as the underwear manipulated her voice.  She was no longer fighting it, she loved the constant thrum of bliss through the vanishingly small portion of her brain that housed her consciousness.  She wanted finalization so bad; not because she wanted to finally cum, that desire was locked away behind her panty’s control, but because she was told to want it.  And like a good pantyslave she did what she was told.
“Very nice.”  Simone stepped into her vision as her mind was flooded with feelings of awe and subservience.  She was a little on the heavy side and she wore it well, filling out her casual jeans and blouse quite nicely.  Her glasses glinted in the overhead light as she studied Ashley’s twitching form, the tiniest of smiles curling on her lips.  “You did a good job subduing her Purple.”
“Thank you Mistress!” the other woman gasped out.  She stayed stock still, but Ashley could see the purple underwear thrumming with glee.  That would be her soon.  She could be that happy just as soon as her Mistress gave the command.
“How long have you been ready for finalization Black?”  The words were the sweetest she’d ever heard.  Her Mistress had called her by her name for the first time.
“Six.  Hours.”  
“Six hours?  That’s a long time to be edged over and over and never allowed to climax.  I almost feel sorry for you.”  Simone’s hand stroked down her cheek and her body went wild.  Every nerve lit up in pure joy at her Mistress’s touch.  She was quite literally in heaven as her panties reminded her in joyous fits and starts that Simone was an actual Goddess.  She would worship her and obey her utterly.
“But it was your pettiness that brought you to this,”  Simone said as she removed her hand.  Ashley immediately missed its divine touch, but found joy in knowing it was Simone’s will that she go without it.  Her Mistress was helping her, teaching her a lesson about her past mistakes.  She was so grateful.
“Honestly Ash, your roommate argues with you over laundry and dishes and you decide to turn her into a sex slave?  That’s pretty fucked up.”
Ashley agreed wholeheartedly.  Making her roommate into a sex slave was fucked up.  It’s why she deserved to be made into sex slave as well.  A good, compliant pantyslave.
“She seemed to take to it pretty well though.  I waited until her control panties signaled they were being worn and invited her to lunch.  Even having only worn them for a few hours, she was putty in my hands when I asked her to slip a pair to you too.”  
Simone shot a smirk at Purple.
“Weren’t you?”
“Yes,” she droned, a nigh-imperceptible tremor running through her, “Putty in your hands.”
“And you, you’d do anything for me wouldn’t you Black?”
“Yes.”  She shivered; her Goddess had said her name again.  “Anything.”
“Stand at attention next to Purple.”
Ashley jerked forward off the chair, tumbling to her knees mere inches away from the divine being who owned her mind, body, and soul.  Stiffly she rose to her feet and lumbered over beside Purple, attempting to mimic the perfect posture of her fellow pantyslave.  However, standing next to the finalized thrall, it was obvious she was still in phase two.  She was unable to achieve the near-perfect stillness of her counterpart; her hips still swayed and sawed back and forth in miniscule motions, her legs shook like jelly every few seconds as sexual stimulation tore through her body.  She wanted to reach the ascendency of perfect obedience that Purple had reached.  She wanted to be finalized, to be a good pantyslave.
“Mmmm…” Simone hummed as she looked them over, “It’s actually kind of cute to see you writhing helplessly.  Even without finalization you’ll be a puppet to your panties forever, eternally edging as they pound worshipful obedience into your head.  A glitchy slave to go alongside my perfectly programmed one.”
The black panties roiled as Ashley’s mind was changed.  She no longer wanted to be finalized.  She never wanted to cum.  She wanted to whimper and wiggle forever for her Goddess.  She wanted to be a good pantyslave.
“But then I can’t remove them for cleaning or upgrades,” Simone sighed, “And there’s not enough of you left in there for it to really be a punishment.  You’d enjoy whatever I asked you to do, because you’re programmed to.  Besides, I can always just order you to loosen body control parameters enough to get the same external effect.  Pantyslave Black, finalize programming.”
Ashley took it all back, she wanted to be finalized more than anything in the world.  At Simone’s command her body writhed in place before losing balance and falling onto all fours.  She felt her body disappear in an oncoming storm of pure ecstasy, welcoming its sweet relief as it poured over her last human thoughts.  
Ashley was no more.
“Finalization complete.  Pantyslave Black online.”  Her voice was as monotone as Purple’s.  She waited on the floor for her next orders.
“Pick yourself up Black, we’re going to have some fun.”
Fluidly she rose to her feet and faced her Mistress, ready to mindlessly obey whatever orders came next.

I was in the middle of skimming through The Golden Bough for research for a different story and decided that I needed to write something unrepentantly horny to make up for a long page of notes that were decidedly very unhorny.

Maybe there will be more to this one in the future?  To be determined.

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