by MourningStarsOfLakes

Tags: #cw:noncon #dom:female #f/f #pov:bottom #sub:female

Sam learns her place after snapping at a teammate in Heroine Arena.

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There's some minor silliness relating to my other stories in the Spark and Flame series of stories, but you don't need to read them to understand this.  You can read them though if you like lesbian superhero erotica.

Cinder skulked along the crates, blond hair fluttering perpetually behind her, as she watched Panzer approach down the alleyway.  She melded into the shadows, certain that the impossibly-tough superheroine and her entourage of goons couldn’t see her.  As Panzer and her minions began to beat the last of her own supplementary forces senseless she checked in with Vaporwave:

“C’mon Nat,” she hissed into her headset, “She’s closing in.”

“I’m coming your way Sam,” a voice replied calmly, “Just wait until I get there. I can’t help you if you jump in before I get there.”

“Hurry up then,” she grumbled back, watching Panzer and her team of minions race further down the alleyway.  A streak of light filled the sky as a tesla coil a hundred feet high sent a bolt of energy blasting down on one of Panzer’s goon squad.  Cinder’s fingers itched to make her move but she held back, letting the towering camo-clad superheroine rush up to the turret and smash into it with her excessive strength.  Blow after blow landed on the tower and Cinder knew she couldn’t just let it fall.

It was time to act, whether Vaporwave was there or not.

“I’m going in,” Cinder said, beelining for Panzer.  Flames surrounded her hands as she began hurling fireball after fireball at the other superheroine.  After the first one hit Panzer rushed towards her, flying into a jumping kick and knocking Cinder back a few feet before she continued to run by.  Cinder took a second to shake off the stun and began to run after her in pursuit, readying her fire powers to place a circle of flame right in Panzer’s way the second she got the chance.

“Sam, get back,” the voice from before commanded over the headset, “I don’t have eyes on the rest of her squad.  Play it safe.”

Cinder ignored the warning and continued charging after Panzer, knowing that she was gaining on her inch-by-inch.  Her hands glowed with heat as she let out a battlecry and summoned a circle of fire in front of the tank-like superheroine.  Panzer skidded to a halt.
No, not to halt.  She was reversing direction.
“Shit shit shit,” Cinder cursed under breath as she turned around to flee.  A trio of mechanical tentacles wrapped around her legs, rooting her in place, as Artificer flew out from behind a nearby stack of crates.  Panzer closed in and began pummeling her as a bevy of explosive devices thrown by Artificer smacked into her from the side.  Just before she died she saw Vaporwave racing down the alley to save her, stopping and turning back when she realized the whole thing would be pointless. 
 Her body poofed into blue particles as she swore into the headset.
“Goddamn it Nat!  Why didn’t you fucking save me?”
“There’s no way I was going to get you out of there,” the other woman explained, “They just would have got both of us.”
“You stupid fucking healslut,” Sam raged,  “Without me how the hell are you going to hold them back?”
The other end of the line was silent.  Sam could feel the seething pain in each dead second as she watched Panzer and Artificer destroy the towering tesla coil and move in on their base.  Nat tried to harry them but soon the rest of their squad showed up in force and destroyed the building.  Large red letters spelled out “Defeated” on the screen in front of her.
“I’m sorry Nat, that got a bit heated,” Sam apologized as the losing animation played, “I shouldn’t have snapped at you like that.”
The channel was silent for a nearly half a minute more until a third voice piped up:
“Uh gals, I’ve gotta go,” it interjected with cheer barely concealing the awkwardness, “I’ve got night shift you know?  Great playing with you all, see you later!”
“See ya Kathy,” Nat’s voice said coolly before going silent again.
“Peace out Kath, “ Sam called out.  There was the two-toned disconnect sound as Kathy left and then another almost immediately afterwards as Nat left as well.  Sam sighed and pushed her chair back away from the computer, mentally preparing herself for what she was about to do.
She stood slowly out of her chair, her flannel pajama pants slipping down her waist a tad as she did.  She ran a hair through her curly brown hair, letting out a sigh as she shuffled towards the door.  She opened it cautiously and slipped down the hallway through the kitchen.  For an introspective moment she stood in front of her roommate’s eggshell-white door before meekly knocking.
“It’s open,” Nat’s soft voice called above the squeaking of a swiveling computer chair.  Sam turned the knob and pushed open the door.
Nat’s brown eyes bored into her grey ones as soon as the door was open, the olive skin of her face framed by long black hair flowing down her shoulders.  Despite being a tall, thin, stick of a woman, Natalie could be far more obstinate than her frail figure would suggest.  Purple nails drummed against her crossed arms as she stared at Sam from her chair.  A thin eyebrow raised in the place of any words; her stony silence a show of power.
“Nat, I’m sorry,” Sam began, eyes glancing down towards the ground, ”I lost my temper with you during that game and I shouldn’t have.”  She looked back up towards Nat’s face, hoping that it would be enough.  Nat unfolded her arms and began tapping on the chair arm instead, a slight smirk forming on her face.  Sam knew that she wanted more.
“I should have listened to you and not rushed in,” Sam sighed, eyes drifting upward to meet Nat’s again.  A flicker of light played across them and their course was diverted towards the bracelet Nat was wearing on her wrist, “You said to wait until you got there and… I didn’t wait…”  
Her words began to trail off as the bracelet shuddered with every tap of Nat’s finger on her chair.  The delicate amethyst inset into its top shimmered in the soft light of Nat’s room catching Sam’s eyes in it’s sparkles.  She tried to pull her vision upwards to meet Nat’s eyes and finish her apology, but her eyes kept being pulled back to the bracelet like magnet.
“I shouldn’t have… I didn’t…”  Sam stammered as her eyes fixated on the shifting and infinitely fascinating crystal.  Nat lifted her arm up so the bracelet was still facing towards Sam and then slowly rocked her arm back and forth sending reflected light flittering across Sam’s dazed eyes.
“What’s the matter Sam?” Nat purred, “You seem distracted.”
“Sorry,” she mumbled, her head feeling heavy, “Your bracelet is… it’s soooooo….”  Her head swam, searching for the right word.  “Distracting.”
“Isn’t it?  I just love how well it catches the light, don’t you?”
“Yeah it’s really… really pretty…”
“And it’s so easy to just let your eyes focus on it, isn’t it?  So very easy to follow it back and forth as I talk to you.”
“Uh huh,” Sam murmured, finding it hard to come up with any other words, “So easy…”
“That’s right.  Good girl.  Just relax and keep following the pretty bracelet.”
As Nat said that, Sam felt a wave of relief pass over her.  Nat had accepted her apology and she could just focus on following the bracelet.
“Just listen to my words and keep watching the bracelet swing back and forth,” Nat continued, her voice adopting a gentle rhythmic bounce, “Are you listening to me Samantha?”
“Yeah,” Sam replied drowsily, her head nodding carefully so she wouldn’t lose sight of the bracelet.
“Very good.  As you listen you’ll realize that everything I’m telling you is good advice. Very, very good advice.  Okay?”
Sam nodded her head again, eyes never leaving the purple crystal on Nat’s arm.
“Good.  Now you know you’re a good DPS carry in Heroine Arena, right?  A very good carry.”
Sam smiled at that and nodded along, proud that Nat thought she was good at the game.
“You have great reflexes Sam and that makes you a very good carry,” Nat told her, a smirk creeping across her face, “But I know something that will make you a great carry Sam, one of the very best.  Do you want to know what it is?”
Sam’s pupils widened, absorbing more of the twinkling crystal.  She nodded her head as her lips began to part mindlessly.
“You need to say ‘yes’ if you want to know it, Sam.  Head nods are good, but saying ‘yes’ is better.”  Sam’s mouth opened into an ‘O’ as she continued nodding.  “So do you want to hear how to be the best carry?  Say ‘yes’.”
“Yes,” she droned out, her head still bobbing along.  Head nods were good and saying ‘yes’ was better.  That meant she should do both.
“Very good, Sam.  The secret to being the best carry in the whole game is to listen to your support.  Do you understand?”
“You need to listen to your support during the games, Sam.  Your support is keeping track of enemy positions, preparing buffs and heals, and helping to plan the team’s next move while you focus on last hitting and using your reflexes to trade blows with your opponent.  You need to let your support do the thinking so you can focus on being a good carry.  You want to be a good carry, right?”
“Good girl, Sam.  And it makes complete sense to you that you need to listen to what your support tells you so you can be the best carry possible, right?”
“Yes.”  Brief flashes of Natalie guiding their team to victory played through her mind to reinforce Nat’s words.
“That’s right, you’re such a good carry Sam.  Such a good carry because you know that you need to obey everything your support tells you to do.  You need to focus on clicking quickly and dealing damage, not on thinking about enemy positions and planning.  Right?”
“Such a good carry, Sam.  Listening so well to your support.  And who’s your support?”
“Yes.”  The word had been flowing out of her mouth automatically for so long she had forgotten how to say any other.  Her blank eyes blurred as her eyelids flickered, finding the word Nat wanted to hear.  “You”
“That’s right.  And you’re such a good carry that you listen to me and obey everything I tell you to do.  Because I take care of the thinking so you can focus on playing the best you can.  I think, you act.  Isn’t that right?”
“Very good, Sam.  Repeat it back to me.  Tell me that I think so you can act.”
“You think so I can act.”  As she said it she knew it was true.  Sam had always been prone to risky plays and tower diving, never thinking about anything beyond the next five seconds of action.  Natalie was smarter than her.  Natalie deserved to command her.
“Very good.  Say it again.”
“You think.  I act.”  The simplified statement flooded her with pride.  It was short and sweet so her simple carry mind could remember it easily while focusing on doing whatever Nat told her.
“Very, very good Sam.  You’re such a great carry that you respond instantly to your support’s commands.  You respond instantly because your reflexes are so great.  That’s what makes you one of the best carries Sam, being able to so quickly obey commands.  Isn’t that right?”
“Good.”  Nat’s smile turned sinister, “Now earlier you called me a heal slut, Sam.  And that’s sort of a silly thing to say, isn’t it?  Sluts are creatures of physical compulsion, of the need for sensation so much that it overrides their thinking.  Supports are busy doing nothing but thinking, so the term ‘heal slut’ doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.  Wouldn’t you agree?”
“Yes.”  The automatic cadence of agreement felt so nice.  She didn’t have to think at all, she just had to say “yes.”
“But carries, they love physical action and stimuli above all else.  They’re creature of reflex and action, having to focus on it so much that they need their support to think for them.  They love to act without thought.  That sounds so much more like a slut, doesn’t it?”
“That’s right.  It’s far more accurate for a carry to be a slut than a support.  In fact the best carries are all sluts.  They’re called DPS sluts, because they love to fuck so hard and so fast.  And you’re the best carry, right?”
“And you’re the best DPS slut, right?”
“Y-yes.”  A stammer broke her perfect repetition of acquiescence as she felt a pleasant heat pour through her body.  
“Such a good carry, Sam.  Now you should listen to your support and strip naked.  Don’t think, just act.”
“Yessss,” she hissed as her hands raced to do Nat’s bidding.  The pajama pants fell around her ankles almost by themselves.  Her panties required just a little more coaxing before they fell too.  Her t-shirt flipped inside out as she drew it over her head and exposed her bare breasts, straining only for a moment against her chin before brushing past her hair and flopping to the ground.  Her vacant eyes stared at her roommate, ready for her next command.
“What a good carry,” Nat purred, “Your reflexes are so well trained that they respond instantly to my orders.  You should be proud of how quickly you obey.”
Sam felt a dopey smile spread across her face at the praise.  It felt good to be good.  It felt good to be skilled.  It felt good to obey.
“Now let’s build on that to make you the best DPS slut around.  Something that really showcases your skill at following orders.”  Nat rolled her head to the side, a thumbnail pushing against her sadistic grin.  “Let’s see how fast you really are.  Fuck yourself as hard and as fast as possible.”
Sam’s left hand wasted no time delving between her legs and dragging enough of the slick wetness it found there up towards her clit.  For a brief moment her middle finger started making the slow circles she normally preferred over the sensitive organ, but a disappointed look from Nat reminded her this was a test of speed.  Her right hand groped wide around her left breast and tapered inward, increasing it’s pressure as the fingers closed in on the nipple.  Throaty moans punctuated her mindless masturbation as her knees buckled.  Her panting mouth tilted upwards as her eyes rolled back, a ululation of physical pleasure and obedient pride screaming out from her chest.  Her hands fell to her side as she felt her mind dull further from the post-orgasmic bliss.  Heart beating wildly and lungs struggling to steady her breathing, her exhausted eyes looked back at her support for approval.
“I didn’t say you could stop,” Nat stated bluntly.  Sam’s eyes widened in shame as her hands furiously resumed their previous task.  “If I told you in game to push a lane, you wouldn’t stop after the first tower would you?”
“N-no!” Sam spat out eagerly, hoping that her lapse in judgment wouldn’t make Nat judge her more harshly.
“That’s right.  You’d keep pushing until I told you to stop.  Because you know that I give the orders and you obey them.  I think so you can act.”
“You think,” Sam grunted, the pain of over-stimulation starting to mix in with the pleasure, “I act.”
“That’s a good little DPS slut,” Nat cooed, shoving her thumbs under the waistband of her skirt, “Because when you try to think, you get yourself in trouble.  You stop too soon or get jumped by the enemy.  Isn’t that right?”
“Yes!” Sam shouted shakily, her second orgasm building despite the pain.  Her head snapped back again and her throat muscles contracted cutting off the oxygen until she could push herself over the edge.  This time when she came, it was only accompanied by a tiny grunt before her panting head locked in on Nat again, hands never slowing.  Her commander had slipped off her patterned skirt and spread her legs wide enough to show the wet patch on her pink panties.  Sam’s jaw dropped as her hands continued to drive her sexual frenzy and her eyes drank in the image of the person who commanded her every movement.
“You’re doing so well now, you didn’t even try to stop after that orgasm,” Nat teased, her own fingers lazily tracing over the soft, pink underwear her roommate’s eyes were locked onto, “You’re doing so well in your training.  Your fingers are moving quickly, your body is responding instantly to my every word.  Isn’t that right?”
“Yessssssss,” Sam said, teeth chattering through the drawn-out ‘s’ from the twin sensations of pleasure and pain obliterating her ability to think anything else.  She tried to smile at the praise but kept feeling the corners of her mouth wince as her clit begged her to stop.
“Oh, does it hurt to fuck yourself this hard and this fast?”  Nat said breathily, excitement evident.
“Well you are doing so good at pushing through it, just like a DPS slut should.”  Nat interrupted her praise with a moan of her own.  Sam’s eyes widened for a moment before her whole body shook in a whimpering orgasm.  Nat continued talking as Sam recovered, her mind registering the words without being able to understand them.
“Sometimes things will look dire during gameplay and you’ll just have to trust that I have your best interests in mind.  To truly be the best you need to be able to follow my orders even if they seem risky, because you know that I already thought them through for you.  You can’t think.”
The pain had overtaken the pleasure now, but Sam couldn’t stop.  She had to be the best for her team.  She had to be the best for Nat.  She had to act.  She had to obey.
“Hmmm…” Nat hummed, “Looks like you’re too far gone to pick up on the hint.  That means you truly have become an unthinking DPS slut.  Very good Sam.  Still though, I want to hear you say you can’t think.  Tell me that you can’t think.”
“I can’t…”  A grunt snapped her sentence in half.  “Can’t think!”
“That’s right.  I think so you can act.  Repeat it!”
“You think,” Sam grunted as her eyes drifted upwards.  A spasm of pain barely registered in her dulled mind, wiping her memory of starting the sentence, “You think!  I act!”
“I command and you obey.  Repeat it!”
Sam’s head snapped forward and bounced on the twitching rhythm of her trembling body.  Her glassy eyes stared unseeing through Nat as her brain struggled to piece together the simple response among a maelstrom of conflicting sensation.  There was a sudden peace as she felt her mind fully disconnect from her body; the spasming muscles and screaming nerves falling away as it focused on executing the last order it was given.  Sam was just a bundle of nerves and flesh that obeyed their support’s commands; her mind just an interface owned and manipulated by Nat.
“You command and I obey,” Sam’s mouth said steadily despite her body bucking and thrashing.  The pain didn’t even register any more and neither did the pleasure.  All she could feel as she awaited Nat’s next order was the mindless bliss of continuing to obey her ongoing order.  
“One more time,” Nat commanded as she rose out of her chair, “Tell me that I command and you obey.”
“You command and I obey.”
“Beautiful.  You can stop.”  Nat’s words had no sooner left her mouth than Sam’s hands fell to the ground.  Her shoulders and posture slumped forward in exhaustion.  Her head however craned itself upward to look at Nat as she resumed speaking.  “You’ve passed your DPS slut training Sam!  You should be very proud of yourself.”
A relieved smile stretched across Sam’s face as she stared reverently at Nat’s figure towering above her.
“I think that you deserve a reward for doing so well, don’t you?”  Nat’s voice was light and cheerful, but the same wicked look still lurked behind her eyes.
“Yes,” Sam droned out.  If Nat thought that she deserved a reward, then it must be true.
“How about…” Nat’s voice trailed off as she stepped towards Sam’s kneeling form.  Fingers wove through Sam’s curls and pushed her head forward into Nat’s pink-clad crotch.  “How about eating me out?  That sounds like a good reward, doesn’t it?”
Sam’s eager “yes” was muffled by Nat’s mound.  A firm jerk of her hair backwards moved her mouth away from her prize.
“I didn’t quite hear that, what did you say?”
“Yesssss!” Sam hissed pleadingly, eyes pitifully staring up at the best support ever to grace Heroine Arena.
“Say please first.”
“Please!”  The need to dive headfirst into her roommate’s pussy cracked through her voice.  Nat pushed her head back in between her legs.  A moment passed and then Nat began rocking her hips slightly against Sam’s face as the hand holding her by her hair adjusted Sam’s head in minuscule motions.  
“Breath deep my little DPS slut,” Nat commanded.  Sam’s nostrils flared as they inhaled the aromatic lust of her commander.  “You love my smell, don’t you?”
“Yes!  Yes!  Yes!” Sam shouted out, the second “yes” muffled as her mouth screamed into soft, wet, pink fabric.
“Good.  Because that’s all you’re going to get tonight,” Nat teased as her fingers drove Sam’s nose into her slit for one final breath before pulling her back.  Sam looked at her with puppy-dog eyes.  “Tomorrow night if you can show me you learned from your training you can have your prize.”
Sam’s head nodded slowly and Nat let go of her hair.
“Alright DPS slut, you should go to bed so you’re well rested for tomorrow.  You worked yourself pretty vigorously tonight.” Nat giggled.  “Just remember that obeying any command I give you is completely normal and natural.  I’m the one who thinks, you’re the one who acts; right?”
“Yeah,” Sam mumbled as she picked herself up off the floor.  With heavy, weary limbs she shambled back through the hallway towards her room.  She barely managed to crawl in under the covers before her eyes slammed shut and sleep overtook her.  
She dreamed of a beautiful pair of stained pink panties clinging to her favorite support’s crotch.

This one goes out to every carry that has blamed their support for their own failures. 


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